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Ghumakkar Featured Author Interview – with Upanshu Singhal

We froze a mid week day 8:30 pm slot for our telephonic conversation. After a tiring day at work, would the person have mood to give an interview? Well, I was really skeptical about it. TO add to my apprehensions, the phone rang for longer than expected rings. I cut it and redialed again. Now, the network provider shooted an automated message “The person you have called has redirected calls to another number. Please hold on as we connect to the other number” and some “melodious” tune to keep me happy waiting  Well, I thought I would try once last time and then send a mail to reschedule the interview slot. But, there is always light at the end of the tunnel! A friendly voice answered the call. What happened next is spread on the table for you readers to relish!

Rendezvous with our dear Ram Dhall – Ghumakkar Featured Author Interview, November ’13

My call was received by a mature and responsible voice. His humbleness was shown in his very first greeting and then we began an elaborate talk! As we spoke, my apprehensions and prejudices just faded without my knowledge and the conversation got smoother and more involving. I started off as an eager listener and his knack of putting me at ease helped me strike a great conversation. It was about everything under the sun. From family to friends, from leisure to work, from the north till the south – just everything you can think of!

Featured Author interview – an involving conversation with our beloved DC

From then till now, DC has been entertaining us with some of her amazing travel experiences. Her photography skills are commendable and Ghumakkar has had the pleasure to see a few of her best shots. The smooth blend of the science involved in detailing and the art involved in expressing is prevalent in most of her posts. Ladies and gentlemen, with so much to admire , we surely have the onus on us to give this lady a great round of applause.
Please put your hands together for Devasmita Chakraverty , fondly known as DC, who is our Featured Author of the Month of October ‘2013.

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