My experience – Road trip from HYD to NDLS and Back

This is my first write-up ever. Recently I travelled from Hyderabad to Delhi and back to Hyderabad by road on my Esteem machine. It was great experience and I want to thank to all people who supported & guided me on the route. Before starting my journey did a good amount of study of route, alternate route, map, direction, by pass road, villages, road condition, halt and start time, where to stay, food and other. Especial thanks for my wife and my 2 yr old son who were along with me and gave me strength for entire trip. Their patience’s was key for success of this journey. Mr Brijesh ( Member) whose travel experience help me a lot and all whom we asked the route and directions on the way. Travelling by road will be very easy in coming future.

Few point which I can recommend to all.

1.        Carry a lot of water and snacks, especially if you travelling with Kids. Don’t trust on road side water bottles.

2.         Start early morning and don’t do night journey specially while in MP and route between Jhansi & Gwalior.

Below is the log of trip from Hyderabad to Delhi

Day1: Hyderabad to Nagpur

Hyderabad start 2.00 PM, road in AP is very good, maintained a speed around of 120KM per hrs. Total of 4 tolls which cost around Rs 350 . Bad Stretch of 25 KM start after 10th milestone of 4th toll. Road condition from Hingnaghat to Nagpur is very good, covered this section in dark and reach Nagpur at 9.00PM.  Total drive approx 500 KM in 7 hrs with minimal halt like railway crossing at Hingnaghat and fuel refill and lo break. Halt at Kamptee which is around 20 minutes drive from Nagpur. I could remember few destinations boards on the way like (Nirmal, Adilabad, Nizamabad, Hingnaghat). Good Eateries (Punjabi Dhaba’s) can be found at Outsirts of Nirmal,  after Adilabad bypass toward AP border.


1.        Did not find good place to Tea/Snack break

2.        Travel 25KM stretch before Hingnaghat in daylight, otherwise you will not able to figure out the road and direction after sunset.

3.        Careful in this section with heavy truck.

4.        For anything you have to get down from NH which will be very time taking, so avoid it. Carry a lot of water/snack with you.

5.        No need to worry for fuel station as lot of options especially toward Nagpur and Hyderabad cities end.

Day 2 : Kamptee to Jhansi

Start early morning at 5.00 AM and head toward Chhindwara. This section is mix of good and bad stretches. Reached Chhindwara around 7.00 AM, stopped for a fuel refill and headed toward Narsinghpur. At Chhindwara ask for Narsighpur direction, I remember as soon as we cross the railway crossing within Chhindwara town took Left road and head toward Narsinghpur(a small direction board for Narsinghpur is placed at railway crossing which is not visible). I loved this section after Chhindwara. Like good road even single lane road, ghats section, Jungle, a lot of villages on road side. Be careful at Ghats section as usually people drive fast on these types of  ghats section. Please check out your speed and same time be very careful from vehicle which is coming from other end. Ghats road end before entering Narsinghpur. Road from Narsinghpur to Babina is good. Careful with diversion, cases where need to drive on wrong direction. Full of heavy trucks. Bypass Sagar and Lalitpur. Keep following Jhansi. Road from Babina to Jhansi is horrible, Need to enter Babina town which is really horrible. Road condition is very bad till Jhansi. A lot of local traffic between Babina and Jhansi. Stretch of around 25 KM. Reached Jhansi around 5.30 PM and took night halt. During night while roaming in Jhansi got the route map to exist Jhansi and follow Gwalior.  Total drive time = 12 Hrs.  KM drive = Approx 640 KM, toll around = Rs 200


1.        Chhindwara to Narsinghpur no road side eateries, so carry your own food/Snacks.

2.        Narsinghpur to Jhansi some road side Dhabas available but not complete family dhaba. Stopped for one dhabas which was on Bypass of Sagar, there food is also not of good taste what we expect from North Indian dhabas.

3.        Narsinghpur to Babina road is very good, Very few diversion just because of construction, which I believe is going on since long time.

