My Top Ten List for Hyderabad, India – A solo women foreign traveler

To the girl I was, to the lady I am and to the woman I will be.. Cheers to more travel!

Travel bucket list # 1! ✔️✔️✔️

To the girl I was, to the lady I am and to the woman I will be.. Cheers to more travel!

Hyderabad, India 2015

Posted by Arlyn Evangelista on Monday, February 8, 2016

“Women are unsafe in India” one of the statements that I have read in one of the articles on the internet as I do researched for Dos and DONTs of this country.

I was never into an out of the country trip before and never did a solo trip on my entire life. It was last year, December, when I was sent by our company to do a cross location training in India. This is my first solo travel and I was a little bit scared because it would be on the country where social media says a lot of precaution especially for a woman. But all the doubts and fears of what the social media keep me telling has gone during my twelve days of stay here.

On this country where I was totally stranger, I felt like I am at home.

Let me sight three points. First is their People, the overflowing warmth welcome to a foreigner like me during my stay is uncontainable from the hotel staffs where I stayed to the trainees which I have handled for 2 weeks, I felt a genuine care every time they asked if I have taken already meal since I am not used to eat too spicy foods. I have that impression that Indians are so serious but they have proved me wrong. They were really happy people.

Next is Place, I have never thought that you have these gems which are waiting to be unfold by other travelers. Yes I got the chance during my Sundays to visit Chowmajalla Palace, Charminar, Qutb Shahi Tombs, Ramoji Film City and my favorite of all the Golconda Fort. I have also tried some local food in Hyderabad like biryani, idli, tandoori chicken and my favorite of all gulab jaamun. This so called less travelled nation has so much more to offer to those travelers who wants to discover amazing places.

Last is your Religion and Spirituality, during my stay, the passion for what and whom you believed is admirable whenever locals talked about their faith I can see a soul who is unshakable and firm to what he strongly believes.

Traveling to this country is one of a kind experience.


  • Arlyn Evangelista says:

    Thank you Ghumakkar for sharing my experience and video on your page!

    Anyone who will love to travel in the Philippines, give me a shout.

  • Archana Ravichander says:

    Thanks Arlyn for the good write up.
    Glad that you felt at home, at ease and happy while traveling in India. Makes us happy too!

    Please do visit more, write more and share more!


    • Arlyn Evangelista says:

      Hi Archana, yes I write more and definitely share more of my story once I visit again Hyderabad :)

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Thank you Arlyn for sharing your video with our readers. It is so heart-warming to read an experience from a fellow traveler, from another country. Good luck and best wishes.

    And yes, if I ever get an opportunity to visit Philippines I would give you a big shout :-)

    • Arlyn Evangelista says:

      HI Nandan.. Once you get an opportunity to travel Philippines just get in touch with me, I will glad to help you tour the famous spots in Philippines. :)

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