Wild Kanha – ten images from the park

Each time I feel lazy to write, I resort to photographs to rescue me. A bunch of images compiled together still makes a post, without having to take the effort of writing too much. So here we go, with pictures of Kanha’s wildlife and wilderness. With all these inhabitants in the wild, pictures do a better job than words anyway. If I go on saying ‘the wild dog yawned and showcased its sharp canines that can chew the toughest of meat..,’ you too will yawn and go off to sleep. Let’s cut the talk and get to pictures!

The gates of the park. Us humans perceive that there is wildlife towards one side of the gate and to the other side is human-life. But the wildlife itself doesn’t see the barriers. It helps that the forest stretches far and wide even outside the gates. A lot of animals, even tigers and leopards, are known to wander beyond the national park.

Let’s begin with the star of Kanha, the king of the jungle, the mighty big cat, the ferocious carnivore bearing burning stripes. He is also a weakling who is dying, with just a couple thousands of his kind left. Nearly every tourist who comes to Kanha drools over the prospect of seeing tigers. After a quick darshan of this strong, yet vulnerable animal, we left it to itself and moved on to explore more riches of Kanha.

This is the yawn of the wild dog that I mentioned earlier. I shall say nothing more.

And here is a Barasingha, a critically endangered animal that has been looked after with special care in the park.

Up next: a wild gaur. He looks friendly for his size, doesn’t he?

And now, a sambar deer. Another timid animal.

The next one is also an ungulate – a spotted deer. I don’t understand why is he sticking his tongue out at me instead of posing nicely.

Here is a wild boar looking wary, ready to run away at the slightest provocation.

The next one is a distant relative from the past. A common langur.

For reasons I do not know, the forests of Kanha and other parts of central India do not host elephants. Do you know why? The only elephants I saw wandering in the forest were these.

I had planned to include a few birds as well, but I am already done with ten numbers I was planning to post. Let’s save the winged friends for another post then.


  • Vishal M says:

    Good One…..Pl do give the details on the trip….Best way to go….stay….and any reservations….
    Your Photographs are wonderful………and writing exotic………..

  • wow..!!! what cool photographs…one question, how did you manage to take such a close up shot of the tiger and live to tell about it..??? also, which camera..??

  • Ram says:

    The scintillating pictures have conveyed more than the words possibly could have.

    A great post.

  • Stone says:

    Fantastic photographs, and very crisp description.
    My personal favorite snap is of Sambhar deer.

    Now anxiously waiting for birds pics.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Arun,

    Once again a good collation of pictures to see. I am totally agreed with Mr. Ram that Pictures have conveyed more than words.

    Wants some information about the lodging & food facilities?

    Looking forwards to see birds picture, although I have seen already some of yours birds pictures in your previous posts but Yeh Dil Mange more………………

  • Arun says:

    Thank you for the comments and encouraging words folks :) I will plan to post the bird images in the next post.

  • ashok sharma says:

    amazing photographs.
    wild photography is real difficult and time consuming.
    how many days it took to take such nice snaps.

  • Manish Khamesra says:

    Beautiful images :-)

    After going through it one gets a feel that these wild animals were waiting to be clicked in Kanha :-) Was it comparitively easy to spot them?

    I think the jungles that have wild elephants do host elephants and are proud of them. I have been to Jim Corbett and saw tuskers there. We really enjoyed spotting them and considered ourselves lucky.

  • Vibha says:

    Hey Arun…I think the spotted dear may have had enough photographers trying to click its picture for the day… you just happened to be the one when he decided that he has had his fill… :-) Cute picture and comment…made me laugh out loud!!!

  • nandanjha says:

    When do we see ten bird images from Kanha ?

    Never been to Kanha (and Bandhavgarh) though if I get enough support (read approvals), I would love to drive down to both this year end. Panna was not that great but I heard a lot about Bandhav and Kanha. Thank you for taking me there and the treat of brilliant pics. That wild gaur, looks stoned to me.

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  • Alok Jain says:

    Dear Arun,

    I am planning a trip to Kanha. Was going through your article on Ghumakkar but did not find enough details wrt best way to go, suggestions for stay and duration of stay. I am planning a trip next week.

    Can you guide me on this?

  • Ramta Jogi says:

    Awesome pics…Arun!!!!

    Just Seeing after the snaps i checked you Bio & got the point :)
    Looking for some photography tips ;)

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