10 Apps Travelers Should Install on Their Phone

When you spend your time on the road, having information at your fingertips makes the task manageable. There are several apps that Indian travelers should add to their phones before they leave the house. These apps help travelers navigate the rails, air, and roads. Many make it easier to book reservations and to track the timeliness of transportation. 

With their own Phones and Android versions, these 10 apps are necessities for travelers from India:

  1. IRCTC Connect

If you are looking to book Tatkal tickets on IRCTC, then this app is a must-have on your phone. The app from the Indian Railway Corporation Limited offers an easy way to plan and organize your trip. You can see your tickets and cancel them if necessary. You can also check on delays and other issues that might affect your plans. Also, you can book your tickets quickly and pay

later, using payment options like ePayLater.

2. Google Maps

Google Maps is the best map app, hands down. You can see nearly every road in the world and highly detailed maps of cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Google Maps is constantly upgrading, as it looks for ways to improve routes to decrease travel times. It alerts you to travel issues and offers alternative routes when necessary. 

3. Accuweather

The weather can change quickly, and it is important to know what to pack and what to wear each day. With Accuweather you can check your local conditions and the conditions of your destination. 

4. TripAdvisor

When you need suggestions or you want to learn more about a place you are visiting, TripAdvisor can help. You can find top recommended restaurants, hotels, and attractions with tips from other users. 

5. Incredible India

The government-run app is a must-have for visitors to India. Use it to learn about culture and tourism. The app can tell you what sites you are near based on your location. 

6. MakeMyTrip

This site is highly recommended for travellers in India because of its intuitive design and accurate directory of hotel deals and travel suggestions. The handy links let you book air and rail reservations. Experts love the thorough list of accommodations that range from high-end luxury to affordable hostels. 

7. Google Translate

You never know when you need to talk to someone who doesn’t speak your language. Google Translate gives you the words you need to help you communicate with fellow travellers or employees at your destinations. 

9. Ola

OLA is the Uber of India. As cab hailing in India can be overwhelming, travellers and locals turn to OLA to get where they are going affordably and in a reasonable amount of time. OLA is in over 100 cities, dwarfing Uber’s presence in only 20. 

9. Redbus

No need to fear getting around the big cities, Redbus is here. This app helps you navigate the inter-city bus system. You can book your seats on buses or private Volvos. Discounts are available on the app.

10. NaviMap

Google Maps is a great option for travelling in a car, but NaviMaps has your walking routes in India covered. This app is linkd with MapMyIndia for outstanding navigation systems with detailed 3D images. 

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