Delhi – Patna road review

Table of contents for Delhi - Darbhanga - Delhi

  1. Delhi – Patna road review
  2. A day at Prayag
  3. Bana Banaya Ras – Banaras
  4. A quick trip to Sarnath
  5. Kushinagar – Where Buddha breathed last

My intention behind writing road-reviews have been to provide necessary information to fellow travelers (read drivers) who wish to undertake that journey. With that thought, probably New Delhi to Patna by road, doesn’t make the cut, since not many would be traveling (read driving) such a long stretch. Patna is not a hot tourist place and neither is it close enough to let people choose the tar instead of routine rail or expensive air. So the only real reason I think would be then to use this is to get and feel high, since I did it, just the last week. I drove all the way to Darbhanga (200 Km further to Patna) from Delhi. May be 10 years down the line when I read this again, I would feel young (and stupid), so here it is Delhi Patna Road Review.

Delhi – Patna can be divided into following stretches.
Delhi to Patna Distance – 1050 – 1100 KMs , Time – 32 hours with a 12 hour night stop at Allahabad or Banaras. 20-22 hours non-stop with 2 meal breaks and 2 tea breaks.

1. Delhi – Agra – Etawah
2. Etawah – Kanpur
3. Kanpur – Allahabad
4. Allahabad – Banaras
5. Banaras – Patna

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Delhi to Patna Road Map
1. Delhi – Agra – Etawah Distance
Distance – 320 KM , Time – 5 hours including a 20 minutes stop at McDonalds, Mathura.

You need to get on NH2 which is more popularly known as Mathura Road. The road exits Delhi from the south so depending upon your point of stay in Delhi, you need to plan an early exit. Ask for ‘Ashram’, its on Ring Road, and then take Mathura Road. Stick to it and cross Badarpur on the way. Badarpur has the reputation of snarling traffic so try to cross that before 6 AM else you would lose some precious time. Keep going straight and cross Palwal. The quality of the road is fantastic and you can easily clock an avg of 65-70 an hour. The traffic would slow down at Kosi trade tax barrier. Again, if you can get past Badarpur by 6, you would be able to avoid this mini-jam. The directions are a no brainer since it’s the same NH2 all the way till Banaras (or Mohania to be precise). Apart from the good tar, there is nothing else great to look at so have some good music and conversation within the cabin. As you approach Mathura, look for that huge M sign of McDonalds. It’s the only decent place to stop for a quick grab but be alert on the time spent as it can eat your valuable minutes without anyone realizing it. Also, if you are leaving early, then its a good stop to relieve yourself and get some clean-hot snacks to fill your belly.

The above pic is from Aditya’s post on Delhi-Agra-Kanpur, which now seems like the most reliable and detailed post on internet. I was so busy driving that I actually missed it.

As you cross Mathura, you would shortly get into Agra madness. Keep your patience and drive safe. There is a lot of petty traffic and some of it can get aggressive very easily so resist your set-the-world-right temptations and allow the wrong-side traffic to carry on with this business-es. If you are not very un-lucky, it should not take lot of time, 30 minutes to cross Agra. If you care and have time, then you can stop for few minutes and watch Sikandra fort. Its right there on the road, on the left.

Once you are out of Agra, the road gets a little better and traffic reduces. Press the pedal and hit Firozabad. This is the first city (after Agra) where you would start to feel the Mughal Era. Some of the old buildings could be still seen, the city is known for its bangles and glass work. There are these big tempting bangles showrooms which you need to pass quickly else a female fellow traveler’s urge makes you stop. After Firozabad, you have Shikohabad and finally Etawah. The roads are really good and you should be able to do an average of 65 (if not 70). This road falls under ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ and NHAI is currently finishing the road in Etawah, so you would need to take a detour. It should be done shortly, most of it is done.

2. Etawah – Kanpur
Distance – 150 KM. Time – 2 hours non-stop
In this stretch you do nothing but just drive quick. Very sparse in terms of traffic and the road is new. The only but very critical and important thing which you need to be aware is that you would find oncoming traffic on the wrong side of road at full speed. It’s a double road so while you think that you can drive at 100 KMph on the right lane of the left road, in practice you can’t do that. This is something which you will see for almost rest of NH2, more when you get out of big cities and are in vicinity of small towns. There is no point in spoiling your drive by getting into the blame game so as I said before, resist the temptation of setting-the-world-right and give these guys their way and forget about it. Since the visibility is good because of no distractions like polls, posters, hoardings, trees, road being straight, it’s not too difficult to spot these wrong-side-right-fellas so just let them go. You can actually do this stretch in less than 2 hours.

3. Kanpur – Allahabad
Distance – 200 KM, Time – 4 hours since the by-pass is not yet done

Most of the road within the Kanpur city is an elevated road, so that takes you away from city traffic. You need to keep on NH2 and should not be taking any left exits, which go to the city. The landscape (and the social-scape) would now begin to change. We are now starting to get into Eastern UP and as you travel more towards East, the poverty would start to hit you. It’s not very visible since you are still on a big-side road but as your cross small towns, you would start to see it. The shops in these towns are more like the assembled contraption of wood-and-aluminium (from vanaspati ghee tins) and it’s not un-common to find small kids relieving themselves in open along the road.

The road is all the same, quick and clean with very minimum traffic. About 60 Km after Kanpur, look for a big BP petrol pump on your right, its in Malwa and is a COCO (Company Owned Company Operated). Its time to re-fuel (assuming that you started with a full-tank) and get some fresh air. There is a small tea shop where you can have tea and snacks. There are swings and some green area to relax. Loos are clean though not too great. It seemed like a nice-clean and big place to have some quick bites and get enough energy to hit Prayag, the Sangam city.

Allahabad is about 140 KM from this place, you would pass many small towns and finally you would reach a point, from where it appeared to me that NH2 is making a by-pass. Its not yet ready and didn’t seem like it would be done shortly. In any case, we had decided to stay put in Allahabad (a quick story on that later) so we went in. You would pass a town called Lukarganj. The road suddenly gets narrow and some of the stetches are actually stone-paved, with so much of petty traffic and narrow-potholed roads because of rain, you wonder whether you would ever make it to Prayag. Sustain all that and find a good place to stay. I stayed at Kanha Shyam which I think is incorrectly rated (high) and has lived its life. I looked at Map and it shows a by-pass kind of thing. Anyway.

4. Allahabad – Banaras
Distance – 120 KMs, Time – 2.5 Hours (if you are coming from city, once by-pass is there, it would be less than 2 hours)

I think I started to write about the social side but didn’t elaborate much. Now you are in true Eastern UP. While the quality of the roads remain same, the infrastructure seems to have taken a beating. The houses wont have plasters on the outer walls in small towns, the shops have no spank and the landscape looks more rural. There are less tractors in the fields and there are more people with bare chests and worn-out dhotis. Even though it would look more like apna-desh, it may not be necessarily pleasant. Almost everyone would be chewing pan or a gutkha, from toll man to rick puller to khaki clad police wallahs. There is definitely much less rush and there is more time per transaction but it can get a little depressing at times, especially for spoil-ed metropolitans. I noticed more of this since I stayed at Prayag and had to really pass through couple of small towns. I think one of them was Hanuman-Ganj (what a hindu-muslim solidarity name of a place, hanuman and ganj) but most of you would avoid this if you don’t chose to stay at Allahabad.

Anyway, I would come back and rather focus on road, since we have a long way to go. We stayed at Banaras but if you don’t then that’s much better since Banaras is not on NH2. You spend a lot of time going in the city and coming out (that has its own charm but can be avoided at least in one of the to or fro trip).

