Drive to Dehradun , Mussoorie , Haridwar during Monsoon of 2010 – Part-II

After the adventurous 1st day drive to Dehradun , the next day we had reserved for Dhanaulti . Just after reaching Doon , I discussed about the road condition till Dhanaulti with my brother. His first reaction told me everything. He advised us , for not even going till Mussoorie because the roads were not good and also the frequent landslides were occuring everyday on the route due to heavy monsoon. I was really confused what to do as a local person of Doon (brother ) had advised me not to go there. But I was not ready to accept his decision. So I enquired about the road condition till Dhanaulti from a local taxi driver. A Teaser Pic –

Resting in the lap of mountains

The taxi driver told me – ” Sir Dhanulti jaake karoge kya , aage saari road ka bura haal hai. Kal hi ek Indica car Mussorie ja rhi thi , ek dum uske bonet par ek bada pathar gir gya aur uska radiator damage ho gya. Aur rastein mein teen jagah par pura kichad hai choti gadi kafi mushkil se paar kar payegi . Sir baarish mein upar jaane ka risk kyun le rahe ho family ke saath “. Oh My God , these were the wordings of a local taxi driver there. Really confused what to do now. With so much confusion slept that night hoping that if tomorrow it would be a sunny day then I will surely take a chance till Mussoorie , if not Dhanaulti.
Pics to come –

Greenery all around

Day -2 23rd August’10
Woke up early morning . The sun was shining brightly. That was the moment we decided that we will go till Mussoorie. We were four adults. I started the car at 11 am leisurely. But it seemed as if God was little angry with us. As soon as I started the car , a very heavy noise was coming from the bonut. It seemed as if yesterday the mechanic did not set the timer belt properly. Also the mechanic shops in Doon were closed that time as it was early morning. So taking God’s name we started the journey knowing that there was some fault in the car. The road till Mussoorie was good except few points were there was muddy slushes and my small car really felt pain in crossing them.

I was driving the car slowly so that the car should not heat up as a hevy noise was coming as if the car was taking load to climb up the hills. Our first stop was at the Shiv temple. The temple was crowded with people .

Little car posing…

The prasad of Shiv Temple was really very tasty . It was Kheer and Jalebi. After the shiv temple it took us 1 hr to reach Mussoorie. There were some muddy slushy points there. But mostly the road was smooth.

Then we roamed at the Mall road for around 1hr. I was really interested to go till Dhanaulti but the car condition and the road condition prevented me from doing this. So just enjoyed in Mussoorie. After 1 Hr we left Mussoorie and started our journey back to Dehradun. It took Us 1.5 hr to reach back.

My little car posing :-)

After reaching back Doon , still some time was left. So we decided to visit the Sai Baba Temple. This Temple is located at the Rajpur Road. It is really located in a very serene environment in the lap of mountains. Really feel blessed after visiting it.The statue of Sai Baba is an exact replica of that in Shirdi. The temple architecture isn’t very elaborate but the atmosphere was serene and so blissful – felt at peace with oneself.

Moving inside is a main Central Hall.

No words to describe. A Divine feeling….

This was a Langur in the Temple.

By this time it was night. At last a little photography. Some beautiful views –

After this we had dinner and then slept early as a new day awaited us tommorow and a new destination was waiting for us to reach there.
Will describe all this in the next part.

Thanks for reading :-)
To be Continued….


  • Mahesh Semwal says:

    Dear Sahil,

    Thanks for refreshing the memories of Dehradun & Mussoorie.

    During our School’s summer vacations, every Sunday we use to go to Mussoorie & while coming back we use to have our Dinner at Hotel Moti Mahal, that time Moti Mahal was the only choice.

    You missed Dhanaulti this time :-( , in last couple of years its changed a lot. I have been to Dhanaulti in June only , its changed a lot.

    Its my advise – avoid visiting any Hill station during Monsoon , Precaution is better than Cure :-).

  • nayan says:

    Strange to see aluminium composite panel claded temple, as if we are entering into Sai mall. LOL.

  • malik tahir says:

    Some pictures are very beautiful as they are very much close to reality.

  • Ram Dhall says:


    I must admire your courage and brilliant sense of photography. Some of the pictures are simply scintillating.

    I have not been to Mussoorie for quite sometime. So thank you for taking us on a virtual tour.

    I observe that 2-3 posts published by you are always there in the top ten list. Congratulations. Your write up on Gurdwara Seesganj Sahib was very impressive.

    Keep on doing the good work.

    Warm regards and God’s blessings.

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks a lot Ram Sir for your kind and motivating words. You have always been a great source of motivation.


  • Sriram R says:

    Excellent trip, Maruti 800 rocked, i would say, sad that it’s production is ceased now, owing to public demand for better models.

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks Sriram , Yes M800 really rocks. It remained in the car market for about 20 years. Its really sad that its production is ceased now.


  • Kartik says:

    Short and crisp post Sahil . Great pics. Maruti 800 seemed to rule the highway.

  • nandanjha says:

    M800 indeed rocks and I guess the production is on though its only avail in B,C towns owing to emission norms.

    You are a brave boy Sahil. Trust me, I would have fallen back on a Taxi in these conditions. Look fwd to read Part 3.

    Happy Deepawali.

    • Sahil says:

      Thanks Mr. Nandan for the Diwali Wishes . Wish u and your family the same.

      Coming to the post , people think that M800 is not a highway type car , but I really find no problems with M800. It definately rocks. You are right , M800 production is on in small and interior towns , its production is ceased only in Metros.

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