Around London – Weymouth, Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove


I have been the regular follower of Ghumakkar but somehow had always escaped from writing on it. Had been to few places in India, after reading it on Ghumakkar. I have been benefitted through Ghumakkar but still do not write on it… BAD Me (wink)

Had always thought while surfing and reading through Ghumakkar that why people write for places not in India…as I am always interested to read about stories and experiences Ghumakkars have in India… but recently felt even sharing for places outside India would benefit in some way.

Recently I have been to places in and near London so trying to narrate the Story through photographs & illustrations….

It’s been few months in UK (London) and was not sure what all things I can cover nearby outside London and I was constantly thinking about it. Few weeks back one after noon I along with my colleague somehow zeroed in on Weymouth which have few other places called Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove around it… I started exploring what all things we can cover in our three days trip and my colleague started exploring the options how to reach there … till evening we were all set to go on the Friday evening…

We boarded the train on Friday evening and were supposed to reach our Holiday Park in Weymouth by midnight and which we did after few delays….

Saturday Morning 1 st Day – exploring Weymouth — The view was awesome as the beach and the grasslands were visible from our Caravan and we were aware that it would be a long day walk ahead.  We spend couple of hours in our resort and headed towards the beach for which we came to Weymouth.  The sun was bright and penetrating and it took around 20 minutes to reach the sea shore. The moment we put our toes in the cold water all of us got refreshed… As it was a pebble beach there was no sticky feeling of sand and it was convenient going to and fro into the water …if you know what I meanJ. We spend few hours over there and then decided to walk along the shore which looks to be 3-4 miles

One can spend whole day in and around Weymouth exploring attractions and beaches in Weymouth…

Distant view of our upcoming whole day long strolls….


Pebble Beach through my eyes. Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.


Not sure what is more blue, the sky or sea…

At the end of pebble beach starts the Sand Beach of Weymouth and this is said to be the main beach of Weymouth. It is next to the main town of Weymouth. The sand beach was crowded that pebble beach as kids can play on it. Bus stops to Portland or nearby places are next to this beach as it is the main town.

Around Weymouth Sand Beach


Glimpses of Weymouth Port


Day 2: Isle of Portland.
A return bus can be taken from Weymouth Beach and a day is sufficient to explore the Isle of Portland and Chesil Beach on the way back. There are many options for Isle of Portland from Weymouth beach but we preferred for the open bus tour as that gives you the convenience of hop on hop off, however we did not felt the need of it. You will reach the end of Isle of Portland in an hour or so where you can have your lunch, take the pleasure of kite flying and watch the blue English Channel. Return bus is always after two hours and the last bus depends on the season we went there.


Day 3: Time to Visit Durdle Door & Lulworth Cove.
All of us know that its always good to have own vehicle when we visit such places as that saves time and give you liberty. Anyways we booked the Taxi from Weymouth to Durdle Door as it was advised by the Taxi driver and rightly so as the buses do not go till Durdle Door and main road is quite a long distance before the beach side. Then from Durdle Door one have to cross a mountain to reach Lulworth which is not that difficult as all around is picturesque grasslands and weather also supports most of the time when Summers.

Here one has to go uphill and then downhill to reach the shore. This was again a pebble beach and much cleaner than the Weymouth alluring to take a dive. After spending couple of hours on the beach we started for Lulworth Cove which was next to some village which was not less than any town for us. Lulworth is a small sandy beach but not so clean but people do take a dive over there as well.. “bhai meine socha bhi nhee itne thhande pani mei nhane ka apna toe Goa hi accha”

At Lulworth one can take a fast steamer ride which takes around 15 minutes to and fro to Durdle Door this ride enables to see the other side of these destinations. You will see angrez lying around for sun bath or climbing the rocks here and there near the sea where we usually don’t even think “arey koi janwar na chad jaye, gir gaye toe bhagwan bhi na bacha payega… blah blah” and God knows how they reach there….

All sides of Durdle Door from Top





Close view of the Door (Non India Gate)

Uphill then downhill to Lulworth Cove from Durdle Door… always better to go Durdle Door first than Lulworth Cove as you get public transport back to city from Lulworth easily…


From the Lulworth Cove beach…


Lulworth Cove from top hills surrounding it and other side …



It was already getting chilling there and we waited for around one hour the last bus for the way back as it was time to conclude the three days trip of the nearby places around London….

Thanks for the reading patience and getting bored (wink)…….


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