5. Banaras – Patna
Distance – 250 KM, Time – 5 hours
Eastern UP is gradually getting over. While you can survive the chaos and sheer variety of Banaras by being more patient, we were preparing ourselves to enter Bihar which over time has lost its reputation of being a hub of culture-education and power. Since we were in the city, we headed towards Mughal Sarai to get to other side of Ganga. Mughal Sarai used to be a big hub for Indian Railways at one point of time, it even is today, to a great extent but development over time has acted as a great leveler, and for the same reasons it’s fairly big and the urban sprawl goes on for a while. I still remember the times, when the loco of our train would be changed, from Diesel to Electric or vice-versa, depending upon which side you are going to. Banaras and Mughalsarai is divided by a bridge. After crossing Mughalsarai, we joined NH2 and it was again 6 lane high-speed drive till Mohania.

From Mohania, you can either go all the way down to Kolkata or take a left to reach Patna via Ara. As we took the left, the landscape suddenly changed. From a double road highway, we were on a single two lane road but very well tar-red. On both sides we had long stretches of fields. Since it was June, the rice has not yet made in and there was nothing on the fields at most of the places.

We crossed numerous small towns on the way, we were able to get past quick because there was hardly any traffic. The occasional bus or even less occasional tractor was what we needed to maneuver. We drove past Buxar (remember the battle of Buxar) and were heading to one of the big political and historical marvels of all times. This part of Bihar is a little better-off in terms of overall development, employment, money, at least till Ara. The distance of 150 KM from Mohania to Ara was spent in less than 3 hours. We had not planned to break till Patna so we kept going.

At Ara, we had a one hour stop at a railway crossing. As many as five trains passed while the barriers were down. This simply killed the good time we had saved but anyway. From Ara, the road quality takes a hit, especially as you reach Danapur, even though Danapur is a cantonment area.

One interesting ride which I should share with all of you is this real long road bridge, after Arrah. As we were approaching the bridge, we noticed that the traffic has gradually started to drift towards right and there is this serpentine line which seemed to be heading at some barrier. We suspected a railway crossing, being ignorant we kept on our left and after passing all the waiting trucks (which were now on our right), we discovered that there is this long road/rail bridge. So we reached to the head of the queue, may be the make of the car did it or what, we were not looked at with contempt by the few police-men who were controlling the entry to the bridge. After a while, we were asked to move in and boy what a view. Try to imagine a narrow real long straight bridge which is double-decker, since the rail bridge is on first floor, is old, the color if the iron has gone rust-colored, you look down and you see Ganga and there are not many cars in front, infact none for us. The bridge is so long that you can’t see the other end and I didn’t meter it but it must be more than a KM. If someone from that area is reading this then we would really benefit from some more details. It was one damn different experience.

Ok, So it’s already past noon. Enter Danapur, remember to take a right (so keep asking) else you would get into something which you would regret (we almost did). Get off Danapur and you are at Patna. You are still at the out-skirt but you could sense that this once has been one of the greatest cities of all times, the patliputra, a city which has seen the only golden era of Indian History. So much for drive and for the adrenaline, we were finally there.

I was to drive beyond Patna (200 KMs further towards North) but I would save you further fatigue. Its been a really really long journey. We crossed the longest bridge on Ganga (5 odd KM), Mahatma Gandhi Setu, which was not in a good condition. Some pics before I close.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu

Keep going

We could see the mammoth Ganga in its full glory and as we looked up, the astonishing skyscape was even more grand. Being humbled by both, we clicked some pics, thanked our stars , while still driving and carried on.

  • Ahaa ! You reminded me of a trip down memory lane when I was a small kid. I only remember the names of some places because of the experiences we had. It was Delhi to Jhumri Tillaiya or Bhagalpur, I don’t remember but we had visited both places. And the route we had taken was Moradabad, Bareilly, Lucknow, Varanasi and from there I think it was same route as yours.
    We had broken down our journey into several days, visiting & staying in all major cities.

    And please, don’t interrupt your journey. Take us to Darbhanga as well. Also, tell us if is it safe to go there now as tourists if I convince some people to visit Bihar ?

  • Oh, really. Tillaiya is now in Jharkhand and from Varanasi you would have to take a different route but for bhagalpur you will probably follow most of this route. I came back from Darbhanga via Gorakhpur and all along the way, I could see the NHAI East-West Corridor work getting done. I followed the same route as you, i.e. Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Bareily, Moradabad, Delhi on the way back.

    From Patna to Darbhanga, there is nothing great to write, it got dark and not much of significance except that in some stretches there was no road :) and while at other stretches, there was this 6 lane highway courtesy again the East-West corridor.

    Regarding safety, I was advised to avoid night driving in areas around Chhapra – Muzzafarpur belt, Patna-Muzzafarpur is relatively safe, beyond Muzzafarpur, its all safe.

    I never expected that someone would write such a comment :), thanks. Makes one feel good and useful.

  • Ram Dhall

    Beautiful and crisp description. All through I felt that I was a part of the entourage. The pictures are simply captivating.

    The five KMs long bridge over the river Ganges, perhaps is the longest in the country !!

    The post has come at the most appropriate time, as we are in the midst of deploying over 200 ATMs (I work for an ATM manufacturing company) all over the state of UP. This post will be of immense help to us.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Nandan,
    You are most welcome. Yes, Jharkhand is now a separate state.

  • Good hein Nandan, such a long drive. Do share the experience of coming back, not looking too much here and there and just driving, haan?

  • Sudhir

    A crisp review indeed !

    What struck me was that you kept your eyes open to the rural landscape and the associated poverty in our desh.

  • Thanks Ram. On the way back, I took Darbhanga – Gorakhpur – Delhi and covered almost the rest of Eastern UP and some of Bihar.

    Upanshu – I took a different route for coming back and a better part of it is already covered under another review (Delhi Moradabad Lucknow) so not sure how many readers would really want it. And also the overall alert-ness is a little less and the focus is more on back-home :) so I dont remember too many details.

    Sudhir – Yeah, it gets a little different beyond Kanpur.

  • srijan

    Wow. I would really like to do this once. I have done iit several times on rail but road would be fun. Only thing is that you get regular advice from folks “dont drive during night” and As you also mentioned”dont try to discipline people”.
    I almost got the feel of coal tar and enjoyed the journey. May be next time you do something this crazy I will hop in to your car.

  • Patrick Jones

    Agree with you that ‘not many will be travelling such a long stretch’ but road reviews are indeed what I’m looking for, out of Delhi to any place in India. There is no dearth of travelogues in the cyber world but not many road reviews.

    So cheer yourself up with the fact that there ARE people looking forward to driving experiences however crazy it look like!

    In fact, I am planning for trips much beyond Patna.

  • Srijan – It would be more fun to have people like you on-board :) Patna is a little afar, we should probably plan something close-by on one of the weekends, may be the carrom club (if our better halfs allow us)

    Patrick – I was missing your comment. I know some of us would just be happy to be on road. Why you would be making plans on driving beyond Patna and which side (further East or North East).

  • Nandan, one more thing, driving for 22 hours should be a big NO NO. It’s dangerous, not acceptable in driving rules. Better to take more time then stretching yourself and family.

    I remember one of my flying/driving Seattle-Toronto-Niagra-Toronto, not too long drive, but I was driving @ 2:30 AM and last 20 KMS were scary as I was about to fall on wheels.

    Safety 1st buddy.

