Solo Bike Trip to Deoriatal in Uttrakhand

Hello Ghumakkar friends..This is my first boarding (post) on Ghumakkar express. By profession I am a stock Broker&Technical analyst for share trading. Apart from this I am passionate lover of HIMALAYA and Uttrakhand. I never left any opportunity where ever I get it to go towards mountain. The biggest advantage of being a Dehlite is that you are in close neighborhood of majestic Himalayas and could reach there in very short time.

Nainital, Tehri, Chamba, Dhanaulti, Mussoorie, Mukteshwar, Kausani,Ranikhet, and so day during trading hours in market I felt that I should get rid of this hectic life schedule for some days. For this time I decided to go by my bike in mountain..but in mountain where…? crowded hill station like Mussoorie….not at all,than where…? after lots of brain storming I decided to go to Deoriatal in Kedarnath zone. Deorital is an untouched beauty, a heaven from where we can see majestic Himalayas peaks like Chaukhmba, a place where we can spend whole night in tent which is totally adventurous. I decided to go on 15th November, 2012.

Lets go there...

Lets go there…

For this i did not prepare for any thing except packing some woolen cloth. Till now there was lot of  excitement generated, the reason was long bike riding and then forget every tension for some days in the lap of nature. I started my journey at 6 AM from Preet vihar, East Delhi by my bike. After crossing Modinagar it was dense fog , Suddenly i reminded my self that stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey. My first  break was at mujaaffar nagar at suryavansi vashnav dhaba.

Breakfast Halt

Breakfast Halt





Near Sringar

Near Sringar

I took a lunch near Devprayag .lunch was simple but delicious  rice,dal, roti,one mountain sabji.

GMVN Hotel

GMVN Hotel

till now i was thinking to reach Ukhimath by 6 PM but due to a major land slide just before srinagar 1 hours spoiled.i reached Srinagar at 4 PM, as srinagar is not on the high altitude zone so whether  was ok.i took another break in one small dhaba for tea.since i was on bike,dhaba owner suggested me to halt in srikot and complete the rest journey next days.idea was good.i reached srikot took a room for 400 Rs in GMVN rest house.

evening was quite a cool in Srikot.after having dinner i went to bed due to some tiredness after long bike riding .but still lots of excitement was there for next day bike riding in himalaya day early morning i get up and ready for further journey.till deorital  i had to cross rudrprayag,agustya muni,syalsaur,than ukhimath..any way in morning it was chill whether,shivering cold .but there was an excitement which is acting like heater for me.soon i reached rudrprayag then crossed agustyamuni,after just crossing agustymuni  i found the first unforgettable  glimpse of chaukhamba peak,

Near Rudraprayag

Near Rudraprayag

the magic of majestic Himalaya started now.soon again i reached ukhimath. recently ukhimath have faced cloud burst in september month and the impact of this was still there..some where road were totally vanished..but work was in progress,people were still in search of their family member who are buried during cloud burst which happened  in midnight .

Himalayan Peaks

Himalayan Peaks



malta tree

malta tree

after this again i started journey soon i reached saari village which is the base camp for i got warm welcome from a person his name is rakesh singh negi owner of Rakesh tourist lodge saari village.even all people of saari village were very humble and nice all have praised me that i came from delhi by bike.after taking tea .rakesh singh negi called his friend(surender singh)owner of dhaba at Deorital for my tent arrangements.he showed me  the way to reach deorital which is 2.5km from saari village.i just parked my bike parking is totally safe.

from here real fun and enjoyment of loneliness started.only one song i listen repeatedly  during 1 hour trekking which was SHOW ME THE MEANING OF BEING LONELY..that song seems to be totally  inextricably linked to the surrounding  environment .deoriatal is 70 degree steep climb from saari village.

After 1 hrs of hiking i finally reached the Tal. i was  stunned and speechless on reaching the top. The snow-capped mountain peaks surrounded the Tal….it was awesome, there’s no word which I can describe its i found everything what i wanted from  nature.




