Delhi – Moradabad – Sitapur – Lucknow : Road Review

After the successful post on Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Lucknow road review by Aditya, a strong need was felt on having a review of the other road which connects Delhi to Lucknow. In fact there were so many comment on Aditya’s post where people wanted to know about the other road viz. NH24. If two were not enough, there is one more highway which connects Delhi to Lucknow, the one which passes through Aligarh, Kannauj etc. I guess thats the old real G T Road. When I get an opportunity to travel there, I would come back and write a small note. I guess, I should at least drive to Aligarh and visit AMU sometime.

Anway, so about two weeks back, I drove till Maigalganj (40 odd KM ahead of Shahjahanpur) on the way to Lakhimpur. I didn’t intend to write this post since I have not really done the complete stretch but I met Aditya the other day and he convinced me that it still makes lot of sense to do a small review. For the remaining stretch, he promised me to get inputs from other people so here it is.

Delhi is connected to Lucknow via the National Highway – 24 and here is a snapshot of its path.

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Total Distance = 500 KM
Driving Time = 10 hours including a 30 minute tea stop and a 60 minute lunch stop

As with my all road-reviews, we can divide this stretch into following sections.
1. Getting out of Delhi. Starting on NH24. Delhi – Ghaziabad
2. Ghaziabad – Hapur Bypass
3. Hapur Bypass – Gajraula
4. Gajraula – Moradabad
5. Moradabad – Rampur – Bareily
6. Bareily – Shahjahanpur – Sitapur
7. Sitapur – Lucknow

1. Getting out of Delhi. Starting on NH24. Delhi – Ghaziabad
Distance – Depends on where you start. Lets take Connaught Place as central point then it would be 20 KM.
Driving Time – Depends. From CP it would be 40 odd minutes. 30 minutes in early morning.
NH24 goes towards East and the relevant border is called ‘Ghazipur’. Unless you are in East Delhi, you would need to cross the Yamuna river. If you take ‘Nizamuddin Bridge’ then you just need to keep straight. Road quality is very good. The drive gets slow as you pass through some of the trade-tax points but overall clean.

Now onwards, I am taking distance from Delhi Border which is Ghazipur. These are not accurate distances but pretty close.

2. Ghaziabad – Hapur Bypass
Distance – 50 Km. Driving Time – 50 minutes
The road from Ghaziabad to Hapur-Bypass is probably the best road to drive in this whole stretch. Primarily because its a end-to-end double road with no big towns in between and second because of the quality of tar. You can easily do an avg of 55-60 KM an hour on this stretch. There is a toll of Rs 10 at ‘Kali Nadi’. Its a small bridge over a rivulet. I still remember that on those early trips to Corbett, about 6-8 years back, we would hop on to old bridge which was not maintained but nonetheless functional and would save the toll. And as we would pass the old-bridge, we will look at the toll guys, felling triumphant. Over time the toll guys dig up holes on the old bridge so that they can catch suspecting customers like me as well. It was a single road then.

3. Hapur Bypass – Gajraula
Distance – 50 Km . Driving Time – 60 minutes
Hapur bypass – Gajraula is problematic. Most of this section is being converted into double road so lots of construction going on. And if there is a festival then you might find a massive jam at garh-mukteshwar. Thats the closest one can get ‘Ganga’ and hence the obvious reason for any congregation. So avoid full-moons, any festivals which entails a holy dip. You can refer this online Hindu Calendar. I think Poornmia (Full Moon) mornings as well as Amavasya are to be avoided. I am a little challenged on this aspect so would appreciate any feedback on which days are auspicious for ganga-snan.

4. Gajraula – Moradabad
Distance – 50 Km . Driving Time – 50 minutes
Gajraula – Moradabad bypass is good and bad. Good because the new double road is really well made and one can zip fast w/o worry but bad because its not completely done. There are many small kasbas/villages/towns and the plan is to have a fly-over at each of these places, the reality is that these flyovers are not done. So you get on to a good road, pick 120-130 KMph, go for a while, then you taper down to a small alley (along side being-made flyover), and then it again starts. Hopefully it would be done before this monsoon else wait till Christmas. There is an A1 plaza on the left before Moradabad. There is also a restaurant at a BP Pump called ‘Tadka’. Gajraula also hosts the famous ‘Bhajan Dhaba’, ‘Gyani Dhaba’ but these are very crowded. I would suggest to stop at either A1 Plaza or Tadka.

A1 Plaza, Gajraula

5. Moradabad – Rampur – Bareily
Distance – 90 Km . Driving Time – 90 minutes
Post moradabad, its a single road. I didn’t see any work happening on either the widening of the single road for making it double. Interestingly the road quality is pretty good.
Rampur is not a very big town and you pass through their main market. You can also look at the old heritage railway station and some of the other old buildings. A decent place to stock up the supplies of munchies and other things. As you get past Rampur, you would see an exit for ‘Bilaspur’ which further goes to Nainital. If you are coming from Delhi, you dont need to come this far to go to Nainital, you can just take a U turn from Moradabad and take Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladhungi road. Anway, after Rampur, just keep yourself on NH24 and the next big town is Bareilly.

