5 Amazing things to do when visiting Riviera Maya

All of us are well versed with the place in Mexico that is known for its amazing cafes, clubs, bars, and resort. Yes, we are talking about Riviera Maya which majority of people is well versed with. This is one of those hip places that have gradually started gaining quite a good amount of tourist attention in these years and all for the right reasons. People often times just opt for the Riviera Maya rental homes and spend their few days of ecstasy exploring the various activities that this place has to offer.

Riviera Maya

If you have been recently planning to pay a quick visit to this place to catch a break from the monotonous life, it is definitely better to know the kind of activities and things that you can indulge yourself in. In this article, we are going to be helping you plan your quick itinerary to Riviera Maya.
A stroll on the white beaches
If this is not the first thing on your itinerary, what are you even here for? This is the very first reason why people visit Riviera Maya in Mexico in the first place. Nobody knows what it is but there is definitely something different about this place, especially the beaches that have garnered a lot of tourist attractions in the past few years or so.
Covered with pristine white beaches which are clean and beautiful with the tranquil clear water waves gushing down the side of the seashore, you are definitely in for a ride that you won’t want to miss out on. If you have been here to get some recluse from the boring and monotonous lifestyle, visiting Riviera Maya can definitely change that for you.
Maroma Beach, Xcacel, Xpu-Ha, and Akumal are some of the best beaches in and around that you can pay a visit.
Scuba Dive or even go snorkeling
The next thing that should make its way to your itinerary is an amazing time snorkeling or scuba diving in Cozumel. It is located just off the coast of Playa del Carmen. This place boasts it’s amazing sea adventure sports that can actually take your breath away if that is something that intrigues you and tickles your senses. There are around 25 diving sites around the entirety of the island and is regarded as one of the best diving spots around the world.
If scuba diving is something you are not that well versed with, try out the snorkeling adventure in the shallow water on the island. You get to see the beautiful and colourful reefs and experience the magnificent marine life in the area.
Visit the Bohemian Town
More or less, every person in the current trend is in love with the Bohemian touch to everything. So, what about if you get to visit a completely Bohemian town? Sounds interesting and exciting, doesn’t it? There is one in the Riviera Maya with an attractive bohemian vibe to it which has been one of the most popular tourist spots all along.
You can splurge some of the various beachside restaurants or even visit the amazing boutiques and stylish hotels that are located there. Tulum, just as the place is named, is every photographer and Instagram user’s dream come true. The only downside with this is the fact that it is quite expensive because of the kind of varying tourists that it gets year around. But, the money is well spent and actually worth it.
Yucatan Dining
If you are in a completely new place and you don’t even end up trying the local cuisine, what even is the purpose of visiting? Yucatecan cuisine is definitely one of those that intrigues many people and if you are one of those, definitely sit down in one of the well-known restaurants out there and try out the authentic dishes for yourself.
The restaurant, Dining Experience which is located in Tulum is definitely what you need to get your taste buds satisfied. It is more than just a simple restaurant. Filled with amazing and vibrant colours of the Yucatan, the chef on a house knows their way around the cuisine and you can choose from a wide range of Mexican dishes and even cocktails to satisfy your hunger.
Beach Village
If you have been tired of sightseeing and visiting a lot of places and just want a break from that, visiting the close-knit beach village nearby can just be the answer to that. Puerto Morelos. This is one of those places that is not very commercialized and doesn’t have over the top jazzy hotels and such but is very minimalist and amazing in its approach.
Puerto Morelos is perfect for you to visit if you have been looking for a much calmer place to spend the last few days of your trip in. You will find amazing food, friendly locals and even a small fishing village that you can go visit. If you have been seeking modes to just enjoy the purity of the beaches around without no hindrances and just let go off of your thoughts for once, visiting this place can be an amazing experience to your list.
Riviera Maya is more than its expensive resorts and bars. The place is more than its nightlife and it is important for the tourists to take note of that and visit the places that are left unexplored and even do things while there that not many people won’t even be aware of in the first place.

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