Delhi to Nainital by Car

Greetings to all senior Ghumakkar members. After reading so much in Ghumakkar I planned to sketch down my family vacations during summer break. Children and I (thanks to my teaching job) are free during summer vacations. Travel bug start inspiring me for travelling, as I am travel freak by nature (earlier my father was in army, so we had to travel lot with him). My wife is a working lady and she has limited vacations (not lucky as me) four or five day’s break she got from the office and even days are not known. By the time she gets break, reservations are full at that time. So we decided and searched the net, we zeroed for Nanital trip, as distance was approximately 280 km from Delhi.

I searched on the net for the way to reach there and finally decided to go by Swift Car. Taken driving directions, stoppage and route printout from net, thanks to Google map for planning road trip. The J-Day arrived and we planned to start around 5:00 am but the kids and the packing of food delayed the departure with good 1 hour. After leaving home I stopped the car at Bharat petroleum filling the tank full with diesel. I drive little faster to cover most of the crowded road of Delhi, Ghaziabad and Hapur before office rush hour starts.

Refreshing at Tadka restaurant

Usually the temperature start rising from 6:00 am but for my surprise rain god was happy on us from the early morning and drizzling and cool air started from the early morning. Weather was very pleasant and everybody is in very happy mood. As per the planned journey we reach near Muradabad outskirt and stopped at Tadka restaurant of Bharat Petroleum. Mc Donald (McD) was not open at that time so we enjoyed small break at Tadka. Restaurant service, ambience and the facility of the petrol pump was good.

At BP Petrol Pump near Muradabad

Till Muradabad I drove on NH 24 and from toll plaza of Muradabad I have taken left turn towards city and then right turn and taken the interior state highway towards Kashipur, Tanda, and Nandpur on NH 121. The highway roads are in good condition (except few kilometers in NH 121). Car speed was so good that quickly we covered 200 kms distance from Delhi in 3 hrs. Thanks to the weather we are not using car ac. Surroundings are very green in nearby area of Moradabad as compare to other parts of Ghaziabad and Hapur.

We crossed Tanda and joined Ramnagar road. We stopped at Raamnagar for snacks break and eat our food there. From Ramnagar taken a right-turn towards Kalidhongi (adjacent to Corbett area) road and reach near the hills.
Lots of mango orchid are there. Stopped near Kalidhungi and refresh with snacks and enjoyed the nature. The morning temperature is start rising and the time is 10:30 am. Again journey is started and lot of Punjabi music played during this time.
We stopped at two or three place for viewing hills and clicking pictures as we are not in hurry to reach for Nanital. Lush green trees, series of mountain, valley, and roads (look like snake) – we all are speechless and enjoying nature. I start driving the car at 30km only and no one is objecting.

Beautiful roads on the way to Nainital

Hill curves are so thrilling that every time left or right turn comes we start shouting. Locals are driving vehicles very fast and dangerously. Even they did not bother to Horn you for side, I have to give them side first and taken extra care on curves. Stopped at another point from where one big lake near some unknown village is visible.

On the way to Nainital (Unknown Lake)

On the way to Nainital (Ramnagar)

Finally we reached Nainital but for my surprise due to vacation most of the hotels and main parking are full. I have to park my vehicle in the parking near Manu Maharani Hotel which is little far from main market. I start searching for budget hotel and once I found we quickly shifted to it. As there is no space for car parking, thanks to season time, I left my car in the authorized car parking area near Manu Maharani Hotel. Luckily it was near my hotel. By the time we shifted to the hotel it was 12:30 pm and we all are very tired. Taken a shower and we left for market to grasp some food.

Namit – Trekking on the hill

We enjoyed the lunch at Nanak restaurant (famous for its delicious food – from net I got it). We planned to take some sleep at hotel and come back at evening to visit local place. My father woke us at 6:00 PM in hotel. We changed the clothes and came out from the hotel. To our surprise temperature had dipped.Thanks to the rain which had started around 3:00 pm (during our sleep). We enjoyed rain drizzling and started moving towards the mall road. My father bought an umbrella from the mall roads for his grand kids, the shop owner have lots of variety and my kids took good time to decide which one was best for them.

