In the lap of reclusive Choukry

As we had to cover less than 100 kms, so we started little late after breakfast at 0900 hrs. Though I had to face the same huddled road of Munsiyari but the situation was little different then as most of the patches were there while we climbed the road so keeping in mind that those would be on the slope I feel little relaxed and we started again from Munsiyari.

On the way after 13 kms we took a halt at “Kalamuni Temple” which was located at “Kalamuni Top” of “Verdant Hill”, an altitude of 2896 m. The temple has a divine aura which destroys all negative vibes. The outer wall of the temple showcases interesting frescos of goddess “Kali”, the naga Sadhus can also be seen meditating there. The Panoramic view of “Panchchouli” and the dusk hue of concentrated morning mist was mesmerizing from there. Many trekkers used to gather here before start a trail.

Kalamuni Temple

Beside other idols of deities like Goddess Kali, Shiva Lingam and Ganesha the effigy of Saint Kalamuni was there inside the temple. While at the break I got interact with a tour driver and his passengers who came travel for Kumayon and he was quite all praise for us and boosted our moral for the way down. As a matter of fact, the way back seemed not so tough as I predicted earlier, might be of the effect of our friendly company upto “Birthi”. At the “Birthi falls” we took halt once again to take pictures.


Munsiyari to choukry

Kalimuni Temple

Birthi Falls

Birth Falls

Birthi falls is situated amidst dense forests. The waterfall is gifted with a charm and beauty which acts a magnet to attract international and national tourists. Owing to its location in Munsiyari, whose name refers to ‘place with snow’, “Birthi Falls” attracts mountaineers, adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. We stayed a 15 minutes there again to move to “Choukry”.

We took several halts near “Thal” to take numerous snaps of the indescribable beauty of nature associated with River Ramganga and that comprise one stop where we went straight to the river bank to take the moments imprinted on our soul.

Damaged road near Thal

Travelers at Ramganga River bed at Thal


We reached “Choukry” not before 1300 hrs. The climate was cool and we terminated our day’s motored journey by reaching “Gaurav Resort”.

“Choukri” is a hilly village in the district of Pithorgarh in the Uttarakhand state, definitely a reclusive holiday stay and still  a lesser known tourist destination. Perched on a valley and surrounded by the high mountains of the Kumaon region, this village features nature’s blissful landscapes, unpolluted and quiet. Though the scenic Greater Himalayan peaks of Nanda Kot, Panchchuli, Nanda Khat and Nanda Devi are visible from here but from my sight it can better be seen more from “Munsiyari”, well, may be the best.

Chaukori is nothing like a typical hill station as there are no sightseeing spots inside the village, except for the panoramic and breathtaking Himalayan views, and no real market place either. All one can expect is to relax for a few days taking long walks amidst the forest of deodars, rhododendrons, spruce, oaks and pine trees, listening to the chirping of the birds and feeling the fresh air.

Our halt at Choukry

Distant Panchchouli from Choukry

Stroll at Choukry

“Choukry” was not so populated with civilization but when we reached there, i.e. in the peak season not many places were vacant to stay. Still it was quite and cool place and not populated.

Sight of Panchchouli

After we settled down and had our lunch we got out for a stroll by the side walk of the old tea garden nearby. Where un paved roads veined through the scrape of jungle foliage and from the shady broken path ideal for trek .One can see the “Panchchouli” in the lap of distant misty greenish grey fog.  The environment was in absolute silent only with chirping of birds. We didn’t go for a long walk which is preferable, instead came back for a forecast of rain as the mountains were drooling with low hanging black clouds.

No sooner did we reach the hotel, the torrents of rain came. It lasted about two hours and made the air more fresh and chiller. So I found that as another opportunity for a walk and took another walk in the late afternoon with a hope of more tranquility. I must admit that it came with form of a feel good loneliness with a splendid beauty of nature.

I trekked alone while my family decided to stay at hotel and the walk was full of surprise when I passed “KMSB Himalaya Public School”, the road touched the abandoned point of us which we left in the afternoon for rain. So I continued for another one or two kms before coming back with the fast fading day light.



  • Thank you Debjit for such a wonderful post!
    The roads near Thal look treacherous, but the destination is so beautiful that your strain through the journey might simply be washed off at the end!

    Thank you for sharing your story, keep writing more!

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Chakori is indeed one of the laze places. There is this bio/zoo-park of musk Deer which you can hike up. They have a lab to take care of Musk Deers, which I would guess is probably getting endangered. Nothing much to see as such but a great hike amid the forest.

    Thank you Deb.

    @ghumakkar-3a15c7d0bbe60300a39f76f8a5ba6896:disqus , your observation is so correct on Thal. We were stupid enough to drive in August (Monsoons) and Thal-Birthi drive was indeed scary, to say the least.

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