Road Trip – Delhi To Wagah Border (Amritsar) – Part-2

Day2 – Ludhiana To Wagah Border
1st March ‘2010. Our Plan was to leave for Amritsar early morning as it was Holi that day. But because of late night roaming around in Ludhiana the previous night , we woke up late the next morning.
We did our breakfast at our relatives house and left Ludhiana at 11 am.
We were a little late.

We were on NH-1 again. We crossed Phagwara . Now we were towards Jallandar.


LUDHIANA – JALLANDAR –> 60 KM ( via Phillaur , Phagwara )
JALLANDAR – AMRITSAR –> 83 KM ( via Kartarpur )
AMRITSAR – WAGAH BORDER –> 31 KM ( via Beas )

We entered Jallandar. Till Jallandar roads were very good no doubt about that. At about 11:30 am we were in Jallandar. But there we took a right turn on bypass to Amritsar.

From Jallandar to Amritsar its about 80 Km and Wagah Border was still about 105 Km. But now the roads were not both ways. Now it was a one way road and the traffic was also quite heavy due to Holi Holiday. It seemed as if All people were going to Amritsar. Now I knew that Golden Temple would be too flooded with people today.


1. LADOWAL TOLL PLAZA ( just after Ludhiana ) –> Rs 123 both sides
2 . The toll Plaza was newly constructed at Jallandar . Was free that day. Had to be functional from the next day.

At 1pm we were in Amritsar. Parked our car at the Multilevel Pariking at Golden Temple.
At 1:30 pm we were in Golden Temple, The divine place.

My mother got fainted as the sun was shining in its full flow and there was no shed there. It could easily take about 2hrs to enter into the main premises. But as my mother got fainted there, i held her hand and disected the whole crowd in just 5 min. people also cleared theway.
My father was in the regular line . He came after 2hrs.

After doing the darshan we had to head towards Wagah Border as the Retreat Ceremony occurs at 5pm but we had to be there at about 4 pm as to get proper seat . but now it was lunch time.
we decided to take lunch at Bhrawan Da Dhaba. Its not the Dhaba, but the best restaurant of Amritsar. It was a waiting for Half an hour. After Lunch I quickly visited Jallianwala Bagh.

Now we headed for Wagah which is around 35 km from Amritsar. At 3pm we left Amritsar , and about 4:15 pm I parked the car at Wagah.
The place was fully crowded but I manged to get a seat just in front.

The people were very excited there singing high voltage Desh Bhakti songs – Vande Matram. After the cermony I got a chance to go in front just near the gate. Pakistan could be easily be seen fro there.

After the beautiful ceremony at Wagah Border we again headed towards Ludhiana.

At about 7 pm we were in Amritsar we stopped there for a tea break.
Now we again started for Ludhiana. We Started at 7:30 pm and as it was one way till Jallandar, there was a lot of traffic.
But Finally we reached back Ludhiana at 11 pm. A long tiring Day ended. We travelled 350 Km total that day , not just driving but visting the places the whole day.We all were dead tired.
Next Day we had to Head towards Delhi.


The roads were a mixture of 2 lane highway and 4-lane highway with construction work going on.

The road was a 2 lane highway and sometimes a 4- lane highway with lot of traffic but was smooth

The road was a 4 lane highway with alot of dust due to construction.

Day – 3 Ludhiana to Delhi
We started from Ludhiana at 2pm.
Again in Punjab there was not much traffic on NH-1 . Speed could easily be attained.

But after entering Haryana, Traffic increased Drastically.
At Pipli, we stopped at Oasis for the Lunch.
But after that I saw that the traffic was blocked ahead.People were taking U turn on National Highway and all were moving on the wrong side. I too took u turn and went on wrong side. moving further I saw that a tractor with sugarcanes was upside down and both side of the highway were totally blocked. Traffic was at stand still.I was too confused and it seemed it would take 2 – 3hrs or even more. As I was thinking to go to which road whther to stay on the wrong side or whther to go on my own side…I was lucky there. I heard the police siren. From behind the volvo from Lahore to Delhi was coming. I knew this bus was moving with security and they will make some arrangement. I just drove my car just behind the VolvoAs per my thinking all traffic was stand still on both sides but the Lahore Bus and behind it my car was moving. We just crossed the whole stretch of 2-3 Km jam in just 10 min then. Thanks to that bus.
Finally reached back delhi at 7:30 pm. and an awesome journey ended. :( :(


  • Ram Dhall says:


    Thank you for taking us on this well written virtual tour of Amritsar and Wagah Border. The supporting pictures are simply awesome. For those who have not been to Amritsar and Wagah, this post will provide very useful insight.

