An Evening in Adventure Island and Metro Walk – Delhi

Few days back , my cousin came form Dehradun to Delhi just to enjoy his college holidays. Every year he comes once to Delhi. He gives the reason that there is nothing much to enjoy in Doon , while I think just opposite to him. Nevertheless , this time he wanted to visit some Amusement Park. List of places came to my mind , but the first one was Adventure Island. Why go too far when something so big is there in our own locality. We decided to go on a weekday to avoid the rush. Adventure Island and Metro Walk Mall is located in Sector-10 Rohini just near the Rithala Metro Station. We went there in the evening.

View Of Adventure Island and Metro Walk from parking area

We parked our car in the parking. A nominal parking fee is charged Rs 25 is charged. A great systematic entry. Parking Ticket counters are made just like Toll Tax booths.This Rohini Amusement Park is sprawled over 62 acres in North West Delhi. The project encompasses a shopping mall – Metrowalk and Adventure Island, a world class amusement park and a water park.
It is the result of 50% partnership between Unitech and International Amusement Ltd., the promoters of Appu Ghar. People are coming from South Delhi and Gurgaon too even though it’s located in North Delhi.
Parking : Very Spacious overground parking.The parking space is covered in few acres.

The Ticket counter

Parking – Lane 1

The parking space is so much that we parked our car in Lane-1. There are 12 such big lanes which can accomodate thousands of cars.After the entry the first place is the Metro Walk Mall. This Mall was the first of its type an “Open mall” in Delhi that too extended over such large area.Roaming around in a mall in fresh air is simply awesome. However the entry ticket of Adventure Island is Rs 450 for adults and Rs 400 for kids. What I like about this place is that even this whole 65 acres is open but still it is beautifully maintained .

The bridge that separates Metro Walk from Adventure Island.

Night view of the lagoon

Adventure Island is really an island! Yup, its an artificial island flanked by a “lagoon” that separates the island from the Metro Walk Mall area. So you walk over the bridge and enter into Adventurama! Chances are you’ll be there from start to finish! Try to Go on a weekday if possible, that way you get to go on ALL the rides MULTIPLE times.

The amusement park contains about 26 rides and attractions. All the rides here are imported from the suppliers who supply to international amusement parks like Disneyworld, Universal and Six Flags. The water park offers many rides there. There is also a Family Pass option.”. This pass offers you a host of privileges like welcome drink, special offer onMerchandises and Rides like Twister, Spalsh Dunk etc.

The Side Winder

There are large no. of rides.The gut wrenching ones are the Side Winder and the Twister. The Wind Winder is a circular shaped deceptively adorable machine. Its actually mean and business-like, twirling and throwing at the same time.It twirls and throws YOU up into the air, almost vertical and at speeds that will astonish and make you fell like you’ve left your insides behind. Its awesome. But not for the faint hearted.

The Z-Force

The second stomach turner, literally, is the Twister that doesn’t act like a cyclone. No, the only thing it twists around topsy turvy is again, you. Two rows of seated people know they’re in for a rough ride, but have no idea how horrific it is to be turned upside down 360 degrees in a slowly killing and then mind-numbingly fast motion.Don’t worry though, there’s virtually no chance of falling out.They have full safety measures.They were cool, though. Moving further we came across a small cricket stadium. Really very small but well maintained.

Cricket Stadium

Another area which is very good here is the Water zone. All rain dance and everything quite enjoyable with DJ playing songs.

Water Zone

Crossing the lake towards Metro Walk Mall.

Night view of Metro Walk mall from the Adventure Island

Then we came back to the mall after enjoying. The retail environmentat Metro Walk is spread across 2.21 lakh sq.ft and is anchored to the park. This retail development has both a fun / amusement / impulse driven retail mix as well as convenience shopping options for an extended catchment area. It overlooks a large lake which acts as the separator between the mall building and the park.There are total 78 retail shops including eating joints. You will find many of the major brands here.
Food and Beverage Outlets : KFC, Punjabi by Nature, Fast Trax, Spoon the Food Court, Pizza Hut, Yo China, Nirula’s, Pind Balluchi, Flaming Wok, Gola Sizzler, Baskin Robins, Ruby Tuesday, Barista, Costa Coffe, McDonald’s, Cafe Coffee Day, Geoffrey’s and more…………..
Retail Outlets : Adidas, Levis, Reebok, Pantaloon and many more….

