Beach trip to Kashid and Murud

Kashid has been a long awaiting trip for me. Ever seen I saw pictures of the long winding roads leading to the beach and the palm trees lined up alongside the white sands, I have been itching to see this heavenly place with own eyes! The moment arrived on a Saturday when we set our course for Kashid in a friend’s car.

Palm Beach Road

It didn’t take us long to navigate the early morning Mumbai traffic and soon enough we were cruising on beautiful roads including the Mumbai-Goa highway. For most part, the road was good, except for when we had to traverse Alibaug to reach Kashid. But that was only a small deterrent which did not deter us from pursing our goal.

Some River


In approximately three and a half hours we reached Kashid Beach. Taking into account the few stops we made for photo shoots, I think we made it to Kashid in good time.


Once there, we decided to munch on some quick snacks and ordered for Omelette and Bread – that is the only thing, besides some chips, biscuits and tea that you get at the many shacks situated on the beach. But the best thing besides the beach, were the hammocks! Lazing around in the hammock, we took in the beautiful sights on offer.


The beach, the white sands and the muddy waters are surrounded by two cliffs on either end. The beach itself is a 3KM stretch and there are carts available for those would like to check out the beach in its entirety. We weren’t interested in that and were more than happy to click some amazing pictures while lazing around the shacks. Some of us also caught a short and much needed nap.


After Kashid, we headed out to Murud beach. We also went to Rajpuri from where the ferries are available to go to Janjira Fort. The area is very pretty with palm trees overlooking the calm sea. Spent some time clicking pictures of the fort and the beach. We didn’t get time to actually visit the fort – a trip we have scheduled for another time. Since it was in the middle of the day, we decided against going on the Murud beach and instead chill out by some restaurants overlooking the beach.


Lunch was served at Anand Vatika, Murud, which specialises in sea food. Being at the heart of a fishing community, we were all for a sumptuous sea food lunch. We ordered for Prawns fry, Pomfret fry, and Prawns Biryani along with a lone chicken dish – Chicken 65. The meal was good albeit a bit oily but good nonetheless. We paid INR 150 each, thought was a bit expensive but then sea food anywhere is more expensive than other meat products!

Once over with lunch, we decided to head back home. Reached home in around 4 hours. Overall, it was a wonderful trip. Was a disappointed that I did not get to see the sunset but besides that there are no complaints whatsoever!

Kashid is approximately 160kms from Mumbai. We took the Mumbai-Goa highway (NH17) and took a right turn from the highway to go to Alibaug. Once at Alibaug, we were directed to a bypass road that took us straight to Kashid through a small concretised stretch of road which is surrounded by trees and lovely houses. Murud is approximately 30kms ahead of Kashid and the road which goes to Kashid from Alibaug also goes straight to Murud as well. One can follow the same road and reach Harihareshwar and Diveagar as well.

Here are the albums with pics:




  • nandanjha says:

    Kashid, reminds me of another story written by a fellow Ghumakkar long time back. And he hasn’t written anything else since then :)

    Read and comment when you get time

    Another of those quiet, yet-to-be-commercialized beaches I guess. Somehow the links are not working, they are going to a ‘Page Not Found’.

    Good log Nishant.

    • chicmagnet says:

      thanks for pointing out the non-working links! Corrected the same :D. And yes I have read Srijan’s log as well :).
      My trip to Kashid was followed by that to Diveagar and Harihareshwar and only then did I realise that the virgin beaches of Maharashtra no longer begin from Kashid (or Alibaug) but from Diveagar! Though Kashid is yet to be commercialised fully there are definite signs of the same. But the beach is beautiful nonetheless!

  • Nisha says:

    Kashid is famous for those hammocks. :-) Almost a synonym.

    Visiting all those places in one day is not sufficient if you really want to enjoy the beauty of nature. The sunsets, the rising waves at night on a total dark beach, the early morning walks on beach, seeing those crabs.. oh oh.

    Whenever we go to Murud, we make sure to spend the entire weekend there. It’s time to write on it.

  • Yes It is advisable to spend the entire weekend at beaches like Kashid and Murud. But as we were on a beach hunt for future trips we didn’t stay for long. Just roamed around until it was time to go home!
    Another Kashid trip is in the offing but that too may just be a short one. :).

  • swastishipra says:

    It must have been a great fun being to a beach with friends on a weekend.
    Beaches have always heen a fascination to me. I wish if i could get this one day to sit on sea shore with my friends watching the sun waving good bye. Oh, i really miss sea shores.

    good one nishant.

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