the BAY OF BENGAL Trip; happy ending

(29th June, 2010)

Huhhh :(…. the hugely anticipated trip was coming to an end very fast as our Racing Instincts took over and we almost flied back to Kolkata on our mini R1s. The road between Kolkata-Contai is really amazing especially after Kolaghat when the 4-lane highway just pushes your throttle further. We stopped for a cold drink break at our favourite Sher-e-punjab dhaba at kolaghat, but other than that it was just a high performance ride, covering 198km in 3:10hrs. We reached Kalyani at around 2pm. All throughout this return journey I kept on wondering where I’m heading next. The Bay of Bengal Trip had ended; the last goodbye wasn’t good at all.



Total Distance: 762kms

Top speed attained: 118kph

Mileage: 38+

Accomodations: The Benfish Tourist lodges are pretty well maintained
A stay at Junput resort can be great, but booking is a must

Food: Though these are beaches, consumable fishes are not at plenty like puri/digha
But fishes must be present in your meals
The hotel Nest Restro was very good & reasonable.

Roads: The highways are in good shape, but the bad roads were equally enjoyable
The boat-ride at Namkhana although not recommended, was a great experience

Pick of the Trip: Henry’s Island
Night at Sankarpur Beach
Off-roading to Junput resort

Total budget per head: Approximately, Rs. 1600 (everything included)

And Last but not the least, “DAAB ER JOL”…roxxx.. ;)

Some moments come n go____in our memories some we keep
Some thoughts come n go____and etch feelings very deep
Some people come n go____ friends are who we keep
Time will come n go____we’ll remember the BAY of BENGAL TRiP

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