Due to winter season there were only 4 to 5 people are there,one foreigner couple and 2 bangali people , two dhaba owner, and lastly i was me. surender welcome me and served me omlate and tea which was super delicious in that’s kind of environment.since i reached tal at 3 pm,i started to walk from one point to last point of tal.really what i felt there cant be describe in word,

My house

My house

surender told me that try to come in the month of feb when you will find burance flower every where.. whole deoriatal converted in red colour  heaven in that flower.  i promised to myself to come this place in month of feb.what a peacful moment are there,there is loneliness,there is white snow beauty,there is greenery,there is wlidlife,u forget the metro life,forget the horrible traffic forget every tension for a days..YE JAAGTI KA AANKHO KA SAPNA THA.. KUCH PAL KE LIYE  HI SAHI,MAGAR YE SAPNA MERA APNA THA.since it was sunny days weather was pleasant but when sunlight off by 5 pm it started shivering .it became chilled environment there,my tent was evening two banagli people and one dhaba owner returned to saari village,now  one foreigner couple, surrender ,one forest gured santosh singh rawat.

and lastly me  were there .surender again started to make omlate for all,since i brought 3 cane of i given to foreigner couple,one given to surendar and one for was nice evening when we all together seated near wood fire.. surrender told us that this is core forest area,many animal like musk, jackal,fox,leopard  lives there..we started to immerse ourselves in the chatting and hearing the  many untold stories related to the mythology of the Tal, the unknown Forest, from surendar and santosh singh rawat .now instead of surendar singh i cook egg curry for all in dinner..It was really a feeling somewhat about some experiences I have imagine since long time.We  started taking our dinner near Wood fire  there is no electricity,only solar lamp are there.After sometime i felt like going to tents for sleep. But frankly I really don’t wanted to go there,tent is few yards walking distances that too in that pitch dark night,There were too many strange sounds of the jungle.after entering in tent All along the night i heard several sounds and after entering in the tent i don’t know when i fall asleep..suddenly around 11 PM  A strange sound is coming from outside may be a few yards.. I was really afraid and didn’t know what to do.any way i suddenly courage to unzip the tent entrance.after some yards from tent i found two small torch light.may be it was jackal eye.. but when i saw with the help of torch light on the back side of tent it was group of deers i ran into the tent for camera but till then they ran away..Sometime later i fall asleep and woke up early in the morning.i discussed with surender about this incident he told me that animals like deer  jackal come to tal to drink water in night.any way in morning Sun rise from the back of the snow-caped mountain peaks and it was a breath taking sight.really i never wanted to go from this heaven..but truth is truth ..i had to come back to live machine life in metro city.

it was time to say good bye deorital.apart from tent charge and food charges,i wanted to give Rs 500  to surendar but he denied to accept,even guard santosh charge me only 50 Rs as entrance fee.they only requested to me bring a bottle of red wine when i will come back to deoriatal in feb month.i left only lovely memories&beautiful experience i had in deoriatal. thanks a lot to humble and selfless person like surender and santosh singh rawat..who treated me like a guest.i left Deoriatal and move towards chopta&tungnath…journey continued……………


  • SilentSoul says:

    Welcome to Ghumakkar Rakesh. The post is good and well organised. The fotos are great specially the photo of Devaria Taal with Chaukhamba peak in the back ground is mind blowing.

    tks for sharing

    • rakesh kush says:

      Thank you silentsoul sir for liking photos and post .comment and feedback always act like a catalyst for every new writer..thanks once again..

  • D.L.Narayan says:

    Great debut, Rakesh. The ride on the Ghumakkar Express is becoming really enjoyable with new writers like you hopping aboard. The pictures are befitting the stunning landscape of the Himalayas and you bring a freshness to the forum. Waiting for more such posts from you.

  • Praveen Wadhwa says:

    Great post and great first post. They have fog [First on ghumakkar].
    Once I asked Nandan, about having a bog [best on ghumakkar] too.
    He said there’d be a riot because then everybody thinks their post is a bog.

    Well your’s is a “bog”.

    • rakesh kush says:

      many many thinks praveen sir for commenting on my post ..i am a big FAN of your way of travelling ,i have been reading your post since many days..once again thank you …

  • Amitava Chatterjee says:

    Welcome to Ghumakkar…Rakesh, my friend from Saidabad.

    …so, life is nothing but a long and unplanned journey, right…I really enjoyed the post…photos are excellent…there are so many places to visit – will definitely not possible in this life, but still there are people like you who take us through such places tthrough this wonderful site…keep travelling, keep writing.

