Our First Rafting Experience at Rishikesh

5 guys named Vishal Sharma (The Transporter), Saumya Rakesh (The initiator), Amit Singhal (The Google Map), Vikash Anand (The Golu Bhaiya) and Anupam Dixit (The Swimmer) from Dental Provider Team (Metlife GOSC) went on a trip to Rishikesh on 8 May 2010. After a hectic client visit at office on 7 may, we left the office at 4 am and took a totally different route. Noida; Gaziabad; Modinagar; Meerut; Mawana; Ramraj; Bijnor; Kiratpur; Najihabad; Haridwar and then Rishikesh. Our camp was 36kms away from Shivpuri. We did breakfast at Chidiyapur. we has Paranthas. pakoras and Tea it just costed 20 Rs per head which was really very cheap. After driving for approx 300 kms we reached our camp parking at 11 am. Our camp organiser Mr. Amit Bhatia met us there and he informed us about the locations and do and don’ts in the camp area.

After walking downhill (300 mts steep) we reached our campsite. We met manager Yogesh there and he told us that 2 tents are ready for us and it will be our home for next 2 days. The Camp site was amazing. It looked like a perfect beach. After keeping our bags in our tent we decided to go for Kayaking. Mr Bheem Singh our kayaking instructor gave us useful tips about kayaking and we all tried our best but either we were not able to maintain the balance or were too slow in rowing the kayak. We also tried swimming but the rocks didn’t allowed us to do that. Finally we found a place where there was no rocks in the river. I taught them the basics of swimming and we all enjoyed the free style swimming.

After that we lied down in the river and the current was so strong that we were automatically flowing with the water (Thanks to the life jackets). After spending 3 hours in water we came out at 2:30 pm and lied down on the beach to dry ourselves and then we had lunch. We then slept for 3 hours.

At 6 pm we were offered tea by Mr Yogesh, we enjoyed our tea with the biscuts that were given to us by our dear frnd MITA at office. Me and Saumya tried our hands on Vollyball and we were just messing around with the ball. suddenly a strong breeze took the ball away from us into the river and the ball went to the other side of the river :(.

At 8:30 pm bar-be-queue was organised and we enjoyed it with the drinks. After the drinks were over we all had fun we sang danced and were also joined by the other groups sitting there. We sang all the songs possible from Atif Aslam to Sutta na mila. We also sang advertisement like washing powder nirma, Lifeboy and Vico turmeric, This continued till midnight and then the dinner was served.

We slept around 1:30 am and woke up at 7am. After our morning activities we were serverd with heavy breakfast as we were going for our first rafting experience.

We went to our rafting site and met our rafting instructor Mr Chander Veer. He told us that we are going to raft for 4 hrs as the distance is 26 Kms. he told us not to shout so that we can hear his instructions. he started with a bit slow rafting and then asked us to just out of the raft holding the lifeline, which we all did. the we came across several rapids like Good Morning, Three Blind Mice, Cross Fire, Roller-Coaster,T of Golf, Golf Course and Club House and we had a body surfing rapid also in which we were allowed to jump out side the raft in the rapid. We also did the cliff jump which was amazing. My favorite part in rafting was three blind mice, roler coster, body surfing and cliff jumping. There were several times when we thought that our raft will hit the cliffs or will turn upside down but nothing happened as we followed the instructions carefully.  and then returned to delhi via same route. Our Organiser Mr Amit was really very helpful.

You must have found the rafting part was not described properly to which I will reply “BE A MAN AND EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF”.


  • Sameer Kumar says:

    Very nice write up Anupam. I could feel the level of excitement while you were rafting. It had been better if you could post snaps also.
    Could you please provide me with the contact no of Mr Amit who organised it so well. We are planning a trip to rishikesh soon.

    I really want to experience it myself.


  • nandanjha says:

    Welcome aboard Anupam.

    It looks like you guys had total fun. Great. If you need help around posting pics, send me an e-mail and I would set you up.

  • Meraj says:

    nice anupam ….you can possibly write big….you have the traits of becoming a writer.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Anupam,

    A very well written post. In last couple of years shivpuri became very popular place. Like Sameer said it could be better if you could put the pictures also.

  • lucky_luke says:

    Thank you sameer, Meraj and Mahesh. sameer please check you e mail for Mr Amit’s number. nandan I am mailing 6 pics to you so please help me with the pics. Thank you all for comments. This is my first write-up after essay in class 12th ;)

  • travellers says:

    Hi Anupam,
    the post drips with all the excitement you guys have had there. A good write-up ; the guy who examined your ‘class 12th essay’ should be proud.

  • nandanjha says:

    Anupam – I put a few of them. Now the story is looking even better.

    Its been probably 6-7 years when we last went. On my last one, the other raft toppled in ‘The Wall’ rapid and it was quite an adventure fishing people out. I was never co-axed to do the cliff-jump (somehow everyone thought that I must have done it before, since I been there few times). My fav position was right behind the first rafter(er). Old times

    A close friend used to run a camp, most of our trips were during 2000 – 2004.

    nice to see the pics. looking fwd to read more from you.

  • Wasim Khan says:

    Cool guys with loads of fun filled trip. Great & happy to see those rare moments in Met Dental Provider. Looking for more trips with new faces everytime,,, may be me ,,, next time :-)

  • vikassharma says:

    Ya it was really a fun to be there.I been there couple of times really you cannot express those feelings in words. Anyways good post.

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  • Dhiraj Yadav says:

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  • Ankush says:

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