My visit to Chittorgarh

We went Chittorgarh fort on the day we came to Bhilwara from Delhi because when I was coming to Bhilwara I had said that I will see the fort. First we traveled to Chittor by bus. The bus took one hour to Chittor bus stand. Then I and papa took an auto to reach the fort. I thought that how they had built the fort on this high hill!

When we came to the fort first we saw Kumbha Palace. In Kumbha Palace first I saw some steps to go up. I asked papa that can we climb those steps. Papa said yes . When we went to climb steps papa saw that the steps are too narrow. Then we went to a building there also I saw some steps to go up. We went up through those stairs. I and papa were just about to put our feet suddenly I saw that there is no floor to put our feet! On the first floor there was no floor :-)

No floor!

Then I saw there are more stairs to go up but those stairs were also too narrow. When we were coming down we took a photograph from there.

And then we came down. Then we saw a very small temple. From there we could see the whole city and the city’s houses were looking Light Blue and white only.

Light Blue and white houses of Chittaurgarh

Then we entered into another palace. That palace was very confusing. Fist we entered to some very narrow places. Suddenly I saw a window my papa said that is not a window. I asked papa then what is it? Papa told me that this is a balcony.

On the Balcony

From the balcony I and papa saw an old man-made fountain.

The old man-made fountain

When we were coming out I saw a hidden way to somewhere.

Then we went to Vijaystambh. When we were going towards Vijaysthambh we saw that the road to Vijaysthambh was very small and was surrounded by green bushes. After sometime we could see Vjaysthambh from the road. There were pigs in the bushes. When we reached Vijaystambh I saw that it was very tall. Papa suggested let us climb it. I said I will not climb it. Actually, I was afraid. Then papa took two or three photographs of me and Vijaystambh.

@ Vijaystambh

Then we went to see Gaumukh. When we were going down we saw many monkeys there and there many stairs to go down. When we came down I saw a cow. That was only cow’s head and it was made of bricks. Water was coming out from the cow’s mouth. Some families were putting their feet inside the water. We saw that the water was dirty on the other side and we also saw that one duck was swimming on other the side. We sat there for some time.

Then we again came up from the stairs. Then from Vijaysthambh we came to the road.

We walked a little then we saw a palace. But we could not go to that palace because there was no way to reach there. All was surrounded by trees. I Only took the photograph of that palace.

That palace

Then we walked very far and came to Padmani Palace. We took fifteen minutes to reach Padmani Palace. On the way towards Padmani Palace we saw many dried ponds and trees. The sky was also very cloudy and the sun also went behind trees.

In Padmani Palace there was a guard who took our Padmani Palace ticket and put a stamp on the ticket so that we cannot use it again. Then when we entered Padmani Palace. We saw a very beautiful rose garden. First we saw a palace but nothing was inside it. Then we entered to another palace where Ala-Udin saw Padmani. That mirror from which Ala-Udin saw Padmani and afterward tried to capture Chittor.

The mirror

It was not real Padmani Palace but it was the part of Padmani Palace. We cannot go to Padmai Palace because it was surrounded by dirty green water. I wish it was filled with clean blue water and we would go there by boat. My Nani told me that when she was a young girl she went there and there were Lotus flowers in that pond.

The Padmini Palace

Then we ate food packed by Mummy.

Then we went out of Padmani Palace and searched for an auto. Autos were not readily available and we had to search for them. Then we saw an auto. We went near it papa asked “is auto full’ he said ‘yes.” Then we saw another auto. We asked him also. He said no my auto is not full. We came down by that auto. And waited for the light and sound show. Then we saw an uncle and an aunt. We asked them why are you just walking here? They said we are waiting here for the light and sound show.Then we said we are also waiting for the light and sound show. Then we took the tickets and asked in how much time is left for the show and they said seventeen minutes are left.

In those seventeen minutes we ate some of the remaining food. Then we also waited for the light and sound show. Then I saw some more part of the fort where we did not go. Then I asked papa what is there? Papa said that I also do not go to that side because not many things and palace are there. Then I asked papa that you only went on this side of the fort? Papa said yes I did not go to that side.
We kept waiting for some time and when we asked again that when the light and sound show will start they told us that they will start light and sound show only when more than ten people will come. There were us and 2 families. After 15 minutes they started the show.

Meera Mandir

In light and sound show they told about the brave kings of Chittor. First was Rana Kumbha , Rana Udai Singh. I liked the stories of both the kings because I like the fighting stories.

Kumbha Palace in light

Then we went home by a bus and an auto. It was real fun. I would like to go to the fort again.


  • My charming son, travelling with you is always lot of fun. And I thoroughly enjoy one-to-one we have during these travels.