6. Bareily – Shahjahanpur – Sitapur
Distance – 160 Km . Driving Time – 130 minutes
You have to pass through Bareily which can get a little unnerving, so there is no bypass. But once you are out of Bareilly, you would suddenly notice that the traffic has gone much low. One reason could be that Delhi-Rampur has no alternates and it connects Delhi and beyond with hills where as Delhi-Lucknow has a better alternate (NH2). Also the train connections are good. The other reason could be that I haven’t experienced enough so it may be a case of one particular day. Shahjahanpur has a bypass sort and you can avoid the long town. You would get some double roads. Very good tar. Just keep driving.

7. Sitapur – Lucknow
Distance – 90 Km . Driving Time – 100 minutes
This is something where I have not personally driven. The information which I have is that this road is a in decent condition.

So thats about it for the drive. Since you have read this far, you deserve a bonus pic. This was just before Bareily. If you look hard, you would see there are gentleman all over the road-roller. What an apt pic for a road-review post (of a road roller).
Road Roller on a truck in India
Road Roller on a truck in India

  • Patrick Jones

    Very useful. Thanks, Nandan.

    I chanced upon Ghumakkar while looking for the best route to Lucknow and hit upon Aditya’s road review (and stuck with this site eversince). I have asked him about this route as well.

    Not able to make the trip yet (Samay se pehle…. Aditya’s lines) but am looking forward to it and think I’ll take this route on the way back, whenever it happens

  • Deepak

    Thanks Nandan,
    U know why it is for…ha.ha

    poor tata truck having a bulky road roller loaded onto it
    Guess what if truck suddenly stops and it comes back…scary..

    by the way a1 plazas has a increased fan following ..thanks aditya for it

  • Thanks Patrick. Best wishes. Hopefully some of the flyovers would be done by the time you make the trip.

    Hey Deepak, the trucks have amazing lugging power. And your observation is right about A1 Plazas. Since all of them offer a consistent experience, it sort of become easy to make a decision, esp when you do not want to experiment more.

  • Aditya

    Descriptive and useful, I think, this post completed almost all the roads to Lucknow on .

    Thanks for sharing it.

  • Yeah, practically yes. But in theory, there is this Aligarh-Etah road which is still to be documented. some day for sure :)

  • Ram Dhall

    Very useful and informative piece of writing.

    We have been travelling on this route regularly, as this road is a gateway to our favourite Kumaon hills. In the good old days, after the hundred kilometre drive from Delhi, the only place where you could wash and take some simple snacks, was Bhajan’s Dhaba at Gajraula. With the industrialisation of the area, with companies like Vam Organics, etc coming up, Gajraula saw some fast development. Bhajan’s Dhaba also grew from a small time Dhaba to a decent looking restaurant. I believe A1 Plaza is close by.

    Your post has brought back fond memories of our travels on this route.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Just back from a quick trip of Moradabad. Went to Moradabad Numaish (Exhibition).

    I heard that Delhi – Moradabad NH 24 would be completed end-to-end by 2010. Moradabad – Lucknow section would be done by 2012.

    Adi – You are right. Actually GT Road is more for Delhi – Kanpur and so is NH2. This is the real Delhi – Lucknow road.

  • Ahmed

    I think thats a very good post.
    I was a bit concerned about safety. How is it like when it comes to security, UP as we know is not that good in this regard. Night is out of question anyways!
    I am actually planning a visit to Sitapur, so thought of evaluating safety aspect as well before deciding between NH24, NH2 or Train.
    Thanks in advance!

  • I wont recommend night driving because of road-safety reasons (and not necessarily security). Most of the stretches have a single road and with all the high-beam lights hitting your eyes, it get a little difficult and un-safe.

    I took this road, just the last saturday and I was driving from 6-7 in the evening to 2 in the night (was coming down from Gorakhpur and home-sickness took precedence over staying overnight at some dusty town) and I could see police-patrol at every 20-30 odd KM. So security is less of an issue.

    If you want to go to Sitapur then take NH24 but if you want to go to Lucknow then take NH2.

  • And thanks for liking the post.

    When I wrote this, I had not gone all the way till Lucknow but recently I covered the stretch till about 20 odd KM short of Lucknow (was coming from Gorakphur) and the review is same. Its a single road beyond ShahjahaNpur but well laid. The work for 4 laning is in progress and would complete by 2012.


    Dear Sir,

    A very good description. I think thats a very good post. You have mention the exact distance and probable time. It is impressive. My office is in Connaught Place and due to official work I usually went to Uttarakhand in last 1 year at least 10 times I have use the same pathway from Delhi to Bareily thats why all these description get crossed check. And I have also enjoyed the food quality of A1 Plaza and Tadka several times as described in the post it is really nice.
    For the person who is planning to go via this rout will be really helpful. Thanks for the shearing such nice information with the viewers like me.

