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After going through all the places in Varanasi I went to four more destinations in which one was the famous and one of the Greatest Shaktipeeths called Vindhyavasini in Vindhyachal near Mirzapur , Uttar Pradesh. In our plan we had to go to Vindhyachal, Sitamarhi (Sita Samahit Sthal), Prayag ( Allahabad ) and Chitrakoot. For this we decided to book a car from Varanasi itself. Vindhyachal and Sitamarhi are the places which are located between Allahabad and Varanasi. From Grand Trunk Road which connects  Varanasi and Allahabad one has to go towards Ganga river side for reaching those places. First we started our journey on Grand trunk road towards Vindhyachal early at 5.00 AM. After around 2 hours we crossed Ganga at Mirzapur and proceeded towards Vindhyachal which was eight kms away from Mirzapur

Map : Varanasi to Vindhyachal

Lal Bhairav Temple

Before reaching Vindhyachal,on the way there is Bhairava Temple on the road . Now in all Devi Puranas  and Mahabhagwat it is said that where there is a Shaktipeeth there is always a Bhairava present in any form to guard. Here in Vindhayachal he is in the form of Lal Bhairava. There is huge 6 feet tall idol of Bhairava blood red in color showing one of his angry forms.One feels dense spiritual power here in addition to glimpses of fear. It is said that if do the only darshan of Bhairava also you will get all the benefits and fruits of visiting a shaktipeeth .

Vindhyachal Dham : Lal Bhairav Temple

Vindhyachal Dham : Lal Bhairav

 After visiting Lal Bhairava Temple we proceeded towards the Vindhyavasini temple which was around one km away on the banks of mighty Ganges. One has to climb few steps to reach the temple. When we were climbing the temple apart from few shops all of them were closed. So we were at the right time early in the morning. 

Vindhyachal Dham : Climbing towards Vindhyavasini Temple

Importance of Vindhyavasini Shaktipeeth

Shrimad Devi Bhagwatam has given special importance and special mention to Vindhyavasini Shakti Peeth out of its 108 Shaktipeeths.  Every years lakhs of devotees from every corner of India come here of both the Navaratri. Thousands of saints come to Vindhyachal Dham and Vindhya mountains for performing 9 days penance and meditation. Every  day the  temple has huge crowd of devotees.

Many scriptures state that there is no other shrine as pure as  Vindhyachal elsewhere in the universe. The 3 supreme powers Maha Lakshmi, Maha Kali and Maha Saraswati reside at this place.
Devi Parvati had performed meditation at this place for Lord Shiva and got the name Aparna. Lord Rama performed Shraadh – Tarpan of his ancestors at Ramganga Ghat and established the Rameshwaram Linga. He also established the Ramkunda here in Vindhyachal . Lord Vishnu received Sudarshan Chakra from Lord Shiva at this place.
Vindhyachal is situated on the Mahalalakshmi Yantra which is circled with mountain is considered as the land of power. It is a very significant place out of the 108 Shakti Peetha and 12 Maha Peeths. According to legend  back of Sati had fell at this place. This place has multiple virtues.
Vindhyachal is called as Shaktipeeth, Siddhipeeth and Manidweep in scriptures.

Another Legend of Vindhyavasini

Apart from many legends , there is also one more legend which requires special attention. As it is believed that shaktipeeths were created by cutting the body parts of Devi Sati by Sudarshan Chakra by Lord Vishnu. But this is the place and shaktipeeth where Devi chose to reside after her birth in Dwapar Yuga. At the time of birth of Lord Krishna to Devaki and Vasudeva , MahaYogini Maha Maya took birth   at Nanda Baba and Yashoda at Gokul as per instruction of Lord Vishnu. Vasudeva had replaced his son Krishna with this girl child of Yashoda . When Kansa tried to kill the girl she slipped from his hands and assumed the form of Mahadevi Adishakti and anounced ” You fool , the one who is supposed to kill you is already born and vanished from this prison . Thereafter Devi chose Vindhya Mountains as her abode to live on the earth.

We reached the temple which was located in between the shops and houses of the residients of Vindhaychal. Very less open space was present to take any pictures . Even in the morning at 7.00 AM , the place was crowded and we got our turn after 15 minutes.

Vindhyachal Dham : Vindhyavasini Temple

Inside the Vindhyavasini Temple

We then had darshan of Devi in the form of idol . The idol is black in color, 5 feet tall. This idol is situated in a very small sanctum called Garbagriha . There are two queues from which the devotee can  enter Garbagriha .The legs of the Devi rest on her mount Lion . The eyes of the Devi are adorned with silver metal which gives special effects when you look her. The Devi is also adorned with all the ornaments like crown , bangles , necklaces , rings etc. all amde up of Gold. The whole idol is covered flowers and garlands. One is allowed to touch the feet of Devi and submit offerings.  Overall a soul refreshing  experience.

