A Road Trip to Enchanting Mukteshwar

Hello Ghummakar(s),

This is my first attempt at writing. Hope you all will like it…

As soon as our calendar reflected a break of 2 days the “Ghummakar” inside us started taking turns. We started exploring each and every possible destination that we could cover via Road. Read several posts/blogs, had discussion with friends and finally post reading all the reviews of Mukteshwar on Ghummakar.com we finalized this place to knock down :)

Day 1:
We estimated a total run time of approx 8 hours in reaching Mukteshwar by Road from Ghaziabad. Wasting time on road due to traffic is a big NO-NO to us. So we started at sharp 4:45AM from Noida. Switched on the navigator and took NH-24. Road was quite smooth and due to early winter morning there was no traffic on roads. We touched Mc-Donalds in Gajraula by 6:15AM. We took a short break there, fed our hungry tummies and again hit the road. Road condition was nice till Moradabad bypass but a patch of 32 KMs was pathetic near Rampur district. The dense fog started from Tanda (around 7:30 AM) till Kaladhungi – around 10AM).

 Fog on road..the way to Rampur.

Fog on road..the way to Rampur.

By 11 AM we were on the mall road of Nainitaal. Took a quick break again, gave our legs some treat by moving across the mall road. Moving across mall road means “Shopping” for girls and “eating” for boys ;) Luckily we managed to complete all these stuff in less than an hour and again tightened our belts to touch Mukteshwar by 12:00pm.

 Diamond Glittered water in Nainital Lake

Diamond Glittered water in Nainital Lake

Due to the hilly area, the way from Nainitaal to Mukteshwar had numerous no. of zig-zag turns. Apart from driver, every one of us started feeling the nausea. As we moved higher, the sceneries started to emerge. A perfect white-snow covered range of Himalayas made us cheer and we started losing the sensation of nausea. There were several beautiful points on the way. Each spot was so attractive that we could not resist ourselves from clicking. But we did not want to waste our day by reaching late to Mukteshwar. So we agreed upon skipping few of the scenery views and managed to reach by 2:15 PM.

First view, as we moved towards Mukteshwar.

First view, as we moved towards Mukteshwar.

With all the theoretical knowledge collected through blogs, we had few recommended names for our stay. We started having a look on hotels. First and the very pleasing one was MT- Mountain Trail. Ambiance/view here was awesome. After discussing about the tariffs we moved on to other hotels. We were more concerned for a captivating view rather than the tariffs. We went ahead to few more lodges along with PWD Guest house. But, we had already lost our hearts to MT. So we called back the manager and asked him to book 2 rooms for us.

We parked our car near the entrance of Mukteshwar temple and started taking a walk towards the main tourist attraction point “Chauli ki jali”. After putting in few efforts in climbing the rocks we finally reached on the top of the cliff. The cliff gave a splendid panoramic view of snow-white Himalayan ranges. Captured the “Orange- setting Sun”, did some archery. As it was getting late and the temperature started dropping with Sun, instead of going for Rock climbing we opted to just give a pose :)

Chauli ki Jali : Highest point in Mukteshwar.This hole is said to be a blessed by Lord Shiva.

Chauli ki Jali : Highest point in Mukteshwar.This hole is said to be a blessed by Lord Shiva.

An evening in Mukteshwar ,Sunset at 6:11 PM

An evening in Mukteshwar ,Sunset at 6:11 PM

After having loads of fun on peak we moved towards the temple from there. It was a very pleasing and peaceful walk in the arms of nature. Forest was so quite that we all forgot all our burdens/tensions and started behaving like a kid. Soon after few meters of walk, we found a place full of snow. We played in snow and again started moving to the temple. Mukteshwar Temple is an old Lord Shiva temple where swami Mukteshwar took his Samadhi. Despite of being small there was something that gave us lot of satisfaction.

Entrance of Mountain trail resort.

Entrance of Mountain trail resort.