    Do keep on enriching us with your travel experiences.

  • Shailaja says:

    Wow, Thanks for a fantastic write-up with beautiful pictures of your journey. Really enjoyed it.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    I had been to Amritsar couple of time for my official work, Wagah border parade is life time achievement.

    Nandan use to be master of Road reviews , but happy to see that some one from the young generation is challenging Nandan. :-)

    As Nandan suggested in his comment in part-1, Ghumakkar is the right place for the travelers like you.

    Well done buddy.

    Keep writing.

  • Rajeev Jain says:

    Very good. I like the way of your write-up and pictures. Thanks

  • Kartik says:

    Very well written story Sahil…Awesome picture support…Will b eagerly waiting for ur next stories…Kudos…!!!

  • Sahil says:

    Thnks Kartik…I Hope so….

  • Rajeev says:

    Sahil….Really a very nycly written post…And truly pictures say the rest…Eager to read ur other stories also…

  • Praveen says:

    Great write-up Sahil. Even though I have never been to that part of India, I felt as if I came back from a trip just by going through your post. Great writing. All the best.

  • Ankita says:

    gr8 write up sahil…..just loved ur pics and they were too placed correctly…keep up the gud work…cheers !!!

  • Nandan says:

    Very nice photos, bright and sparkling.

    Its always nice to see and read ‘Road Reviews’ :-). I have been to Amritsar once but would want to go again and hopefully across the border (by road, driving) to Lahore and beyond. some day.

    • sahilthegoodguy says:

      Truly speaking…Nandan ji…even I want to cross the border once…if possible…Anyways thnks..

  • Nitish says:

    Thnks Sahil for taking me to the virtual tour of this place…Awesome pics and a very well written post..

    • Sahil says:

      Nitish ji…no need for thnx…i was jst doing so that people who hv not visited the place shud come to know about the place..

  • Sanjay says:

    Very nycly written sahil…it was literally a visual journey…

  • Dimple says:

    very well written experience…am planning to go in August…please let me know time for parade in morning and evening

    • Sahil says:

      Thnks Dimple….In evening the parade starts at 5:30 but u shuld be there by 4:30 max to get properly seated as there is very large crowd. In winters parade time is 5 pm. Im not sure of the morning time. I too enquired for the morning time but i think it occurs only in evening. I have visited wagah border 3 times I have always attended in the evening.

  • gagandeep says:

    sir pliz send me the timings of flag clossing timings for the month of May..

    • Sahil says:

      Gagandeep , In may also the parade timings is 5:30 but u shuld be there by 4:30. And the Flag crossing takes place around 5:40 – 5:50 pm.

  • Tarun says:

    Really Sahil, a very honest post… It seemed as if I was doing the road trip myself…Pics are very gud and very perfectly placed…!!! Keep writing


  • Navpreet Kaur says:

    Very Nyc post sahil… Its been 2 yrs that I hv not visited Harminder Sahib but after going thru ur journey…I will surely visit this year..ur pics are really very gud..

  • Sahil says:

    Thnx Navpreet…

  • sskagra says:

    very good shahil you written this story and views of photos are a very good next story should be by rail tour
    Thsanking you

  • Ali Gondal says:

    Hi i m from Pakistan. Enjoyed alot virtual tour with you. felt like i have travelled in India. i have been to Wagha border several time from my side and i wish if i could cross the border and drive to Delhi and beyond on my own car. insha Allah i ll definitely get a chance one day

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks Ali , for liking the post. Every passionate driver wishes to cross the border driving his own car , hope this day will come soon.


  • surya prakash says:

    Hello, You have given very good description of the trip, as if I am with you visiting the places. I intend doing this trip in october 1st week. I am from Bangalore. Thanks a lot for your posting

  • Sahil says:

    Thanks Mr. Surya for your appreciation. Best of luck for your trip.


  • Daul says:

    very good information..

