A Trip to Mewar – Udaipur Sightseeing

Our day 3 was the day ushering a new year on this planet. HAPPY NEW YEAR was the wish on our lips. When I opened the door of balcony opening towards the main busy chauraha of Surajpole, a surprise awaited me as in beautiful colours, it was written on the main crossing, NAV VARSHA KI SHUBHKAAMNAYEN. Watched the news for some time on television and went for a stroll downstairs. Near the main gate of hotel was Trivedi Uphar Gria offering breakfast of kachauris, dhokla and poha. I thought it to be a nice option instead of oily Paranthas that we have at our home in Punjab. So went to our room and laid threadbare all the choices in front of my better half and kids and unanimously all agreed to feast upon poha and kachauris . The stuff was very delicious. A nice change , had ginger tea which was offered by hotel staff(paid naturally) and got ready for the day ahead. Our first stop was to be the City Palace.

THE CITY PALACE: The Palace was a magnificent building, sprawling and inviting. We took the general tickets plus entry fee that cost us rs. 375 plus parking fee of rs. 50. and entered the complexes. First thing that surprised me in the complex was a flood of foreign tourists at that place. I had not seen such a influx of guests from abroad anywhere. So we entered the Mardana Mahal portion of this complex without the help of any guide in human form or audio guide. As a history teacher I considered myself a tiny guide. HAHAHAHA….Till our exit at zenana mahal there were many gates in the complex. Mistakenly we had not bought the ticket for camera so no clicks, really sad. I really enjoyed the museum part especially the modern portion showing pictures of his highness Arvind singh ji mewar and his family members. I got immense knowledge from this portion as it depicted the insignias, emblems, coins of many Indian ruling states. My better half and elder daughter also thoroughly enjoyed the palace but not little Pavani but she enjoyed a sleep on my shoulders. The palace is a sprawling complex with some of the finest hotels located on this complex. Most surprising was the weather throughout our stay at Udaipur. Very pleasant which forced our heavy woolens to remain in our bags only. Our exist from the museum was followed by a little shopping spree at the souvenir shops. As we had planned to go to Jagdish Mandir from there, we exited from tripolia gate and lo, it was a narrow but fine hustled bustled market in front of us where the temple was located. First of all to quench our thirst , yes rightly said we had nimboo lemon. Bhakti wanted to taste fafra , so 100 gm of it but it was not up to our taste and then upstairs to Jagdish Temple.

JAGDISH TEMPLE: The temple was an historical one in grey stone.  Lord Krishna, we bow to you. Had a  PRIKRAMA  around the main garbha griha. clicked some photographs for yaadein and came downstairs. We had planned to walk through this market to our car parked on the other side of the palace. The bazaar was known as Bhatiyani chohatta. It was full of shops selling handicraft items, Rajasthani clothes and souvenirs. It seemed paradise to Bhakti and Savita, my wife. So t one shop after hard bargaining a dress for Pavani was bought. And at one corner shops some souvenirs were bought to gift to dear and near ones. After that we reached at the parking place. and there it was our trusted maruti. Our next stop was fatehsagar lake and shilpagram.


glimpse of fatehsagar lake

glimpse of fatehsagar lake

We reached this beautiful lake in about 10 minutes from the city palace. I just drove very slow to get the feel of this place. The place reminded me of Dal Lake of SRINAGAR and Marine Drive of of Mumbai.

Tonga as seen at fatehsagar lake

Tonga as seen at fatehsagar lake

What a scenic place it was. CHOWPATTY like bazaar was so inviting to us but we had planned to visit Shilpagram firstly.  So after a drive of about 10 minutes we were at shilpagram. This is the place representing the culture of not only Rajasthan but also of other states like Gujarat.

An idea of shilpagram

An idea of shilpagram

Entrance to shilpagram, the cultural hub

Entrance to shilpagram, the cultural hub

The place was a cultural hub. Ticket cost was perhaps Rs. 30 per person plus camera ticket of rs. 50. As we enterd te complex, a folk dance was going on. Then started our internal tour and encountered an old man weaving a shawl at first stall who was from Barmer.His art was really worth watching. Other stalls in that row were of bandhej suit sellers and silken dupattas. At one stall was folk music of Rajasthan being presented.  We stopped at a stall of Mojri maker. Mojri is hand made Rajasthani style footwear. The maker boasted of making Mojri of nail size. Bhakti and Pavani bought Mojris for hemselves. After that went to the huts on display(like from kutchh, barmer, konkan, bhuj). Bhakti was on clicking pictures mode throughout the shilpagrama sojourn.

Shilpagram is a cultural hub offering a lot to the traveler who is looking out for folk art and tradition. Though Shilpagram is a fantastic place. I personally feel that the place is not for the average tourist of now a days who’s more interested in the coomercial activities and commercial places.

words of wisdom near shilpagram

words of wisdom near shilpagram


lotus blossoming at saheliyon ki baari

lotus blossoming at saheliyon ki baari

I had read alot on different travel sites about this tourist place in Udaipur. Just about 10-15 min. drive from shilpagram, the garden is beautiful one and one can easily see glimpse f the famed mughal gardens of Kashmir in it but frankly this garden though beautiful can not match the grace f the famed shalimar and nishat gardens. Lawns are well maintained and various plants here are well cut and maintained. A worker at the garden told us that there were 5 fountains in the garden complex though we took a stroll and visited just 3 fountainss as we were tired enough a long day torivaganza. Dear Pavani was also asleep at that time on my shoulders so Imust say here that we paid just a fleeting visit to Sahhheliyon ki Bari Exited from the complex and assked for the way to BHARATIYA LOK KALA MANDAL .

