First Post: Short Trip to GHORAKHAL

I am a newbie to this group and & had a real traveling experience on reading the post\stories by the members.

This is my first post to this group and hope you will like the place.

Trip to Ghorakhal – Small village near Bhowali (Uttrakhand)

Being a native person from this place, I visit Ghorakhal once every year. It is situated in district Nainital (Sarovar nagri) of Uttarakhand, popularly called Dev Bhoomi. It is located at a distance of 4 kms from Bhowali and 16 Kms from Nainital.  The nearest Railway Station Kathgodam is 36 Kms.

Ghorkhal is famous for Golu Devta temple and has Sanik School.

I started my journey with my family from Haldwani (my native place) at 10:00 AM (on 1st Jan 2o11), chilling morning. We heard  there was snowfall on high areas of nanital on 31st.  You can either hire a taxi or use the local KMOU LTD buses to reach bhowali.

As, all are taxi are well booked and rest of those have increased the rates to triple due to tourist season and new year, we took the local bus, which indeed less packed. As , we reach Kathgodam (5Kms from HLD) we were graced with sunny climate and it remains thereafter.  Though the bus was in a good condition but it took 2.5 hrs to reach bhowali due to traffic from tourist taxis and army trucks.

On reaching bhowali, we took taxi that take only 15-20 mins to reach the Ghorakhal.  All Taxi stop at the Sanik School gate. We then rush to Temple as it was well crowded as every one came here to get the blessing of the ‘Golu devta’ on this auspicious 1st day of the year.

– ‘Golu’ devta: For information , please refer the  (It also has the photo of the temple in the wiki link : Golu Devta ,Ghorakhal, Photo : Ritesh Sagar, Enjoy Music Channel Nainital)

There are hundreds of bells and when they rings simultaneously, it creates an astonishing atmosphere.  People come here with the new born babies; also newly grooms and brides comes here for their blessing.

There are around 57 stairs to reach the temple. Floor was of complete marble and during this time of season, it is pretty much colder when you walk barefoot and is in long queue.  My turn came after 1 long hour of waiting. We then had a complete family puja to all the temples : Main Golu Devta temple, Shri Ram temple and ‘Kali’ mata & Bharav temple.

We then stayed there for another 1 hour at the temple compound. As the temple is at the height , you can view bhimtal and neararound village.  It’s a great experience. We then had the tea and chowmien  from the restaurant near the temple.

As it’s only 3 KMs from Bhowali, we marched on foot back to the town.  It’s a good experience moving in the fog  and mild breeze flowing.  It is usually very cold during this time of season. It took us 30 mins to reach the town.

We then took the Cab to Haldwani and reached HLD in  another 1 hr45 mins.  On the journey back to HLD , you will find few bends\places with amazing beauties i.e. when you cross 1-2 Kms, you will find the complete view of Bhimtal  ; near to HLD you will find the complete city view of Haldwani  city along with ”Gaula’ river’

I always come here once in year to have the blessing of my ‘Kuldevta’ to bless us and the family  and remove any obstacles that hinders our work.

Please visit the place once when your are crossing the bhowali\bhimtal. I am sure, you will feel good and will have the eternal peace when arrived there.

Friends, I regret as i didn’t have the camera at the time but certainly post the images once available.

It’s a short story of mine. Hope you will like it.



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