Post darshan we rushed back to the hotel. Along with the facilities (such as 24 hrs running hot water, heaters,games room, library) Staff was very nice and co-operative. After ordering for dinner, we explored their games room that had TT table, fuse ball, carom and darts. As temperature started dropping further, we rushed back to rooms and started playing cards there.

On the way back to room something attracted us :) Being away from all the pollution, Mukteshwar had a bright and clear sky. Moon was lighting as if some LED bulb has been put on. We enjoyed moon light and stared on stars for a while.

By 9:30 PM we were delivered the dinner. Soon after feeding our hunger we crawled to beds by 11:30pm. Alarms were set for 6 AM.

Day 2 :

Orange Sunrise

Orange Sunrise

We got out of the bed at sharp 6AM. Moved out for a morning walk and to capture the Rising Sun. I am feeling lack of words to explain the beauty of those moments. After having a walk for an hour and after welcoming sun we came back to room to get ready. We got ready quickly and checked-out by 8:30 AM from the hotel. One of us had heard/read about the panoramic view of Himalayan Range from the guest house. We rushed towards the guest house. Having a look on the panoramic view of Himalayas was a real treat to eyes. There is a stone on which names of the peaks have been engraved. After collecting the beauty of nature we rushed back to our car.

A board describing names of each Himalayan peak.

A board describing names of each Himalayan peak.

Snow in front of our rooms in Mountain Trail Resort.

Snow in front of our rooms in Mountain Trail Resort.

Panoramic view of Himalayan Ranges

Panoramic view of Himalayan Ranges

From a different angle

From a different angle

We targeted to get back to Ghaziabad by 9-10PM. But due to traffic we managed to reach by 11PM.

On the way back from Mukteshwar.. Sky was so clear and blue

On the way back from Mukteshwar.. Sky was so clear and blue

A single word for the whole trip is “Marvellous”. Due to lot of feedbacks and reviews we had a clear picture in our mind which saved lot of our time also helped us in making decisions. And, that’s the motivation to write this long review. Thanks for reading till end.

Thanks Ghummakar.com for sharing well written blogs/reviews. Keep up the good work :)


  • SilentSoul says:

    Welcome aboard Ghumakkar with a beautiful debut post

  • Rakesh Bawa says:

    I was also like you a few days ago(debutante at ghumakkar) . Beautiful post.

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Welcome to ghumakkar, Mishri.
    Looking forward to reading more such lovely blogs from you.

  • Amitava Chatterjee says:

    A warm welcome, Mishri.
    A very good post and some wonderful pictures.
    Will look forward to hear more from you. Do hope you will enjoy your stay with all of us here, as I do.

  • Gita AM says:

    Welcome Mishri!

    Lovely post and pics of a beautiful place. Hope I can go there too some day.
    Keep writing.

  • Dear Mishri ,

    Welcome to Ghumakkar with a bang. Although it was a fast journey but description wise you have lot of talent . I was engrossed. The pictures were awesome , the best one being the Nainital lake . waiting for your next .

  • Vipin says:

    Welcome to ghumakkar, Mishri Ji (what a sweet name!)…your captures are truly mesmerizing and narration too is pretty impressive…I had heard about Mukteshwar, but didn’t know it was so beautiful with such amazing views…will do it soon sometime…by the way, which month did you travel here?

    Look forward to hear some more stories from you…

  • Saurabh Gupta says:

    Nice post. I have already visited 2 times there and stayed at PWD guest house and what a peacful place this is.

    Thanks for sharing your experience & for wonderful pics.


  • Abheeruchi says:

    Hi Mishri, (What a beautiful name !)

    Welcome to Ghumakkar.

    Nice post.We went to Mukteshwar when we went to Nainitaal , it was a wonderful experience for us although we didn’t stay there.Thanks for refreshing our memories.

    Hotel room pic is very nice.

    Keep travelling, keep writing. !!

  • Started with Dev Bhoomi Uttrakhand ……

    Very well written , keep writting.

    From Acedamics point of view , Mukteshwar is famous for Indian Veterinary Research Institute also.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Welcome aboard Mishri.

