A Look at the Living Costs: Ranking European Cities From the Most Affordable to the Most Expensive

When planning a trip to Europe, it is best to budget for everything you will need. A budget will allow you to maximize your enjoyment without worrying about how much everything costs.  For more information, check out inspire4travel

Here is a shortlist of the top European cities from most affordable to the most expensive.

1. Istanbul, Turkey

This beautiful old city is located in the West and East and is extremely budget-friendly for travelers. Known for wonderful mosques and unique and affordable shopping, Istanbul is a wonderful place for couples in addition to entire families to explore and enjoy. While you are there, check out Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmed Mosque.  

2. Berlin, Germany

This surprisingly affordable city has an enormous amount of sites to visit as well as wonderful shopping and delicious eateries. During your visit, go and see the Berlin Wall Memorial Exhibit, which commemorates the that stood between the East and West of the city for decades. There is a small chapel and a short demonstration/seminar on the wall several times a day. 

3. Barcelona, Spain

One of the most popular cities in Europe, Barcelona is relatively affordable for travelers these days. The majority of sites have a no-fee entry and can be enjoyed during most days of the week. Check out the Gaudi architecture and the Gothic Quarter. And don’t forget the wonderful array of foods to sample throughout the day and night.

4. Rome, Italy

This is the home of the Vatican as well as many delicious restaurants.  If you are going to visit the Vatican, plan for a full day because it is large and worth exploring every inch. Staying in the city is more affordable than you might think, and the shopping and tours of churches and other vital structures are a great way to spend a few days.   

5. Paris, France 

Paris is an expensive city, but worth it when you experience all the time-honored traditions of the City of Love. The food is magnificent and will keep you busy morning, noon and night. Of course, there are alcoholic beverages and romantic strolls along the Seine, as well as beautiful architecture, museums and classic churches. 

6. Dublin, Ireland

The hotels are one of the most expensive parts of any trip to Ireland, however, there are other things to do besides staying in a beautiful hotel. There are numerous festivals throughout the year that commemorate different authors and drinks. Be sure to visit one of the world-renowned universities that were the home to one of four Nobel Prize Winning authors, Heaney, Beckett, Shaw, and Yeats.

No matter where your budget takes you, be sure to investigate as much as possible before booking your trip. Decide on what you want to do and how much money you will spend on each activity before leaving. This will allow for a near stress-free trip and give you and your travel companions more time to enjoy and not worry about the costs. 

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