Trip to the land of Gods – Hemkund Sahib, Valley of Flowers, Badrinath and Mana Village….A Photolog

The final part of my series Trip to the land of Gods…

On the way to Ghangharia

I was going through my posts and i thought of creating a photolog of the pics that i couldn’t insert in my previous posts. All thanks to Ms. Gita for suggesting me to put some more pictures of the flowers. So here is the visual tour to the Land of Gods….

Hemkund Sahib

On the way to Hemkund Sahib

Hemkund Sahib- Nishan Sahib

Hemkund Sahib

Hemkund Sahib

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

While coming back from the Valley of Flowers

Badrinath and Mana

Badrinath Temple

Tapt Kund - Badrinath Temple


One Day....

Ganesh Gufa

Ganesh Gufa

View from Mana

Vyas Gufa

On the way back to Haridwar


  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Aditya,
    Pictures are very charming and beautiful. What does astroaditya mean??


  • astroaditya says:

    Thanks Mukesh :)

    Astro is an adjective that i have put to my name because of my interest in astronomy. Also, Astro means all the celestial bodies combined and Aditya- Sun is one of them. :)

  • Nandan says:


    And very very useful for a fellow traveler who is planing to make a visit. Glad that you posted it.

  • @astroaditya… Great write up.

    I have gone through all parts of the series. Pics are just awesome enough to explain everything about your traveling experience. Just loved the pics of valley of flowers, Hemkund Sahib and Badrinath temple.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Roopesh says:

    Great series Aditya. I went through all your posts. They are nicely written and pictures are fabulous. I have not been to VOF but may be someday. I have seen Hemkund Sahib from a helicopter :)

  • megha says:

    Awesome work.. :) i feel like i should also start writing..!!! ;)

  • Manish Kumar says:

    Really lovely captures !

  • Naman says:

    Wow! Breathtaking pics….
    Dear Astroaditya, can u tell me please how is the way to Valley of Flowers? Is it difficult to trek on it?

    • Aditya says:

      Thanks Naman…

      The path leading to Valley of Flowers from Gobindghat is ok… You’ll encounter a couple of places and 2-3 makeshift bridges which will require caution while crossing….

      Trek to Gobindghat from ghangharia on day 1 and visit valley of flowers on day 2… leave from gobindghat at 5 a.m. because as the day progresses the clouds and the mist spoils the view….

  • rashmi says:

    Great work Aditya….would you please guide me to plan my trip to valley of flowers from gobind dham and back to gobind ghat the same day…when should I start the trek from gobind dham to b able to reach gobind ghat well in time before dark…I m planning to visit hemkund this sept ..Thanks

    • Aditya says:

      Hi Rashmi,

      Thanks for liking the post. The trek from Gobindghat to Gobindham (Ghangharia) is of 13 km. On foot it’ll take 7 – 8 hours to reach Gobindham. You can start your trek around 6 a.m.

      My suggestion is to do this trek on day 1 and then acclimatize and rest at Gobindham.

      On Day 2 – Leave for Valley of Flowers, It’s 3 kms from Gobindham but after reaching you’ll explore the area as well… so your one way trek ‘ll be around 5-6 kms…. Start early around 6 a.m. The clouds tend to cover the area as the day progresses…

      I did the same in Sep 2010 and the entry charge to valley of flowers was Rs. 150 per person then and the pass was valid for 3 days….



  • vandana paranjape says:

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    ???????????.????????,????,??????? ?????? ???? ???? ??.????????? ??????.

  • Malhar D Explorer says:

    One of d Best.. I read on this Site..!! Great Job!!

  • Prema says:

    thanks for sharing this wonderful trip, pics and sensations, emotions.
    An advise pls. if one wishes to stay longer in Gangaria, what’s the best luggage to bring?
    I know that less weight means more way, but the necessary.

  • agnihotri2010 says:

    very informative and beautiful article. thanks for sharing all this.

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