    Thanks & Regards

    Mohit Aggarwal

  • Thanks Mohit. If we as a group can keep this updated by writing our current experiences in small comments, that would help people who wish to undertake a journey on this road.

  • I love this highway and that is another reason for me to like this post. I have driven many time Noida-Bareilly/Moradabad and at least a dozen times Noida-Lucknow.

    First I would tell the most nagging aspect of this highway upto BLY, and that is the railway crossings which are 4 if we exclude the crossing near Dasna in Ghaziabad, which does not fall on NH-24 bypass.

    The first crossing is at Moradabad, which would be a pain till the bypass got completely built(it came in two stages) a couple of years back. Though it is advisable to be careful on this two-undivided-lane bypass as the compaction and surface protection of the embankment has been poor. It compares very poorly with the Hapur Bypass which was made with Japanese help and as good as, if not better than, the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. I know of many people who were pleasantly surprised to drive on the Hapur Bypass(the actual Hapur byspass, not the Ghaziabad bypass known as hapur bypass in Ghaziabad). Can you imagine the road from UP gate to Electronic city – Vijaynagar was a bypass not so long ago?

    The second one is at Rampur which is normally open as against the first one which is rarely.

    Well, that reminds, I fail to understand the serpentine curved roads in the plains of UP. And multiple railways cossings as if the road and rail are trying to entwin. The first serpentine stretch on NH24 is between Garh and Hapur, wherein, the road has got more bends than the NH58 got at Joshimath.

    Another such stretch comes at the deadly Tilhar about 25KM west of Shahjahanpur. The stretch is a virtual death stretch, and a little carelessness could cost dearly.

    I follow a simple rule while driving through these stretches-not to take chances-overtake only when I can see a straight road in front of me and honk liberally, Honk to live and let live. Because, even if I do not overtake at curves, other would and remian unmindful of my heading towards them. Honking helps here.

    Ok, coming back to crossings, of the republic, that are ahead of Bareilly. Road crosses once to go to the south side of the rail and again comes back to the north before CB Ganj. May be the bridges and rivulet spans have to do something with this.

    Then there is a stretch of road about 15Kms down Rampur, which was badly potholed about two years back. Then it got patchworked, but even now it is the roughest stretch by far if we exclude the under cons portions. Jubilee Dhaba, once frequented, falls on this one.

    To cut the story short, I enjoy most driving between BLY and Sitapur. You can overtake at will, with benign and the few truckers more than eager to let you pass.

    Never missed the maigalganj rasgullas though I find them only as good as Rewaris of lucknow, and laddo of Sandila.

  • Wow. We were looking for you for a long time, good that we finally found you. Actually after Aditya wrote about Delhi- Kanpur – LKO, there were lot of queries on NH24 and none of us have ever gone as far as LKO on this route.

    I have seen Moradabad bypass done, just like you :), in two stretches. In those days, we used to frequent Corbett and would enjoy our drive around Samosa mode and then stop over at ‘Kiran Dhaba’ just at the end of Moradabad. After ‘Kiran’, the deadly stretch of Thakurdwara would start where you can either drive at 5 KMPH and avoid potholes or at 50KMPH and go over them (fly over them). :)

    And yes, I so much agree with the Hapur Bypass, its a marvel. One of my friend used to stay in Raj Nagar and we would take the Hapur Bypass to reach quickly, the general rule was to avoid that bypass in the evening because it used to get lonely.

    Gone are the days.

  • Hahaha…:-) Thanks for the warm welcome. Flying over potholes…;-) good one.. just let the WD guys not hear this bit…Btw I have changed suspension and axles thanks primarily to blind driving(flying) over potholes from Garh towards Hapur after rains. I was fed up doing 5 and craving for 50+. Once I was stuck after dark on such a stretch and it was some experience.

    True, people won’t fare after dark on the NH24 Bypass. gone are even those days when At Mamura I would consider myself in Indirapuram. And those whenI would take Choukli- Mamura-flex-NTPC-DND, instead of NH24 to reach south Delhi faster.

    Nandan, I feel at loss when I see unauthorised and unplanned development along NH24 around Vijaynagar. I mean In Indirpuram, it was the might of a big builder that gave us-legitimate dwellers a decent connection to the highway and on the other hand there are squatters breaching the highway at will.

    Anyone trying to drive down this bypass between 8:00 and 10:00 (either side of the noon) might curse at himself for the decision.

    Let more rants be for another time and place…For now enjoy Ghuming.

  • Vinay Jhari


    I am planning to take a road trip next week from Delhi to Shahjahanpur as well. Any idea if the road conditions have changed in the last 2 months. Also, other than construction, do we still need to worry about Kanwarias etc which could cause traffic delays?

    Any information would help.

  • In 3rd week of June 2008, I drove last. Was coming from Gorakhpur. Nothing new to report.