    If you go that side again, then you can avoid the bad patch if you are willing to drive a few extra KMs. And if you are not keen on Naini then the way from Bhimtal (dhanchuli bend) is much more quite and equally scenic. It is actually completely quite, a true Himalayan drive.

    Great narration and stunning pics.

    Please rspond to comments when you have time and also sign-up for a gravatar (www.gravatar.com) with any picture of your choice. Look fwd to read more.

    • Priyavratb says:

      Where did you stay in Mukteswar Nandan?

    • Nitish Kumar says:

      Hi Nandan,
      As I would be visiting Nainital by coming mid August and staying at Bhimtal, would it be better to visit Mukteshwar by one day directly from Bhimtal (no Nainital in between as I thought earlier) and then Naintal on another or the same day?

      How are roads for Mukteshwar in case I want to return in little dark after sunset? Manageable with slow driving? (Note: I have driven in Mussorie till Kempty fall & Manali, but during day time mostly)

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Priyavratb – I have stayed only once and that was at ‘Trishul’. Few years back my father stayed at the Neemrana Place in Ramgarh, which is not in Mukteshwar but not far back and I would recommend that. I usually camp at Naukuchia, at Firdaus. Please look it up on internet and if it suits you then email/txt me and I would plan a good holiday for you. Wishes.

  • Priyavrat says:

    Thanks buddy. I got the booking at Mountain trail as the author of this post found it good.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Yes its pretty decent. Some of my friends have stayed there in past. All the best.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    @ Nitish – I am responding as a separate comment instead of ‘Replying’ since is is simpler for new readers.

    – Bhimtal to Mukteshwar – Please keep a full day for this. There are two routes. For the way up, go via Dhanchuli Bend. This is more scenic and kind of back-road. While coming back, take the regular Bhimtal-Bhowali route. Roads are brilliant but please remember that mid-Aug is a very bad time in terms of landslides. Though rains are on the way out but because of rains in whole of July and first half of August, even a small damage leads to a landslide. JCBs are all around to clear the blocks but you are better off reaching Bhowali within day light. Between Bhowali and Bhimtal, there is only one point where you can get stuck because of a landslide, and that too gets cleared promptly.

    – Nainital deserves a full day of its own.

    All the best.

    • Nitish Kumar says:

      Thanks. Perfect reply in the way I would have wished.

      Nainital… I been there in 2011 and sure it deserves more than a day as each phase of day starting from morning, noon, evening or night has beauty of its own.

      Mukteshwar .. getting tough call for me as Hotel in Bhimtal & whatever I do, I feel I would miss sunset or sunrise which is main attraction.. lets see.

  • Gaurav says:

    Indian Himalayan Town Satkhol have this small but beautiful Hill cottage called as “Veselka” at mukteshwar. Owners provide the guest a complete family atmosphere.Some of the finest treks…drinking hot tea at the natures lap will surely take any body to the memory lane of hills…

  • Vishva says:

    Dear Mishri, Could you please guide what could be the tariff of mountain Trail if we visit in the month of Feb which is low season…we also would like to stay a day there as you found the ambience good….Your reply shall be highly appreciated…Thanks

  • Dev Narayan says:

    It a very beautiful blog. As I have gone to Mukteshwar too. I would suggest you to read mine also.
    And I want read more stories from you.

  • vicky says:

    Nice blog about Mukteshwar.Yes its a beautiful place beyond the thought.Veselka cottage resort is really a place to stay with your family & friends.It is a six room cozy cottage with a beautiful orchards.Mukteshwar will take you to the perfect a Hill ride…Cherish memories for life time.check out.


  • Ashish says:

    Mukteshwar is always a paradise only for HOLIDAY LOVER, this places is meant for nature lover. Reaching Mukteshwar, feels like in a heaven. You will find Himalayan view covered with white snow from here. Fruit Orchids, Waterfall Guaranteed only in Mukteshwar. You get lots of Hotels in Mukteshwar with a low budget to High end.

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