4.        Check your speed, Don’t over speed if you see empty road.

5.        Fill in fuel at Chhindwara as in between no fuel station till Narsinghpur. Good number of fuel station after Narsinghpur till Jhansi.

6.        Avoid Travelling in night when travelling from Chhindwara – Narsinghpur section.

7.        Chhindwara – Narsinghpur section is very scenic especially morning drive. I loved this section.

Day 3: Jhansi to Delhi

Woke up early morning 4.00 AM, it was quite chilling in morning as it was early DEC. Had our breakfast and packed our bags and started around 6.00 AM. This section from Jhansi to Gwalior is horrible. Recommendation for all please plan and  travel this section strictly during daytime only. It was almost 120 KM  and it took around 4.00hrs. People usually ask  how is road condition. I would say there is no road then how to brief the road condition L . If even road is there you need to travel on wrong direction or other side vehicles will come on wrong direction. Anyway if we are travelling 2000 KM then in India you can expect 20-30% bad roads. There is a Gwalior bypass in which 3 KM road is still under construction, So please take risk on your own, If you are good driver then only take that road, because 3KM you have to drive through rough field. While proceeding toward Agra be careful about your destination, If you ask for Delhi people will direct to Delhi route Via Faridabad route which is bit time taking route, so ask for Nodia Route (Yamuna Expressway route), For that you have to enter Agra and head toward Yamuna express way which is on the Right side of the city. This route is very good. You will love driving on it 200 KM and covered less than 2 hrs. Total toll is Rs 320.00. Reached Nodia and took DND flyover and ORR in Delhi to reach Dwarka. Reached Dwarka at around 4.00PM. . Total KM Travel = Approx 470 KM and travel time = 9 hrs and toll amount is Rs 320


1.        Checkout Jhansi to Gwalior road condition, If possible check for alternative route.

2.        Take a Break in Gwalior or Morena for Food/Snack as on highway you will not find good dhaba to eat with Family.

3.        Check your speed, Don’t over speed if you see empty road as NH cross through populated areas.

4.        Easily travel in Night from Gwalior to Delhi.

5.        For Yamuna Express from Agra , need to enter Agra and ask for Nodia Route. Don’t ask for DELHI route.

7.        On Yamuna Express way please don’t over speed, Enjoy the ride and just think that someone is waiting for you at home.

For any other query please drop me mail at or call me at 9849412667.

Thank you,



  • Welcome aboard Jagmohan.
    A very nice road review, with good observations and tips in between. It really takes lots of courage & mental strength to drive so long, even when there is a kid inside.

    Why didn’t you post any pictures? Pictures would definitely add a lot of value to any travelogues.

  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Very informative post. Helpful for follow ghumakkar.
    Me too missed pictures.

  • Rakesh Bawa says:

    welcome to ghumakkar family with this detailed report.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Welcome aboard Jagmohan. Tips are handy. Jhansi-Gwalior is like that for last 5 years or so. Hopefully it gets better. May be we would have to wait for same party government in UP and MP and Centre. :-)

    @ Amitava – He didn’t have pictures. My plan was to utilize pictures from other Dli-Hyd logs, with due credits, but in the interest of time published it without pics. Should have added pics.

    Hope to hear back from Mr. Rawat on the comments, soon. Wishes.

  • asg says:

    Rawat Ji..welcome aboard. Your write-up is like watching “Fast & Furious”…..

  • Esteem2007 says:

    Thank you each and every person of Now i am really thinking why i did not took captured picture on my way. Dear friends surely for my next bog which i will be posting shortly i will post few photo’s of it. Suggestion are always welcome.