    Because of rains, I would expect that Hapur-Garh section would be a little sad but otherwise no issues.

    Kanwarias are usually not on this road, they take Delhi-Meerut road usually but that thing is over. So no worries on that front.

    Just start early so that you get enough to day light for stops.

    And please do come back and update on the drive, would help fellow ghumakkars.

  • i need the location of a temple named sidheshwar dham situated at lucknow to sitapur road (at lohungpur)

  • temple near lucknow sidheswar dham at lucknow


  • bhaskersaxena

    hey dear members,

    i would request ur views / suggessations for a small trip (around 500 Km) from Meerut to lucknow…

    there are three ways of going :-

    (a) NH24 (Meerut-Hapur-Moradabad-Bareilly-Sitapur-Lucknow) – the shortest one.

    (b) NH2 ( Meerut-Noida outer-Faridabad – Mathura – Agra – Kanpur – Lucknow) – The longest one.

    (c) Mix ( Meerut – Bulandshahr – Aligarh – Agra or Mathura – NH2)

    i will be greatful if someone can please suggest the best possible route in terms of road conditions, facilities(eating / halting / servicing) and less time consuming. as i will be driving for the first time for such a long dist and wanna cover it up in one day. i’ll be the only driver in my car.

  • Well , there is one more road which would be Meerut – Bulandshahar-Aligarh-Eta-Kannauj-Kanpur-Lucknow.

    Since you are doing it for the first time, I would suggest that you go by (c) since its not too high on the total distance and once you are at Agra, the rest of the section is really good.

  • bhaskersaxena

    Thanks nandanjha,

    can some one pl put some light on the rout Meerut – Bulandshahar – Aligarh – Agra…. how r the road n traffic conditions at this stretch and generally how much time does it take…. espically in the we have now in delhi and around?????

  • Ken Xen

    How long does it take to go from Lucknow to a place near Kannauj by car? Here are the directions:

    The best way to reach makanpur is that you need to Tell the Taxi or Rent-a Car guys that you need to take the KANNAUJ high way.

    Before 15 Kms there is a way which is known as ‘AROL MAKANPUR’. AROL is the Railway station name and makanpur is 3 Kms inside AROL.

  • anshul

    sir ihave land in agara mathura bye pass road 9000 gaz any buddy want to purchase contact me my number is 09897953111

  • anshul

    3000 gaz seprate 6000 gaz seprate

  • Sanket Tomar

    Hi Guys,

    thanks a lot for providing such useful info. I’m planning a bike trip to corbett with some of my friends on republic weekend. Can you give some update about hapur-moradabad strech. one of my friend heard that hapur-galraula strech is not very good. Also if some one can provide some info about delhi-meerut-bijnor-nagina-jaspur-kashipur root that would be great bcoz we’ve been thinking of that root alternatively.


  • Sanket,

    Glad that this info was useful to you.

    Hapur-Gajraula is pretty bad. Gajraula – Zoya is super, Zoya – Moradabad is ok, Moradabad by-pass is super and its good till Thakurdwara, couple of short bad stretches but overall its good.

    I went there in 2nd week of December 2008. You can find some details on road on my last story

    Regarding the other route, I would recommend that its way too long to worth the detour, so I would suggest that you stick to Delhi – Hapur – Moradabad – Kashipur – Ramnagar – Corbett route.

    Do share your feedback on the corbett story when you come back.

    • Sanket Tomar

      Thanks a bunch Nandan,

      I’ll surely let everyone know how it went.


  • Sanket

    Hi Guys
    Finally did our Jim Corbett Ride and thanks to you guys for such precise directions and road reviews. I’ll put my experience briefly.

    We started at around 7:30 from south ex, actually plan was to start early at 6:30 but it’s a bit difficult bring a group of 12 ppl together on time.
    to start with we found a massive jam at nizamudin bridge but being on bikes we some how managed to cross it in 15 minutes. After that it was not much of trouble except the notorious Hapur -gajraula strech with so many diversions and narrow streches. We stopped for breakfast at hapur and had our lunch at thakurdwara. We reached our resort ()in corbett around 3 PM.

    Jungle Lore Resort

    Location of resort was good(on the riverside) and tents were comfortable but you won’t find much of a service there. You have to run around and find some one if you need anything, even a bucket of hot water… and food was okay.

    We went for safari early next day in the brijrani range but didn’t had any luck with tigers :(. … saw some deers though.

    We came back from safari at 11 am and went to see corbett falls. that was a nice place but couldnts stay there for long as one of the guys was insisting that we go to Nanital. That was the most memorable and excitin part of the trip. Nainital is about 65 kms from Ramnagar. Road from ramnagar to kaldungi is okay. it is not levelled to standards and it’s a kind of bumpy ride but kaldungi to nanital is good and a curvy road and we enjoyed it to the fullest. I was missing mountains for some time now and that ride refreshed my spirit. So we reached nanital , roamed around lake for some time and came back to our resort by 7:30 PM.

