Delhi – Ramnagar Road Review

Last weekend, I drove to Corbett and I discovered few new things and thought that a quick road review would benefit fellow ghumakkars.

Delhi – Ramnagar (Corbett is just a little beyond Ramnagar) can be divided into following stretches.

1. Delhi – Hapur (NH 24)
2. Hapur – Garh – Gajraula (NH 24)
3. Gajraula – Moradabad bypass end (NH 24)
4. Moradabad – Thakurdwara – Kashipur – Ramnagar (NH 121)

I actually drove further and went to a place called Marchula which is about 30 KM away from Ramnagar. For Marchula you go straight till Mohan Barrier and then take left and keep left.

Ok, so this may not hold true if you are reading this beyond 2008 Summers as by that time NHAI would have started work on other sections and probably finished off the current section where they are currently active but I guess this review will work for at least one more year.

Stretch 1 is cream. Its about 60 odd KMs and you wont take more then an hour for this. The beauty here is the fantastic Hapur – bypass which was a Indo-Japan collaboration project. This buypass is there for quite some time, may be as many as 5 years or so but is still very good.

Stretch 2 is pain. So time your drive to avoid this part in dusk or just after dawn when visibility is mixed. There are villages where everyone has put a speek-breaker in front of their house then Garh can be killing. This is about 60-70 Km as well and would take you an hour and a half.

Strech 3 can be a good one or a real bad one. In this stretch most of the part has been four-laned and its all new NHAI tar which can take a 100+ very easily but there are bottle necks in between. If its raining or if there is some accident then it can easily suck more time but overall this stretch is better then the previous one. Moradabad bypass is good, dont know that why they can’t take the toll at a single place instead of asking to stop twice, they used to do that in the begining. Also, if you are driving post-siesta you would notice a few folks squatting on the side railing and wonder that what the hell they are doing here, well they are the cattle-baby-sitters and are over-seeing the cattle. Also, one other small thing which I noticed, at the point where there is a elevation (say a bridge starting point) vehicles sort of get that little bump, you might notice lots of house-sparrows ,probably they are there to hunt for grains and other stuff which get out on each such bump from trucks/tractors. interesting.

Stretch 4 is sheer beauty. Its not a big highway so no rush, damn neat roads and all is amazing. This is the first time I drove on a god road between Moradabad and Thakurdwara.For last 6 odd years, I have been measuring this road and this section was so pathetic that we used to wonder whether we should drive at 5 Kmph and avoid pot-holes or drive at 60 KMPH so as to drive over them (in air). :).

Total Driving Time – An Avg of 5 hours. If you dont stop and get a clear way then may be 4 hours. It took me a little less then 5 hours with a re-fueling stop and top speed not going beyond 100.

There is an A1 plaza at Gajraula, serves good hot food then there is a Meriton as well and of course you have those special ones like Bhajan Ka Dhaba a well. I recently saw ‘Giani’ as well, not sure whether its the same Giani of Dharampur fame or some new one.

So that was it. So take your car out and head towards Corbett.Do comment if you discover things on this route and happy driving.


  • Manish khamesra says:

    When I saw this post, I thought that this is something which will be of no interest to me. I just went quickly through it. It turned out to be very interesting. Esp. the observation about house sparrow.

  • rahulv says:

    I am back from a refreshing weekend trip to Corbett.
    My parents were visiting and we were undecided between Haridwar and Corbett. The call of wild took precedence :-)

    I had a printout of this page as my navigation guide. The only missing point, distance between places; I got from another website.
    This was my first driving trip, so with the angst and nervousness, we set out from Noida at 9.30am on 9th Feb.
    I was using NJ’s timings as benchmark.
    Enroute called up Kostubh Pandey (0-9837092025) for help with accommodation. He was extremely helpful and booked our stay and safari. Got Kostubh’s reference from ghumakkar. Never realized a blog-reference could actually help me with an entire trip. Thanks NJ and Kostubh!
    Wild Crest is recommended. 1.75K per double room all meals inclusive. Courteous staff, great food and very personalized service. They had set up private bonfires for every group visiting. Food, though buffet, was custom made. I have not seen this kinda service in resorts… May be because they are new. Only time will tell how good they are in the long run :)
    This link also has pics of the elusive Tiger @ Corbett that many/most of us have not been able to spot despite numerous repeat visits :-)
    We did the Jhirna safari on the 10th morning. No tiger sighting. No surprise. EXTREMELY cold and foggy, but fun experience. I have done this multiple times, but it was a first timer for parents and wifey. They enjoyed thoroughly.
    If you want to do a 2 day weekend, print NJ’s blog and head out!