    ‘ll look forward to your next post(s)…take care of yourself

    • rakesh kush says:

      Amitava sir …
      how are you remember my sentence (life is nothing………)still.thanks a lot for your feedback..recently 25th of November i went to Allahabad by my car(alto) and that was too father scolded me that such kind of long journey by small car is not good as performance of engine may go down..and on that time i just put up example of your long driving till kolkata by father also went through your post (delhi to kolkata related post) and believe me after this.. confusion about engine performance totally removed.thanks once again..

  • Vipin says:

    Welcome to ghumakkar family, Rakesh Ji! Great post to mark your entry, awesome captures and nicely expressed. I felt a bit homesick on reading your post as my village is near Agastyamuni…you are right as soon as you cross Agastyamuni and reach near Chandrapuri, you get the first glimpse of these mighty snow clad mountains…

    I too started my boarding on Ghumakkar Express with the same place (Deoria Taal) almost a year back…but my express was a bit fast as i covered Deoria Taal & Tugnath in the same post…:)…check it out here if you wish to see…

    • rakesh kush says:

      Thank you vipin sir for lovely words..
      need not to say i have already went through your all post specially your deoritaal tungnath trip..
      i am so happy after knowing that you belong to my super favorite place UTTRAKHAND..sir if you feeling home sickness.just try to take leave,go to home or in future if you have plan to visit your native place and if u allow ..i will also go with you..actually i want to explore every place of uttrakhand..

  • Surinder Sharma says:

    Welcome Rakesh,

    Photos so good. Hope you will back with wine bottle. Thanks

    • rakesh kush says:

      Thanks a lot Surinder sir for liking my photos.
      surely i will visit again that place in feb month.. as i have promised to my new friends in deoritaal to bring some special for them.thanks once again..

  • Sandeep Bhatia says:

    Hi Rakesh, Very nice posting and planned, pls. add me for Feb 2013 visit. I have similar spirits for Himalayas like you have.

    • rakesh kush says:

      thanks for feedback sandeep..
      you are most welcome for feb trip in deoritaal..nature have so many things ..lets enjoy thats …

  • Dear Rakesh,

    Many things about you – the love for music, loneliness, nature’s beauty, your desire to share your nice travel experiences with others – make you one of my favourite ghumakkars here. I also belong to Dehradun and have been upto Pauri and Srinagar only.

    I enjoyed your photos and the description and would have loved more if it were more detailed. If you proof-read your text before submitting, you would have got rid of some typos which crept into the text here and there.

    Over all, a very promising start indeed. Write more and more…. We are online and waiting. :)

    • rakesh kush says:

      Thanks a lot sushant sir for nice feedback..i will definitely try to improve my writing skill.i am so glad that many friends and senior like you belong to uttrakhand.i love that place,i often visit dehradun,and also planning to buy a flat in nalapani road near sahastradhara road in dehradun.

  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Rakesh,

    Welcome to Ghumakkar.

    Enjoyed this post on your drive to Deorital I was travelling with you while reading this hearty account.

    Planning to do Delhi-Deorital in a day…I would say it was very ambitious (even if on a bike). Information on the tal area is quite helpful.

    Keep travelling and keep writing here….



  • rakesh kush says:

    Thanks a lot AUROJIT sir .i am so glad that you enjoyed the post..and i got such a nice feedback from senior ghumakkad memeber like you..thanks once again for your encouragement words..

  • Anil Sharma says:

    Hi Rakesh,
    I am Anil Sharma basicly from Delhi ( Sagar pur )but right now in Bangalore.You look like me adventurist specially in Himalaya, I am planing a bike tour from Delhi to Khardungla with such like you people, ( But my tour start from Bangalore to Khardungla and back Bangalore ) in may or jun month on bike So I would like to invite you to join me.but remember you have prepare a lot for this tour.So if you interested then you may call me at this no. 09738119679.

  • rakesh kush says:

    hiiii anil
    thanks for your encouragement words. Khardung La pass is absolutely a landmark for bike riders.i am totally ready for this trip.any distance,any remote area, become more and more enjoyable if we have a zeal ,fervent desire to enjoy travelling ,plz keep in touch via this nice forum called GHUMAKKAD.i will contact you soon,meanwhile if you have any plan to visit Himalaya zone,i am ready to give you company,

    thanks once again

  • Abheeruchi says:


    Welcome to Ghumakkar…The best platform for travellers /ghumakkar.

