New Zealand is the destination if you want to unwind by enjoying the greeneries. This destination is best explored by car or campervan as public transportation is limited once you reach the outside of the cities. Going on a road trip means travelling at your own pace.

This method of travelling also enables you to stop whenever and wherever you prefer. This could be either for a random swim in the lake, wildlife spotting, cycle rides, and stunning walks, allowing you to be immersed in New Zealand’s natural environment entirely.

Moreover, New Zealand is a place that will make you fall in love with the Great Outdoors all over again. This country will never disappoint you with its sparse population and preserved views. So here, we have gathered some road trip ideas that can inspire you on what to explore when you make that trip.

North Island: Auckland and Bay of Islands Loop

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Kiwis call this place the “Winterless North” due to its year-round subtropical climate. If you have a little time to spare in New Zealand, this short road trip will reveal the beauty of the northern coast and the country’s largest city, Auckland.

In here, you can also bask on the endless beaches of Omapere before going south towards the vineyards of Waiheke Island, which requires a half-hour ferry ride from Auckland. But do not forget the most crucial task, applying sunscreen when you step out, especially if you enjoy the beach. Additionally, reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours to ensure maximum protection. Check out Cetaphil sunscreen, a brand long trusted by many to protect their skin from the harmful UVA and UVB.

So, whether you want to catch the sunset or the sunrise, the Bay of Island and Waiheke Island are the perfect destinations to unwind. The wildlife you can encounter makes this place so irresistible, including dolphins, penguins to whales.


The far north is accessible and can be enjoyed all year round, including July and August when the South Island is covered in snow.

The number of days?

It would be best to allocate a minimum of one week so you would not get tired quickly and can explore this destination to its total capacity.

North Island: Auckland to Wellington

This is also another excellent route idea to explore the North Island. First, explore Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Hobbiton film location. Then, travel to the “Thermal Highway” south to uncover many geothermal pleasures; from Rotorua’s gushing geysers to Lake Taupo’s volcanic crater.

This route brings you through the wine regions of Martinborough while providing you with the best scenic views of the North Island. After passing through Martinborough, you will arrive at Wellington, where you will be greeted with the vibrant atmosphere of the world’s southernmost capital city.

We are not going to deny the fact that it is easier to fly in between these two cities. However, you will miss out on a big chunk that New Zealand has to offer. This includes its national parks, giant mountains, and natural spas; all the attractions that make this country a popular destination. By utilizing a car or a campervan, you can live that Kiwi lifestyle and enjoy the trip to its fullest.


November till December tends to be the best time. The weather is an at optimal state with its pleasant temperature. The sceneries are also quiet and less crowded before the peak Christmas season.

The number of days?

12 to 16 days is an appropriate time for you to dally at the gorgeous Lake Taupo and tour the wine region of Martinborough.

South Island: Christchurch to Queenstown

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If you are short on time when exploring the South Island or want to make it a quick short trip, we have the perfect solution! Board the TranzAlpine train and go along the Waimakariri River from east to west. First, start your adventure from the beach village Greymouth. Then, travel south along the jagged coastline to see the magnificent Fox and Franz Josef glaciers before descending through the highlands to Queenstown, the world’s entertainment capital.

Sky diving, bungee jumping, and water rafting are only a few of the many adventures you will experience at Queenstown. You will surely end your trip with a great adrenaline rush that you will remember for a lifetime.


Autumn (March till May) is the perfect time for you. Even though it is slightly warmer, it is worth it as you can avoid the busy summer period and harsh cold winter.

The number of days?

A week would be sufficient, though we may advise you to give some leeway in terms of the days spent, the beauty of the west coast might surprise you!

South Island: Christchurch South Loop

You can start your journey by taking the TranzAlpine rail journey, which sweeps across the width of New Zealand. Next, make your way south along the west coast’s sunny beaches and stunning glaciers.

Stop off at the breathtaking Milford Sound and enjoy the untamed beauty of the Southlands. You will see the rare, Yellow-Eyed Penguin in the Caitlins and the historical centre of Dunedin before finishing your journey beneath the starry sky of Lake Tekapo. This route, which ends in Christchurch, takes you on a fantastic tour across New Zealand’s pristine nature.

Also, do not miss out on spending at night at Lake Tekapo with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate while experiencing the night view. We can promise you that you will be dazzled with a starry sky, Milky Way, Saturn, and a bunch of southern hemisphere constellations. Do not forget to capture the night scenery with your Xiaomi phone as memorabilia to cherish the moment in the future.


November till March is the way to go as the temperature is a bit warmer and the days are longer.

The number of days?

After the TranzAlpine, allow yourself to explore this destination for some time, between 14 to 17 days.

South Island: Christchurch North Loop

This route is a fantastic way to explore the great South. You get to immerse yourself in the experience of trying New Zealand’s wine, sightseeing its wildlife, and experiencing its winding roads. From Christchurch, head north which to the seaside of Kaikoura town.

Here, you get to try the famous local cuisine, which is the crayfish. Additionally, whale watching is also an experience you should not miss out on. Then, head to the far north of the South Island, Marlborough Sounds.

Afterwards, try all the outdoor activities before driving to the nearby Nelson Lakes. There would be the perfect spot for you to settle down before heading out to the Abel Tasman National Park. Lastly, drive south to Hokitika and go through the Arthur Pass that will bring you back to Christchurch.


Summer would be an ideal time which is November to March.

How many days?

14 to 18 days would allow you to tour around at a more leisurely pace.

Driving is the easier option when touring around New Zealand, as it allows you to explore each destination at a relaxing pace. On top of that, you do not have to worry about rushing or missing transportation. Moreover, you will realize that you can get off the beaten track, experience the lesser-known regions, and uncover hidden spots from mainstream tourist trails.

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