    Next day every one was relaxed and none wanted to ride back to delhi. So we ended up starting late at 11:30. Than fixing a couple of troubles with couple of bikes took another hour we were on our way at 12:30 from ramnagar. I’ve already read about the holy baths at garhmukteshwar here and have checked that it was amavasya on 26th so we were expecting some bad traffic there. But when we reached there, found it was terrible. It took us more than a hour to cross that 2-3 km mess even on bikes. So guys try your best to avoid those holy days like poornima,amavsya etc. whenever you are heading that way. After that it was smooth ride till Delhi and we reached back by 9:30. We had heavy truck traffic at ghaziabad on our minds but I think we escaped by a whisker.

    Overall we had amazing time and thanks to you guys especially Nandan for all the help.

    Will be back on road soon,

  • dr sushm gupta

    I know this route but want to know alternate rout if there is jam at Ganga ridge known as brijghat whic occurs on every pooranmasi & amavasya.
    So I want gto go to Delhi to Moradabad by an alternate rout on these festivr days.
    Thanks. You may have marry meals at Jain Dhaba on your right side just after you leave Ghaziabad at a distance of 25 km or so.
    wish you best of journey & happy holidays
    Dr sushma Gupta

  • Anil Jauhri

    I have done Delhi Lucknow via Moradabad-Sitapur twice – 9hrs of non stop driving in a Santro with break only for petrol

  • Harish Tiwari

    frnd a great read and a facinating discription…….liked it…please do give aride on Sitapur to Balrampur via Behraich…coz many times i planned to drive to my native place in Balrampur from Delhi through this route but didnt do it due to lack of explanation like you did here..thanx….

  • rajesh

    Hi everyone

    i recently travelled lucknow to delhi via sitapur-bareilly-rampur-moradabad-delhi. Upto sitapur road condition is pretty good. Between sitapur to bareilly is bad. between bareilly-rampur-moradabad is worst. After moradabad all is well.
    Advised all to avoid this road.

  • Dr Singh

    I traveled last month by Swift to Lucknow via Moradabad ,Rampur,Bareilly,Shahjahanpur,Sitapur .Returned via Kanpur ,Kannauj,Eta,Aligarh & Bulandshahr.It was the worst driving experience of my life considering that I have driven all over India .The stretch between Moradabad to Sitapur & the one between Eta to Ghaziabad are full of craters & potholes).Besides the long desolate stretches make driving a nightmare.It took me only 5 hrs to reach Lucknow in 2007.This time it took 10 hrs.

  • Advait

    I took the UPSRTC AC sleeper bus which took the Delhi-Ghaziabad-Hapur-Moradabad-Shahjahanpur-Sitapur-Lucknow route on the night before Diwali.

    I had read that this route was bad, but didnt know that it would be this bad. I covered the distance in 16 hours and reached Lucknow at around 3 pm in the evening after leaving from anand Vihar at 9 pm the previous night.

    I have travelled once on UPSRTC Volvo on the Delhi Agra Kanpur Lucknow route, and found that to be decent. Reached Lucknow in 11.5 hrs at 7:30 in the morning. The roads were largely two laned and the condition was good; we also had two stopovers to catch on food, and a brief halt in Kanpur.

    I had thought of trying out the other route(Delhi Moradabad Lucknow) route this time, so that I could catch on some sleep in the AC sleeper. But it didnt turn out very well :). The berths were proper railway like berths. But there were a few pitfalls. Two berths were adjoined on one side, which means if you are not travelling with a family member, you end up getting intimate with a stranger. :) The other side berth was single and had good space, however the side upper berth had no sitting up space because of the bus’s curve inwards at the top.

    The bus was scheduled to leave at 8:30 pm but left at around 9 pm. There was a terrible jam all before and after Ghaziabad, which took considerable time to pass through; do not remember the hours. The journey through the night was just fine…was back breaking as both the roads and the shockers were not in great condition. The bus stopped at around hundred kms from Delhi for the dinner break. We got a chance to take a look at the road; it was single laned and there was busy traffic on both sides. I slept through the night and woke up at around 8 am in the morning to find the bus stuck in a jam somewhere before Shahjahanpur. Its unbelievable, but the bus remained stuck at the same spot for 3.5 hrs; didnt move an inch. It was a long jam, 15 km jam till Rosa. Some people left the bus planning to board a train from a nearby station. The road was in a pitiable condition, a big crater at every 2 to 3 feet. They were non existent rather. Huge lorries feared getting down on the mud sideway or in the potholes for the fear of toppling over. 3 trucks had broken down in the way hence aggravating the jam. Finally the traffic started to move slowly, and we crossed Rosa. I chose to sit next to the driver to treat my eyes to the views of the country side, and started to enjoy the journey finally. The roads were still single laned and pathetic around Shahjahanpur. It was around 90 kms to Sitapur from Shahjahanpur, and theerafter another 90 kms to Lucknow. As we started approaching Sitapur, the roads started getting better and wider. The stretch between Sitapur and Lucknow was nice, with the highway being widened.