Enjoying nature and blessing of rain god

Lake at the night – Opposite mall road

My wife picked some woolen cloths for kids as they felt cold and especially for my son who was shivering from cold (4 years old). Weather was so good that we forgot Delhi heat and cherished for our decision to plan for this trip. We visited and prayed at Naina Devi temple and taken a walking trip around Naini Lake. Later we enjoyed chaat and golgappa at street and fill our stomach with it.

Naina Devi temple-Behind Naini Lake

Next morning again we visited Naina Devi mandir and the Gurudawara next to it. Admire the surrounding of temple and taken a close look of mosque situated opposite the temple. After prayer we enjoyed aloo and Gobi paranthas at restaurant which are in front of Naina Devi temple. After breakfast we planned for boat ride and enjoyed boating in the lake.

Boating at Naini lake

Kids are keen to enjoy the cable ride, so we enquired from the local’s about the ride. They told us that we have to wait for two to three good hours for ticket and ride. My kids are not in mood to listen excuses so decided to go for Cable Car ride.

View from cable car

Luck is working as there was no big line and waiting for ride as the locals are telling about the ride. Ride was very thrilling. From the cabin car market and Naini Lake was very clearly visible and we start admiring god creation. We reached at the top of the hill and enjoyed the surroundings (Tiffin top, Himalayan Mountains, city etc). Taken some pictures and view from the binocular we move towards small shopping center at the top. Enjoyed hot Samosa, pakoras and milk there and decided to move back towards Naina Lake.

Hill top view – After the cable car ride

Nearby area , Nainital

This time we planned not to use Cable car and walked back from the hill. It gives a great experience of trekking and enjoying nature both at the same time. Kids are tired and they are not in mood to go further. We moved back to our hotel rested and order for the afternoon meal. Taken good nap and again planned to start exploring local market, as my wife want to purchase jewelry and some souvenir for family members and for her friends.
Next day we visited church, zoo and nearby taals which are nearby to Nanital. They are OK, but the best one is Naini Lake itself. In the evening we planned for Ranikhet, which was the other good travelling experience which I will cover in my next post.


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  • JATDEVTA says:

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  • Welcome to Ghumakkar KM jee.

    And once again a brilliant post. Good write up and good read and nice pics…………………

    Thanks for showing us Nainital and waiting for next one…………….

    Keep Travelling and Posting………………

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    • KM says:

      Thanks Praveen jee

      All hill stations are good to enjoy if we prefer to go by car. We can enjoy the nature and anywhere we can stop during journey.. Nice to see ur comment…

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Welcome aboard KM. When did you undertake this journey ? I am asking this since I go to this side quite often and would want to know the state of Bazpur-Kaladhungi road. I usually take Rampur-Bilaspur-Haldwani road.

    Good log. Be around, read more ,comment more and write more.

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Hi Nandan,

      I just came back from Nainital and Ranikhet yesterday. Road condition till Tanda is awesome with newly laid road.
      But after entering Tanda, road is very bad for few kms. The only bad roads are between Tanda and Bazpur.
      After Bazpur, road is again excellent.


    • KM says:

      Hello Nandan jee

      recently I went for this trip. Road conditions are good (only few kms after Tanda). Tanda, Ramnagar route is quite good and nice forest and river side view you will find near corbet/kalidungi.. Haldwani route is also good but I always prefer this route…

      • Nandan Jha says:

        @ Sahil @ KM – Thank you folks. I stopped taking Kaladhungi road after 2010 monsoons which took away all the roads. There was very little improvement in 2011, seems like it is back on track.

        If all goes as planned, I would take this route soon.

      • anilmisra says:

        Thanks for the clarification Sahil and KM. I too travel often to Ramgarh (between Nainital and Mukteshwar) and had the same doubt as Nandan. I am glad that the road is is now in good condition. This drive is far better than via Bilaspur.

        Anil Misra

  • deepak says:

    Nice write up.

