Road Trip to Harihareshwar, Divyaghar and Srivardhan Beaches , the coastal areas of Maharashtra.. Day 3 !!

We woke up early in the morning, freshened up, had break fast and started for the return journey. Mornings are so beautiful, just love them.

Yes, I remember now, it was 15th August and we got to see many school students march pasting on this occasion.

Raigad was now only 23 KM’s away. We were in time as decided.

The fort was on high altitude and they had this pulley service called ropeway. We got tickets for 150 bucks both side for one. It looked too risky but was adventurous.

We slowly and slowly started moving up, was feeling the gravity by then. But the view from the top was worth reaching. We finally reached the fort. It was wonderful to be there. It was such a lovely creation by the then king Chattrapati Shivaji. I would like to post some pics in this context.

Goosebumps already took control and I was feeling patriotic and proud inside to be an Indian by seeing the beautiful tri colour waving. Salute Mother India.

We were very tired, hungry and exhausted by then but we did not stop moving. Finally we reached the extreme corner of this huge fort. It was a lovely feeling.

We then decided to leave after taking some pictures and drinking water. We took the ropeway back and reached safely to the ground.

It was a long journey we had to cover now around 220 KM’s continuous riding for reaching pune. We had lunch, stuffed our stomach, took water bottles and were all set for the trip back home. Some images I captured in the return journey. Hope you all like.

Finally reached Bhor, took 5 minutes break after the stressful ride in the ghats. I was feeling like, why our trip ended, I wanted it to continue. But could not help with the schedules in place for the coming week. Finally we decided to leave.

We reached pune and it was around 7 PM then. I had to change my rear tyre and it took another hour for the MRF guys to replace it. We had a great time, traveling is so refreshing. I want to travel and travel and travel more. As a ghumakkar, I proudly say “Travelling is good” !!


  • Nandan says:

    Yes, traveling is good. :-)

    Maharashthra unbound. On a bike, doing > 200 KMs must be a very long ride. How much time did it take to finish the journey ?

    • Thanks Nandan and sorry for the late reply.. We started at 6 in the morning and reached pune at around 6 pm. Although had been to Raigad in between.. Usually it will take 6 Hours to complete if we don’t take a long break !

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