    We had a small tea break somewhere around Sitapur. It was relieving to be out of the jam, and alluring too as we approached the destination. We reached Lucknow at around 3 pm on the day of Diwali. Not Bad!!!

    I had booked this bus ticket online thru UPSRTC. The bus was operated by UPSRTC employees, and not by the private contractor Royal Cruiser which operates on the Delhi Agra Lucknow Volvo line. The employees in order to make some quick bucks were letting a few passengers get in the bus and sleep on floors. They were also delivering some business parcels along the way, unofficialy of course.

    Overall, This route is in want of massive reconstruction, and should not be taken when travelling to Lucknow. Delhi Agra Etawa Kanpur Lucknow is a much better route, and should be opted for if travelling to Lucknow by road.

  • Anuj


    any updates about this route.
    Last time in October some road maintenance was going on. So i believe route has been changed little bit.

    Any updates frnds, i am going again on 26th jan.

    • Rajesh

      Hi Anuj,
      Please let me know which route you have taken and how was it , i am planning to go to luckonw around mid feb by road .. this is the first time i will be going by road , have travelled through bus and thats of no use.

      • Anuj

        I traveled on 26th Jan to lucknow via Agra->Kanpur route. As everyone knows whole route is very good. It is advisable to choose this route. One suggestion if you want to reach LKO in less time then start early morning or in the night. I started at 11 pm and covered the distance in 8 hours only.

        @Rajesh:- For moradabad->sitapur route:-
        – Delhi to Rampur roads are good
        – Rampur to Bareilly is bad
        – Bareilly to sitapur is very bad
        – Sitapur to LKO is very good again

        So in short, out of 500 KMs, u will get 300 Kms good and rest 200 kms bad.

        • Rajesh

          Thanx Anuj .. i am planning to take that Delhi -itawa-kanpur-lucknow route .. seen others experience also .. its safer . will start early morning and expecting to reach around 4-5 .. ..have driven around 100 kms in a stretch earlier .. is it very much tiresome , condition of my car is good and comfortable.

          • Anuj

            I think thats fine….u can easily drive at 100-120 km/h throughout…roads r really good & if u start early then u wont find much traffic as well… suggestion dont enter kanpur city….keep following NH2 bridge in kanpur and before the end of bridge take u turn(u will see one cut at left side on bridge) for lucknow. It will save 30-45 minutes more.

            Best of luck..happy driving..

  • I drove till Rampur last saturday and except a bad stretch near Garh, overall road was fine.

    I would recommend that you take NH2 (Delhi – Agra – Etawah – Kanpur) and then take Kanpur – LKO.

  • I have heard that Lucknow-Sitapur stretch is being converted to expressway and is almost complete.

    • Anuj

      Yes, u r right but its just 100 kms.

  • vbharti

    Lucknow Sitapur is complete. The toll has not begun as yet though.

  • Anuj

    Hi frnds,

    any updates!!!
    Is Rampur ->Shahjahanpur route repaired?
    planning to go again on 18th night.

  • Dear Rajesh,
    Am planning to travel from Delhi to Lucknow by NH24 on 27th.How was your 18th trip.How long did it take.Any problems etc.Please mention
    Dr Singh

  • Arjun

    Hello friends,

    I am planning to drive from Kolkata to Nainital in late May/early June, and I’ll have to take NH24 from Lucknow to Barelli. The other option is to get of NH24 at Shahjahanpur and take the State highway, the condition of which is unknown.
    It would be of great help, if anyone who has taken the Sitapur-Barelli route recently could provide an update.


  • akashs


    Did lucknow -sitapur-bareilly-nainital stretch on 1st june and road conditions are as mentioned below:

    1. Lucknow to Sitapur – Very good. Expressway is almost complete except couple of places where Flyovers are uncer constructions but those stretches are very small so need not worry. They have not yet started charging toll.

    2. Sitapur to Shahjahanpur – Good. Not a dual carriageway but one can drive at descent speeds.

    3. Shahjahanpur to Bareilly – Ok type roads.

    4. Bareilly to Haldwani – Single carriageway. Ok roads.

    5 Haldwani to Nainital – Good roads.

    Hope this helps.


  • Just back from sat-tal and here is the report of NH24 section.

    1. Delhi – Hapur – Garh is very good. Hapur bypass continues to be exceptional and has been very well maintained. double road almost.

    2. Some area around Garh/Brijghat is still being worked upon but very small.

    3. The flyover at Buxar is not yet done and this is the only place where you would see a jam.

    4. Except Buxar, all the flyover are done (the one at Gajraula is only for Delhi bound traffic though) and its a ride which is pretty close to NH1.

    5. Post Moradabad, things are OK. Rampur Railway crossing is horrible and it doesn’t look like being close to completion. You can avoid main crossing though by taking a smaller one and then going through the village. Only suitable for vehicles having good ground clearance, avoid during rains at all cost.