    I like that you put you father pic’s. Actually I love it when people do travel with your parents.
    I pray everyone should care their parents like you.


    • KM says:

      Hello Deepak

      Thanks for encouraging everyone to respect their parents and spend quality time with their parents. My dad is loving one and always encouraging and supporting all the family members. God give hime long , happy and healthy life…

  • Surinder Sharma says:

    Dear Mr. K.M,

    Very good writing, nice description . Regards to your Dad , he is so lucky that he has son like you.
    The nicest and most appreciate thing in your post is Safety Jackets in Boat, wearing by your family members. I hope other fellow travelers will also publish their photos where they use safety devices.

    Best Regards,


    • KM says:

      Thanks Sir

      Very nice advice, safety and travelling take care during journey and make holidays memorable..

      With regards


  • venkatt says:

    Excellent first post, KM. Detailed description of Nainital and surrounding spots. Great start. keep it up…

  • Ritesh Gupta says:

    Hello KM….
    Welcome to Ghummukar……
    Your post is very nice along with good pictures…..
    Nainital is the most famous Hill station of India and i liked very much……….I have been here already Two times..and again end the month of June, I have planned to Nanital, Ranmikhet & Kausani…
    Your post will be help for my trip of Nanital….
    Thanks for goods post….

    • KM says:

      Thanks Ritesh

      I feel Ranikhet is not good option. Instead you can plan to stay in between nanitaal and ranikhet route near shipra river….. Rest is on you….


  • abhishek kashyap trainman says:

    A great journey indeed.being a appreciator,i m also a critics sometimez..hope u will not take it otherwise.
    spelling of MORADABAAD is wrong,its not Muradabaad..plz refine it.(its divisional headquaeter/distric headquarter and also railway divisonal headquarter of northern railways)
    the hilltop location is known as China Peak,from where Himalaya Ranges and trishul peaks are clearly visible..
    and u r a great son also…hats off for this.
    but please dont promote personal transport too much in Natural places.
    already average temprature of nainitaal is raised by 2 degree celcius in last ten years..
    thats mainly because delhians and their cars..kathgodam is easily accesible by trains from NDLS/ANVR etc..and public transport also from Kathgodam to nainitaal.if all people will use their own transport,soon nainitaal hills will be like Aravalis…i am saying you all ghumakkars because you all people are educated enough,so that i can make u understand all the defects of polluting tourist places like this.and u are a respected teacher,so i am saying it to you only…care for ur and our environment..thanks..

    • KM says:

      Hello Abhishek

      Thanks for youre critics/suggestions. Most of my travel journey is on train only i prefer my vehicle when i have on short family trip. Hats off for you’re environment concern.

      With wishes


      • abhishek kashyap trainman says:

        :) thnx understand me..we all can see earth is being hot daily..its really mandatory to think from basic.. we can not alwz blame others for our deeds..take care..

  • pooja says:

    hello sir we are also planning to go to nainital in first week of july…….but we prefer to go there by bus……so suggest me the budget hotel and adventurers spots for us,../// as we are 5 persons………, my husband..or dauhgter 2yrs old……….my mother in law and father in law………..
    will that place a nice trip for us or boring………….or suggest us some good tips also bcause we have a kid also

  • pooja says:

    and how much time it will take from delhi itself…………..

    • KM says:

      Hello Pooja

      Sorry cant reply on time. Nainital is a good place and it was well connected with bus and rail transport. There are many budget hotels in nainital apx. Rs. 600/- to 1500/- or yor can go for some two/three star which are near by to lake. If you can walk there are many good budget hotels before manu maharani hotel. There are lot of places where you can enjoy with youre kids like boarting in naini lake, cabel car ride near naini lake, walk around lake, zoo, church and nearby other lakes. You can hire jeep or be a member of some jeep ride which are very nominal.

  • Dear Ghumakkad,

    I am going to Nainital with my family in August 2012. I will be driving down from Indirapuram/Ghaziabad to nainital and will take the Moradabad-Rampur-Rudrapur route. Any idea on the conditions of the roads on this route ??