After having darshan of Devi inside the garbagriha we came out and roamed in the premises of the temple containing lot of shivalingas and a huge idol of Lord Hanuman. There is also a gigantic Yagna Kunda in the premises where all types of hawans and sacrifices are performed.


Vindhyavasini Devi : Vindhyachal Dham

After having the darshan we came down and headed for our next destinations called Kali khoh and Ashta Bhuja .The Vindhyavasini Devi Temple, the Ashtabhuja temple, dedicated to Goddess Mahasaraswati (on a hillock, 3 kms from Vindhyavasini temple) and the Kali khoh temple, dedicated to Goddess Kali (2 kms from Vindhyavasini temple) form the Trikon Parikrama.

One should visit all the three temples to complete the yatra of Vindhyachal Dham 

Map : Trikon Parikrama ( All the three Temples )

Kali Khoh Temple

Goddess Kali is enshrined in the cave temple called Kali Khoh Temple, which is believed to be the most powerful manifestation of female power. In the midst of wood lands, forest and beautiful streams, the Kali Khoh shrine adds to the beauty of the site. Among the three divine manifests (Maa Laxmi, Saraswati & Kali) of Adi Shakti, Mahakali is said to be settled in cavern of Kali Khoh. This is an ancient cave at the base of a hillock near Vindhyachal Town.

On being troubled by the demons persistently the Gods (Devtas) worshipped Goddess Parvati, on hearing their plight Goddess Parvati got angry and because of anger & rage her face turned black. Hence, she is also known as Maa Kali. She is also worshipped as Chandi, Chamunda & Kali.The temple is lonely and in secluded place full of peace and away from crowd. One gets feeling of being scared , such is the peace and  waves of vibrations here . Behind the Kali Khoh Temple is the temple of Bhairava. The temple is very popular among tantriks from all over the country.

Vindhyachal Dham : Kali Khoh Temple

Kali Khoh Temple Entrance

Mahakali Devi : Kali Khoh, Temple Vindhyachal Dham

After Kali Khoh temple it was time to visit the final destination of Trikon Parikrama of Vindhyachal Dham . i.e. Ashtabhuja Temple which is around 5 kms from Kali khoh Temple

Ashtabhuja Temple

Ashtabhuja Temple, located on the northern most part of the hillock, is the third tangent of Vindhyachal Trikon Parikrama (circumambulation of the divine triangle). The place derived its name from the deity Ashtabhuja, (Goddess Mahasaraswati), one of the titles of Parvati. The entrance of the temple is low but the exit is high. The cave in which idol is installed is about 12 feet wide. Statue of Goddess has large eyes & white of eyes (sclera) is made up of silver.
The pilgrimage to this temple is undertaken after worshipping Vindhyavasini Temple at Vindhyachal. The pilgrims then proceed to the Allahabad road to the foot of the hills. There is a flight of steps leading to the temple (222 steps to the temple). Another motorable road passes through Kajali pond and goes to the temple. The panoramic view of River Ganges & landscape around may be viewed from the top of the Ashtabhuja Devi temple.

Ashtabhuja Temple : Vindhyachal Dham

The image or idol  of Goddess Ashtabhuja is  engraved on the mountain inside the small cave . One has to bend down and pass inside  the cave to have darshan.

Ashtabhuja Devi : Vindhyachal Dham

Vindhyachal Dham

By Road : Vindhyachal is 8 kms away from Mirzapur a large city In Uttar Pradesh. So it is well connected to road .

By Rail : Vindhyachal has its own railway station on Manikpur – Mughal Sarai line. Although a small railway station many trains stop here . Other wise one can easily come from Mirzapur railway station in 20 minutes.

By Air : Varanasi is the closest airport located around 78 kms from Vindhyachal.

Dear Soul Mates,

I here end my visit to Vindhyavasini Dham located at Vindhyachal near Mirzapur . I hope so every one who reads the post gets the blessings of Maa Vindhyavasini . In the next one we will reach a place called Sitamarhi or Sita Samahit Sthal .  Till then

Jai Bhole.


  • Surinder Sharma says:

    Yatra of Vindhyavasini Dham very detail description and good photos. Will wait for next post. Thanks

    • Nagendar yadav says:

      jai mata di
      vindhyachal dham aane se hame bahut acha laga itni sundar ma ka darba aur prakriti ki sundarta aur kahi nahi milega
      Nagendar yadav ballia up.277201

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    I never knew about t his great place before.
    Excellent description.

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    I have read a story on Vidhyawasini and Kali Koh before, here only but the kind of detail you present is difficult to match. Thank you Vishal.

    From your Sarnath post, I thought that by ‘Sitamarhi’ you are referring to the place in Bihar (close to Nepal, North Bihar) but I guess this Sitamarhi is some other place. Look fwd.

  • i m going to varanasi,vindhyachal and allahabad on 2nd march 2013. thanks to guide before my visit
    thease thease places.

  • G Soman says:

    Thank you for the guidance. I have been planing to visit the Shaktipeeth long before. Your guidance will be helpful for the same.

