Bengali Food

A Foodies Journey through Bangladesh


Now that we have gorged on heavenly Mughlai delicacies, lets  salivate for earthy Bengal food- “Bangla Khabar”, as the locals call it. Bengalis are famous for their preparation of fish, fish in any form, fried, baked or steamed. But that’s only one side of the coin, Bengalis can cook a wide variety of  delectable greens as well. So lets turn our steps towards all that “Sonar Bangla” has to offer. We will go to a small eatery in Old Dhaka called “Nirob” or “Silence”. Located at Nizamuddin Road, it is very popular with the local people. The name of this place probably comes from the fact that once the food is served , its variety and taste makes the chattiest guest “Silent”. The USP of this hotel is that it offers around 19  different eatables  in small plates to the guest.

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