    What are the places where one can enjoy with kids and what in your opinion are good eateries (for vegetarians).
    An early reply would be appreciated

    Abhishek Agarwal

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Dear Abhishek,

    The roads all good. After Haldwani, you might get into some landslides (which is promptly cleared during day time, during nights it gets difficult) but overall it is all fine. I drove last week only. For eateries, ‘Moga Punjabi Tadka’ at Gajraula is good one. I usually try to stop at Jubilee Dhaba (after Moradabad Bypass) in the HP Petrol Pump campus, since that allows me to cover more than half of today distance. All the best.

    ‘Garh Mukteshwar’ attracts jams during Full moon, Amavasya days so plan accordingly.

    Good luck and best wishes.

    • Dear Jha Ji,

      Thanks for the reply. I am aware about good joints at Gajraula, since I make frequent trips to Rampur (my hometown). My only concern was the condition of roads from Rampur till Nainital…thanks for the update..!!


  • Aakash Minocha says:

    Hi All,

    Quite interesting and useful comments. Thanks to the portal allowing real time comments.

    I am off for Ranikhet (for Ist time) on 10th August 2012 with 6 mates in Innova. It would be great help if someone could give an update of the road conditions & safety. I grew apprehensive of the off-late news feeds regarding landslides & heavy rain fall. Please help!

    Any one who traveled recently…..


  • Davinder says:

    Hi All,

    Just Came back after 3 days trip to Nainital.

    Roads to Avoid : Rudrapur to Rampur via Bilaspur. ( Bad Road : Avg Speed 30~40 KMph).
    Muradabad to Kaladungi Vis Tanda ( Worst Road I have every seen , Infact no road actually exists , its just full of 1-3 feet holes ). Avg Speed – 10 Kmph. Usually this road is suggested by Google when you search Map directions for Delhi-Nainital.

    Best Road : Delhi-Moradabad-Kashipur-RamNagar-Kaladungi-Nainital.
    Kaladungi-Nainital ( Best Stretch ) You will not get any major traffic , Very well maintained road.

    • KM says:

      Dear Davinder


      Good road advisory for fellow ghumakkars. Please send details about your travel stay and adventure..



      • Davinder says:

        Hi KM ,

        We stayed at KMVN Guest House – Sattal – Royal Deluxe Room , 2200 Rs/night approx.
        Its peaceful place with ample parking , staff is good , service is good.
        Its away from hustle bustle of Mall road , infact 1 km walking distance from mall road.

        We travelled by our Wagon R CNG Car , to & fro and got CNG refill just out of Moradabad on the way back to Delhi, its name was SEL CNG . Rate = 61.50 Rs/Kg approx. Timing of Station: 7 Am to 10 pm.

        Halted at McDonalds on the way and back , Also other good restraunts Dominos ,Tadka etc.
        But we prefered McDee.

        @Nainital: Also while boating we found the boatman were reluctant to fixup the Life Jackets.
        I must advise all people not to play with your life while boating , please put the jackets and make them tight around your waist with belts. It would only save your life in case of any problem while boating.

        Where to Eat in Nainital: NonVeg & Chinese: Machan on Mall road.
        Veg : @ Nanak.


  • privish says:

    Hi All,

    I am a new joiner to this famous site. I have checked all the views of this post and decided to go to Nainital on 22nd of Nov 2o12.
    I took the route of kaladhungi to reach Nainital. However the route is one of the worst route I have ever seen in my life till now.

    The patch between Tanda and Bazpur is the pathetic one. You will only get relief when you will enter Uttarakhand roads.

    When I reached Nainital then I totally forget the bad memories of the road. It is such a beautiful place. I stayed there in Naini Retreat. The service of the hotel is excellent and I urge you guys to once stay there.

    Ths is off season these days and I got the good deal from the hotel.We visited all the famous points there and really enjoyed the trip. I went there with my wife and daughter and spent a very good vacation there.

    In return I took the route of Haldwani and Rudrapur. The route is very good and I did not face any type of challenge in this route. Request all of you to please do not take the route of Tanda Kaladhungi.



