Doha Travel With Kids: 5 Activities You Must Include in Your Itinerary

Finding adventures to keep your kids entertained while you are on vacation is not an easy job. But if you are visiting Doha, you don’t have to worry about it because you can find plenty of family-friendly things to do.

From theme parks to rides and entertainment options, here are some of the best kids’ activities in Doha you must include in your travel itinerary.

1. Explore Angry Birds World

Even if your little ones weren’t born yet when Angry Birds was launched, they will surely fall in love with this amusement park at Doha Festival City Mall.

The Angry Birds World is one of Qatar’s top kids’ fun places, featuring over 20 rides and entertainment options to engage both kids and adults. The park also offers an arcade and many places to grab a bite whenever you feel hungry or tired. You can spend an hour or two immersed in a completely different world full of fun and adventure.

Here are some rides you must try at Angry Birds World:

  • Super Slingshot – This is the park’s signature ride where you’ll be flung 60 meters into the air with a giant slingshot.
  • Blast Bomb – Twist around a tower as you climb to a height of 11 meters before free-falling and then upwards again. This ride will leave you dizzy with its fast lifts, turns, twists, and drops.
  • Red Alert – This is Red’s dance party where you will be spinning, swinging, whirling and twirling across Red’s dance floor in sharp and fast twists and turns.
  • Hatchlings – This is a colorful and soft play area for your little ones. Let your child explore an exciting and bright place featuring tunnels, a ball pit, slides, and interactive games.
  • Trampoline Universe – This is an extensive area with trampolines for high-energy action and big laughs.
  • Raft Battle – Experience the journey of the Angry Birds across the seas in a boat equipped with a water blaster and laser. Guard your boat against enemy fire.

In addition, the park also features live entertainment and special events.

2. Chill at Snow Dunes Park

The Snow Dunes Park at Doha Festival City Mall is another famous family attraction in Qatar that offers snow chills in a desert region. It also features various rides and attractions suitable for the whole family. These include:

  • Dune Dash
  • Snow Slide
  • White Dunes
  • Snowy Mount

Moreover, the park features San Bouk and Snow Dunes Restaurant, where you can savor delicious treats, the finest snacks, and refreshing drinks. You may also book one of the park’s VIP rooms if you want to enjoy some private leisure time with your family.  

3. Enjoy Wildlife at the Jungle Zone

Another entertainment center for your kids to enjoy while in Doha is Jungle Zone. Located at Hyatt Plaza Qatar, this jungle theme park is decorated and designed with trees, animated animals, and thrilling rides where you and your kids can enjoy a real thrill of wildlife.

Some of the park’s highlights and features include:

  • Carnival games
  • Video games
  • Bumper boats and cars
  • Rollercoasters
  • 7D Dark Ride
  • Candy Bouncers
  • The Nest
  • Splash Falls

Other fascinating attractions you must explore in the park are the Amazon and Rainforest, and Tropical Forest. There are several activities like acrobatics and face painting, as well as the party and magic room to buoy up the jungle vibes to keep your little ones engaged with all the challenging tasks.

4. Experience premier gaming at Virtuocity

If you have little gamers in the family, don’t miss Virtuocity at Doha Festival City Mall. This gaming zone is a true gamer’s dream where you can eat and breathe games. It is known for its thrilling video games where you can compete with your loved ones.

This gaming hub has lots of PS4s, Xboxes, and computers for visitors to use, and you may also book one of their VIP rooms for your child to play against their friends. It also features a multipurpose sports arena, full-motion racing simulators, and escape rooms.

Moreover, it has a retail store where you can buy gaming accessories, limited-edition items, and other unique souvenirs.

5. Drop the kids off at Caboodle

Shopping in Doha with restless kids in tow can be slow and stressful. Even the most behaved child can get frustrated and bored if they must follow their parents around shopping. Fortunately, Caboodle at Doha Festival City Mall can help by providing supervised playtime for your little ones while you enjoy shopping and some child-free time.

Caboodle’s Drop N Shop program comprises two elements, namely play and pamper.


The play area boasts soft play for toddlers and a jungle gym for babies. It also has a dress-up corner for several costumes, an arts and crafts room, and an imagination zone with role-play toys.

The staff organizes activities and games for the children to play together. They can also hold weekly classes and events for kids, like educational camps that include fitness classes, storytelling sessions, and talent shows.

All staff are well-trained in child safety and care, including providing first aid to kids. A keen staff member will be assigned to your child who will stay for them for the duration of their stay – and your kid won’t be allowed to leave the play area until you sign them out.


Caboodle has a salon for kids where your little ones can have their hair cut and styled, or try different types of manicures and pedicures.

The salon staff are well-trained hairdressers who use organic hair care and styling products that you can even buy if your child loves them.

Moreover, Caboodle has a café where your kids can grab a bite to eat. You can preselect a snack for them or let them choose what they want from the café menu.

Doha — A Fun Family Destination 

Doha offers a long list of activities to make your family’s vacation memorable, especially for your kids. You can experience the fun and thrill with some of the most sought-after theme parks in Qatar and enjoy unique adventures with your loved ones.

With a visit to Doha Festival City Mall and nearby attractions, you  and your kids can already engage in several activities. 

Make sure to check the latest travel guidelines, events, and promotions, and book your tickets early for your desired activities to ensure a wonderful Doha escapade.

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