Road trip to Khurja – The Ceramics City

Khurja is a small city (and a municipal board) in the Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh. It is situated around 85 km from Delhi. Actually I had to meet someone there and then complete my official work. I have been to Khurja many times . I used to go by Train. But this time I went by my own car.All major trains to Kolkata cross by this route. Last month I went there by Mahananda Express which started from Delhi at 6:40 am and reached Khurja at 8:30 am via Shahdra – Ghaziabad .

No. Of adults – One
1. Myself – The solo driver
My car – Maruti 800
Total Distance covered in the trip – 190 Km .

Khurja is about 90 Km from my house. I started my car at 1 PM on 20th May ’10. I knew that this route was not a very good route. From Rohini I crossed Ghaziabad which was on NH-24 . Now turned left towards Dadri and then continued on NH-91. Then crossed Sikandarabad to reach Khurja. Khurja is situated on NH-91.


Muda Kheda Nahar

The route was not very good as mojority of the road was a single lane highway. The traffic volume was also very large. Just to cover 90Km it took me around 3 hrs to reach Khurja.

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City Station – Khurja

Main Bus Stand – Khurja

Khurja supplies a large portion of the ceramics and pottery used in the country, hence it is sometimes called Khurja, The Ceramics City.With over 500 factories producing ceramic works, its skyline is dotted with chimneys.Khurja city is the home town of the Pathans of Khurja. Khurja city has a large area called Pathanwada (Pathan’s place) where the pathans live.

Khurja has a beautiful countryside.

with old buildings and houses along the road.Some of the famous buildings are: Lala Mewaram ka Kamra (the room of Mr. Mewaram, is taken over by some residents), Seth Gangaram Bhawan (which now has been converted into a banquet hall), the building of J.A.S. Inter college is also said to be a piece of art but is now decomposing due to bad management and maintenance. Another sad story in the chapter was the pulling down of Badi Chaupal in Pathanwada.


Jain Mandir

Kila Village


Khurja is famous worldwide for its ceramic industries. A lot of ceremic products produced are exported worldwide and some are distributed all across India.

About 500 ceramic whiteware industries around Khurja, a clustered which is now called Khurja Whiteware Cluster. The cluster serves more than twenty five thousand jobs manufacturing ceramic products like stoneware crokery, sanitaryware, H.T. and L.T. Insulators, hospital ware, chemical porcelain, electro ceramics, kiln furniture, special ceramics, decorative wares, toys, figurines and bone china. Government of India has identified the Khurja Ceramic Cluster as the growth center for export. A number of manufacturer associations with knowledge support from research institute, development center is dedicated to day-to-day upgradation of technology

Manufacturing Pottery

The history of Khurja Pottery goes back to about 600 years ago, when some of the potter’s families moved from Delhi to Khurja during reign of Emperor Mohammad-bin-Tughlak. Starting with red clay Pottery they moved on to blue glaze and on red clay articles with engobe of white clay, painting floral designs.Khurja also hosts one of the Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CG&CRI).

After exploring Khurja city till evening and learning about its history , it was night time then. My eyes were really stuck after seeing the beautiful pottery work. So I did some shopping and bought 5 beautiful coffee mugs , 1 whole set of small tea cups and one flower pot. They were all really beautiful. That night then I went to the Hotel and stayed there as next morning I had to meet someone there.

Moon Cine Plex – The Best Cinema Hall of Khurja and a good restaurant.

The next morning I left Khurja at 3 pm and reached back Delhi at 6:30 pm for the same reason that is traffic.

I really liked Khurja a lot , though it was a small city but really it was beautiful mainly the pottery work. It looks really very colorful. Hope the city remains like this and more and more people visit these small places too :-)


  • Hashi Ghosh says:

    Hi I am a artist styling products. Now I want to visit Khuja to think of working some artifec.
    This reading up really helped me to take a train ride.
    Can anyone help me with a local contact to just get the locations of manufacture please.

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