Gwalior: Walking through Royal Legacy

Peetambara Peeth is a well known shakti peeth in Datia, Madhya Pradesh. A quick day trip was planned to visit this sacred place by me and my colleague, later Gwalior was also included in the plan due to its proximity. We started early through Bhopal Shatabadi Express. En-route we get mesmerized to see the ravines of Chambal. It’s one of those unique landscapes which you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll feel a negative energy by seeing these ravines and rugged land. No surprise that it witnessed many dacoits and till few years it was one of the forbidden places to visit.

Chambal Area

Ravines of Chambal

We reached Jhansi by 11.30 AM. Since Shatabadi has no stoppage in Datia so we had to travel back from Jhansi to Datia which took another 45 Min. by train. After paying our homage to deity we decided to visit fort palace of Datia.

Fort of Datia
Fort of Datia

It’s a living example that how a beautiful place can be ruined if not maintained properly. It is more than 5 stories building (If I recollect correctly) and local believes that same length is constructed downwards also.

Our local friend narrate an interesting story that once a big diamond was found in a pillar, so the king ordered to cut all pillar’s head to find out presence of any other diamond. What makes special this fort palace is its symmetrical structure. This huge palace is symmetrical from every angle.

This entire region that mainly includes Gwalior and Jhansi as major centre called Bundelkhand. The locals were appeared tough by physique. Our local friend told us that by and large, every one here likes to gym, swimming and usually have sweet tooth. Around 2 PM we again started backward journey of around one and a half hour to reach Gwalior. Unfortunately we miss the chance to royal encounter as ‘Raj Vilas Palace’ was about to close, so we decided to visit the Fort of Gwalior.

Fort of Gwalior

Shared Auto will drop you at the entrance of the fort and from here one can take Maruti van that usually charges around 150-200 bucks for a round trip of this massive fort.

There are palaces, temples, few ruins and a famous boarding school inside the peripherals. Especially if someone has interest in different architectures of ancient structure this is the place to visit for.

Late evening there is an interesting Light and Sound program runs which has voice-over of Big B.

A trip to Gwalior can’t be completed without having ‘Gajak’. So, we tried some and packed some to add more sweetness to our already sweet memories that this entire day offered to us.


  • vinaymusafir says:

    Again an awesome travel story I am reading at 6:40 AM.
    You know Amit, you should join BBC or Discovery something, so that we could download your amazing documentaries on India from pirated torrents. :-)
    You are great man, truly inspiration for us. Hats off to you… no, we should bow to you.

    Hey, I replied you about camera, see comments on my Lansdowne post.

    • amitk227 says:

      Hey Vinay I am feeling spellbound, this was too much, but honestly speaking I wish what you just said. I really wanted to quit my news channel job and to join either some documentary maker or some travel channel. I wanted to explore my beautiful country first then if possible the entire world. Right now its quite a dream but seriously working on same line so that I can work on flexible hours and get time for myself, to enjoy this most beautiful aspect of life.
      Thanks a ton bro.

  • Deepaks says:

    Last year when I was in Delhi, I wanted to visit Datia. So I had looked at maps and made all kinds of plans. However, it had not worked out and I was unable to go there. Reading your post is like making that trip. It looks beautiful and the pictures are great.

    • amitk227 says:

      Thank you very much sir. Its so nice of you. Datia shakti peeth is well known. Since photography was prohibited there so I couldn’t post the images. I never seen a place before, where salty pakoda and samosa are used to offer the deity beside sweets. Another nearby place is Orchha in Madhya Pradesh where one can visit.
      Thanks for your time sir.

  • Sahil says:

    @ Amit….Good One. Nice Pics. Looking forward to read more of your splendid stories.
    Cheers !!!


  • Spell Checker says:

    Most of the pics are good.

    Interesting to note that ravines of Chambal is negatively mesmerising, whatever that implies.

  • Nandan says:

    Good post.

    Celine wrote one on Datia long time back. Read and comment when you are free.

    I have driven through Chambal and Datia couple of times, on the way to Khajuraho but never made a stop. It on my list though. Orchha is beautiful.

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