    PS: Between a full-fledged blog with pics and this comment, I chose the latter due to lack of time. Hope I’m able to have a full blog for next trip :)

    • Ameya says:

      Hey Nandan, thanks for the info. I am doing to Delhi to Corbett drive tomorrow, any updates on the route? Thanks!

      • Nandan Jha says:

        I have not been on this road till Corbett, in last 3 months. I last went in April, I think and Delhi-Moradabad-Kashipur-Ramnagar road is fine. All the best.

  • Kostubh Pandey says:

    Located in the foothills of Himalaya in the closest proximity of Ramnagar an small town. Corbett National Park ( the First National Park of India ) was established in 1936,as The Hailey National Park ( named in the honour of Sir Malcolm Hailey, the governor of united provinces ). After independence, the name was changed to Ramganga National Park in 1952 but was finally changed to Jim Corbett National Park, in 1957 named after the legendary hunter, naturalist-turned-author and Photographer who had helped in setting up the park and demarcating its boundaries. Corbett is India’s forst national park and the first santuary to come under Project Tiger in 1973 with the help of World Wildlife Fund.
    Corbett Tiger Reserve today holds probably the second largest population of free living tigers in the world. The reserve is thus one of the last remaining strong holds, which holds a potentially viable population of this majestic and critically endangered felid. Nearly 600 Asian elephants ( Elephas maximums) also have a home in this tiger reserve,and can be seen wondering leisurely along its length and breadth. CTR,along with the Rajaji National Park also represents the North-western most limits of Tiger and Elephant Distribution in the Indian subcontinent.
    The area is also home of about 600 species of resident and migratory birds.This amazingly rich avifaunal diversity represents nearly 6% of the total birds species represented in the world and is more then the total bird diversity of Europe. The 49 species of diurnal raptors found here are characteristic elements of this avifauna. The avifaunal diversity is at its peak during winters.


    Presently, CTR (Corbett tiger reserve) has five Tourism Zones. Of these the Dhikala Tourism Zone has been the most preferred for many visitors. Entry to this Tourism Zone is Through the Dhangadhi Gate, located 18 km ahead on the Ramnagar-Ranikhet road. Access to this tourism zone is restricted to visitors holding permit for stay in one of the Tourism Complexes/FRHs in the Zone OR to visitors taking a conducted Tour organized oy CTR. REST HOUSES detail is following :-

    This is the first FRH to lie on the Dhangadhi-Dhikala road, at a distance of 5 km from the Dhangadhi Gate.The FRH has only Two Rooms. IT is specially suited for visitors looking for solitude. Alternatively, the visitor has the option of driving to any other areas within the Tourism Zone. Catering facilities are not available. However, visitors can cook their own food in the FRH.

    This Tourism Complex is also situated along a bend in the Ramganga River. The old FRH with two bed rooms and the New FRH with Four bedrooms along with hutments are available. The FRH enjoys a tranquil environment of great beauty. A Crocodile Pool is situated at a short distance.
    It is excellent for wildlife viewing and Bird-watching. It is also convenient for relatively large groups. Canteen facilities are also available.

    This FRH is located at one of the best sites in CTR, overlooking the Ramganga and a steep ridge across the river. It is well suited for birdwatching and wildlife viewing. Tiger and Elephant movement is fairly high in thearea and offer good chance of sighting these animals. A conveniently located watchtower nearby adds to the charm. Mugger can be often seen on the sandbanks while Goral are sighted along the hill slope. Catering facilities are not available. However, visitors can cook their own food in the FRH.

    Renowned for its panoramic landscape of breath taking beauty. The accommodation here a varied and includes the historic Old FRH- built well over a century ago, New FRH, Cabins, Hutments, Log huts and Annexe. Excellent facilities including a Restaurant and Canteen are available for visitors. Elephant rides, a well stocked wildlife library and audiovisual shows are also available. Accommodation here is generally extremely difficult to obtain.


    Note : Bring Binoculars,remain quiet and don’t wear bright colours or strong perfumes.

    Best Time to Visit – Jim Corbett National Park
    The best visiting season of Corbett is from November 15 to June 15. Corbett remains closed between June 16 and November 14, when the monsoons flood the river beds and cut the fragile road links. However one part of the park i.e. Bijarani opens for the public on October 15 (it also depends upon weather conditions).

    For any assitance regarding Corbett Visit Plz Feel Free To Call me at +919837092025 or email at
    Regards to All: Kostubh Pandey From Corbett

  • ajay setia says:

    Hi guys

    Please inform here if anybody went on Muradabad,Bazpur,kaladhundi,nainital,how as road now,bridge is repaired or not.

