Around Pune – Bhuleshwar, Narayanpur and Baneshwar

Buleshwar, Narayanpur and Baneshwar are three religious locations around Pune. Since my parents are in town I thought of covering these three in a day as a pilgrimage.

Bhuleshwar is famous for a 13th century temple of Lord Shiva on top of a hill. The temple is unique because of its architecture. From outside it appears to more as a mosque than a temple due to its resemblance to Islamic architecture like circular tomb and minarets.

Bhuleshwar temple Minarets

Carved exteriors

Legend says that it was done like this so that temple is not destroyed by invaders. However, the carvings inside are stupendous and comparable to one finds in Ajanta and Ellora but alas many of them are broken. There are depictions of scenes from Ramayan and Mahabharata on either side of temple like “Sita-haran”, “Bharat-Milap” etc.

Scene from Mahabharata

Scene from Ramayana

Vandalised sculptures

Another set of sculptures

Finely carved sculptures

Carved Pillars inside


Bhuleshwar is 8 km inside Pune-Solapur highway from a point just before Yavat town around 60 km from Pune. This area is not very populated so there was hardly any rush at the temple. It was one of the unique sites I have seen.

From Bhuleshwar we went to Saswad on internal road and from there to Narayanpur. It is famous for Lord “Dattatreya” and “Narayaneshwar” temple and this being hindu “Karthik” month there were lot of pilgrims. We had darshan at both the temples. After that we proceeded to Balaji temple, replica of Tirupati, built by Venky’s group a little away from Narayanpur. However, due to paucity of time and having visited it earlier we skipped this one and went to Baneshwar which is a couple of kms inside Mumbai-Bangalore highway around 40 kms from Pune.Baneshwar temple is situated in a protected forest area. It was quite and serene over there.  The temple complex has two tanks which has fish and turtles who are dearly fed by devotees.

Baneshwar temple

There is a shivling dipped in water where devotees immerse coins. It is said that if the coin lands on top of shivling then it is a good sign.

Shivling immersed in water

Beyond temple is the park area with nursery, sitouts etc. where families can relax and make merry. There is a small bio-diversity education center which was well crafted.

Bio-diversity educational center

There is a small waterfall as well where one can go through a trail and dip their legs in running water. The whole place is great picnis spot for families. We bought 3 plants for Rs. 15 each from the nursery.

Small waterfall gushing through rocks

Giant web weaved by a spider

After spending some time we returned back to Pune. It took us total 8 hours from door to door for this trip which was well worth the effort.



    Never realized there is such a treasure,and just 60km from Pune.And your pictorial post is like a tourist guide.Next time,we are in Pune,we will certainly visit the site. In the meantime,I am asking my numerous friends in Pune to read your very informative post.

  • Gita AM says:

    Amazing. Never heard of these beautiful places around Pune. Lovely photos.

  • Ram Dhall says:

    Thanks for sharing information on the amazing Bhuleshwar Temple. The temple looks all the more exciting on account of its architecture.

    Your post has created an urge to visit the temple during my next visit to Pune.

  • Jatinder Sethi says:

    Anybody reading this post can help!. We are planning to drive from Gurgaon to Pune in the last week of December.,with one halt on the way.Can any one guide us for the best rout map? write:

  • Roopesh says:

    Thanks Jatinder, Gita and Mr. Ram for your kind comments.
    @Jatinder: Though I haven’t driven from Delhi to Pune but read about it. The best bet is to take golden quadrilateral route till Mumbai. Just before Mumbai you can take bypass and join Mumbai-Pune expressway all the way to Pune. Route till Mumbai is straightforward. For bypass you may have to checkout the route a little bit.

  • Jatinder Sethi says:

    Thanks a million Roopesh
    In fact I found few other Posts from other sites who have done this route and have given almost,mile-by-mile log thro golden quardrilateral route,.They have even given detailed expense on fuel,tolls and dhabas etc. Then the route takes thro Daman,and bypass Mumbai,join expressway to Pune.
    As a matter of interest,I have emailed these posts to Nandan Jha,for future use in case ,like me,someone wants the info.May be Nandan can post it on Ghumakkar.They did it in Swift,we will do it in Skoda to be in Pune for the New Year-Jan1.
    Thanks for help. Seasons Greetings.

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