  • I agree with Upanshu, 100%! Infact the last time we drove on this route at 1 AM, it was decided that this would not be a benchmark… we managed to stretch it to 2:30 AM this time! bad!

    Night driving and driving for more than 15 hours (that’s the max, upper, top limit buddy) should be avoided at all costs.

    And for anyone driving ahead of Patna, take the by-pass, and avoid the city. You will miss the bypass, mostly – as even the natives of Patna do not know where it exists… but look for it, it must be somewhere in the city itself, I am assured.

  • Shreyasi Singh


    This sounds like the beginnings of a great road movie. Hmmm, who will play Urmila? Or was it Antara Mali? You made me miss home! But, hats off to you, for taking on this mammoth road trip. And living to tell us about it!Waiting for a Delhi-Ladakh road review from you now…

  • Upanshu – Agree. Always. 20-22 is a conservative estimate for this stretch, a more focused and planned drive with at least two drivers, can be finished in 18 odd hours. Also once the allahabad bypass is done, we are good.
    Start by 5 in the morning and reach by 11 in the night. But yes, I agree with you and Smita, SAFETY FIRST.

    Smita – Right.

    Shreyasi – It was Antara, though Urmila would have done as bad a job there :), Delhi – Leh is pending and should happen soon. The only thing which is stopping me is whether its fine to take a 3 year old baby. But, yes when it happens it would be here. And next time, I am driving back home, join me.

  • Patrick Jones

    Yeah, avoid night driving. That way you won’t drive for more than 15 hrs at a stretch.

    Would like to visit Darjeeling – Gangtok so your tips will be helpful. And Calcutta some other time.

  • Jogiraj Sikidar

    Being a TV professional, I have a longtime plan to make a documentary on GT road through the eyes of a truck driver. When I read this article, I could see the visuals in each words of Nandan. I felt as if I am traveling with him. So intense and useful. I would say a complete script for a travelogue. Simply wonderful!!!

  • Jogi – If you give me some time, then I can try getting a license of HMV and would get some training as well. I read a book by ‘Anthony Weller’ on G T Road, its called ‘Days and Nights on G T Road’. He actually travels from Calcutta and goes all the way till Peshawar, stopping at places. Its a marvelous account, I think I would read it again quickly.

    I am ready to do the main act, when ever you are ready :)

  • thats an awesome journey and your review almost took me must have been quite exhaustive to drive and then narrate the experience..incidentally bihar and jharkhand have been on my to do list and i will probably ask you for more info..tho I dont think I would be able to do this journey on road

  • Rajeev Tivari

    That’s another of your masterworks, Dear Nandan. And just what I was looking for. I have been planning to do a Delhi-Lucknow trip via Agra-Kanpur. I have done it through NH-24 which is the highway passing by my place in NCR, many times. But that road is not good due to plenty of diversions between Hapur and Moradabad and further probably between Sitapur and Lucknow, because of four laning work going on.

    Now that GQ-isation of NH-2 is nearing completion, I am thinking of taking the road. But even now, most of the done-it people advise to avoid night driving. What would you say, that you have done some night drive on NH-2?

    Thanks again

    -Rajeev Tivari

  • Jogiraj Sikidar

    Oh yes, I read Days and Nights on G T Road and what a book it is and love to read it again. But your review is also equally good…..May be you can be my Protagonist for the said Ghumna Achha hai.

  • Thanks Lakshmi. Bihar seem to be getting better. Jharkhand roads are much better though you need to plan your drive to avoid night rides in naxalite zones.

    Rajeev – Thanks. Very motivating. I came back through NH24 and even though I dont recommend any one to drive in night, I guess its fine if you do have to do it in the end. I dont recommend because of road-safety reasons and not necessarily security reasons. By road-safety, I mean traffic, effect of spirits/sleep on some of the truck drivers (though you can not really isolate them), high beam, low visibility, poor-no sign-ages etc.

    I would tend to think that NH2 has very few of the above problems because its already a double road, better sign-ages, lighting, better road etc. The only issues it
    has and where NH24 scores better is that NH2 has more lonely stretches, esp between Kanpur and Etawah. Once you are beyond Shikohabad, you are almost in NCR with Agra as always rushy and Mathura too close to be really considered away.

    So if you are driving back, I would recommend that start by afternoon (4 PM) so you get close to Agra by the times it gets very dark and if you are starting from Delhi, then start a little later (2 AM).

    Hope this helps.

  • Karthik

    Super Kano!! (kannada) . liked the idea of putting out the route map on the page. that helps a lot. Not sure if I would get a chance to drive this sector, but it was nice experience reading it.

    Maja maadi :-)

  • Rajeev Tivari

    Nandan, Thanks. That definitely helps. I might leave from Shipra Sun City about 5:00am to aim a 3:00pm reporting at LKO. Btw, You are also in Indirapuram. Great to have neighbours like you.

    As you rightly said, in my experience of Night drive on NH-24 the on-coming headlights have been the major issue, though otherwise it is way better than day beacuse of absence of jaywalkers, motocyclists, cyclists and other sundry vehicles like jugaad and bullock carts. You and the truckers. And the dreaded killers parked on the road without any taillight/blinker/signs. Majority of accidents in nights are due to such beasts.

    So, on return, encouraged by your advice on night drive on the beautiful and nascent four laned tar of NH-2, I would think of leaving LKO at about 2:00pm to reach Agra by 7:00pm. Btw, What is the state of highway patrol on NH-2?

    But before that I would have to convince my family, parents, cancel my Lucknow mail return tickets, trust my ageing (2001) car and send some prayers up for a favourable weather. Lot many things on to do list, discounting the mandatory vehicle checks.

    Coming to this site, I think this is a unique place where one can get first hand details on the roads to take, how to and which ones not to. So precious for any driving enthusiast.


  • Ok. Great. Shipra is just next door, I am at Amrapali.

    I have drive till Kanpur only once and I didn’t see much of Highway Patrol but may be they are there. If you start by 2 PM from LKO then you are fine, since you would get to Agra by the time it gets dark and post Agra its definitely a much more active road.

    Just to add, I did find sufficient policing on NH24 in night so thats good.

    Do make it and do come back to share on what you find.

  • Rajeev Tivari

    Sure, I too hope to come back to share it, though your call makes it scarier than I have come to think of it ;-)

    Btw I had been to Badrinath Kearnath by taxi. Can I share the report here? It is on the lengthier side as it reports a 7-day yatra. Some other sites on travel found it too long.


  • There are some of us who read every comment so this comment is for those people.

    You should see a story on Badrinath, Kedarnath by Rajeev very soon here. These places are the real Himalaya places.

  • manish khamesra

    It is a Short, crisp and nicely written road review. It should be helpful to many.



  • sanjeev

    Hi Nandan,
    Its a nice post, i really appricate you work effort thru sharing ur experience.Well done..keep it up.
    Can you plz suggest me wat wud be the perfect time to start journey from delhi to patna.i m leaving in north delhi and planning to travel to patna by road on 21 oct.
    I have planned to leave delhi at 10.PM as i have to attend office in the day.However i am determined that i will stay in Agra first night,as i dont perefer to drive in late night, i mean after 1-2 AM night. kindly give ur suggestion and advice.Hope U can understand the time crunch situation for working people..

  • Sanjeev – Thanks.

    If you leave at 10 PM from North Delhi, it would take you at least an hour to get beyond Badarpur and then add another 3-3.5 hours to reach the hotel in Agra so that would be 2-2.30 AM. Probably you wont be able to start before 8 AM.