  • Narendra Sharma

    I wish to travel by my car which is CNG propelled. I live in Gurgaon. At which points can i get CNG from Faridabad onward via Agra-Mathura-Kanpur to Lucknow.

  • Ankit

    Hi All,

    Being bored of using NH2 for Delhi-Lucknow, I chose NH24 this time and the route did not appear too bad. Delhi- Moradabad is good. Moradabad-Bariely-Sitapur is single landed, though not bad road all the times.However encountered a jam between post Moradabad which took around 30 mins.Again you need to be lucky to escape those railway crossings.Sitapur-Lucknow is excellent expressway again.
    All in all, the route was not a bad choice if you are bored of blank,staraight highways like and would like to see some vegetation around coupled with experiencing the real countryside on the way.The double laning is in progress between Moradabad-Sitapur strech and this may be the better choice over NH2 after a couple of years!

  • Hi All,

    For going to lucknow preferrable use Delhi-Agra_firozabad-itawaha-Kanpur and then Lucnow.

    Its really a nice road……….alternate route is having huge traffic and crowd.

  • avadh kumar

    thanks for explaning so deeply the whole route & informationwhich is very useful who needs this

  • Ruchir Agarwal

    The new bridge at Garh is also open to public. So fill stretch from Delhi to Moradabad is perfect now. 4 lane work between Moradabad and Bareilly is in progress and some stretches have started opening up now. Hopefully by next year things will be much better..

  • Asit Arora

    Hi, what is the status of the road and traffic on this road…NH24.
    I am driving to lko for Diwali.

  • delhi to rampur(190kms) -early morning ,afternoon & night- 2 &1/2 hrs.sitapur to lko(90kms)-anytime-1 hr.rampur to sitapur(230kms)-5 hrs.also avoid night driving between rampur & sitapur as 4 laning is going on & signages are virtually absent.add 1/2 hr for lunch & 1/2 hr through bareilly town.

  • Anuj Mittal


    • Rajeev Tivari

      Anuj, please elaborate. How are Moradabad-Bareilly and Bareilly-Sitapur sections? Can these be done in night? How is it at Rampur? How much it is taking Delhi to Bareilly? Sorry for too many questions.
      Rajeev Tivari

  • 28 april 2013 from meerut to lucknow i came via garh -muradabad-barelly-shahjahanpur
    -sitapur road constraction work is going on from rampur to sahjahanpur not advice to any body to go .single narrow road from sahjahanpur to sitapur and other factor all the heavy loaded vechles use this road to save toll and distance.

    i will go via kanpur to delhi than back to meerut.

  • Rajeev Tivari

    Delhi-Moradabad-Bareilly Part of NH24 is in great shape in four lanes almost throughout. I drove a return trip over 16 Hrs this week. All the problem spots have been bypassed vertically or horizontally. Work is ongoing on Rampur Bypass. Biggest treat is the hillishly picturesque Rampur Bareilly section which in four crispy black lanes from 4 km of Rampur to 15 Km of Bareilly. Both the major rail-road crossings have been overbridged. Milak is another work in progress but it did not trouble much. Best part was that three new toll plazas are yet to become operational.

  • Amitabh


    You said 16 hrs – is it one way between Delhi and Bareilly

    • Rajeev Tivari

      No Amitabh, it is the total absence from Delhi, which has about 4.5hrs journey time each way.

  • I got this comment from narendra.sharma so putting it here.

    “New delhi 2 moradabad is fine, Moradabad 2 Rampur ok, rampur 2 Bareily unsatisfactory under construction but Bareily 2 Shahjahanpur unserviceable and Shahjahanpur 2 Sitapur NO ROAD only pits, pots, digs and avoid the patch.”

    For Lucknow, Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Lucknow is still a better route.

    • Rajeev


      Thank you for updating on Bareilly-Shahjahanpur-Sitapur. And yes, Rampur Bareilly is quite good now.

      And here comes the latest on YEW-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow from my drive last this weekend. Till Etawah it was usual fare. But it was a nightmare after Etawah as on after the other diversion for road underpass construction kept coming every 2 KM and some times nest diversion started from the point the current one ended. At the toll plaza After Etawa I asked and the fellow smiled
      “are sir it is like this till Kanpur.”
      “ye theek nahi hai…”
      “to ham kab kahi rahe hain ki theek hai…”

      Diversions are all single lane and with two speed-breakers in each on an average.

      And in Kanpur there is Rama Devi and then there is Unnao.

  • saleem

    On the other hand, DEL-MBAD-RMPR-BRLY is good. However, Barielly to Shahjahanpur is a bit patchy and Shajahanpur-Sitapur is BAD.. S’pur to LKO is good. I would say 350 kms of good road, 100 kms of average road and 50 kms of bad patches out of total 500 kms. Total journey time 9-10 hours.

