Sattal – Getaway Jungle Camp

Getaway Jungle Camp – It’s a bliss, what else

General Info : Located in Uttrakhand , 7 tal is a group of seven lakes which is close to Nainital, the mother of all tals (lakes). It’s usually a picnic spot where folks come to have kadi-chawal and a round of boating. Beyond the lake is the jungle and once you cross the lake over boat, you move towards this lovely camp called ‘Getaway Jungle Camp’. You climb a few notches and as you stroll down towards the valley, the camp gradually unfolds, a step at a time.

Getaway Jungle Camp is in a small valley which is not accessible via motorable road, in fact any road. The only way to get in is by trekking. Set amid poplar trees, this bunch of tents overlooks hills and a large flat playground. There is a dining area, a big designated for an outdoor bon-fire, lots of forest warmth and clean fresh air. What else you will ever need. There is no electricity, no cell signals (except BSNL which sort of reaches almost every where), no DJ-powered music systems and no disco lights, so if you are looking for a vacation which you only want to share with your family and friends, getaway jungle camp is the place to be in. In fact you will hardly notice any locals there since it’s a little away from the populace.

I have been there many times, at least more than 10 and every time has been equally memorable. And probably that’s the motivation behind dedicating a blog to 7tal.

How to Reach

Train : Nearest railhead is Kathgodam. More info at and you can book tickets at

Kolkata Connection : Train No – 3019. Daily. Takes a long time to reach. Via Asansol, Barauni, Chhapra, Gonda.
Delhi Connection: Train No – 5013. Ranikhet Express. Daily. Overnight. Via Moradabad.
Delhi Connection: Train No – 5035. Sampark Kranti. Daily. Starts at 1605 and reaches at 2235 hrs. Fastest. They can arrange for pick-up service, it’s a 45-60 minute hilly drive from Kathgodam.

Pantnagar which is about 70 KMs away is nearest airport. Jagson airlines flies and I think Air Deccan is coming soon.

Road – Most common way to reach.
From Delhi – Get on to NH24 – Ghaziabad, Hapur, Moradabad, Rampur, Haldwani, Bhimtal, Saat Taal. From anywhere else, the trick is to reach Rampur or Moradabad and then get on to road which goes towards Nainital. I have driven numerous times from Delhi so I will add a special section in the end specifically on ‘Delhi to 7tal on wheels’, later.

Activities at camp

You can do many activities at the camp like
– Put a harness in the waist-loop, get a rope going through the harness to a hook/anchor on top of hill and you climb down by controlling the release of rope. This link has a fairly explained text on this

River crossing – There is a small stream which is usually dry but has water during rainy season. This small stream is flanked by rocks so you put up two anchors on the both sides, stretch a rope and then using a harness you can slide down. It’s not very difficult to pull yourself as long as you master the art of remaining flat, which means at 180 degrees.
Obstacle Course – Run, slide through a drench, jump over hurdles, Tarzan swing etc.
Trekking – There is a good trek which goes up to a village and then to a hilly terrace. It’s not very rough or a long one and any one can do that. Once you reach top you get to have an aerial view of the camp.
Games – Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, Football and then anything.
Swimming – 7tal with life jackets. Those who really want to do it well should go to Garur tal.
Cycling – Camp can organize a cycle tour. You go up in jeeps and then peddle down the slope.

Tents – It’s a large area and it’s not too much of work to put up a new tent. But typically the camp can accommodate 60-80 people on twin sharing basis. If it’s a school group then it can be 100+ easily.

Food – Wholesome, well cooked, homely food – mostly north Indian with some Kumaoni dishes as well. Barbeques etc on request.

Close-by places for a day trip can be Naukuchiyatal, Nainital
Contacts : Manav Joseph at 98104 40150 or

If you are planning a visit then, Things to Bring list will look like this
Good walking shoes – sneakers (one pair) or flat soled shoes with a good grip. Flat sandals for ladies. Slippers/floaters.
Clothing – casual cotton clothes and woolens are required.
Raincoats, umbrellas or any sort of rain gear with appropriate footwear.(for rainy season)
TORCHES are mandatory (the camp does not have electricity) with spare batteries.
Personal medication – please carry prescribed medicines. People suffering from any cardiac/breathing problems should inform the camp in charge on arrival/ Delhi office at the time of booking.
Shoulder bags or easy to carry bags are to be used to carry the stuff. NO SUITCASES.
Sun screen lotion if one is allergic to sun.( for summers)
Personal toilet articles and towels.
Cameras with batteries and film rolls.
Articles of personal nature like cigarettes etc.
Swimming trunks and shorts.


  • Nandan Jha says:

    I had earlier posted at my other blog at but thought that it will be good to consolidate everything at one place.

    off late, the site has not been getting any new content as well ;) so as i start to remember my old corbett trips, it seemed good enough to put 7tal here.