    I would suggest that you start early morning instead, i.e by 4 AM and take a break at Varanasi which you would reach by 8 PM max. Wake up in time and go to Ghats, spend an hour there. Start for Patna by 8ish and you would reach Patna by 4 PM. If while driving, you feel like breaking early then break at Allahabad and try to start early the next day.

    All the best and whatever you decide, please come back and share your driving experience.

  • sanjeev

    Thanks a lot Nandan for ur advice and wish. I am completely following ur blog. Will definitely share my experience once i come back. Happy dipawali and Chhat…

  • Jha Sanjeev

    Hi Sanjeev,

    I too am planning for a road trip to Patna (in fact 250 KMs beyond Patna), I will probably start on 24th from NOIDA… please let me know if you have any plans to postpone your trip to 24th… we can heve the company.

    Nandan- many thanks for this beutiful piece of travelogue. Really enjoyed reading.

    Look forward for some more!


  • Thanks Jha Sanjeev.

    250 KMs beyond Patna might be a familiar place to me. Which place, if I could ask.

  • Jha Sanjeev

    Nandan, thanks for your prompt response!

    I will visit Saharsa, this will be a road trip after ~2 years to my native place. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

    Which part of Mithilanchal do you belong to, again if I may ask?

    Also, I was in Chennai for close to two years and travelled almost all the good places in Tamilnadu. Hope you too liked the Auroville and other locations on the “ECR”… Mahabs… Covalam…

    Great to hear from you!


  • Oh, never been there. I am from Darbhanga.

    I have been to ECR road once, driven from Chennai to Pondicherri and then back. Good fun.

    all the best.

  • Jha Sanjeev

    Nandan- Great to know that. Seriously, ECR is real fun.

    I need to know the most recent road conditions, as I might have to drive down to home all alone. A driver, known to me, informed that the roads are very bad etc… just made me more apprehensive for this trip.

    Any quick update will help me decide whether I am going or not.


  • Hi,

    Its graet you publish such an useful information. Please help me any idea about delhi-kanpur-lucnow-gorkhpur road.


  • Archana – Thanks. What do yo want to know about Delhi-Kanpur-Lucknow-Gorakhpur route ?

    Delhi – Kanpur is A1 road. Kanpur – Lucknow is good but not as good as Delhi-Kanpur. Lucknow – Gorakhpur has some small bad sections but overall pretty good. I last drove that section in June 2008 and I can imagine that things would have only improved. This is East-West Corrdior, the grand NHAI plan of connecting Silchar to Porbandar.

    Let me know if anything specific you are trying to find.

  • Kundan Jha

    This was really a great review. I was planning to travel to Darbhanga by Road, but, could not make it this time… But, I will try to make it next year..
    thanks Nandan..

  • Hi..
    very nice and informative dicription.

    I have am planning to take the same route for Delhi to Samastipur/Darbhnaga,and probably without a night stay anywhere.

    Do you have any idea of any other route though?

  • Santosh – For Delhi- Darbhanga you can take following

    NH2 – Delhi – Agra – Kanpur – Lucknow

    At Lucknow, get off NH2 and head towards Barabanki.

    Barabanki – Gorakhpur – Muzzafarpur – Darbhanga. (this is essentially East-West NHAI Corridor). If you do make it, please share your experience here. All the best.

  • Hi Nandan, your post looks very descriptive and that i was looking for as i was planning to go to Begusarai via road. I was searching for some real life experiences and i got one from your post. I think, i’ll go to Patna via as same route as yours and take a bypass to Badh, Mokama road to Begusarai.

    I’ll share my experience as well, not sure in the well written manner as yours but will do anyway.

    Again, Thanks a lot!

  • Patrick Jones

    Hi Nandan

    Could you enlighten me with the road condition between Gorakhpur and Kishanganj, i.e. NH28 and 57, please?

    Many thanks.

  • Patrick – Gorakhpur to Muzzafarpur was pretty good. Muzaffarpur bypass was being done and I think it must have been completed now. from there, till Darbhanga it is a super road.

    From Darbhanga to Kisanganj, I have no clue.

    I would tend to think that Darbhanga-Kisangaj would be a true-blue Bihar country side track :)

  • ashok sharma

    hi nandan,we r actually travelling to Gaya from Panipat,we intend to reach Mugalsarai by 8pm on 20th Feb2009 and if possible to travel further to Gaya on the same day,would u kindly tell us,what time to start from panipat,in the reviews caution about night driving is also a bit disturbing,u know me a safety officer,so safety is top priority as well.would u care to suggest,what time we should start from Panipat and what precautions to be taken,and anything about Allahabad BYPASS?

  • Start as early, by 4 AM. Since you would have to pass through Delhi, you need to start that early otherwise you would get stuck in Delhi and then you would keep chasing. Also try to not stop before Mathura. McDonald at Mathura is a pretty nice place to take a big break. The have clean restrooms, serve hot and clean food. There is a park for kids (if they are traveling alongside) and you can re-fuel.

    When I did the trip, Allahabad By-pass was not complete. I guess now its complete.

    I would suggest that you break your journey at Mughalsarai since Mughalsarai-Gaya is 225 KM+ and assuming that it would get dark, you wont be able to clock more than 40 KM an hour of average speed, that makes it a drive of 5.5 hour drive. Better to do a night halt and start early next day.

    And please do come back here and share your experience. All the best.

  • Ashwini

    I am an Army Offr posted In the East and would like to drive and take my car SX-4 from Delhi to Siliguri….any suggestions on the routes which I shd consider since I have heard a lot about bad road conditions in Bihar.
    Would Delhi- Mathura-Kanpur-Allahabad-Patna-kishenganj-NJP a better choice or Delhi – NH-2 till Bardhamaan -Dalkola-NJP(avoiding most of Bihar) be a better choice.
    I will be travelling without family with two drivers basically to get my car safely and surely to NJP in my own hands rather than loading it in a car carrier who screw up the cars nicely as I have personally seen what happens to the cars of other offrs reaching here by the truckers some even taking 2 months to deliver the car.

    • gharaya

      just wanted to check up that have u made the delhi siliguri trip .i am planning to drive to shillong from chandigarh in june any info would be welcome . i am used to driving through night would it be okay. thanks

  • Ashish Kumar

    Hello Nandan, The information provided by you is really informative and is useful for traveller planning to travel Bihar by Road. I am planning to travel Ranchi from Delhi. I have few queries and reply of that will be a great help for me to reach the desitantion on time. Query 1. You had taken Agra route to reach Etawah. I had taken out map which takes me to etawah through aligarh. The distance to reach Etwah through agra is 320 Kms (mentioned by you) and the distance to etawah through aligarh is 353 kms (source: What would you suggest which route will be better for me? Query 2. I planned night stay at varanasi which is 790 kms from Delhi. Do you think i will be able to drive this much distance in a day if i start early morning at 5:00 am and will drive latest by 9:00 pm with small breaks in between.?

  • Ashish,

    Even though Delhi-Etawah is shorter via Aligarh but I would suggest to take Delhi-Mathura-Agra-Etawah (NH2) route because you can clock a much better average on NH2.

    Regarding Varanasi, I started by 5 and I entered Allahabad by 4.30ish so I guess Varanasi is doable. Ensure that you head early (may be by 4.30 AM) so that you dont get stuck at Kosi Trade Tax barrier and in Agra.

    All the best and when you are done, please do come back and update us about your experience.

    • Amrendra

      i am looking forward to drive from muzaffarpur to delhi via gorakhpur,lucknow, kanpur, agara. Can you please update the road me abt correct route and road condition as well as time it takes?