    • shailendra

      yes it is true

  • Manas Awasthi

    Nh 24 is not a good option for LKO – DELHI as sitapur to shajahanpur is bad…only option left is nh2 then xprerss way but now thats also bad because of diversions between kanpur n etawah..but if u keep calm u can cover the 500 km streach is 8 hrs..i personally did it on my enfield


    I live in Delhi and belong to Sitapur. I have been a frequent driver on on NH24, starting from from hatchbacks to Luxury Car now. I love to drive on this highway myself than my driver.

    Delhi- Barielly it is just 4 hours now but Barielly-Sitapur (about 170Km) was really bad till few months back (Big Potholes and bad patching).


    • sandeep ganju

      hello Manoj,
      i have to travel to Sitapur from Ghaziabad(my home town) on 8th Nov 2014.
      i tried Train tickets but all are booked and looks like will have to drive all the way..
      any suggestions which route to take.. also what will be the road condition.. i have a indica vista, and have travelled more than this on a single day.. but on expressways:-))

    • Som

      So Now how is the road between shahjanapur and Sitapur. thanks

  • P P Das

    Dear Friends,

    As yours are the most recent posts, I think some one of you can get me the best advice about travelling to Lucknow from Delhi.

    My first question is obviously, which route to select? Google map shows 3 options.
    Option#1 Via NH24 (Moradabad-Bareilly-Sitapur)
    Option#2 Via NH91 (Aligarh Etah Kannauj
    Option#3 Via Yamuna Expway+NH91 (Exp-way up to Tundla, then Firozabad-Mainpuri-Kannauj)

    Please note, my journey doesn;t end at Lucknow. I have to travel further to Tanda (another 250Km from Lucknow) and reach there by the end of the day.

    I will be traveling in my Scorpio.

    I will travel with my family including daughters and leaving early is not a problem.

    Please suggest me the best route to take (I will travel one day before Diwali) which will be the most comfortable and will take the least time.

    Looking forward to your early response.

  • ba

    P P Das

    how was your travel?

  • Dharmendra

    Hi friends, need to go to chandigarh from Lucknow.

    Which route will be ok
    Or should I take a detour to Saharanpur and then to Ambala Chandigarh.
    Plan to go in the last week of may

  • Ashwini Kumar Verma

    Dear Mr. PP Das,
    I think best way to LKO is through Yamuna Exxpress to agra and then to Lucknow. It has many toll plaza but the road condition is quite good. I had visited though it to Kolkata.

  • Asit Arora

    Hi All,

    Whats the current state of the NH 24.
    I have a trip planned to Lucknow in the next 3 weeks.


  • Take Delhi-Moradabad-Rampur is very good. Rampur-Sitapur is bad. Sitapur-Lucknow is very good. Rampur-Bareily should open soon.

    I would suggest that you take YamunaExpressWay-Etawah-Kanpur-Lucknow road.

  • Ankit Saxena

    Hi friends,

    I am planning to go to Shahjahanpur from Delhi in this month. Can anyone please update on the road condition from Moradabad to Shahjahanpur. We will be travelling in Wagon R.

  • Dharmendra

    Travelled from Delhi to Lucknow on May 15th 2015. The road up to Bareilly is excellent. From Bareilly to Sitapur its hell. The highway is under construction. There is single road full of cycles, bullockcarts and slow moving traffic.
    From Sitapur to Lucknow its good highway again.

  • Ankitjha007

    Drove Lucknow to Delhi yesterday enroute Godda(Jharkhand)-Delhi. It was a complete mess from Sitapur to Bareily. I will advice everyone not to use this stretch. A wrong decision of not using Lucknow- Kanpur bypass- YEW-Noida-Delhi. The whole road from Sitapur to Lucknow seems to be very risky for day driving also. 4- lane widening in progress but in terms of maintenance of existing road it’s nil. Moradabad bypass is a fun driving. I got stucked in heavy traffic jam(nearly 15 km) near Hapur – Rajnagar road which killed approx. 3 precious hours. The journey from Lucknow started at 2:30 PM and reached my destination in East delhi at 4 AM. The road condition except Sitapur- Bareily is in good condition. I will update the whole iternary and detailed review of Godda(Jharkhand) to Delhi road very soon.

  • jeet1983

    Hi All,

    I am planning to drive from Delhi to Lucknow next week, could any one update about road condition between Bareilly to Sitapur, is there any betterment on this?

    Secondly, what if i take Bareilly->Hardoi->Lucknow route? Is it better and safe?

  • Asit Arora

    Hi Travelers,

    Any update on the highway please. Delhi – Bareily – Lucknow. Trip planned in the next 3 days – help solicited.
    Cheers, Asit

    • Dear Asit,
      Delhi – Moradabad – Bareily is good. Bareily – Sitapur is mixed (not a confirmed source). Sitapur – Lucknow is good. I am guessing that you have a reason to go via this route, else for Delhi-Lucknow, a much much better route is Delhi-Agra-Lucknow.

      Please update on road status after your trip. All the best.