    • Kailash Mehta says:

      Hello Privish
      Welcome at Ghumakkar mandli… Thanks for updating road condition to fellow Ghumakkars those may be plan in future to follow this route. After raining season roads from tanda to kalidungi may be get damaged. During my visit I didnot face this type of problem. Share your travel experience with pics.

      Waiting for your blog.

      Keep Traveling & Safe Driving

  • Aashish says:

    Thanks for the post….It was really nice and descriptive; you have a sweet family I am planning to go to Nanital this year. I will follow the same route and surely eat at the places recommended by you. Thanks again and God bless you.

  • Rajeev says:

    Hello Kailashji, well written post. Provides a lot of useful tips for anyone planning to drive from Delhi.

    Abhishek Kashyap railman shares very valid concern about using private transport. Two points, though:

    1. There is total dearth of train tickets in short span. Places like Nainital are sometimes not planned long ahead. Buses too are not sufficient, apparently.
    2. Even if outsiders reach Haldwani/Kathgodam by train, they will have to use a motor vehicle for all local transport thereafter. So it does not affect the number of trips in the Hill zone much.

    By the way what is the advisable driving route at present from Delhi to Nainital, anyone, please? Just for general knowledge.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Rajeev – Well articulated. Route which I take and recommend , Delhi-GZB-Hapur-Moradabad-Rampur, all on NH24. Right before Rampur, leave NH24 and take a left towards Swar and head towards Bazpur. Swar-Bazpur is bad but best if you look at other alternatives. Bazpur-Kaladhuni-Khurpa Tal-Nainital. Hope this helps.

  • Sanjay says:


    I am planning my trip from delhi to nanital by own maruti alto (1100 cc).

    since I am driving first time in hill road please give me your advice.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Sanjay – Total hilly drive is under 40 kilometres and about 90 minutes. It is a good 2 lane good tar road. Please go slow, try to not overtake, use horns at turns, be in your lane and never rush. Even if it means that almost everyone would overtake you or honk at you, just be patient and you would be fine. Wishes.

  • daljit says:

    wish to travel from delhi to nanital on 15 aug 2013 request to know road conditions

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @Daljit – Rampur – Bilaspur – Raudrapur is bad, if you go via regular route. Take Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur-Swar-Bazpur-Kaladhungi-KhurpaTal-Nainital. In this route, the road is bad for about 8 KMs before Bazpur, 25 minutes.

  • kailash mehta says:

    Hello Daljit

    As Nandan sir suggested follow the same route and after moradabad you enjoy driving only few kilometer(s) patch is bad otherwise green surrounding and pleasant weather double your road trip enjoyment. You can also go by moradabad – haldwaani- kathgodam route but it was little busy with trafffic. From delhi ranikhet express is going till kathgodam and from there you can hire taxi to reach nanital. Almost one hour road trip (surrounding with mountains)..

    Happy vacations in advance & Share your experience with us….

    Kailash Mehta
    Happy Driving & Safe Driving

  • Venkatesh says:

    Hi all,

    I am also planning to visit Binsar by my car… and planning to go via Nainital.

    I have to concerns:
    1. is there any traffic problems due to Kavadis in this route???
    2 . is it safe now to travel Nainital and Binsar (Hills) post this uttrakhand area.

    I am planning to go by 11th aug, and its continuously raining.

    please advice.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Venkatesh
    1. Nh 58 (which connects GZB to Haridwar via Meerut, Muzaffarnagar) is closed for vehicular traffic till Aug 5. NH 24 also has camps etc but since Aug 5 (thats what I know, I am not a follower so my info may be incomplete) is Shivaratri, so things would be fine when you leave.

    2. Nainital is safe. Beyond that it is difficult to say since this is right in the middle of rainy season. And yes, it is raining very badly. But that is what the season is.

    If I were you, I would not make firmer plans (in terms of paying for hotel etc) beyond Naini. Till Naini it is all clear/fine. Even if a landslide or two occurs, it is cleaned on priority.

  • Venkatesh says:

    Dear Nandan Ji,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Now i am clear… and would be ending my holiday trip upto Nainital.


