A tour to India’s Yoga capital Rishikesh is always full of pleasant surprises, as it offers so much in its vicinity. Sacred Ganga River on the foothill of great Himalayas, whole lot of adventure sports to explore, and feel the lifestyle of a city where religion is very much embedded in their daily rituals. There are few who have already devoted their life to a greater cause and the rest have a piece of it, but everybody is into this.

As the day started either people prefer to take a holy dip in Ganga or pay their respect by simply visiting the ghats. This is the beauty of Hinduism where we worship every aspect of nature, be it river, trees, mountains, forests even animals. This practice is at its best in Rishikesh. Foreigner too are seems to be inspired by this very fact.

I stayed in Birla Dharamshala, nearby Ram Jhula, which is more like a holiday home with one bedroom, drawing room, kitchen and an utility balcony with straight view to river and hill, all this for just 500 bucks. But more than this I was amazed by the fact that the other part of this Dharamshala which was kind of cheap option i.e. 200 INR per day, was occupied by foreigners for more than 2 years. They have done paint work, modified kitchen as per their convenience and a “cease fire” outside their rooms. Call them devotee, backpackers or just wanderers looking for cheap accommodation by paying their social security money earned back home, but they are very much comfortable and accustomed in their imported lifestyle which is also exported to locals in return.

Rishikesh is not about looking for monuments or traditional ways of tourism, it is all about feeling the nature, serenity and a fusion of east and west. Start from Ashrams nearby Ram Jhula and walk up to Lakshman Jhula, a hanging bridge, open for both pedestrian and motors, and you’ll cover entire Rishikesh. But don’t forget to pay your homage to Chotiwala Restaurant, there are two side-by-side with the same name, but the one which comes first from Ram Jhula is the original one and offer better delicacies. Try their awesome 150 Rs thali.

But this write up is not about Rishikesh it is about Eureka…and word should be justified if used. On Next day it was drizzling and that compelled us (me and my friend Neeraj) to visit on hills. We enquired at taxi stand, and came to know about Kunjapuri, which is highest peak around Rishikesh. So we took a bus ride (costs some 45 bucks each) till Hindolakhal which is after Narendra Nagar at 6500 ft from sea level.

From there one can hire a private cab for 150 bucks for one side journey. I’ll tell you later that why it is wise to hire cab for one side.

The moment you reach Hindolakhal you’ll feel thrilled. Hills on one side and clear view of Rishikesh from other side, nature at its best, what more one can ask for?

From Hindolakhal to Kunjapuri, the 6 km drive is through steep road and one should be very careful while driving. Locals are expert driver and they will drive you in 20 minutes to the foot of the temple, where more than 250 staircases are waiting to conquer.

From temple it’s a great view with snow capped Himalayan range and Ganga valley on sight. Now starts the actual fun, we decided to get down on foot, the weather was awesome, little drizzling, rainbow was about to formed, and we two great soul on one of our happiest day of life, descending down, while capturing from every possible angle what was just meant to us.

That 6 km downward walk (why not upward, because our senses simply refused to take unnecessary load) was like road to Santiago for us.

Each turn was offering something new, something what we never expected and something that we’ll cherish forever.
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  • venkatt says:

    Very informative post on Rishikesh. How far is Hindolakhal from Rishikesh and how much time does the bus ride take to reach there?

    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks bro. Hindolakhal is about one and a half hour drive from Rishikesh. You can take the buses from hill bus stand not from the roadways. Taxi can be also hired which usually charged 800 Rs to and fro. But they will stay only for one hour or so, which is actually insufficient time to cover this beautiful place.

  • vinaymusafir says:

    Two thumbs up brother.
    I strongly feel that Rishikesh is the most peaceful place on earth. Have you been to Neelkanth?
    I am very fond of your posts now and as always expecting new destination from you soon.

    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks Bro. I been to Neelkanth once. Its a great place to worship. If you never been there you can catch a Jeep from Rishikesh itself, I guess the charge was around 90-100 Rs for to and fro drive. The jeep runs regularly from few meters away of Chotiwala Restaurant. This Sunday I been to Ranthambor and first time in my life I seen two tigress T-17 & T-39 as they call it. Infact T-39 was walking with us for good 15 minutes. I’ll put the videos and stills in my next post.

      Finally thanks for your appreciation, it really encourages me a lot.

  • Nandan says:

    Been to Rishikesh few times but probably only on my last visit, I did some real traveling there. We probably spend almost 4 hours at this cafe, near Lakshman Jhoola on the inner side, called ‘Ganga Cafe’.

    The other day, me and my wife were contemplating on doing Rishikesh sometime, may be sometime later June or July. Thank you Amit for Ganga Darshan and look fwd to your post on Ranthambore.

    I see some posts from you scheduled for publishing later in the month and would imagine that you are quickly going to be in top 10 Authors very soon :-)

    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks Nandan. You are the first one who commented on my first post. The first time I saw your number of posts that was 68. I thought this guy is real gem, a “bhism pitamah” of Ghumakkar. I just loved your status that you wanna to known as “well traveled person”. Believe me I took a lot of inspiration from your posts.

      Well I been to Ranthambhore on 30th April. and I saw two tigress, one was walking with our Jypsi for good 15 minutes. It was very exciting. I’ll post it on Ghumakkar soon, in the mean time if you want you can check two of my links and also give me some suggestion to travel as well write better.

      Thanks a lot for your time.

  • AUROJIT says:

    Hi Amit,

    enjoyed reading about Rishikesh. Hardwar/Rishikesh is one of our favourite haunts.

    Bath in one of the many ghats is a must-do, especially in summers (cold, forceful water has real cleansing effect).

    Info on Hindolakhal is a welcome one (adds to one more destination in that area).

    Thanks for this informative post.


    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks Auro. My point is to always go somewhere less crowded. Kunjapuri was great on this parameter. Visit there sometime and you’ll enjoy it.

      Thanks for your time.

  • Nandan says:

    Upload one at youtube and then send Editor or me the ’embedd’ link.

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