Indrahar Pass Trek – How To Reach, Duration, Best Time, And Everything Else

Along the entire course of the Indrahar Pass Trek, you’ll encounter breathtaking scenery, glittering streams, deep gorges, tranquil lakes, and deodar forests. The walk is the perfect mix of diverse natural beauties and traditional Himachal colors, rising from an elevation of 2,875 meters to 4,425 meters.

Indrahar Trek forms a natural border between Kangra and Chamba. As the road ascends the Indrahar Pass, it offers a superb view of the Dhauladhar range and hamlets below. Due to the varying altitudes of these hiking trails close to Indrahar Pass, you may see a bird’s eye view of numerous forests. Because there are so many rapid ascents and steep slopes, this route is difficult for trekkers. The rest of the trail is straightforward.

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Quick Facts About Indrahar Pass Trek


It is elevated at 4,342 meters above sea level.

Trek Distance

 The total trekking distance is 35 km.

Distance From McLeod Ganj 

Indrahar pass trek is about 16 kilometers from McLeod Ganj.

Difficulty Level 

It is moderate to difficult.


In summer, the temperature ranges in the day range between 20 to 25 degrees and 5 to 10 degrees at night.

In winter, the temperature ranges in the day range between 10 to 12 degrees and – 1 to -10 degrees at night.


How To Reach Indrahar Pass Trek?

–       By Train:

Amb Andaura is the closest railway station. McLeod Ganj is the starting point for the trek, which is 65 Km away from the Amb Andaura railway station. You could hire a taxi or use public transportation. 

–       By Road:

The nearest bus stop is in McLeod Ganj. McLeod Ganj is connected to major cities by regular bus services. It is McLeod Ganj itself that serves as the starting point for the trek to Indrahar Pass.

–       By Air:

Gaggal Airport, located approximately 18 kilometers from McLeod Ganj, is the closest airport to the city. Travelers can conveniently fly out of Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. They can hire a taxi from here to get to McLeod Ganj.

Best Time To Visit The Indrahar Pass Trek

The best months to visit this glorious location are May-June, followed by September to October if you want to feel the region’s chilly weather before the snow arrives. November and December are excellent months for Indrahar pass winter trek if you want to see completely snow-covered peaks and walk on snow-covered trails.

 Activities To Do At Indrahar Pass

1. Trekking

The Indrahar Pass is among the most picturesque walking routes in the Himalayas, with foggy white snow and lush green conifer trees throughout your trekking route.

2. Camping

You could see some of the most immaculate and breathtaking camping grounds on the Indrahar Pass Trek. At Triund, Ilaqa Got Pass, and Lahesh Caves, you can set up your camps under the stunning sky full of stars.

3. Sightseeing

You will see some of the most stunning natural treasures of Himachal’s Himalayan Range on the way to Indrahar Pass.

4. Bonfire

Enjoy the chilly nights with a bonfire and soft music while having dinner and sharing pleasant conversations with people.

Things To Do Around Indrahar Pass Trek 

1. Triund Hill

A luscious green hilltop offers the ideal vantage point for seeing the nearby mountain summits and valleys.

2. Bhagsu Waterfalls

It is near a Shiva temple. You must make a detour to see this magnificent fall with clean water.

3. Tibetan Museum

It comes right when you start your hike to Indrahar Pass. The museum is peaceful and has a wealth of information about Tibetan culture.

4. Jwala Devi Temple

One of the 52 Shakti Peeth temples, you have to deviate off your path a little to see this one because it is surrounded by unspoiled natural beauty.

5. Kareli Lake

This freshwater lake is one of the most picture-perfect locations on the way to Indrahar Pass.

Indrahar Pass Trek Itinerary

Day 1

  • Start your trip from McLeod Ganj to Triund at around 9:00 AM.  
  • The journey takes 5–6 hours. 
  • At Triund, you’ll pass the night beneath a star-filled sky.

Day 2

  • With a delicious breakfast and a vista, start your day.
  • Begin your journey to fascinating Ilaqa Got.
  • On your way, you’ll pass the intriguing Lahesh Caves. Since the ground and the weather can be hazardous, try to cover the cave in the early afternoon.
  • Arrive at Ilaqa Got, your last location for the day, and spend the night camping there. You can stay overnight at Lahesh Caves if staying at Ilaka Got seems too difficult.

Day 3

  • It takes you nine kilometers to reach your final destination, the Indrahar Pass.
  • Additionally, you’ll need to go back to Ilaka Got to camp for the night.
  • On this journey, you can see the tall Himalayan peaks and the Dhauladhar range.

Day 4

  • To reach McLeod Ganj from Ilaka Got on your final day, you will have to travel 12 kilometers back.
  • Voila! this ends your trip with some great memories.

What are you still wondering? Indrahar Pass is ideal for novice as well as experienced trekkers. Book your trek slots and pack your bags with extra warm layers for the best experience. 

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