  • Nice information and pictures of Nainital, It is real fun travelling by own car. If going to Nainital from kathgodam side than do visit Dolmaar Resort, Very beautiful location.

  • mahendra says:

    thanks nice explanation tommorow morning I m also planning to visit basef on your feedback


  • Kailash Mehta says:

    Hello Mahendra ji

    Happy journey & please share your experience.


    Kailash Mehta

  • Rohit Verma says:

    Hi Mahendra,

    Please share your experience and route taken, I am planning to go Nanital on 15 May. Which route should i take?

    Also want suggestion from other experts on
    1) No experience of driving in hill area so is it safe route to Nanital?
    2) Have Hyundai Eon, enough power for driving in Nanital area with 4 members?

    Thanks Rohit

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Rohit – I drove last weekend and here is my recommended route.

    Delhi – GZB – Moradabad – Rampur – Take a left at CRPF Camp towards Swar – Bazpur – Kaladhungi – – Turn left at Jim Corbett’s house towards Khurpatal – Nainital.

    Yes it is perfectly safe. Just have a lot of patience while overtaking in hills, take your time, enjoy the views, use horn at turns and you would be all good. Yes, Eon has enough power. Switch off the A/C and drive in higher gears. While coming back, remember to drive in higher gear (since that gives you some natural braking as well). The rule of thumb is the drive in same gear both ways.

    • Rohit Verma says:

      Thanks a lot Nandan that was really helpful..

      However now we are planning to go by bus because now its a big group of 10+ friends :)
      Can you please suggest places in Nanital to visit and route for them, order in which to cover places as now we don’t have our cars.

      We will be reaching Nanital on 16 morning(Friday) and back on 19 morning (Monday).


  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Rohit – Pls read up some stories on this link – and if you have specific questions then please ask on those stories and someone would get back. wishes.

  • Vipin Khurana says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I went to Nainital last week and before that went to different websites to check the best way to reach there. After reading all the blogs, decided to go through Swar-Bazpur-Kaladungi way.
    I started at around 5 AM from Faridabad and reached Rampur at around 8:45 and missed this Swar-Bazpur Road and went straight for Rampur – Bilaspur – Rudrapur Road and it was the good decision I made. Road is like Amul Makhan, I think it is newly built, you can drive at 100 KM/Hr. without any problem. There are no speed breakers even. I reached Nanital at around 11:30 on taking this route. Faridabad-Kalindi Kunj-Noida-Hapur ByPass-Moradabad By Pass-Rampur-Bilaspur-Rudrapur-Haldwani-Nainital.

    • Nitish Kumar says:

      As per latest update via many forums, Rampur-Rudrapur road has been retarred so brand new as of now though city traffic likely remains same. Bazpur on other hand has a 7-8 km bad patch where no roads literally

    • Nitish Kumar says:

      Good to hear your experience Vipin as I would be starting from Faridabad itself for the same destination via the same route. Hopeful of making it to there before 11AM.

  • Kailash Mehta says:

    Hi Vipin

    Good to hear about your Nanital Trip. Please describe it in blog and upload pics also.

    Keep Travelling.


  • [emailprotected] says:


    I m planning a trip for nainital for 26 july to 28 july 2014. So can you suggest me, it’s safe or not bcz it’s a rainy session that’s why I m very confused. Please suggest me and one more thing.

    How difficult to drive in nainital bcz I have not idea to drive in hills area. This is my first trip via own car on hills area.

    Kindly suggest me.

  • Kailash Mehta says:


    Roads towards Nanital are in good condition except few kms. I visited Ranikhet last month and found roads are good. During rainy season careful at hills. Dont drive at high speed and horn at every turn as locals are not caring for horns and cab drivers and bus drivers are driving rashly. Otherwise its a good and enjoying driving experience.

    Keep Travelling and share your views.

    • Manjeet Singh says:

      Your inputs are quite useful as I am planning a trip on my Swift to Ranikhet from Moti Bagh (South), Delhi. Will be sharing my experiences after my return. Wish me good luck. Thanks for the experiences you shared in detail.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    I drove day before and returned yesterday. Rampur – Bilaspur – Rudrapur – Haldwani has been re-tarred and is best way to go. Since it is raining heavily in hills, you would find some landslides but thats what happens every year so nothing much to worry.