  • Amrendra – Thats the correct route.

    Muzzafarpur – Gopalganj – Gorakhpur (NHAI East-West Corridor). The road quality was pretty good since its one of the new-age NHAI projects. Go all the way till Lucknow and then take

    There are three routes from Lucknow to reach Delhi.

    1. Lucknow – Kanpur – Etawah – Agra – Delhi i.e. NH2.
    2. Lucknow – Moradabad – Hapur – Delhi
    3. Lucknow – Kanpur – Aligarh – Bulandsahar – Delhi

    Take route no 1. 1 is far better and far quicker than the other two.

    Total distance from Muzaffarpur would be 1000+ KMs so I would suggest that you take a break. If you start early from Muzaffarpur (say by 5 AM) than you can reach Lucknow before it gets dark.

    Lucknow – Delhi would take about 8 hours.

    Dont take the route via Aligarh

  • Ashish Kumar

    Hello Nandan,
    It’s me Ashish again. i enquired you about my proposed plan to visit Ranchi from delhi. Last weekend was long weekends becuase of Ramnavmi falling on friday. So i alongwith 2 frinds went to Rishikesh. I went to Rishikesh from Delhi via Ghaziabad, Meerut, Muzzafarnagar, Haridwar. We left delhi at 5:45 am and reached Rishikesh by 1:00 pm. I found very less traffic at that time. We had taken small breaks in between for tea/coffee. The road was preety ok. On the way back we left Rishikesh at 10:00 am and reached Delhi at 8:30 pm (with 1/2 hr break at haridwar) because of heavy traffic jams at Meerut, Ghaziabad, Modinagar. In nutshell i covered 260 Kms distance in 10 hrs 30mins because of this pathetic traffic situation. As you know that i am planning to go to Ranchi by road and now i am bit tensed. Just want to know is the traffic situation is same on NH2 as well as it was on way to from rishikesh to Delhi. Though i realsied that my timing was wrong to leave from Rishikesh as it was peak traffic time. I am quite exicted to go ranchi by car and i don’t want to cancel my trip. It would be great if you can give few tips for my trip which will make my journey comfortable and hassle free. My target it to stay night at varanasi which is around 800 kms fromd Delhi.

  • Hi Ashish,

    If you leave Delhi by 4.30 ish then you can make it to Varanasi before it gets too dark. Delhi-Allahabad is very quick. I guess Allahabad bypass is not yet done so you would have to go through the city and that would eat time.

    Varanasi is not on NH2, you have to leave NH2 and depending upon your hotel it might take more time.

    But its doable :). All the best.

    • sirumesh

      as per google map the road in front of varanasi railway station is NH2.the road continues to malaviya bridge and to mughal serai.pls comment.

  • Hi Nandan

    Very nice to read your travelogue and thanks for the info. I am from Ara (Arrah). The road/rail bridge you encountered after Ara (~14 kms) is very famous and a historical landmark. The bridge is on the river “Sone” on Delhi-Patna-Kolkata mainline, the delhi side of the bridge coincides with the Koilwar railway station. The bridge was constructed by British in 1900 (most prob. first road/rail bridge in india) and spans ~1.6 km. It is simply amazing that the bridge is still serving , a remarkable feat by the British engineers.

    The bridge is now named after Abdul Bari (no idea if British had any name for it) , a freedom fighter/politician from the region. You can see a famous footage of the bridge in the film Gandhi.

    The long serpentine queue you encountered is unfortunately a regular feature. Although the bridge has two lanes, some precautions are maintained considering old age. Heavy vehicles, consisting a large number of trucks transporting sand mined from the Sone river bed, are allowed to go only in some sort of queue. As the bridge also serve as border between Ara and Patna district, a police check post (in their zeal to check and collect legal and illegal revenues) makes the condition worst.

    Thats all! And once again thanks for the nice review.

  • Thanks Suprit. Your comment made me remember it again. Going through that bridge really felt like traveling in time. May be thats the beauty of travel :)

    I am a great fan of ‘Gandhi’ film, when I get to see it next time, I would try to find the bridge.

    As I write this, I am getting tempted to take the car out and do it all over again.

  • Pawan Singh

    Hi Nandan,

    We meet on many occasions at Kidzee, Noida but never knew about your passion for extensive travel and motoring. Anyway ghumakkar has disclosed our common traits.

    I really wonder and feel happy to see people driving through roads in eastern belt with praises. I remember my first self driven car journey around 11 years back (1998). I drove from Purnea (Northern dist in Bihar) to Ramgarh (now in Jharkhand) on Nh31/Nh33 a distance of 500 Kms in 15 hrs (0600 to 2100 hrs) in my dads 800; pathetic avg of 35 km/hr.

    Once the east-west corridor is completed (Nh28 and 57), next summer I am planning to motor up to Purnea (my home town) from Delhi about 1300 kms one way. I guess east west corridor will be remarkably faster compare to route Delhi-Patna-Purnea route.

    Do make ghumakkars feel on road with your descriptive narration.

    Tanays father!

  • Thanks Mr. Singh. What a pleasant surprise to find you here. :-)

    On my way back, I took East-West (Darbhanga – Muzaffarpur – Gorakhpur – Barabanki) and then I hopped on to NH24. Once the whole thing is done, Delhi – Purnea should be easily doable with a night halt (to avoid night driving).

    Great to see you at Ghumakkar.

  • Rahul Roy

    Thanks Nandan. I am also at Indirapuram and would be leaving for Purnea my hometown on 27th May. I will be traveling further to Gangtok before heading back.

    I was wondering if Golden quadrilateral till Banaras and then further patna to Purnea would be better or North East corridor. I have my doubts that kosi might have eaten up roads previous year.

    I am planning a halt at Patna or Banaras, though my first preference would be Patna.

    You have put an excellent travelogue.


  • Arvind Kumar

    I am planning to go to siliguri from patna .Which road should i take . I would also appreciate comments on roads .And in this climate and condition spl. after Alia it is safe to visit Darjeeling ?

  • Arvind Kumar

    I would appreciate comments about road quality from Patna to Siliguri And whether its safe after Alia to go to Darjeeling?

  • Dilawar

    The double decker bridge is not on Ganga.
    It is rather on river Son and is called Koilvar Bridge.

  • Rahul Roy

    Do not take East West Corridor. too much of work still going on. Is shorter by approx 200 kms but it is crazy.

    After Patna the road are bad till you cross Naughachia. Bihar has changed. It was the best place and most beautiful place in the entire route…

  • amit shankar
  • Amit – If you have specific queries then that would help to give you a better answer.
    General tips
    1. Be careful about traffic coming from opposite direction.
    2. Be cool and stay away from road rage. Even if you get into a situation where you are not at fault, try to get out of it. Its not worth it.
    3. Avoid driving in nights, more for road safety reasons then security issues.

    And enjoy the drive, not sure who all are accompanying you but its really bliss to be in a captive company of family-n-friends for these large distance.

    All the best.

  • Ashwin Mishra

    Dear Nandan
    it was nice following your path till dharbhanga i am from your place only kindly let me know the road condition via lucknow to samastipur we are in the mood of trying this.

  • pranshu

    help required.
    Hi.. all .
    I am thinking to go delhi-patna this diwali by road.I wanted to know about the road conditions and the best route???Can i cover it in one and my father will drive.both us fairly new in drivingwill it be safe???Pl help

  • Pranshu – Best route is Delhi – Agra – Etawah- Kanpur – Allahabad – Mohania (so far its all NH2). From Mohania you take a left and then drive towards Ara and then Patna.

