Budget, Bed and Breakfast: The 3 Essentials of Hospitality

The hospitality industry has evolved steadily across the globe over the last few decades in tandem with technological advances. Businesses in this industry are striving ambitiously to meet customers’ expectations with more and more facilities, personalised experiences, improved functionality and authenticity. Yoho Bed, however, believes in sticking to the basics. For it, the three standard essentials of hospitality that have stood the test of time are budget, bed and breakfast. Stay at Yoho Bed’s hotel in Kotahena for a memorable bed-and-breakfast experience and explore the beautiful sites of this small town located in the suburbs of Colombo.

1. Budget:

One major reason tourists and travellers tend to put their travel plans on hold is the high hotel tariffs that exceed their budget. But surely, a comfortable accommodation does not have to cost you a bomb, at least when you’re in Sri Lanka. As travellers, rather than enjoying high-end luxuries at the hotel, you’d rather be out and about all day exploring new places. So a comfy bed and hearty breakfast are all that you need. Why not save money on grand hotels and accommodation so that you can spend more where you want to – that is exploring. And with Yoho Bed, the myth that great rooms come at hefty prices gets busted. Yoho Bed’s expansive network of budget hotels in Sri Lanka equipped with essential holiday amenities assure you safe, secure and comfy rooms at amazing prices.

2. Bed:

This is an absolute must and probably, the most basic need that a hotel should be able to provide. At the end of the day, what matters most to travellers is having a clean, comfortable bed to rest their head on. And the good news is that a comfy clean bed does not necessarily correlate with high prices. The Yoho Bed’s hotel in Narahenpita, located in Sri Lanka’s capital city Colombo, has clean, well-maintained, good quality and well-designed beds for a night of restful sleep at surprisingly reasonable prices.

3. Breakfast:

The cost overruns for dining often damage a well-intended travel budget. Dining out is expensive and costs are difficult to estimate, especially when food shop owners try to swindle outsiders not aware of the local rates. Some budget travellers opt for a large, wholesome lunch before eating a light dinner. If the hotel can provide for a complimentary breakfast that is already paid for in the daily room rate, it becomes much easier for travellers to spend more freely on lunch and dinner. A hot and healthy breakfast right after a good night’s sleep really adds to the overall guest experience.

As the first branded network of hotels in Sri Lanka, Yoho Bed has revolutionised the hospitality industry by taking care of these three essentials of hospitality. Offering access to a wide range of accommodations across the length and breadth of Sri Lanka at competitive rates, Yoho Bed is clearly redefining the hotel ‘bed-experience’ as we know it.

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