Mandir Palace, Jaisalmer – Pics and Review

Jaisalmer has many many hotels for its small area and population, but heck, the city survives on heritage tourism. There are hotels right in the fort, inside the market, on the outskirts, towards deserts, on highway and one right inside a temple complex!

Mandir Palace / Mandir Mahal / Badal Mahal / Taajiya Mahal : ITC-Welcome Heritage property and one of the better addresses of Jaisalmer since it also happens to be the residence of the Royal Heir-apparent (Maharawal Brij Raj Singh).

We got this info after spending a day and a night there. Mandirpalace is also open to Day Visitors (Rs 20, I guess) to look around and see the temples and very elaborate, expansive and magnificent jaali work. The place is marketed and branded by ITC but is essentially run by King’s staff – polite, not necessarily sophisticated – pretty pleasant.

It is located at Hanuman Chauraha and you can’t miss the Taajiya Towers (also known by this name) or Mandir Palace. The story is that before migrating to Pakistan, some of the Muslim artisans built the tower like the structure for Taajiya processions, some sort of last offering, towards the royal lineage. There is a temple complex inside, and hence the name. It’s a heritage property so all rooms are different.

A Deluxe rooms comes with a TV, crisp sheets, clean loo, running hot and cold water and lots of stone. What was missing was tea/coffee maker, probably an oversight. A two night package for a couple would cost Rs. 6,599/- including b’fast. There is no restaurant or a swimming pool or a gym but you can cherish the stone-work as you take a small walk inside, enjoy the quiet and feel like a royal in a mini palace.

Some more pictures. Here are the some of the photos of the jaali work.

The temple

Couple of more photos

In all, a decent place to stay in Jaisalmer. Contact No – (91) (2992) 252788.

Rajasthan is all about its old heritage monuments and with restorations and tourism emphasis, such places are accessible for a king-like stay. Other neat options to stay could be : Rang Mahal, Gorbandh Palace, Fort Rajwada and Hotel Rawal.


  • backpakker says:

    lovely pics…do all the hotels mentioned cost the same ?

  • Geetha Saravanan says:

    Smita, thanks for sharing your account. I would love to spend a couple of days like Royalty. Wish we could have been with you during this visit.

  • smitadhall says:

    Gee… thanks, Geetha.

    Backpakker : (sorry for a dead late reply) …mostly in the same range – about 2.5 – 3.5 K per room – ’tis rajasthan, the land of color, albeit the hotel fares are benchmarked on white-skinned guests! (that was the cynical me!) On a serious note, most hotels in Jaisalmer would cost Rs. 2000 upwards. The Taj property would be about Rs. 5000 per night.

  • Amit says:


    Good to see this article. I am the architect who renovated this property from a very dilapidated state.



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