    I wont suggest that you do it one day. Break your journey at Allahabad. Take a good night’s rest. Start for Patna after a good heavy early breakfast after visiting Anand Bhawan . You should be able to reach Patna for a late lunch.


    THANKS A LOT……….

  • Nandan

    Glad that this review was helpful to you. Reading ‘Sarisab-Pahi’ makes me nostalgic , can’t forget the singaras and ram…. (I forget the name of the sweet) …… I am already itching to go down all the way again.


    hi nandan
    i am planning to visit patna by road. i found that all the bypasses are already made by nhai now what you think how much time will take to to visit there esp. if i have a car like honda city.

  • Himanshu – 16-18 hours total time. I would suggest that you break for a halt around Mohania, get some good sleep and reach Patna for an early lunch next day.


    thanx nandan thank u very much

  • Hemant

    Thanks for the info till Patna.

    I am planning from Jaipur to Darjeeling in May…I guess there are 3 routes. 1. Jaipur-Varanasi-Calcutta-Siliguri-Darjeeling…
    2. Jaipur-Varanasi-Patna-Muzzafarpur-purnea-Kishanganj-Siliguir-Darjeeling…
    3Jaipur-Varanasi-darjeeling More-durgapur-siliguri

    Would request to pls suggest which one would be the best, How are the road conditions post patna if I opt for route-2…I guess NH57 (East west corridor) work is ongoing.

    And what are major irritants and dangers on this track


  • Hemant – Take 1. 1 is still being done while 2 has been around for a while. I am not updated about 3.

    If you do take 2, then roads till 250 KM ahead of Patna are fine. “East West corridor’ only starts from Muzzafarpur (its coming from Gorakhpur) and from what I have heard after you cross ‘Darbhanga’, things are still being done. I am guessing that roads beyond Purnea would be ok.

    On the other hand, Varanasi Kolkata is a marvelous road.

    • Hemant

      Thanks Nandan. However is the route 2 safe, just in case I decide on this…any precautions I need to take since I have heard that post sun set the route is not safe…Also I heard that this route ws badly damaged during Kosi flood…wht is the situation now…


  • Nandan

    Hemant – Whatever little I know of this route, I dont think its done yet. I am not sure about safety. In general its not a great idea to drive in these hinterlands in night.

    • Hemant

      Thanks…I will prefer to go by your advice and will take route-1.


  • Sameer Kumar

    Hi Nandan,

    Its really been a pleasure reading the entire mail trail. Starting from your review till the last message. I am travelling down to patna this may to get my Santro from patna. I will be coming with my parents. I do not want to take a halt at any point. What do you say? Can I make it in a day if I start my journey early in the morning at/around 6. I have reasonably a decent driving skill, Do I still need an assistant driver?? Please advise..And also, there is a route from patna to aurangabad to varanasi..How about it.any idea?? If you suggest I can take Mohania wala route only..

    Thanks in advance, Your input is highly appreciable.

  • Hi Sameer – Thanks for liking the story.

    I am not sure on your past experience around taking long drives (500KM +) so let me be more towards caution.

    1. I would suggest that you take Mohania route.
    2. Start early, say by 4.30 or 5.00.
    3. Do not take too many breaks, drive steady.
    4. When you cross Allahabad by-pass, look at time. If you still have 4-5 hours of sun light and enough energy, then keep driving and re-assess the situation at Agra. If you do not have, then in my opinion, take a break at Kanpur.

    All the best.

  • Thanks a ton

    I would certainly go as suggested by you, however I have been to jim corbett, Nainital, Chandigarh and few more places driving standalone. Still, Patna-Delhi strech is too much even for people who are professional drivers.
    I also went through the email that you sent and its really helpful. I think with some more practice, I can start writing. I would still bother you as an when required. Please bear with me.
    And yes, I read Vibha’s blog where she has guided how to upload your photo. I did the same but cant see it displaying on the page. Not sure if it requires scrutiny by the editors.


  • Ravi Shekhar Singh

    Dear Ashish, Would be interest in the details of Delhi – Ranchi which I plan to undertake in Oct (Dussera & Diwali). Please do post abt the VNS to RNC road conditions as I have done DEL-ALLDand am aware abt the rd conditions. On the good friday weekend we were had gone to Rishikesh it took us 13 hrs either way due to the same jams you spoke about. But going to Ranchi is a dream hopefully you’ll provide with the key intel for planning my trip.

  • i’m editor of a literary magazine The Milestone. I like your travelogue and want to publish it on my literary magazine. Please let me know if you wish it.

  • sanju

    Name of the bridge is Koilwar bridge and river is not Ganga. Its Sone.

  • Nasir

    Dear Aashish,

    This may be a bit off topic, but i am planning a BIKE TRIP on my Royal Enfield..
    Would love to hear your feedback, as i believe you are familiar with the roads in and around Bihar.

    My tentative plan is as follows:

    Bangalore to Ara (near Patna) Ara is my home town.

    Ara to Bhagalpur ( to meet relatives)

    Bhagalpur to Jamshedpur ( to meet sister)

    Jamshedpur to Calcutta ( to meet in laws)

    Paln to send the bike by Train from Calcutta to Bangalore.

    I have done quite a few long haul Bike trips around the south of India. This would be the first time that i am attempting a ride backhome from Bangalore. I am not too familiar with the conditions around MP, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand. Also i would be traveling alone.

    DO let me know your thoughts on the following:

    * best route possible.
    * the road conditions
    * safety wrt to travelling alone on bike in the bihar jharkhand region?
    * Dos and Donts
    * any other considerations??

    Thanks in advance.

    • Akhi

      Hi, Any feedback on road from Patna to Bhagalpur?

  • Nasir – I am really sorry, I wont have much details of these routes. I am feeling bad for not being able to help since you took all the effort of writing, let me wish you a great trip instead.

    I would suggest that you post the above query at our facebook page. I am sure there would be people from this part of India there, who could possibly help.

  • nasir

    Thanks Nandan..

    Shall post it on FB as suggested and see if someone could help with insights. :)

  • manish

    Hi everyone,

    I am manish kumar a lawyer by profession practicing at Delhi. I also do lot of travelling by road. my first visit to bhagalpur via patna was by a fiat car in 2001. I did delhi-allahabad in 14 hours non-stop.
    but between Mohania to patna was very painful.

    I recenlty (14th May) visited bagdogra airport (near siliguri) from patna, the road condition is excellent. For those who wants to do dargeeling from delhi. the road condition from patna to siliguri is excellent except 10-15 kms stretch near pasraha near bihpur. it takes 2 -3 hours to reach purnea from pasraha. Execept that bridge on kosi river near kursaila the overall road condition is ok. from purnea you again hit golden quadilateral and it takes just two hours drive from purnea to reach siliguri. You can drive between 70-80kmph.

    From siliguri to dargeeling as well as siliguri to gangtok the road condition is ok. I had visited both dargeeling and gangtok last year.

    After one hour drive from purnea you will have on both your sides lovely tea gardens and you will be tempted to stop and take photograhs. You will also find pinapple cultivated both sides. Do stop for fresh pineapple fresh juice which is at a very less price available on both sides of the highway. On way to Siliguri you can stop at Islampur and can get good snacks and sweets.

    My best wishes to friends travelling on this route.

    Last but not leat nandan its a great way to unite us. My nanihal is at Darbhanga at Mishratola.


  • Manish – Glad to hear from you. It might be worthwhile to write a separate review for ‘Patna to Darjeeling/Gangtok’.

