Not even 20 days had passed after my Himachal Trip , The Ghumakkarism in me was again enduring me to visit some place. Luckily my father had some work in Kashmir in the last week of April , so I asked him wether I can accompany Him.The answer was a big No. He said “Not even a month has passed and you are ready for another trip”. Somewhere in my mind I was feeling very unlucky that how could I miss Kashmir. But I could not miss it. So for few days, I tried to convince my Dad and after saying “Please…Please” few times Finally he agreed. I was very excited as usual and we booked our flight tickets for 18th April. As it was not multiple days trip , this post would be more of a photologue beacause the beauty of the Tulip Garden can be enjoyed only in the pics and surely not in the words. Though I had seeen it before couple of years ago , but this time it was a sheer beauty.

Entry Gate of the Tulip Garden

Red Tulips all around

The Yellow Tulip

Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden is located at the foothills of the Zabarwan Mountains which are present on the banks of the Dal Lake, Srinagar. This garden is the most spacious one in Srinagar as compared to the other Mughal Gardens which I saw earlier. The major attraction here is the large variety of Tulips found in thousands of numbers. The sight is heavenly during the full bloom season with all shades of the rainbow scattered on the fields of this garden.

The White Tulips

Now this is true Beauty

Yellow Tulips

Just After the entry

Name the colour and you will get it. Red, Yellow, Orange , Pink, Green, Purple, White, Magenta Tulip Flowers. Such Colourful flowers with the mountains in the backdrop. It is truly a heavenly experience and you feel that one is not in India. The Tulip Graden opens every year In Mid March to April, May. Actually The Spring season is the most suited and the best time for the growth of these Tulips.

Greenery all around

It is Asia’s biggest tulip garden and has thousands of flowers which impart a mesmerising ambience to this 90-acre tourist attraction in the Valley. Nearly 1.3 million tulip bulbs comprising 70 varieties of various colours have been grown in the garden,the vast tulip garden overlooking the Dal Lake in the city.It is Located close to the famous Mughal gardens of Chashma Shahi, Nishat and Shalimar.

Full view of the Tulip Garden

The Pink Tulip

The Colourful Bunch

Beauty at its best

This garden is just the same as the one in Switzerland where Amithabh Bacchan and Rekha’s famous Silsila song ( Dekha Ek Khwab To Ye Silsile Hue…Door Tak Nigahon mein Hai Dil Khile Hue)was filmed. The garden has been maintained very well though it remains open for very less time. Once you enter into the garden , it feels you are in heaven. There are long vertical rows of multicoulered flowers with greenery all around and mountains in the backdrop. The garden is quite big and wherever the sight goes, there are flowers all around.

The Pink and Red Tulip

A day before the visit to Tulip Garden , I visited the Dal Lake. Actually, How can the visit to Kashmir be complete without the Dal Lake.

My favourite set of Houseboats

The Aloof Shikara

The New Reconstructed Clock Tower at the Lal Chowk,Srinagar

This is what is called the Real Jannat :)

In this trip I only visited the Tulip Garden. But my friends, Kashmir is Kashmir no doubt about that :)
Thanks for going through.


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