Delhi to Nainital by Car

Greetings to all senior Ghumakkar members. After reading so much in Ghumakkar I planned to sketch down my family vacations during summer break. Children and I (thanks to my teaching job) are free during summer vacations. Travel bug start inspiring me for travelling, as I am travel freak by nature (earlier my father was in army, so we had to travel lot with him). My wife is a working lady and she has limited vacations (not lucky as me) four or five day’s break she got from the office and even days are not known. By the time she gets break, reservations are full at that time. So we decided and searched the net, we zeroed for Nanital trip, as distance was approximately 280 km from Delhi.

I searched on the net for the way to reach there and finally decided to go by Swift Car. Taken driving directions, stoppage and route printout from net, thanks to Google map for planning road trip. The J-Day arrived and we planned to start around 5:00 am but the kids and the packing of food delayed the departure with good 1 hour. After leaving home I stopped the car at Bharat petroleum filling the tank full with diesel. I drive little faster to cover most of the crowded road of Delhi, Ghaziabad and Hapur before office rush hour starts.

Refreshing at Tadka restaurant

Usually the temperature start rising from 6:00 am but for my surprise rain god was happy on us from the early morning and drizzling and cool air started from the early morning. Weather was very pleasant and everybody is in very happy mood. As per the planned journey we reach near Muradabad outskirt and stopped at Tadka restaurant of Bharat Petroleum. Mc Donald (McD) was not open at that time so we enjoyed small break at Tadka. Restaurant service, ambience and the facility of the petrol pump was good.

At BP Petrol Pump near Muradabad

Till Muradabad I drove on NH 24 and from toll plaza of Muradabad I have taken left turn towards city and then right turn and taken the interior state highway towards Kashipur, Tanda, and Nandpur on NH 121. The highway roads are in good condition (except few kilometers in NH 121). Car speed was so good that quickly we covered 200 kms distance from Delhi in 3 hrs. Thanks to the weather we are not using car ac. Surroundings are very green in nearby area of Moradabad as compare to other parts of Ghaziabad and Hapur.

We crossed Tanda and joined Ramnagar road. We stopped at Raamnagar for snacks break and eat our food there. From Ramnagar taken a right-turn towards Kalidhongi (adjacent to Corbett area) road and reach near the hills.
Lots of mango orchid are there. Stopped near Kalidhungi and refresh with snacks and enjoyed the nature. The morning temperature is start rising and the time is 10:30 am. Again journey is started and lot of Punjabi music played during this time.
We stopped at two or three place for viewing hills and clicking pictures as we are not in hurry to reach for Nanital. Lush green trees, series of mountain, valley, and roads (look like snake) – we all are speechless and enjoying nature. I start driving the car at 30km only and no one is objecting.

Beautiful roads on the way to Nainital

Hill curves are so thrilling that every time left or right turn comes we start shouting. Locals are driving vehicles very fast and dangerously. Even they did not bother to Horn you for side, I have to give them side first and taken extra care on curves. Stopped at another point from where one big lake near some unknown village is visible.

On the way to Nainital (Unknown Lake)

On the way to Nainital (Ramnagar)

Finally we reached Nainital but for my surprise due to vacation most of the hotels and main parking are full. I have to park my vehicle in the parking near Manu Maharani Hotel which is little far from main market. I start searching for budget hotel and once I found we quickly shifted to it. As there is no space for car parking, thanks to season time, I left my car in the authorized car parking area near Manu Maharani Hotel. Luckily it was near my hotel. By the time we shifted to the hotel it was 12:30 pm and we all are very tired. Taken a shower and we left for market to grasp some food.

Namit – Trekking on the hill

We enjoyed the lunch at Nanak restaurant (famous for its delicious food – from net I got it). We planned to take some sleep at hotel and come back at evening to visit local place. My father woke us at 6:00 PM in hotel. We changed the clothes and came out from the hotel. To our surprise temperature had dipped.Thanks to the rain which had started around 3:00 pm (during our sleep). We enjoyed rain drizzling and started moving towards the mall road. My father bought an umbrella from the mall roads for his grand kids, the shop owner have lots of variety and my kids took good time to decide which one was best for them.

Enjoying nature and blessing of rain god

Lake at the night – Opposite mall road

My wife picked some woolen cloths for kids as they felt cold and especially for my son who was shivering from cold (4 years old). Weather was so good that we forgot Delhi heat and cherished for our decision to plan for this trip. We visited and prayed at Naina Devi temple and taken a walking trip around Naini Lake. Later we enjoyed chaat and golgappa at street and fill our stomach with it.

Naina Devi temple-Behind Naini Lake

Next morning again we visited Naina Devi mandir and the Gurudawara next to it. Admire the surrounding of temple and taken a close look of mosque situated opposite the temple. After prayer we enjoyed aloo and Gobi paranthas at restaurant which are in front of Naina Devi temple. After breakfast we planned for boat ride and enjoyed boating in the lake.

Boating at Naini lake

Kids are keen to enjoy the cable ride, so we enquired from the local’s about the ride. They told us that we have to wait for two to three good hours for ticket and ride. My kids are not in mood to listen excuses so decided to go for Cable Car ride.

View from cable car

Luck is working as there was no big line and waiting for ride as the locals are telling about the ride. Ride was very thrilling. From the cabin car market and Naini Lake was very clearly visible and we start admiring god creation. We reached at the top of the hill and enjoyed the surroundings (Tiffin top, Himalayan Mountains, city etc). Taken some pictures and view from the binocular we move towards small shopping center at the top. Enjoyed hot Samosa, pakoras and milk there and decided to move back towards Naina Lake.

Hill top view – After the cable car ride

Nearby area , Nainital

This time we planned not to use Cable car and walked back from the hill. It gives a great experience of trekking and enjoying nature both at the same time. Kids are tired and they are not in mood to go further. We moved back to our hotel rested and order for the afternoon meal. Taken good nap and again planned to start exploring local market, as my wife want to purchase jewelry and some souvenir for family members and for her friends.
Next day we visited church, zoo and nearby taals which are nearby to Nanital. They are OK, but the best one is Naini Lake itself. In the evening we planned for Ranikhet, which was the other good travelling experience which I will cover in my next post.


  • Anuj says:

    The replies have been really helpful in planning my trip. Thanks everyone for your inputs. Cheers to good times. JMD ONS. God Bless.

  • Rohit ahuja says:

    Travelled from Delhi to Haldwani on 5/11/18. Road between Rampur n Rudrapur is in very bad condition; avoid at any cost. Road under construction; likely to take 8 to 10
    Months. Flyover under cobstruction at Pilkhuwa; slight jam.

  • VINAY ASAWA says:

    How many days are needed for Nainital . Tariff of the rooms

  • Yuvi says:

    Good article.

    How much distance is the Hill area road ?

    How are the roads

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