  • Sandeep D says:

    Hi Mr Rawat,

    First of all I would like to congratulate you for successful Hyd – Delhi Trip. I from Delhi, stay in Bangalore and couple of times been to Hyd through NH7. Road between Hyd to Bangalore is superb, no doubt but whatever I heard of a Delhi/Bangalore or Delhi/Hyd trip, lots of people suggest going from Pune and Chittorgarh. I read on tbhp somewhere that Road between Jhansi and Nagpur is a breeze, many thanks for this information, I will plan trip to Delhi from Pune – Chittorgarh as I can’t trust NH7 beyond Nagpur now

    Sandeep D

  • Abhishek M says:

    I will be travelling from Delhi to Nagpur next week, and wanted to know if anyone has gone through it recently.
    I have read a lot about the bad roads if I take Gwalior-Jhansi-Nagpur and instead should take Gwalior-Shivpuri-Bhopal-Nagpur.

    Any inputs would be of great help.

  • Dr. Ravi Sharma says:

    Yes ……..any inputs for road conditions, tips while travelling from bhopal- betul- nagpur- bhandara- raipur, will be very useful to us . as we are planning to make this journey in the coming vacations.

    Please comment on this stretch about the recent conditions.

  • Abhishek M says:

    Sorry, did not get time to update about my drive from Delhi to Hyd.
    Will post in detail in some days.

    Delhi – Agra –
    Extraordinary road. You can literally cruise in three figures.

    Agra – Gwalior –
    Back to Indian roads. Most patch is average, not much problems apart from city/village traffic.

    Gwalior – Shivpuri – Bhopal –
    One of the worst roads I have ever been in my life. BE SURE TO DRIVE IN DAYTIME ONLY. They say via Jhansi is more worse. God knows what that would be. This whole patch you will drive not more than avg speed of 20-25 kmph. So you can use your imagination. Be sure to have lots of food and water.

    Bhopal – Betul – Nagpur –
    Again, seriously bad roads till Chindwara. MP should stand for “Major Potholes”. Please make sure to drive in daytime only. Post Chindwara, you will find some good and some average roads. Once in Maharashtra, you will have better roads all the way till Nagpur.

    Nagpur – Hyderabad
    Throughout you will have awesome road till Hyderabad. There is construction goin on between Hinganghat and Adilabad. That will slow you down good. But apart from that very good 4 lane road.

  • Devendra says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Recently we drove from bangalore to Rewa madhya pradesh.we went through hyderabad-nagpur-jabalpur-rewa.
    bangalore to nagpur is arround 1100Km.and we covered in 9 can imagine roads are too good.
    andstayed at Nagpur.
    Next day morning we started from nagpur.Nagpur to jabalpur road is horrible and around 150km even no roads.
    later some one suggested us to take chindawara roasd.but by that time we crossed sioni.

    jabalpur to rewa- Road from umariya and bandhawgarh is better road as katni-satna road is in very bad condition.
    we started 6am and reached rewa by 7pm in the night and it was total-700Km.

  • udit says:

    I have to drive from delhi to bangalore due to transfer which is the best route ?

  • Ankur says:

    Nice writeup Jagmohan, really helpful

    I am planning a trip Hyd-Delhi, towards end of Aug/2014

    I drive a honda city and because of low ground clearance, I am more worried about bad road conditions between Jhansi and Gwalior
    Please let me know what are the current road conditions between Nagpur and Gwalior

    Also, if anyone has inputs on Hyd > Indore > Chittor > Jaipur > Delhi, route then please share the same

    Thanks in advance

  • Varun says:

    You can drive to Gwalior from Jhansi via Shivpuri.

  • Aneesh Mishra says:

    Excellent roads
    1. Hyderabad – Nagpur 500kms Excellent 4 lane road
    2. Nagpur – Jabalpur 300 kms Good roads . u can easily drive in 3 figures
    3. Jabalpur – Satna 200 kms Good road. 70-90kmph easily

  • Aneesh Mishra says:

    Excellent roads

    1. Bangalore – Hyderabad Excellent road
    2.. Hyderabad – Nagpur 500kms Excellent 4 lane road
    3. Nagpur – Jabalpur 300 kms Good roads . u can easily drive in 3 figures
    4. Jabalpur – Satna 200 kms Good road. 70-90kmph easily

  • Dr Dilip says:

    hi aneesh, you say the road from nagpur to jabalpur is good. devendra who did that stretch one year back said the road was horrible. is it repaired recently ? and any idea about the road condition from jabalpur to varanasi ? thanks in advance

  • Satya says:

    I am planning to Have road trip from DELHI to HYD on 29th AUG’15.
    I Need suggestion on following 2 Road Options.


