Drive to Dehradun , Mussoorie , Haridwar During Monsoon of 2010 – Part-III

After the 2nd Day visit to Mussoorie , we came back fine thus praying that Thank God we were back safely and my car did not broke down again , while knowing that it had some problem . After taking rest , we woke up next day and got ready. The first thing I wanted to do was to take the car to the mechanic shop there and make it checked that why some heavy sound was coming from the bonut. But as it was early morning , no shop was still openend as it was Raksha Bandhan that day. Then we reached our relatives place , celebrated Raksha Bandhan with the whole family. After doing the breakfast , we were getting bored and thinking were to go today. Then decided lets cover the Tapkeshwar Temple today.

See the water droplets which come naturally from the roof of the temple.

The route to Tapkeshwar Temple is very clean as one has to cross the Dehradun Cant Area. It is around 6 Km from the Rajpur Road.The holy abode of Lord Shiva, The Tapkeshwar is a famous cave temple in Dehradun. Placed in the banks of a rivulet, this temple turned out to be one among the busiest pilgrim centers in the hilly resort.

Entry into the temple.

The river pierce in to the cave and the water droplets dribble from the rocks on the Shiv Linga presents an imposing spectacle, which gives an ethereal feeling. The Tapkeshwar Temple in Dehradun gains its name ‘Tapakeswar’ from this natural dribbling of river water over the deity from the ceilings of the cavern. Cool sulphur springs around the temple with therapeutic value make it a superb dipping spot for pilgrims.

Inner view of the Temple.

The most beautiful place I found in the temple is the river which is flowing down. The flow of the water was really very aggressive.

The Gushing River

What I like about this temple is that it is situated in a very natural environment where one can see greenery , river , everything.

This is a Shivling made completely of Rudraksh.

Another side of the Temple complex contains A Vaishno Devi Gufa. It is just the replica of the Main Vaishno Devi.

Inside of the Gufa

The Three main Pindis .

After visiting the Temple , we decided to visit the market. There are mainly 2 markets – Paltan Bazaar and Rajur Road.

Till the time we were coming back , the markets were open. Then first took the car to a mechanic shop. Explained him everything that the timing belt of the car was replaced just one day before on the highway. When he opened the bonut , he told that the Tension of the car had to be replaced. Then he replaced the faulty part as we wanted that the car should be perfect before we leave to Delhi. Somewhere in my mind I was thinking what was happening in this trip , my car was being repaired the second time, but still could not find any answer. After the car was perfect , we roamed at the Rajpur Road.

Rajpur Road

Then we went towards the Paltan Bazaar. Its entry is marked by the Clock Tower.It is one among the most significant structures in the city.Constructed before independence, this is a six-faced tower. Though this tower is visible from a distance, it is not functioning now.

Clock Tower

Then came back and rested as the next day we had to go to Haridwar.
The next day we left Dehradun by 10 am and started towards Haridwar. It was raining continuously throughout the route. We reached Haridwar around 11:15 am.

Har Ki Pauri from a distance. See the furious flow of The Ganga Maiya.

The Shiv Murti
We went straight to our relatives house . Spent time with them till the evening and came back to Dehradun by 6 in the evening.

In a such a short span of time , the last day came. The time had come to leave the Beautiful valley and go to our fast paced city life. We started from Dehradun at 10 am.

Saying Good bye to Hills

Delhi Calling

Again the Roads condition were a hell at Khatauli and Purkazi and from Modinagar to Delhi specifically.

Finally remembering the road conditions. This was the NH-58 which had pit holes duly filled with water.
Reached our home at 6 in the evening and an exciting , adventurous trip ended……

Thanks all for Reading .


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    Tapkeshwar is a famous cave temple in Dehradun , I have been to there many times. Annually a fair is held here on Shivratri. First time I saw this much of water in river . When we were small we use to go to Paltan Bazar for shopping. IMA Candidate with Grey pant , white shirt & tie with cycle could be seen roaming here during weekend. Kumar’s mouthwatering Raskullas are not to be missed. If any one planning to visit don’t miss to buy Bakeries items from Elora’s Bakery. especially Rusk & plum cake .

    • Sahil says:

      Dear Mr. Mahesh ,

      When we reched Doon , that day it was Shivratri and many roads were closed due to the jaloos which was going to Tapkeshwar temple , so the traffic was diverted at many points. I have also been to the temple many times , but even I saw so much water in the river first time. And further , no one can forget Kumar’s. At Rajpur road a new shop is opened called as ” Anandam “. It is just like Haldirams here. Really a very good sweets shop. And Yes , no one can forget The Bakeries there…let it be Elora’s , Sunrise…


  • Kartik says:

    Short but nice post . Pics are good.

  • Bhaskar says:

    I have lived in doon as a child, you brought back a lot of memories

  • Ram says:

    I have been to Doon for more than a dozen times {mostly on business trips or on the way to Mussoorie hills) but was not aware of the magnitude of the reverence of Tapkeshwar Temple.

    Your post has created an urge to visit this holy place on my next visit to Doon.

  • Nitish says:

    Sahil , I had also visited Tapkeshwar Temple once. You have refreshed my memories with beautiful pictures. Nice work.

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