  • vicky thakur

    hi nanadan,

    I am need of some help,that how can i go gurgaon to madhubani by bike,so please kindly give me some instructions that which route will helpfull fo me

  • Hello Vicky – You can take the same route as in this post.

  • Nischal

    Last Year 2009 (26th May), i went to patna with my brothers with my own car. It was really a excelled adventure journey for me. From Delhi I started my journey at 11.30pm & reached Panta on 27th May around 5.00pm. Around 6.00 am we crossed Kanpur & at 9.00 am we were in Allahabad.

    Driving speed in night was around 110 to 120 km/hr.

  • Hi Nandan,

    I went through the same route till Janakpur via my village Hissar Deorhi in 2008. That time I was looking for some help regarding the route on google and incidentally I was routed to Ghummkar and since then I am the fan of Ghummkar. I have been to different places by road and have made lots of road trips across country from New Delhi (Delhi Cantt). I am planning to share all my trips with fellow Ghummakkars but life of a Software Engineer gives hardly any time to write…..but some day I would definitely post my Road Reviews.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Roshan Pratihast

  • Roshan – Glad to hear :-)

    If you are able to find time for those long road trips, try to steal some time for writing them as well :-) please. Its very rewarding when someone reads your stuff and comments. It would be worth it, try please.

  • Shiva P Varma

    Hello Nandan,
    I am planning to drive in my Esteem1995 from Gurgaon to Patna on the 13th of Oct 2010. Have driven earlier in my Fiat 1100 D 1967 model from Cuttack to Delhi. The road was not as good as described by you but still good by those days standards. Any one driven on Delhi-Patna route recently can update me.
    Thanks a ton.

    • Akhi

      I am also planning a trip from Gurgaon to Bhagalpur on 8th, as per feedback from my friends in Bihar, Road till Patna is MAKKHAN :) ( Use allahabad bypass which is ready now) but not sure about Patna to Bhagalpur condition….

  • Akhi

    I travelled Gurgaon – Agra ( Via Sohna Road) – Allahabad – Mohania – Patna – Barauni- Khagaria-Bhagalpur-Mahgama and while returning i have taken NH 31 from Bhakhtiyarpur – Bihar Sharif -Jhumari Tillaya touching NH2 at Barhi instead for Patna Mohania road..

    Entire trip was excellent with very good road condition including Bihar roads across…. highly impressed with Road development in Bihar… Mohania – Patna – Bhagalpur road is single but good condition except few patch and sudden bump on the road… and NH 31 was excellent till Barhi and then NH2 till Palwal..but this one is little longer route but excellent single wide road …

    Just need to careful when driving at above 100 and suddenly you get bad bump or small bad patch and your car is shaken :))

    Highlights of the trip was Kanpur bypass ( excellent way to cross kanpur without trouble), Allahabad bypass ( touched 150Kmph), surprise to see bihar road conditiona.. you can actually go anywhere in Bihar now by road… and Agra – Allahabad in 5 hours… not bad..

    and lowlights… well too crowded road till Agra ( guess everybody travel by road), Policemen at Kanpur bypass to collect TOLL :)) , Varansi bypass ( typical banarsi ) very bad road condition and JAM across… and Aarah railway crossing…and disappointment to see Jharkhand roads

  • we took a journey from gurgaon to purnea by sx4 on 12th june. it took us around 28 long hours to reach purnea. it would have taken around 4 hrs less if we wouldn’t have been stuck in a major traffic jam at mohania. overall it was an adventurous journey and a completely new experience. the major part of this journey was that it was a continuous drive.

  • We took a journey from Purnea to Gurgaon by sx4 on 23th june. it took us 25 long hours to reach Gurgaon which was 1359 Kms. Overall it was an adventurous journey and a completely new experience. The major part of this journey was that it was a continuous drive done by myself.

  • Kundan Jha

    I started at 4:00 AM from Laxmi Nagar, Delhi and took Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Allahabad-Varanasi Road.
    I reached Mohania at 6:00 PM with four breaks (including an one hour break before Allahabad). I had a night stay at Mohania, as local people advised not to drive after evening.
    Next day, I headed f0r Darbhanga. There was a bad traffic Jam in Arrah Railway crossing, Patna, Hajipur, and Muzaffarpur. It took me 14 hours to cover 840 Kms till Mohania, and it took another 10 hours to cover only 300 Kms from Mohania to Darbhanga. The cops started troubling us in Bihar asking for some NOC paper, and certain other things I never heard about..

    I am planning to go back on Monday 22 nd NOv, and I am planning to use east west corridor this time.. what say???

  • Delhi – Mohania from 4 AM to 6 PM is really great.

    I also wasted close to 2 hours at Ara Railway crossing. Sorry to hear that it took you so long post Mohania.

    Try East-West, just one word of caution. After Barabanki do not hop on to NH24 , rather drive all the way till Lucknow and then take the usual Lucknow – Kanpur – Agra – Delhi route.

    all the best Kundan.

  • Kundan Jha

    Thanks Nandan

    I could not make it today, but will start early morning tomorrow. I was also trying to avoid Darbhanga-Patna Road, as Jams are common everyday here. It takes 7-8 Long hours to reach Patna from Darbhanga.

    I have one question, which I forgot in my last post. How long it takes to reach Delhi Via Lucknow, and how are the roads? Is it also like NH2?

    Driving on NH2 was really great, except vehicles coming from wrong side. As it was Sunday that day and too early in the morning, I found very few vehicles running on road.

    Please advise … :)


  • Hi Kundan – When I drove, East-West Corridor was not completely done so try to get some local information once you are close to ‘Barabanki’ (this is before Lucknow). If there is more progress on East-West then you may not have to go all the way till Lucknow and you can cross over to NH2 and join it somewhere between Kanpur and Delhi.

    From Lucknow, there are two connections to Delhi
    1. NH24 (Lucknow, Sitapur, Rampur, Moradabad, Hapur, Ghaziabad, Delhi) – AVOID THIS
    2. NH25 (Lucknow – Kanpur) and then NH2 (Kanpur – Delhi). TAKE this

  • Kundan Jha

    Thanks once again Nandan.. how long it takes till Delhi? and where should I take a night stay?

  • I took a break at Gorakhpur since I wanted to spend some time at Kushinagar. I believe if you start early, say 4 AM then you can reach Lucknow before it gets too dark. That way, the next day drive would be easier/simpler.

  • ashutosh2004

    Dear All

    I am planning to go indirapuram to chhapra( saran bihar ) via kanpur ,lucknow gkp by road any one suggest best rout .

  • ashutosh2004

    Dear All

    I am planning to go indirapuram to chhapra( saran bihar ) by road any one suggest best rout .

    • sanjeev

      The road I took for travelling is :
      Day-1 – Delhi -Agra-Eatwah -Kanpur -Allhabad -Benaras – I started early morning @4.00AM from Delhi and by 4.30 PM I was in Varanasi . Stayed ina decent hotel.
      Day-2 -Benaras -Gazipur -Ballia -Manjhi- Chapra (4 hours – 200 KM) – Road is decent but not four lane -so maximum speed one can do is @50km per hour ..If you can start ealry @ 4.00 AM from Varnasi then probably you can save some time (1 hour)

  • Kundan Jha

    Hi Nandan

    FInally back to Delhi…. after a marathon drive…

    Darbhanga- Delhi via Gorakhpur – Lucknow.. is not worth travelling, it kills too much of time..

