Drive to Corbett – Mini Photo Essay

We just decided to go out so with wife, Smita, and daughter, Pihu, I took the car out to the closest highway from our home. Its about 200 meters :) and called NH24. Well to be honest, it was better planned then this one since we had made the booking in one of the Sarovar properties called ‘The Solluna Resort’. A review on that resort down the week.

Corbett is closed during monsoon and opens only by November but we went for the drive. Here are some photos from the trip.

This one is right after Ramnagar, we spotted this 3 feet Iguana crossing the road. Animals get the first right so we stopped and by the time I could get the camera out, it has already crossed and was climbing up the hill so we got a little close and shot few.

We crossed Dhanagarhi Gate and crossed Mohan (pronounced as Mohaaan). We were on the way to Marchula. After Mohan, you get into a more dense foresty area and there is no traffic. Almost every decent hotel at Corbett would try to sell you a night safari and what they typically do is to take you on this road. Here’s a pic right before a rapta (the place where rivelet crosses the road). Also notice the small temple. Its right at 1’o clock or so but it appears like a evening shot. There was a mild shower and fresh clean water.

On the way back, Smita shot the following video at the same spot.

In the resort, a butterfly and a Bhanwra (Dont know what you call a Bhanwra in English). We noticed that Bhanvra never really sits for more then a few seconds, guess the massively exploited analogy to real men does make lot of sense.

Bridge over kosi

Dhanagarhi Gate which is closed. They no longer allow day visitors through this gate and this is only gate which is now worth going in. The one at Bijrani and Jhirna do not go too deep.

And finally how does it look from the inside of a car

And thats about it. We were back the very next day. I also stopped by at Kaladhungi at Corbett Museum and would write about them down the week as well. A weekend well spent :)


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