    BTW,because of Kanwar thing, only one carriageway is open to traffic between Brijghat and Moradabad and that is making the drive slow between this stretch.

    • Nitish Kumar says:

      Thanks for update. Hoping that an early morning start would ease out the way and also Kanwar thing would be over by August.

    • Shubham Goyal says:

      greetings to kailash sir
      this is shubham goyal
      your student in school. now i am in ghaziabad.
      hope you remember me sir

      i am planning a trip tp nainital with friends.
      somewhere in june
      the basic query i have is, none of us have driven in hilly areas as yet, and the car we are planning to take is tata indigo, 2004 model.
      we shall be 3 people with luggage.
      is it a suitable proposition?
      or should we be rethinking about it?
      please reply in detail. its a petrol indigo. also in allright condition.

  • kailash mehta says:

    Hello Shubham

    Hope you are well at your side. Trip to Nainital by car is adventures if you are in your limit (speed limit). Leave the Ghaziabad city in the early morning so you will not found any rush towards Nainital. Road is very wide and accept few stretch you did not need to slow down your vehicle. Drive carefully and plan straight till Muradabad-then take a turn from Muradabad Toll towards Tanda and then Ramnagar. From Muradabad till Ramnanagar roads are not very wide so drive carefully. From Ramnagar take a right-turn towards Kalidhongi (adjacent to Corbett area) road and reach near the Nainital hills. In hills careful while taking turn and blow horn for precaution as local drivers are driving very fast. Otherwise its a safe and memorable journey. Be sure car is driven by licensed driver :-).

    Happy and safe journey.

  • kailash mehta says:

    Shubham Indigo is fine. You can easily reach Nanital by it if it was well maintained. Check brakes and other things before leaving toward Nanital.

    have a safe journey and share your experience.

  • Ravinder Kumar says:

    I will go to nainital next week by car plz tell me best roads and budgeted hotel. Hill roads driving difficult or not. Hill roads are narrow or wide.

  • Kailash Mehta says:

    There are two ways. From Delhi to Muradabaf the same way. From Muradabad either you can take Ramnagar way or you can go from Haldwani-Kathgodam way. Read previous replies and post for details. Leave early morning to avoid Ghaziabad and near by office timerush otherwise roads are good and you love driving. On hills drive slow, blow horn on curves and enjoy the journey. For budget hotel – avoid mall road and search for nearby areas. You can easily found rooms starting from Rs 700 onwards.
    Have a safe journey.

  • swadesh says:

    Hi Everyone, I’m planning for a Trip from Noida to Nainital during Diwali. It’s still long time but, wanted to know the best possible route. But reading all the Posts, just got more confused on which Route to take. Some time Haldwani Route is preferred and other times Saur Route ! I’m Confused. Please suggest, that In Winters, that’s During Diwali, Which route should I prefer, to avoid Traffic. I’ll leave from Noida as early as 5 AM.

  • Abbas says:

    Hi everyone
    I am planning a trip to Ramgarh next week and want to know the current situation of Rampur-Bilaspur-Rudrapur stretch because it was bad 5 months back. Thanks

  • Nandan Jha says:

    It is now patched so good to go

  • Abbas says:

    Thanks Nandan for the prompt reply, will keep all Ghumakkars posted about the travel conditions for help in future.

  • S Kumar says:

    Dear Kailash Ji,

    We liked your Travel Blog from Delhi to Nainital. Great Work you have done to help travelers.
    Keep it up.

    We provide cheapest car hire from Delhi to Nainital and Jim Corbett.

    Sales Manager

  • Dr puneet jaitley says:

    Hi, I am traveling to nainital from Delhi this weekend and I am hearing about lots of traffic jams somewhere at the final stretch before nainital.
    Can someone please tell me which is best route at the moment??

  • s kumar says:

    Always put dates to help readers have a better understanding.

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