Road Trip – Delhi to Wagah Border (Amritsar) – Part-1

To start with Im a travelalcohlic person . Like to holiday a lot. Done many trips earlier to Mussoorie, Jaipur , Agra , Kanpur . This tym did to Amritsar as I had never been to NH-1.
Started my journey on 28th Feb’2010.

No. of Adults – Three
1. Myself – The solo driver
2. My father
3. My mother
Car – Maruti 800
Total Distance covered in the trip – 1100Km

I started my M800 car at about 7:30 AM from Rohini. Crossed the Bypass and crossed Delhi not in much tym. Now the real journey started. Sonipat was crossed in no tym. Panipat was crossed in just 15 min due to Toll Bridge. Till Now NH-1 was in good shape.

As I was the Solo Driver we crossed Karnal , Pipli and Ambala. We did not stop at Karnal as we did not want to waste time. At about 11 am we entered Punjab into Rajpura. speed ws good for a M800. I drove it max speed to 110 Km/hr. As our quite a lot of relatives resided in Rajpura we decided for a quick halt there.

Ludhiana was still about 100 Km left. We left Rajpura at 1pm. We headed towards Ludhiana. The route was again clear but now the traffic was quite reduced. Again gained some speed to 100Km/hr. but after this speed Maruti seems to shake and it is little risky as it does not has Power Brake. we were in Ludhiana at 3:15pm.

In Ludhiana too we had to visit 2 reltives houses so till evening we were busy there. Later they insisted to stay at their place at night. So stayed there at night. Roamed around in Ludhiana till late night.

Now decided to leve early morning from Ludhiana to Wagah Border.
Day 1 – Delhi to Ludhiana 350 Km due to those relatives.


1. PANIPAT – Rs 20 single side
2. KARNAL – Rs 78 single side
3. RAJPURA – Rs 47 single side


DELHI – AMBALA –> 200 Km ( via Sonipat , Panipat , Karnal )
AMBALA – LUDHIANA –> 130 Km ( via Rajpura , Mandi Gobindgarh)


DELHI – AMBALA –> Excellent
Majority of the road was a six lane highway and smooth without much diversions and construction.

Majority of the road was a four lane highway with construction work going on both sides of roads to make it six lane.


A Peacock

To be continued….


  • Sameer Kumar says:

    Let me take the opportunity to Congratulate you on your first post. This is really a hoarder representation of your journey which leaves behind a thirst to read more about this ride. Anyway, nice attempt !!
    One thing that disappointed me a bit is that you drove your Maruti 800 at a speed of 100-110 km/hr and that too with your parents inside the car. Had you been with your friends, it would be understandable but with parents you should avoid high speed.
    The pictures are perfectly clicked and placed.
    Keep up the good work sahil. Long way to go….

  • sahilthegoodguy says:

    Thnks Sanjeev…Ya i know sometimes I drove the car to greater speed but after few minutes I realized the same that I was with my parents..So reduced the speed again to about 75 Km/hr.
    Anywyz I hv posted the 2nd Days trip which ws the main day..but still it is pending for reviews.

  • Kartik says:

    Nyc journey sahil…Pics are really nyc…Eager to read ur story further..

  • sahilthegoodguy says:

    Thnks kartik….
    Anywyz I hv posted the 2nd Days trip which ws the main day..but still it is pending for reviews

  • Rajeev says:

    Congrats Sahil…For your first post…Your journey is nyc till are also very nyc… I would lyk to read your journey more…Do post it…

  • nandanjha says:

    Welcome aboard Sahil. You seems like a true road-travel guy and Ghumakkar is the right place for people like us. Welcome

    As Sameer said, its more fun and enjoyable to go at a lower speed :-). I am sure you know this. Please look at an e-mail which has few instructions around publishing the story. Once thats done, you would be able to publish your story yourselves, whenever you want it.

    I liked the way you finished your story …..

    “day 1 Delhi to Ludhiana 350 Km due to those relatives

    The high part of humor is ‘those’ :-). It would have sounded different without the word..”those”.. lol

    Looking fwd to read part 2 when its published.

    • sahilthegoodguy says:

      Thnks Sir.. I have already posted the 2nd part of my journey which was the main part…but still it is pending for reviews…Why is it so…??

  • Ram Dhall says:

    Welcome aboard Sahil.

    Your description is good and the supporting pictures say the rest.

    Yes, as Nandan said, ghumakkar is the perfect place for bindas travellers like you.

  • sahilthegoodguy says:

    thnks sir…Hope u like the second part also…

  • Nandan says:

    Sahil – Please check your e-mail. There is a message which has some instructions for publishing the story. Once you do that, you would be able to publish your story all by yourself, no need to put in ‘Pending Review’.

    • sahilthegoodguy says:

      Dear Nandan ji, I had posted the second part of this journey and also posted 1 more journey 3 days ago…but still they are not published..Kindly Get them published…

  • joyclubsunil says:

    Very well done sahil,

    I like it.

    you are very nice, honest and perfect person to live on this earth.

    Keep us posted.

    buck up. looking forward to even more splendid stories from you.



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