  • Anil says:

    A very detailed information on Vindhyavasini Shaktipeeth.

    Can you also advise how much time does it takes to cover the three temples in early March season ?

    Anil Kumar

  • It will hardly take three hours to visit all the three places if you have vehicle and probably if there is less rush main shaktipeeth

  • anoopkumar says:

    ma ki mamata ka mol na koi

  • What a wealth of divine information bhaiya. May the blessings of Devi Maa and Hanumanji continue to inspire you to write and share your divine experiences. I am also going here in few weeks and was happy to read your experiences. Thank you for taking time to post. God Bless.
    Today March 24t, 2014

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  • Bharati Lama says:

    Well its really so beatiful feeling i have heard of Maa Vindyabaasini of India and Nepal i am from Darjeeling but from last 11 yrs i am resided in Kathmandu Nepal but never get a chance to go to Pokhara MAA’S Temple though i am an ardent devotee of Maa Ama Dakshinkali i do get her visions dreams and blessings often but i am nonvegeterian but despite all these i am blessed but today i morning 9th sept 2014 monday i dreamed of some house i was running with my frineds andi was watching too some bad spirits negatives were following us it was evil and we all ran into one door of glass in the house room i do not remember perfectly but yes that door room and the house was guarded by as some voice were saying protected by MAA VINDYABAASNI i was inside and the spirits tried to come inside but they couldnt there was some supernatural power stopping them then till i woke up i clearly heard the name MAA VINDYABAASINI been more then years i havent though of this name nor think of it though always while doing morn puja even i will take 52 shakti peeth name as much as can but never been 1and half years i havent taken this but still Maa VINDYABAASINI GAVE ME HER VISION BLESSINGS AND REMINDED ME OF HER BEING WITH ME ALL THE TIME THANKYOU SO MUCH an in the afternoon i kept on searching for Maa’s temple and her stories behind so i came to know here the story and the photo darshan of MAA VINDYABAASINI JAI MAI and felt like crying by looking above photo or say shakti peeth of Maa still i feel like crying dunno why BLESS US ALL MAA VINDYABAASINI JAI MAA CHAMA MAA RAKSHAM MAA LOVE YOU MAA MATA VINDYABAASHINI AUM NAMAHA BHAGAWATEY BAASUDEVYA NAMAHA AUM AIM HRIM SHRIM KLIM CHAMUNDAI BICHAI NAMAHA JAI MAA AMA DAKSHINKALI MA

  • muthusamy says:

    are we allowed to carry mobile phone with us or to leave it outside?
    thanks for a beautiful description.

  • RK Murthy says:

    Thanks for your highly informative article, it was useful for me on my trip to Vindhyaachal on 11 April 2015. Started from Varanasi by Taxi covered all the temples including Sita Marhi and Sitakund and back by 4PM.

    And to respond to another reader, mobiles are allowed but in the garbagriha of vindhyavaasini, kaali Khoh and Ashtabuja there is a notice not allowing photography of main deities. I think other than main deities photography can be taken.

  • Lakshmi Mohan Rao says:

    I have been following your blogs. Very well written with all the pertinent details. I have not been much of a traveller but would like to the Jyotirlings and Shaktipeeths, God willing. Your pictures are of a high quality. Thank you for the information.

  • GUNJAN BABU says:

    Thanks for giving such useful information about MAA VINDHYAVASINI.

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    maa meri manokamna puri kijiye , apni kripa mujh banay rakhiye

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    Great description. feel very enlightened. Thank you very much . will definitely visit this place and spend more than 3 hrs.

  • RAJIV JAIN says:

    well no words to say hats off to u for sharing and describing about the religious place in such an elegant manner.myself rajiv jain 9814100497 .punjab india .do really wants to do religious yatras but perhaps might not able to do so . It will be done when time will come…… waiting for dat auspicious time in my life . 37years completed. What and when it will be right time will be decided as divine wishes so.

  • pankaj says:

    can you suggest how much it cost if we go from varanasi to vindhyachal devi. and from where i can get taxi or any vehical?

  • pankaj says:

    plz. tell how much it cost if i go from varanasi to vindhyachal temple. and from where i can get vehical/taxi

  • sk says:

    Thank you Vishal ji,

  • vijay says:

    Did u manage to go to the temple of maa tara.
    I have read but never been to this part of india

  • vimala says:

    After much googling and getting information from this web also i was fortunate enough to visit the temple on 30-11-2017. After having travelled so far from Lucknow, Allahabad and proceeding towards Kashi/Varanasi we visited ma vindyavasini.

    Keeping aside the vibration and the bliss which we had received from ma it is very very unfortunate to see the pandas and boys acting as pandas to take the bhaktas inside the sanctum and charging openly from us and every one of us. The police are mute spectators! and the height of annoyance is some children aged 7 and above were seen begging inside the temple.

    I request the authorities concerned to organize in a good manner and maintain the sanctity of the temple and request you also to remove such hazels while having darshan of ma.

  • Neha says:

    Thanks for Guide

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