Metro Walk Mall

Lastly I must describe the rides that were there in Adventure Island –
1. Cyclone
2. Bush Buggies
3. Flip Out
4. Space Jump
5. Fire Brigade
6. Wild Wheels
7. Z Force
8. Sidewinder
9. Derby Devils

10. Sky Riders
11. Lighting Bold
12. Twister
13. Splash Dunk
14. Air Bus
15. Float Boat
16. Rockin Tug
17. Trail Train
18. Bumper Cars

After this great evening we were tired. But this whole sprawling campus provides every bit of enjoyment. I will give full marks to this Amusement park as they have excellently maintained it with full clealiness even in an open space. It is not only a place for youngsters but it is even a great place for family picnic as the kids really like this place.
Thanks for reading :-)


  • Sameer Kumar says:

    Thanks sahil for walking me through adventure island, I never got a chance to visit here despite the fact, I stay very close to it..I am actually a faint hearted and on the contrary my wife enjoys it like anything…
    I tried a water park ride once and it a horrifying exprnc..I cant take a chance to do it again…

    • Sahil says:

      Thnks Sammer for liking the post. If you are a soft hearted person , its better not to go here because some rides here are simply gut winding. However if being close to your place you must have visited Metro Walk Mall. It is also very close to my house.


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    I never have been to this place because Gurgaon is full of malls & Amusement park. As per my knowledge there are 3 amusement park in Gurgaon.

    Pictures are good !!!

    • Sahil says:

      Hi Mr. Mahesh ,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes Gurgaon has all these things. I have even visited Fun N Food Village here two times.


  • nandanjha says:

    Thank You Sahil for the thorough and informative detail on the park. I have been to mall and park few times but just like Sameer, I also stay away from these rides :-)

    We have one closer to our place in Noida, its called ‘World of Wonders’.

    As you said, if the weather is on your side, this mall is really much different since you can walk in open than in a/c malls.

    Thanks again.

  • sskagra says:

    Thank you shahil for this site watching and information detail onthe park and view of this mall,museum water way now all are good

  • Prashant says:

    Hello Sahil.nice post..
    Can u please tell me the prices of tickets & are all the rides r working?

    • Sahil says:

      Thnks Prashant . Yes all rides are working . The rates of tickets are as follows – Adults @ Rs 450
      School Going Children( up to 17 years) @ Rs 400 ( valid age proof required)
      3 rides @ Rs 250.
      Senior Citizens ( above 65 years ) @ Rs 100 ( valid age proof required)


  • Prashant says:

    Thanks Sahil for the Information:-)

  • avnesh says:

    Hey thanks for sharing ur valuable experience.

  • rihan says:

    this a very wonderfull place to walk

  • chunnu says:

    i had gone already in this palace .i took very injoy . plz go & take injoy

  • sakshi says:

    what are the latest rates for adults and school children for weekdays and weekends???… plzz rply soon……..iwill be very thankful…..:)

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      Sakshi, So sorry could not reply you as I was away.

      Not sure of the current rates but earlier it was like this –

      The rates of tickets are as follows Adults @ Rs 450
      School Going Children( up to 17 years) @ Rs 400 ( valid age proof required)
      3 rides @ Rs 250.
      Senior Citizens ( above 65 years ) @ Rs 100 ( valid age proof required)


  • Preeti says:

    Thanks a lot for an excellent description of the place. We’ll be visiting India next month and my kids are really looking forward to a fun experience for them. You have made things easier for us. Thanks

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you for the detailed description of your visit to the Adventure Island. Its definitely the best review/account of Adventure Island I have come across after scouring the internet.
    You have mentioned in one of your comments that you have visited Fun N Food Village twice before. So I was wondering if you could tell me which of the amusement parks were a better experience for you. Its because me and my friends cant decide on where to go.

    • Sahil Sethi says:

      See it all depends on the location. If you are residing in North or West Delhi, then Adventure Island is the place to go. But if you are living in South Delhi or Gurgaon, then Fun N Food is the place to go because Adventure Island is too far from there.

      But If yo are coming to Adventure Island, then you get the dual benifit of visiting an Amusement Park + Mall.


  • Reena says:

    Can you please tell me which one is better between Adventure Island and World of Wonder ?

  • Brij Bhushan says:

    i really like your blog and i got help from your blog
    you explained very well
    told very details about my adventure island, i found adventure island a very good place but have not told the price of tickets. it would have been very better if you told the price of the tickets.
    Thank you so much for sharing this an amazing blog with us.

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