    After reading the stories of Padmini, Rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga and Maharana Pratap you were very keen on visiting this fort and I am happy that we were able to fullfill the dream :-)

    During the visit I was always suggesting that with this visit you have seen the fort and you were always insisting that you have just seen the half of it and would visit it again to have a complete look.

    One point that you missed that at the same time world cup hockey matches were taking place and on that day there was the semifinal. You were torn apart in both the things, sound and light show would have meant missing Hockey match. You inisisted on watching the match and I suggested to see the show and give match a miss. I am glad that you agreed. Just like you, I too enjoyed the sound and light show.

    Good thing is that while returning we got a lift from an middle-aged couple who were travelling altogether from Mumbai and had plans to go to Jaisalmer. It was a pleasant experience to share our ghumakkar credentials with them.

    Keep travelling and keep writing :-)

  • Sanghamitra says:

    cute write-up..Even I had travelled to so many places at your age..I wish I had kept such detailed note of beautifull things I saw..

    • Rachit Khamesra says:

      Thank you Sanghamitra. As I will travel more, I will write more on ghumakkar. This time I wrote this post after some time but next time I will write the post soon.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Rachit,

    As always, a very beautiful write-up, supported with nice Pictures. For Pictures credit goes to you or Dad ?

    Dear Manish ,

    He is your true follower (History Professor) , Hats off to you. :-)

    • Thanks Mahesh. You have managed to stick a cute tag to me. lets see how long it remains mine :-)

      Rachit like most of the kids do have general inquisitiveness, and I wish it remains.

    • Rachit Khamesra says:


      Thank you,

      Some of the photos my father has taken and many of the photographs I have taken. So the credit is mixed.

      I like the stories of battles like Mahabharata, Rana Pratap fighting with Man Singh in Haldighati. Rana Kumbha fighting with Sultan Mahmud Khilji and built Vijaysthambh to celebrate his victory over him.

  • Patrick Jones says:

    Cute as usual, Rachit.

    Or should I say ‘cuter’ after our chance meeting at the book store? :-)

    • And that was a sad realization that Rachit is more known in the outside world than me, as I was wearing the advertising/announcing ghumakkar T-shirt :-) but Patrick recognized me only by recognizing Rachit.

      • nandanjha says:

        With this kind of hat-on-the-face pic, if you expect people to recognize you, you know it sort of… looks like a tall order.

        On a different note, why not make the hat part of your regular attire, it matches with ‘professor’ tag, ‘ghumakkar’ tag and probably makes it easy to be found. Seriously, do it.

        • :-)))

          The only reason I can think of not making it as a part of my attire is: Maangi hui cheejon se aadmi ki personality nahi banti ;-) (Does it fit well to my knowledge of history as well, I leave it to readers :-)

          This hat belongs to my friend Gyurmee of Bliss resort, Biksthang, Sikkim. Yes its the same place about which I am still hopeful that Jaishree will one day write about and complete her itinerary on Sikkim.

        • Mahesh Semwal says:

          Professor Manish,

          Kindly look in to the suggestion given by Nandan.

        • Patrick Jones says:

          Take Rachit everywhere with you. Hat or no hat, people will get the connection.

          Definitely better than being recognised by a headgear :-)

    • Rachit says:


      Thank you :-)

  • Ram Dhall says:


    Thanks for taking us on a virtual tour of Chittorgarh. Your beautiful description and the supporting pictures took us very close to that golden era.

    It is a pity that some of the areas of Chittorgarh were unkempt and made it difficult for the visitors to reach there. I wish that the authorities take a note of this and do something.

    Well done Rachit. You are doing better by the day.

    Shall await your next post.

    • Rachit Khamesra says:

      Thank you Ram

      Chittorgarh is a beautiful fort to visit. If the fort was greener and cleaner then I would have enjoyed it even more.

      I am writing about my travel to Uttranchal and will try to publish it soon.

  • Sameer Kumar says:

    Rachit is doing pretty well in terms of naratting the story. Like father like son !! I convey him my best regards and thanks for expressing his journey so meticulously and cutely and also for reminding me of my childhood.
    The last photo which shows the light show at the fort can be recommended for best photograph of ghumakkar. Once again, nice job Rachit.
    God bless you !!

    • Rachit Khamesra says:

      Thanks Sameer.

      It was my Mummy’s suggestion to publish the light and sound show picture a little bigger. I am happy that you liked it.

  • nandanjha says:


    Whats a floor which has no floor, I think it should be called something else like going to first Nofloor or something. :-)

  • Sudip says:

    Dear Rachit

    An excellent article… always a pleasure reading a kids point of view. Your references to the general upkeep of the place is commendable.

    Keep them coming…

    • Rachit khamesra says:


      I always see papa’s post, he always cheats from the books & internet & they are so big that children feel bored while reading them. They are always very historical. So, I prefer to write my own posts.

      My next post will be about Uttranchal.

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