Musoorie – Surkanda – Dhanaulti – Dehradun

It’s been a more than a year I am following Ghumakkar to read the experiences of Ghumakkar’s. I really like reading the write ups of you all. Unfortunately I could not spare time to write about my trips…. Somehow I am trying to write about my trip to Mussoorie – Surkanda – Dhanaulti – Dehradun…

It was way back in Sep-Oct 2009 and I am writing this just to try to help those who want to use my itinerary and plan their trips…and hopefully this would crack the jinx and make me write more about my traveling experiences

I along with my wife and kid reached a bit early to Nizammudin to board NZM DDN AC EXP which I found to be the best train to reach Dehradun from New Delhi as it starts as late as 23:55 and reaches the destination as early as 5:40.

Day 1
We reached Dehradun around 6 and as we don’t take tea so there was no scope of laundering around the Dehradun station. Right from outside the DDN station we get the taxi for Mussoorie. As it is common in our India one of the Taxi driver approached us to take us to Mussoorie before his turn, I also negotiated 50 bucks less from the normal rate and hired him to take us to Mussoorie.

We extracted all the details of famous view points in Mussorrie from the taxi driver and got out of taxi at around 7:30 on Gandhi Chowk. We went without any previous booking to really know what it takes to book the hotel without the prior booking (wink). Seeing us to be promising customer and knowing our plans the driver proposed us come on the Taxi stand once we are fresh and he would take us wherever we want.

Kempty – Not so Empty

In couple of hours we were ready to roam about in Mussoorie. We reached the Taxi stand where we with no hassles I found that driver who assigned a Taxi for us to make us see all the visitor’s points in Mussoorie. We happen to see almost all points including Kempty Falls and were free by 7 pm in the evening. After relaxing for about half an hour in the came out had our dinner and went to the famous Mall road.

Day 2

Since we had this day as a spare day we relaxed the whole day in Mussorrie and waited to see the Dussherra of Mussorrie.

Mussorrie Ravana

Day 3

Next day and as planned after reading the stories in Ghumakkar we left for Surkanda Devi. On our way to Surkanda we happened to see the peaks of Himalayas which really excited us. It was not so cold that day.

We have to climb till the temple and by the time we reached the temple it was closed as all our GODS across India sleep during afternoon (wink). This made us to stay there on the top for about 1 extra hour but we really enjoyed the stay as in between we were able to see the Himalayan peaks which according to one Baba over there were Badrinath, Kedarnath and all.

After doing the darshan we were back.

On our way back we spended couple of hours in Ecological-garden (if I remember right) in Dhanaulti and had the lunch in GMVN restaurant.

Initially we had the plans to stay a night in Dhanaulti but since all the hotels were booked we asked the taxi person to take us to Dehradun.

We spent the whole evening in Dehradun.

Day 4

We checked out from the hotel and kept the luggage with the manager.

Bamboo Forest – Dehradun Museum

The whole day we saw the places in Dehradun like Deer Park, Museum, Tapkeshwar Mandir & Sehastra dhara.

We had lot of time in spare so did some shopping in the city and finally after having the dinner left the hotel to board NZM DDN AC EXP back for New Delhi.

Bear with my old trip stories (wink).


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Rohit,

    As I belongs to Uttranchal , during our school time we use to go to musooriee every year from Dehradun. Surkanda temple also couple of times. Thanks for refreshing the old memories.

    There are couple of more things to see in Dehradun like Robbers cave (guchu pani) , lakhsman sidh, Monastery etc.

    Looking forward to see some more post from you.

    • rohitvadera says:

      Hi Mahesh,

      As it was my trip to Dehradun with no prior informationand the hotel manager suggested these places so we happened to visit there.

      Anyways on our next visit will see rest of others.


  • nandanjha says:

    Welcome aboard Rohit. Its really nice to know that you have been following Ghumakkar for some time.

    First pic is super and I really liked your usage of (wink) :-)

    When you find time, please visit and get yourself a gravatar (any picture). Once you do that, it would get displayed alongside the title of the story as well as in ‘Comments’.

    Your author page is –

    You may want to update your bio so that it starts to appear at your Author page and finally (sorry, one last thing) you may want to use your author-page link as your ‘website’ in your profile. Currently, your name under the title of this story is not hyperlinked, once you put a link in your profile, folks would be able to click on your name and know more about you.

    Looking fwd to read your next story.

    • rohitvadera says:

      Thanks Nandan. Yes i was the silent follower of Ghumakkar.

      Thanks for the inputs, how to update the profile I was looking for such information.

  • Srividya says:

    Beautiful Pics. especiall the first one. Perfect lighting and composition :)

  • satish negi says:

    hi rohit,
    I belongs from uttrakhand, I saw a photo of a baba with ur child……nice, Baba is my real nanaji (Grand father), and as he is no more now, but Its a very sade to me… but thanks to u that I can get his three year old pic……thanks,

  • Dear Rohit Vadera,

    You write so effortlessly that I felt I was reading Hindi only. Good. I also belong to Dehradun and have visited Mussoorie countless number of times but strangely, I have never been to Surkanda Devi or Dhanolti. If you have your relatives at some place, you don’t stand much chance to go for sight seeing. You spend your time with your family and come back assuring yourself that you would come and see all the places in next visit. But that ‘next visit’ never really materializes. :) ;) (Here is a wink for you too.) Photos are really good.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.

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