    .I have one query ..will I be able to make it to wagah border in time via car if I reach chandigarh airport at 12.15pm..intend to go directly to wagah border first


    • Sahil says:

      Dear Mr. Daulat ,

      From Chandigarh , Wagah is about 265 Km and it would take about 5 hrs to reach there. Leaving at 12:15 pm and going directly to wagah will not be a good option as you would be late. To get a proper seat at Wagah , one must reach there at 4:30 pm. But I guess you will not be able to reach there in time. It would be better if you visit it the next day comfortably.


  • Daul says:

    Thanks for the same…but the problem is that i am there is amritsar for a day only .
    lets see if i can make it…no idea if the flight lands on time..thats very critical

    • Sahil says:

      Mr. Daulat ,
      If you have only one day in hand , and if your flight will be right time , then you can surely take a chance to visit Wagah.


  • Garima says:


    The way u have described the entire tour with pictures is outstanding….hats off to u…i was just planning a tour to golden temple and wagah border and ur virtual tour answered all of my queries…its so helpful….why dont u make this your profession i mean soon u will me millionaire.


    • Sahil says:

      Garima , let me do this part time only….i think in full time engineer is better…lol…
      Anyways thanks a lot for your appreciation.


  • Arvind says:

    There is another place similar to the Wagah Border – Hussainiwala. With the crowds on both sides cheering and jeering, it is easy to see how subtly support and hatred coexist. Hussainiwala has the added attraction of a memorial dedicated to martyrs Bhagat Singh and company.

  • Chandra mouli says:

    Hi ,
    For golden temple is there any timings for closing? (after noon / night)
    And for visiting Wagah Border, what is the exact time and at what time i have to go there?.

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      @ Chandra ,

      The temple compound is open 24 hours, The main central place where Gurbani is recited is closed between 10:30 pm and 2:00 am. At 2:00 am they start reciting the Gurbani and the holy book is brought in a procession at 4:45 am. The ceremony at 4:45am and 10:00 pm when the book is brought and taken back are good. The whole complex is very peaceful specially at night

      Regarding Wagah Border , the ceremony starts at 5:15 pm but you would have to reach there at 4:15 pm to get properly seated


  • wais says:

    Dear Sahil,
    Beautifull pictures of your trip, specially the Golden tample…
    Wais Shekh.

  • Sanjeev says:

    Awesome…Maza aa gaya dost…Keep up the good work

  • Hello Sahil,
    Amritsar is our family’s 1st road trip in India and your photos and notes are perfect to prepare us better.
    Great job! and we are going to lookout for more from your other trips.

  • Sandy says:

    Hello Sahil,
    Amritsar is our family’s 1st road trip in India and your photos and notes are perfect to prepare us better.
    Great job! and we are going to lookout for more from your other trips.

  • Param says:

    Hello Sahil,
    What you’ve provided is really useful for a first-timer like me to Amritsar. I’ve planned for this month and your pics would really come to my mind when I’m seeing the places realtime. I do have one doubt on the timings. I understand from your messages that the Wagah ceremony happens after 5.15 PM. But is it the same during December too?? – Is it possible for us to take a train @ 7.35 PM on the same day after Wagah border ceremony?

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Param ,

      If you leave Wagah by 6pm (till 6pm, the ceremony ends), you would reach Amritsar by 7:15 pm as Wagah is about 35 kms from Amritsar and you can take your train.
      BTW , Thanks a lot for liking the log.


  • sumit says:

    very well written

  • Neeraj says:

    I managed to read your travelogue to Wagah and its nice that you have added pictures as prop to overcome some of the shortcomings in your narrative. (From Jallandar to Amritsar its about 80 Km and Wagah Border was still about 105 Km. But now the roads were not both ways– Road is always both way but it is not four lane road from Jallandhar to Beas). Anyway nice attempt, feel sorry for your mum as she fainted there.

  • Why my computer is not showing any pics of Wagah Border? :(

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Sushant Ji,

      I believe in the website, there has been some change. In most of my old logs, the link of the pics have been broken. Hence, the pics are not being displayed.


  • GAURAV VIMAL says:

    did on my bike on avenger 220.

    DAY 1. left delhi at 10:00 pm (Speed 60 km, big break sukdhev dhaba murtahl)
    DAY 2. reached ludhiana at 6:00 am, too tired for amritsar.
    started at evening around 10:00 pm
    day 3. reached asr around 1 am.
    golden temple & wagah border and left to delhi
    day 4. around 6 am at home.

  • A Irfan says:

    Not Going At I Don’t Like Attari Wagah Border Amritsar Lahore India vs Pakistan Border

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