Ojaswi Resort , Chaukori – Hotel Review

Ample parking space, well maintained gardens and clean room with white crisp sheets have already won our hearts but it was dark by the time we could settle down. We were at Ojaswi Resort, Chakori for two nights and I got enough opportunity to experience the hotel for next two days and here is my customary review of the place.

It has a brilliant location.I and many other Ghumakkars would tell you that KMVN (Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam) hotels have got the best locations and that is 100% correct since they are usually the ones to move first. KMVN has a vast network of hotels and being a government promoted entity, they probably have less trouble in acquiring a place which has got best views but in case of Chakori, Ojaswi has a equally amazing location, more so if you are on first floor. It is right next to KMVN and is on the road which connects Udyari Bend to Thal and then to Munsyari.

It is a ideal location to break your journey either on the way towards Munsiyari, to get the much needed rest or on the way back to celebrate. Munsyari being an high altitude and less frequented place, doesn’t boast of many nice and comfortable hotels.

Smiling Flowers


They have a large and ample parking space which is a great boon. Usually all big hotels have enough parking space but it is not very common to find a big hotel in a remote place like Chakori so it was heartening to find a gated place for our car. On ground level, there is s reception which flaunts couple of sofas, few Nests-n-Wings maps of Uttrakhand and a counter. Next to it is dining hall, having humble furniture and can accommodate about 20 people.

The top of this part of building has been left open and is a great place to spend your evenings. Right behind the hotel, there is a thick green foliage while in the front you can enjoy the majestic views of Himalayan Ranges.

Here is a pic showing you the parking lot, the roof and the green cover behind.

Parking. Reception Office. Roof Top and the greenery behind.


The rooms are in another section and have been beautifully designed. There are row of single story structures with a room at ground level and a room at first floor. There are regular rooms and then there are suites. We were in a suite. In each unit, there is one suite at Ground level and the other at first floor. Each of these suite units, have its own stairs so it is not like a row of rooms like you see in a regular hotel.

There are not too many rooms or suites so overall you do not get the feeling of being in a large place, it still is a small place.


Roof over reception - Great place for kids

In front of rooms, there is very well maintained garden lined with plants of all hues and saturation. This long alley can get a little crowded or noisy if there are lot of people, especially during evenings since every one would want to sit-out over a cup of coffee/bubbly and enjoy the lovely Himalayan weather. Having said that, you can still find your own corner and have good time.

The front portion of Suites

Row of Rooms, Suites. Garden.

Another view of the alley

The room was good with a TV, nice bed, crisp sheets, warm quilts, LCD TV with DTH connection and a small sofa set. The beauty of the suite was in the single room which came along with. It had a single bed and a sofa which I believe can be converted into a bed.

Bed Room. Large Glass windows for the fab view.

Room, TV, Sofa etc

I would personally think that if you are a group of three or have grown-up kids, then getting a suite makes a lot of sense.

Additional Single Room in the Suite

Bathroom was clean, well lit with continuous running hot water. The toiletries were OK , the towels were dry and clean.


There is no internet at the hotel so bring your own card. Airtel/Vodafone/BSNL works.

We didn’t find electric kettle in the room, which I missed. The endless stream of black-tea is just not possible via room-service. Restaurant is humble but room service was good and the food was pretty good, rightly priced. There is no Bar so BYOB.

We paid 3200 for a suite including breakfast, looked like good deal to us. In high season, I would think that this might go up.

You can find more details and relevant contact information at their website – http://www.ojaswiresort.com/
All in all, I would recommend this place to anyone who is Chaukori bound. Here’s a bonus pic for those who have read this far. It is taken from right outside our room.

Rainbow - The Bonus Pic

Finally a great thanks to Manish Khamesra, for his strong recommendation. We were on for a long ride and a two day stay at Chaukori gave us enough strength to sustain landslides, cold weather and gloomy day at Munsyari.


  • Vibha says:

    Wow, sounds like a nice place.

    I have stayed at a couple of places run by the Government, one in Ranikhet and the other in Ooty and have enjoyed my stay at both. This review is in contrast with one of your earlier reviews of a Government run establishment in Lucknow: https://www.ghumakkar.com/2007/05/09/hotel-gomti-in-lucknow/

    I hope the hotel in Lucknow has learnt from places like KMVN and is making the required changes in their services.

    By the way, congratulations for your 75th story. Quite a milestone. You are a true inspiration for us.


  • Sahil Sethi says:

    @ Nandan Ji , Looks really a nice place to stay. It is true that the location of KMVN are very good and they offer some brilliant views.


  • Nandan says:

    @ Vibha – Thanks. Yes , it is.

    Regarding that Lucknow hotel, I think UP has a long long way to go. We have the best tourism spot in UP (The Taj) and still when you visit Taj, you wonder on why the govt is not able to create a complete travel eco-system here with guided walks to Red fort, Sikandra, Sikri. Agra should be a 4 day place instead of a single day run-from-Delhi-run-from-Agra kind of thing.

    I have not been impressed with KMVN. In this particular case, Manish Khamesra stayed at KMVN (Chaukori) and then moved to Ojaswi, choosing to forfeit the money.

    Thanks for the 75th. If I can do 100 in this year, I would give myself a real nice gift :-)

  • Nandan says:

    @ Sahil – O, yes, it is indeed a great place to stay. KMVN has great views but they are losing on hospitality and hygiene. Still they have the most number of places, esp at real remote places so that is really appreciable.

  • Stone says:

    Happy 75th :-)

  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Nandan,

    Thanks for the detailed description about ‘Ojaswi’. Such reviews would surely help prospective visitors plan their Himalayan sojourns with relevant and unbiased info.

    Enjoyed this more because I had missed on this leg altogether during my trip – from Munsiyari, I drove down to Almora for night halt via Berinag/ Raigar.

    About KMVN, I personally rate the three Govt run hotels I have made use of, in order of preference as HTPTDC, GMVN, KMVN. Its a personal opinion based on my limited exposure to these areas.

    Thanks again


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Sorry Nandan to comment very late, I was in Dehradun for the last 3-4 days came back today evening only.

    Very informative post , liked the place. You are specialist of Hotel & Road reviews.

  • Stelin Robort says:

    Really nice images. I would like to discos more about this project.
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