BHARATIYA LOK KALA MANDAL: We came here primarily on that day as it was nearby saheliyon ki bari . When we reached there, we found that live puppet show was going on there in the open air theatre about which we were not aware of ( a pleasant surprise). There were about 100 people enjoying the show. Awell co-ordinated one, the puppet show firstly engaged us in elephant ance ad then through the rich world of puppets,  a sarangi vaadak and tabla vaadak were explored. After that came three performances of live dances which showcased the rich repertoire of Rajasthani culture. Firsty it was a dance by three ladies called 13 manjire dance which the sutradhar explained to be a devotional dance . Next was a dance called fag from the artists celebrating the festival of colours. Third and last one was truly the most mesmerising as it was Bhavai dance by an eminent artist. He balanced 10 Kumbhs on his head one by one and danced . It was just great and explored the unexplored avenues in front of s. Ithink ” BHAVANI BHAVAI” by Ketan Mehta had also explored it though I havent seen the movie.

After such a mesmerizing evening we reached our hotel, parked my car in the premises and retired to our room not before ordering a thali from Kailash dining hall nearby which was delivered to our room in exactly 15 minutes consisting of 6 chapatis, chawal, papad, dahi , 3 vegetables and a dal ( a delicious fare). GUD NIGHT TIME FOR THAT DAY.


  • Nice, informative post.

    We also had a plan to go to Udaipur & Jaisalmer during that period, but, unfortunately due to some
    exigency at work, we had to cancel our road trip…otherwise, we might bumped into each other at Udaipur, who knows!

    Just one feedback, I think you were in a hurry to submit the post this time; proofreading will definitely help in future. Hope you won’t mind for this. Otherwise, this is a very good series and we are enjoying…

    Look forward to your next…

  • Dear Rakesh Ji,

    While going through your quicky tour, I felt as if I had been shown 10 minutes highlights of a 5 days test match! While everything is good, I would suggest you to proof-read your post before final submission. There are numerous typographical errors which tend to attract attention of the reader towards themselves and away from the story.

    Your daughter Bhakti has a potential to be a good photo-artist if some basic training is made available to her. Please see to it that she cultivates this hobby in a systematic manner.

    I don’t know why anyone would look down at Maruti 800. This is the very car with the help of which MUL has carved a niche for itself in Indian consumers’ hearts.

    • rakesh bawa says:

      Amitava Ji,

      Thanx for showing interest in the write-up and hope that I shall not disappoint you people on proofreading pretext from next time.

  • rakesh bawa says:

    Sushant Ji,
    Thanx for your nice and timely comments, shall take care definitely about the errors next time.

  • SilentSoul says:

    Rakesh ji good update. some more photos would have made it more attractive.

    • Rakesh Bawa says:

      Thanks SilentSoul Ji for your healthy comments. I shall try to incorporate more photographs in the next write-ups.

  • rajnish thapar says:

    go job rakesh ! it was as if we were with you along visiting such beautiful place. it has really inspired me to take my family to such wonderful place. look forward for your another blog!

    • rakesh bawa says:

      dear Rajneesh ,
      Thanks for the healthy comments and inspiring me. It was expected as such only from you. keep on reading.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    It seems that Shipgram is now one of the important landmarks. In your post as well as Sushant’s post, I see a lot of accolades. When we visited Udaipur first time (2005), we were told that Shipgram is active only during the annual festival time.

    I share your observation about the ‘Lok Kala Mandal’ thing, it is very close to ‘Saheliyon ki Baari’ but I guess the place in itself is a must visit. Refreshed our memories in a fast forward mode. :-)

    Maruti 800 is the iconic change-maker for India. Salute.

    So where do we go next Professor Saheb ?

    • Rakesh Bawa says:

      Nandan Ji

      You are quite right in your observation about shilpagram. Personally I liked Bhartiya Lok Kala Mndal the most during this vvisit. It provides the opportunity to witness the live culture and folk artistry of Rajasthan. On this tour, our next destination was Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur. As far as next vacations are concerned …. Tabhi dekhenge.

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Hi Rakesh, great to know that you are a historian. History adds a lot of value to travelogues and you should not hesitate in sharing such information in travelogues. For example, when you wrote about the historic Jagdish temple, you could have included some nuggets of information regarding why it is considered historic. You also mentioned that you had taken a lot of photographs. Feel free to include more pix in your blog; as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

    • Rakesh Bawa says:

      Even I would liketo provide hostorical nuggets but fear the travelogue might take the shape of a histoty text book and it coyuld kill the spirit. Anyhow your suggestion is commendable and Ishall try to put historical nuggets in future.

  • Gita AM says:

    Nice post. I hope I can visit RJ next winter.

    I share your (dis)taste for Fafada, certainly not my cup of tea though any true blue Gujarati will say you have to eat it with Jalebi to savour the taste.

    Maruti Zindabad indeed, cant beat it as a tried and tested road hardy VFM car for us Indians. We have an Eeco, only wished it had power steering.

  • Abhee K says:

    Hello Rakesh ji,

    Nice post. Missed city palace and Jagdish temple pics.

    Saying outside Shilpagram about tulsi is so impressive.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    Keep travelling , keep writing.

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