  • nandanjha says:

    Ajay – Pramesh is just back from Nainital, even though he took the normal route but he heard good about the bridge, so should be good to go.

    Also, the Delhi-Nainital review is here.

  • ajay setia says:

    Dear Friends

    Bridge is Ok and now this rout is only for cars,not for heavy vehicles. rout is shorter smooth and no heavy traffic.


  • Amit says:

    I am planning a trip to Ramgarh/Mukteshwar. Dont want to take the Moradabad–> Rampur –> Bilaspur –> US Nagar route. Is there an alternate route from thakurdwar / kashipur? Pl suggest complete route till Ramgarh and also comment on the road condition. Thanks in advance. Amit

  • Sandeep says:

    We do Nainital twice every year and hence this input. Have come back after doing Naintal – Ranikhet – Kausani on 16 Aug 2009.

    You could take the following Route :

    Delhi – Hapur Byepass – Gajraula – Moradabad Byepass. Take a full left at the end of the this Moradabad Byepass Go a few KMs and you will hit a Y Junction.

    Left goes into Moradabad Half right goes to Jim Corbett ( Very Well marked it is ).

    Take the Jim Corbett Road; 15 KMs or so ahead turn right towards Bajpur ( Very well marked) and on to Kaladhungi . At the Jim Corbetts housein Kaladhungi, the road bifurcates into two Left for Naintal and straight goes to Haldwani. You could visit Jim Corbett’s House in Kaladhungi also; It will take about 15 minutes or so to see it and it is bang on the Main Road

    Take the road to Nainital from Kaladhungi via Khurpatal. Then on to Nainital – Bhowali – Ramgarh.

    Alternatively, you could do Kaladhungi – Haldwani – Bhimtal – Bhowali – Ramgarh.

    Except for the stretch between Hapur – Simbhaoli – Gajraula, balance of the route is definitely good.

    For some more detailed inputs about enroute see my article on the subject – Go to – Archives – Sep 2007 – Corbett Village by Sandeep.

    Heres wishing you a very Happy Holiday.

    Sandeep Gupta

    • Deepak Singh says:


      I am from outstation and planning a trip to Corbett, Ramnagar. My questions are,

      1) What is drive time from Delhi to Ramnagar in a car/SUV?

      2) On the return leg what time should I leave Ramnagar to get to Delhi by 12.00 noon. Need this information to decide whether to come same day as outbound train or a day earlier so any comments on reliability appreciated.

      All advice welcome with no onus on advisor. If I cut it short and miss the train that is my problem. Just looking for factual information to make a decision. I know there is no maximum time even from one end of Delhi to the other :-)

      Thanks and regards,

      • Nandan Jha says:

        @ Deepak –
        1.) I would plan for 6 hours, provided I leave early, say 5 isn from Delhi.
        2.) Leave by 5 and you should be fine.

        I do not know how much time you have but if I were you, I would rather leave around 4 PM the previous day so that I do not have to rush through.

        Pls also check on election related stuff if are you planning this trip within next couple of weeks. all the best.

  • Sumit says:

    Can any body guide me the process of booking the FRH at Dhikala.

  • nandanjha says:

    Sumit – There are two ways.

    1. You can do this through their Delhi office. I am not sure whether you are based at Delhi or somewhere else. Its in Indraprakash Building, Barakhamba Road. Just ask anyone there for “Uttranchal Tourism’ office.

    2. The alternate way is to fax a request to Ramnagar office.

    I would suggest that you take services of Kostubh Pandey, he has helped quite a few ghumakkars and is being rated high so far :-). You can reach him at and he can help you with this.

    By the way, most of Corbett Park would be closed untill mid November so If you wish to stay inside, i.e. Dhikala, you would need to wait a while. I guess day safari through ‘Jhirna’ gate is open these days.

  • Abhijit says:

    I am going to Corbett in March. Last time I stayed at Dhikala. By jeep safari, I did not cross the Ramganga River. I want to know if safaris go into the jungles across the river from Dhikala side?

    Regds, Abhijit.

  • gopal singh manral says:

    please inform open delhi ramnagar road route

  • g3Mo says:


    I wish to go to Jim Corbett park this weekend.

    Kindly suggest the best route I should be taking now since lot of things would have changed since this review.

  • Nandan says:

    g3Mo – Park is closed till mid November, so unless you want to go there to be around nature (and not necessarily go and visit park) then it should be ok.

    As for route, take the one as in the main story. The route is pretty good all through, except a little patch after Moradabad.

  • g3Mo says:


    Thanks a hell lot for that quick update.

    I would have drove down all the way to the Park not knowing this.

