Journey to a Remote village (Khalad)

Here is a short journey to a very remote village situated at the heart of Nainital. It comes under Bhetalghat mandal. I believe, this story would bring some light on the villages where people still commutes by foot on a road with steep bends for 7 KM.

Phase 1: Haldwani > Bhimatal > Bhowali > Kanchi Dham > Garampani > Kharana

I started my journey at 10:00 AM from Haldwani on a sunny day via KMOU LTD bus available regularly from Bus stand. As state transport bus are rarely seen to Almora\Ranikhet , hence commuters has to either rely on KMOU LTD buses or shed heavy bucks on taxis. It took 2 and 30 mints to reach the ‘Kharana’, in between there are many places : bhimtal lake, cloudy bhowali and Kanchi dham. Usually bus stops at ‘Kharana pul (bridge)’. Once reached, I took Coke and bread pokaras from famous ‘Rabbu’s’ shop, near to bridge.

Phase 2: Kharana > Majheda > Simalkha > Dhaniya Kot> Dhol Kot

As, there are only jeeps\cars available for further journey hence they are always crowded with 12-15 people in a ‘Marshall’ (jeep). After 1 long of waiting, driver was successful in managing 15 commuters and then started the jeep. I am amazed , how the driver manage to drive with 3 people in the front side. I prayed god on every bends , we passed. It took 30 mints to reach the Dhol Kot. There are 2-3 shops near to the stoppages. Usually people wait there for starting their journey. I had plenty of water and store 2 bottles of water with me for the journey as the next stoppage is at 3KM on a steep\rural roads with no cover of trees. I waited for 30 mints , as the sun was on a high note to start my journey. Till now, I came to know that there is no one with me to start the journey and I am alone on this challenging and tiring route. You have to keep your bag to minimum to 1 KG as it would be very hard to walk on this terrain.

Phase 3: Dhol Kot > Mango tree.

This is the hardest patch of journey with no support of trees to cover yourself. Multiple bends and steep elevation.

There is a temple built near the passage to the village . I prayed lord to give me courage and strength to reach the village on time. It’s not safe to walk in this terrain due to inappropriate road, bends and wild animals such as bear, tiger etc.

Just 50 M from the temple, there is a huge tree which is the last shed you will have for another 2 kms. I rested there for a while and then strengthen up to start the journey.

Road is not in a good shape and only 2 person can walk simultaneously. I wonder what would happen on a rainy days!!

As , I am moving upward, height of the temple seems to be aligned with myself.

On every bend, I look upwards to check the distance still to be covered.

Some bends are too scary and should be alert on every step to put on.

with every step ahead, you can check the elevation.

With few bends covered on such a sunny day, reached first stoppage ‘Mango’ tree (25 % of the journey). Till now, I was very tired, legs were paining and 1 bottle of water was consumed. I rested for another 30 mints to regain the energy.

Phase 4: Mango tree > Water Tank (50% of journey) > Resting place (60% of journey)

This is the hard patch of journey with 2-3 bends of 20-25 degree of elevation with virtually no support of tree covers.

With few bends taken , I clicked the photo to check the elevation.

Bends with 20-25 degree of elevation.

Virtually there is no proper vegetation.

Once reached the Water Tank, I rested for a while and filled my bottles and move to rest at a open place , referred as ‘Resting place’.

From Resting place, there was a sudden change in temperature as well. There is a drop of 5-10% of temperature , as now the place is covered with trees and there are many places to sit.

It’s now 2 hrs from the starting place. I rested and had some fruits in the cold breeze.

Lots of cover from trees.

Large basin of Kosi river seen.

Phase 5: Resting place > Village

Finally , I start the last phase of journey which is the easiest one, with straight roads with couple of bends and steep but not as the one climbed earlier.

Milestone that depicts that village is near. You will be able to see the village only once you reach at the top.

First sight of Village.

Complete village.

One of the house having Buffalos.

Captured the baby goat.


First sight of village gave me immense joy and happiness. All the pain and tiredness miraculously disappeared. It took me complete 3 hrs and 30 minutes to reach the place. I still keep on thinking the pain and suffering , these native person has to face daily for their needs. There is no medical facilities available in the village, people has to travel 7 KM in pain to reach the road. Only Mode of transport are horses that are now well suited on this terrain.

Government keeps on building\patching the same road again and again but there are still many places that needs to be connected to mainline. Thanks for the feedback on my earlier post (/first-post-short-trip-to-ghorakhal) , I carried my camera and clicked some photos as attached in the story. Hope you liked it. I will try to post an extension to this story in another 2-3 days from now.


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  • vinaymusafir says:

    Courageous post with awesome pics.
    Complete entertainment while reading.

  • maheh semwal says:

    Incredible India !!!!!!!

  • Nandan says:

    Very well accounted Navneet. Look forward to read more.

  • amitk227 says:

    Great post Navneet supported with equally good pics. You been there for temple or there are any other places to visit?

    • navneet.bisht says:

      Thanks for reading the post. Well, I went there with my family friend to visit his village.

  • Dear Navneet,

    Its a very good and well narrated post . Pictures are very beautiful especially the basin of Kosi river.
    i feel that you are very lucky that you are able to travel these sought of places .

  • Pravin says:

    Dear Navneet!
    Nice Pics, good writeup, Keep writing!

  • naman says:

    Dear Navneet
    Nice post amazing me most as we read it or say as we go down you go upwards. Great narration. Thats why in Uttarakhand we enquire first of all on getting any invitation of a marriage how far the place of bride from road and how much we have to go on foot. Yes there are so many places in Uttarakhand awaiting roads. I think if I am not wrong this is the first ever post on Ghumakkar where a ghumakkar reaches his destination on his foot or a post totally generate by a foot traveler. Thanks and waiting for another fooo traveling post .

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