  • Rahul says:

    I am planning to go from hyderabad to delhi and back. I am planning to start in afternoon from hyd and stay at nagpur and then start in nagpur and next will be at Jhasi/Gwalior.

    • Sudhir says:

      Hi Rahul. Did you complete your travel on the mentioned route? I am also planning to take same route to Kanpur? Would appreciate any feedback on route.

  • Sampath says:

    Hi, anybody travelled recently from Delhi to Hyderabad, I am planning to travel from Delhi to Hyderabad on 30th April’16 with one night stay in between. Pls suggest the road condition and route map.

    • Satya says:

      Hi Sampath, Did you travel by road from Delhi to Hyderabad. If yes, could you please share your experience. I am also planning to do this next week.

  • gns janakiram says:

    Hi, my name is Janakiram and I am planning to visit Nainital by road next month. Has any body been on this stretch recently by road. Could I get guidance on the best possible route in this stretch with details on stay, food and fuel etc.

  • Shyam says:

    Can anybody update on the existing road conditions between Hyderabad to Bhopal?

    I understand this can be categorised in four part

    Hyderabad to Adilabad – Superb 4+ lane road
    Adilabad to Nagpur – Good 4 lane road
    Nagpur to Betul – Good 4 lane road
    Betul to Bhopal – Good 2 lane road

    If someone can confirm this, that will be great help.

  • santosh kumar says:


    i am planning for road from pune to patna and i have two option shown by google maps.

    1 . pune -aurangabad-ahmednagar-amravati-nagpur-jabalpur-katni -reewa

    2. pune-nashik-indore-bhopal-sagar-damoh-katni–reewa

    3. pune-nashik-indore-bhopal-sagar-chatarpur -panna -satna –reewa

    4. pune-nashik-indore-guna–jhasi-allahabad-varanasi-mohania

    please suggest which one should i take interms of road condition as recent in last 3-4 months .


    santosh kumar

  • Kumar Prium says:

    Hi ..I am planning to go to Varanasi from Hyderabad.. My route selection as of now is Hyderabad > Nagpur > Satna >Allahabad > Varanasi.. If anyone has done this journey recently can you please share your experience..would also like to know if 25km stretch before Hinganghat is still the same or the road conditions have improved recently ?

  • Mr Abhishek Malu says:

    Kumar – The stretch at Hinganghat has become good now and you can drive swiftly compared to the hell it was before.

  • Vikram Singh says:

    Hi All, Any idea about how is the route between Jhansi to Gwalior now, is still in bad condition.?? i am planning for Bangalore to delhi

  • Birdie says:

    Recently travelled from Vizag to Indore via Araku, Nagpur, Betul, Harda.

    Roads outside vizag to Araku : 2 lane without divider, good roads. Haritha resort, Ananthagiri AP tourism is good place to stay
    Aarku to Nagpur: roads upto Jaypore 2 lane without divider good and absolutely scenic. roads after that till nagpur are 60 % good rest bad, even Highway from Ragnangaon to Nagpur is broken at lots of places.
    Nagpur to Indore : followed google route via Betul – Harda – nemawar – Khategaon – Hatpipiliya – Indore : Roads upto Betul are 4 Lane with Divider great. Betul to Harda – 2 lane good roads. Harda to Indore – very very bad roads. Anyone planning should either go either via Harda – Ashta – Indore which will be 60 -70 kms longer or via Betul – Bhopal – Indore which is 100 kms longer but absolutely good road. especially if you are a back patient, choose Bhopal route. it will take about 45 mins extra but save you and your car


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