  • Anonymous says:

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  • Atul Marwaha says:

    Dear Friends ,

    We at Prime Options believe this to be a wonderful opportunity to own a Hillside property since it includes the wish list of most customers, picturesque locale, easy accessibility, 5000 ft above sea level, outstanding design & specifications, view of the Sattal lake & the virgin mountains amidst a reserve forest. Yes indeed this is an opportunity unlike any other and frankly this is a labor of Love! The Villas designed by Naveen are all uniquely designed and blend with the mountains unlike the concrete structures which jar the landscape elsewhere. The locale is richly endowed with natural beauty and daresay one of the most beautiful sites to behold.
    Naveen has developed this locale over 15 years and lives here! He has been a pioneer and his commitment to the location is unparalleled. The offerings are in Four formats / configurations 4&5 Bedroom Luxury Hill Villas of super area 4500 to 5000 sq ft , Plot area 500 sq mt, cost 1.25 Cr(Total of 4 Villas are proposed in this category). Spanish Villas , on 250 sq mt @ 35 L ( 2&3 Bed room Variants of 1800 sq ft Covered Area ), Extendable Villas on 150 sq mt,one BHK , approximately 750 sq ft , 18 to 20 L ,and Luxury Resort apartments in three story configuration 450 sq ft @ base gross sale price of less than Rs 10 L, pictures are actual and are of the existing villas in the location.
    The construction and material used, conform to international specifications and the firm is proud to confirm usage of Industry best practices in construction & design. There are various adventure activities also undertaken in close proximity i.e. kayaking , rock climbing, fishing, parasailing and boating amongst others. We will be happy to retain the exclusivity of the place by accommodating likeminded people and am therefore keeping my campaign low key.
    The Resort apartments will be self contained and will cater for the needs of customers who wish to experience nature in it’s pristine beauty. These 450 sq ft studios are in a three storey configuration and will be delivered in two years. This is a large project and with all the apartments , We will encourage you to satisfy yourself with any queries regarding ownership & title .

    We have one Villa presently available, just adjacent to Naveen’s cottage which has a glorious view of the lake from all windows!! it is in it’s final stages of completion. Since Naveen typically installs fittings commensurate to the customers taste the interiors will be completed as per client preference. The cost of this property is 35 Lac. This is a two bed room villa with a super area of 1800 sq ft on a plot area of 450 sq yards. I am appending the picture of the Villa on offer . The payment details are 10 % Registration Cost i.e. 3.5 L , the balance as Three Equated Monthly Installments @ 30 % of the value of the Apartment (Rs 10,50,000/-) payable on or before 10th of each month post registration .

    The spa & ayurveda centre will take about two years to deliver. The Ayurvedic and yoga centre is proposed to be run by a highly reputed organisation and all initiatives on socially relevant issues like greening the environment, and educating village children will be undertaken!

    We will keep you posted on the status of the project at all stages through mailers and our website . As I write to you we are negotiating with a customer for sale of 24 Resort Apartments and will be finalizing the deal in early June 09. We only have 48 units on offer in this category .
    Please consider a visit with your family , it will be a pleasure to have you over, The route you need to take is as follows (am enclosing a route map for your reference) Delhi – Hapur (Take Bypass) – Moradabad (Take Bypass) – Take a U turn towards Jim Corbett Park and go to Kashipur – Turn right for Bazpur at Statue – Go to Kaladhungi – Then proceed to Haldwani – Kathgodam – Ranibagh – from Ranibagh take a right turn towards Bhimtal – (the straight road takes you to Nainital, avoid that) – 3 Kms short of Bhimtal you hit Borakoon – take a left (PWD pagdandi semi metal road ) to Suryagaon via Jantwalgaon. The Wooded Glen Estates opens its doors to you here !
    Principally due to the novelty of the project , its locale and the features it has had an unprecedented response in spite of the downturn .Am enclosing pictures as asked for .Will be happy to address any queries you might have on the project .We look forward to welcoming you at Sattal at your earliest convenience, for travel by Railroad you could travel by (Train no 5013 RANIKHET EXPRESS SCH DEP Delhi 2235 h Arrival KATHGODAM 05.45 h ), Departure( – Train no 5014 RANIKHET EXPRESS SCH DEP Kathgodam 20.40 h ,Arrival New Delhi 0355 h )

    (Disclaimer :We are creating homes amidst nature , be prepared to experience Nature as it is , we are making efforts to add conveniences along the way by creating embankments , posting signages & improving the approach to Sattal ,we assure you of our commitment to add these to make your living experience worthwhile ! )
    Will be happy to have your contact details to enable me to call you .

    Best regards ,
    Atul Marwaha
    Principal Consultant
    Prime Options ,
    M – +91-9717500111
    L- +91-124-4205699
    F- +91-124-4379086

    you could contact me at or at

    Posted by Atul at 2:48 AM 2 co

  • ram dhall says:

    Thanks for refreshing the memories of our visits to this unforgettable resort. The peace and tranquility of the place almost sticks with you. I will always cherish the moments we had at the campfire late evenings.

    The beauty of the surroundings keep on calling me back and I am looking forward to my next visit to this awesome resort.

  • Nandan says:

    Thanks Ram. I would try to add pictures and also update some of the details. By the way, met Manav today and we were tentatively looking at doing a trip during 25 -27 nov, 2011. It would be a great maidan to be there with sunny days and nippy nights, just apt for a warm bonfire. Let’s see how the plan develops.

  • Nandan says:

    Typo. I meant mausam.

  • ram dhall says:

    End November is the right time to go there. It would be the beginning of winter and the climate would be absolutely pleasant.

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