    Great post, beautiful pics.

    Keep travelling, keep writting, keep sharing.

    The best thing I like about Ghumakkar is that all Ghumakkars here encourage new ghumakkar so well that our hobby of travelling becomes our passion.

    Thanks to Ghumakkar and all ghumakkars…

  • Biswajit Ganguly says:

    Dear Rakesh, what an expresssion? I really wonder how could you write so simple and make every body notice your debut post. One thing which is clear about your personality is the eagerness to learn and share with down to earth approach, heart with lots of compassion and expressions some great virtues makes you quite different. You almost made us travelling with you with good detailing about the places and simple expressions of boy next door makes this post very lovable. Entire Himalayan region is known as Dev Bhumi and people like Surender and Negi sahab are found in abundance, I wish every person from the cities should go to these places to have first hand feel of real India!!! Thanks dear for sharing such wonderful experience … will wait for more of such classic collections. Biswajit

    • rakesh kush says:

      thanks a lot for your lovely and encouragement words.really entire Himalayan region is known as a Devbhumi..not because of God lives their its because of people of that place..i have visited so many place of India,but i felt that people of uttrakhand know the exact meaning of ATITHI DEVO BHAVA, thanks a lot once again..

  • says:

    deoriatal seema a must visit after reading your post. amazing pics of Tal ! Nicely written. Totally an adventurous journey in mid of Himalaya & Jungle.

  • Hey, this is a very good post! Good start, I must say…

    Rakesh – all the best for your Khardung La trip.


  • Nandan Jha says:

    Welcome aboard Rakesh.

    I am very happy to see this post in print. :-). Enough praise has been (actually there is never enough) showered so I would not add more but I would like to point out one thing which simply blew me away, the gesture of sharing your bubbly cans with almost-strangers. It says a lot about you.

    I look forward to read more of your stuff. Please take note of Sushant’s suggestions around proof-reading and just like Sharma ji, I also hope that you return to Deoria with a Red Wine bottle next month. :-) take care.

    • rakesh kush says:

      Thanks a lot nandan sir for your feedback..surely i will follow the suggestion.. and i am waiting Feb month when i will visit that heaven again..

  • Abhinav Kumar says:

    Dear Rakesh
    got very inspired by your post and have now planned to follow your route all the way to deoriatal on bike. what could be the challenges ??? If you could specify it would be really helpful.


    • rakesh kush says:

      Many many thanks that you inspired by my post..deoritaal is must visit Himalayan destination for every one who love the nature beauty..As far as challenges are will not face any kind of problem..if u love long bike riding ,if u love travelling alone,if u love mountain..then just go there,but if you are going in this month(January),u may face snow on the road from ukhimath to saari village..and there will be plethora of snow at deoriataal in this time..but still u can get accomodation(tent),food at that place,and if you are not in hurry then i can give you company..but my plan to go that place in feb month…

  • Nirdesh says:

    Great start Rakesh!

    Now RRG has company!

  • Archana says:

    Welcome aboard Rakesh!

    I must confess that your picture-perfect shots struck me by awe!! Now I am beginning to wonder if the place is that beautiful or is it your brilliant photography? I am sure it is both, isn’t it?

    The crystal clear waters in the post-card like photos give me an instant feeling of diving into them only to come out clean and refreshed! I am sure you would have loved your trip and the experience is something you (and now we all) cannot forget!

    Great work!


  • Mrinmoy says:

    Kabhi andakfu janeka plan ho to hume batana… main hun na…..


    I loved every word of your story. The pictures makes it awesome. I also went to Nainital by bike in this march. But your journey and night stay was to adventorous my friend. I will wait for your more stories. Im very fond of reading this kind of adventurous stories. I m planing to go there in march 2016.

  • rakesh kush says:

    Thanks Dinesh dude.. pleasure to know you liked the pics and,mountain,remote area of uttrakhand always entice me to do unplanned trip,do visit deoriatal,this place never disappoint us,even the near place like chopta has its own virgin beauty,lovely buransh flower,loneliness,your bike,and last but not least delicious smoky woody food makes yours trips unforgettable..

  • Arun Kumar says:

    I am intersted for this tour too. please let me know how to register for the same.

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