    Guess I’ll switch the spot to Kasauli, which I guess is the closest Hill station from Delhi with decent road connectivity.

  • Nandan says:

    Thanks. If you are not looking for a long drive (Kasauli would take you in excess of 7 hours including stops), you can also evaluate Lansdowne. There are quite a few stories on both of these places at Ghumakkar. Search and leave a comment and someone would get back to you.

    All the best. Do go. Traveling is good.

  • g3Mo says:

    Yes. I did consider Lansdowne too.

    But then I read up that drive to Lansdowne also takes up almost the same time. If that’s not the case I’d love driving down to Lansdowne.

    I am planning to check for accommodation only after I get to the location. On that front, I was told that it’s easier to get accommodation in Kasauli. Hence the choice.

    Thanks a lot anyways.

  • Rajeev Tivari says:

    Hi Nandan, others, how is the road as of now, Ghaziabad-Muradabad and Moradabad-Ramnagar?

  • Nandan says:

    Glad to hear from you Rajiv at Ghumakkar.

    Dli – Moradabad is brilliant except the flyover at Buxar which is taking ever to finish. Avoid Garh on Purnimas and Amavasyas.

    Moradabad – Kashipur is mixed to bad. Kashipur onwards,it is fine. Someone drove today morning so it is most recent condition.

  • Rajeev Tivari says:

    Thanks a lot Nandan for this live update. Will have to to decide, as I have marriage to attend at Ramnagar tomorrow. But train timing is not suiting and wasn’t certain of the road. how is it at Garh-snan and all…?

    It is always a pleasure being here. have a lot to catch up on though…

  • Nandan says:

    Drive down. Except the famous (infamous) Thakurdwara, rest seems to be pretty good.

    Garh-Snan (Purnimas, Amawasya, other religious times) chokes the bridge. The new bridge is still at least a couple of years away.

  • Sachidanand says:

    Hi All – I know it is a bit old review. Can anyone tell what is the current situation for the stretch?
    It will be a help. Thanx ghumakkars :)

    • Anand Bharti says:

      Now road upto the end of Moradabad (through Moradabad bye pass) is in very good condition. It is four lane now.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @Sachidanand – Elaborating further on what Anand wrote, here is the current status

    1. Delhi – Hapur – Garh – Moradabad is excellent. Garh has a new bridge and the entire stretch is now four lane (2 lane on each carriageway).

    2. Moradabad – Kashipur is OK. Kashipur – Ramnagar is good.

    Please update here on current road conditions after your trip.

    • Ranajit says:

      Hi !

      I’m planning a trip to Corbett this Republic Day week-end.

      Can anyone advise the best road route & the ‘current’ road condition.

  • Arvind says:

    Hi ! Can anyone update the current condition of road on strech from Moradabad to Ramnagar.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Moradabad-Kashipur is bad to mixed. Kashipur onwards is fine. If you go via Bazpur (longer route) then Moradabad-Bazpur is horrible. All the best. Please update us here on what you experience.

  • Siddhartha Shrivastava says:

    Hi Nandan

    I am planning a road trip from New Delhi to Ranikhet in the last week of April 2015. Post some online research I have found two viable routes from Moradabad onwards – one is via Rampur and Haldwani and other is via Kashipur and Ramnagar. I want to go via Kashirpur-Ramnagar route because it includes a portion of Corbett National Park. I have read mixed reviews of Ramnagar to Ranikhet road – Can you please share your review?


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Dear Siddhartha – Corbett – Ranikhet is a pretty decent road but it’s slow and though you go through the jungle, the views n feel is not that much rewarding.

    I would still choose the Nainital route via Kaladhungi and Khurpatal. Moradabad – Rampur (take left after that new bridge, before the main city – swar – Bazpur – Kaladhungi- Khurpatal- Naini – Ranikhet.

    All the best – Nandan


    Thanks Nandan.

  • Siddhartha says:

    Dear Nandan

    Just need to clarify one more doubt – is this route wide enough to take a 4-wheeler all the way till Ranikhet? Is there any patch which doesn’t support more than 1 4-wheeler to go at a time?

    I am asking this because I just watched a video on youtube which shows a very narrow road to Ranikhet.


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Yes, it is. Ranikhet is an Army cantonment and very well connected.

  • Siddhartha says:

    Alright thanks


  • Neeta says:

    I am going to Corbett next week.
    Will be going to Ramnagar from Delhi by road.
    How much “ghat” area in the entire journey from delhi to ramnagar?

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Dear Neeta – There are no ‘ghat’ areas in this stretch. Its all plans. Corbett is also in plains only.

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