    I took the East West Corridor from Darbhanga, and it was fine upto Muzaffarpur and Pipra Mor (or you can say upto Gopalganj) though it has about 30 Diversions due to the flyovers under construction.

    Gopalganj – UP Border.. Uff… single laned road with too much of path holes and slow traffic..

    It took me 5 and Half hours to reach U.P. border from Dabhanga.

    Now U.P roads were started.. Another 3 Hours till Gorakhpur, and a bad traffic Jam there.. Wasted 2 long hours.
    Headed for Lucknow with a short break on the new Road… which was four laned.. Thought it will be like this till lucknow and I will cover this distance in 2-3 Hrs, but it was a real nightmare..

    East west corridor is still under construction from Muzaffarpur to Faizabad, and it has almost 300 Diversions. Most of the stretch is single laned and crowded.

    Reached Faizabad by 8:00 PM and again there was a huge Jam.. Got help from a local guy, and chosen the city road, instead of waiting on highway. Misguided by cops and headed towards Allahabad.. almost drove 10 Kilometers then asked from a shopkeeper, who sent me back to faizabad highway..

    Faizabad – Lucknow stretch was a bit good and four laned, but again, too many diversions on it which makes you hop on single roads.

    I was getting tired as I was driving since 7 AM, and it was about 10:30 PM. Stopped for a quick tea break, and started for Lucknow again. Filled the petrol tank at Barabanki, and reached Lucknow at 12:30 PM.
    I decided not to drive more and stayed in a hotel for a good sleep.

    After taking shower in morning I started at 7:30 from Hotel and left Lucknow city at 8. As advised by Nandan, I skipped Rampur-Barrely – Moradabad route, and chose Kanpur-Etawah-Agra Route.

    I reach Kanpur at 9:30. There is an old road for Delhi, which is closed now. The signboards direct you towards the flyover on NH2, if you are going towards Delhi.

    I have used this flyover while going to Darbhanga too. I decided to measure it’s length .. gosh… it is 21 Kilometers long flyover.. maybe the longest in India.

    Reached Ferozabad at 1:30, and stuck in small Jam again. Reached Agra by 4:30 and wasted on hour in Jam again.. Finally reached Home at Delhi by 9:00 PM, after crossing a big Jam in Faridabad.

    It’s better to take Patna-Mohania-NH2 Road .. East west corridor is not done, and it may take another an year or two to get it done. This stretch has more than 300 diversions and most of the stretch is single laned..

    Will plan to go again in next year… :)

    Cheers !


    I want to go patna by car. Which will be suitable rout. Please give me suggest as soon.

  • Hi Shailendra – I am not sure on what is your ‘starting point’. Assuming that its Delhi/close-by, the best route is Delhi – Agra – Etawah – Kanpur – Allahabad – Mohania (NH2). Take a left from Mohania and reach Patna Via Ara. See if you can find a way to avoid the railway crossing at Ara since that usually takes a lot of time.

    A good halt would be at/around Mohania.

  • Navin Trivedy

    Hi All,

    I am planning to go to Muzaffarpur by road. Please suggest the best rout to take and also a decent hotel to drop in for night stay while travelling.

    • Kundan Jha

      Hi Navin

      Go for Delhi-Faridabad-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Banaras- Mohania-Patna-Muzaffarpur. You will be able to reach Mohania (70 Km after Bihar Border), in 12 Hours (with four Meal Breaks). If your stamina allows, Drive another 4 and half hours and you reach Muzaffarpur. There are two ways to reach Muzaffarpur from Banaras. One is from Chhapra and another is from Mohania – Patna- Hajipur. Prefer going on Sunday, as there will be no traffic on NH2. Start early , at 3:30 Preferably.

  • rohit

    Thanks for the post. Helped me a lot. Just one suggestion… The By pass at allahabad is almost ready and is very good. You have to take a diversion approx 30 – 40 kms before allahabad. Look for a Bypass sign before a flyover on your left.

  • Aditya

    Hi Nandan
    went through the details and ur experience,i must say it is very informative,i am planning to drive to purnea next month,any suggestion or updates?

  • manoj kumar

    Dear All

    I am planning to go Ghaziabad to bhagalpur bihar via patna by road any one suggest best rout .


  • Arbind

    I started from delhi at 3:40 a.m via agra reached agra at 06:15 a.m etawah at 8:30 a.m,kanpur at 10:30 am varanasi at 01:00 p.m via allahabad bypass 2:15 p.m at mohania and 5 p.m at danapur but due cantonement traffic jam it took 2 hrs to reach patna and from patna it took 6 hrs to reach begusarai via fatuha jam baktiyarpur and barh reached at 1 a.m at begusarai. again i m planning to drive on 31 may on same route if any one can guide me the route from varanasi via ghazipur ballia chapra road condition than i will change the route else above route is opted. thanks.

    • Kundan Jha

      Hi Arvind.

      Did you reach Mohania at 2:30 or 5:00PM?

    • Rajnish

      Hi Arvind,

      Can u pls. confirm.. u whent ny which Car? is it good by going Wagon R ?

      i am planning to go patna with family including 1.5 month old baby by car WAGONR

      will it be good by below root, i know it wil be bit hectic .. but is it OK going by family?? if i take night stay around Kanpur bcz i cant drive with family in one shot more than 4 hr. so we need 1 hr break after 4 hrs.

      1. Delhi Agra Etawah
      2. Etawah Kanpur
      3. Kanpur Allahabad
      4. Allahabad Banaras
      5. Banaras Patna Via Mohania/ara

      Pls. advise

  • @ Arbind – Also please tell us on how many stops did you take ? Any tips on road conditions or something which fellow traveler needs to watch out for.

    Seems like if someone started by 4 AM , he can reach patna by 8 PM. Even if it gets 10, it might still be worth it.

  • Manish Singh

    Hi All,

    I am planning for Indirapuram to chhapra by road. Please suggest the best possible route. I am planning to do Indirapuram – Agra – Kanpur -Allahabad -Benaras -Gazipur -Ballia -Manjhi- Chapra.

    There is also another one
    Indirapuram – Agra – Kanpur -Allahabad(Bypass) -Jaunpur -Azamgarh- Mau -Balia – Chhapra.
    If any one has explored this route please let me know the road condition.

    Which route will be preferable? please suggest.


  • karan

    can u tell me d road condition (ie four lana,double lane….etc) from varanasi to Bhagalpur ,bihar

  • Anant

    hello Guys,
    I am planning to go Madhubani(Bihar) by Swift after 15 days . What is best possible route and where to stay for night halt? I want to stay in a hotel on highway not in the city hotels. Plz also give your view about entire journey in a single strech(no night halt) as only me and my my friend is travelling(no family). Is it possible to go there with only few hours rest at any roadside DHABA.

    Please reply asap.
    thanks in advance

  • Hi Anant – It is a very loong drive so I would recommend that you plan for a regular halt around Mohania. If you are able to make good progress then you can go till Patna but do break the journey there. It would give you a good rest and you can be at Madhubani by Day2 noon.

    Route – Delhi – Agra – Kanpur – Allahabad – Mohania (NH2 so far) – Danapur – Patna – Muzzafarpur – Darbhanga – Sakri – Madhubani

    Please let us know the time it took, the route you finally decide to take and road conditions.

  • Ravi

    Hi, All I am planning for Indirapuram(Noida- Patna in mid Nov.) Can you please suggest the best route & is it possible to cover it in a day or should we take a night halt. Any one who has recently travelled, his feedback on roads will be very valuable!!

    Thanks in adavance

  • hi

    we are planning to go from Gorakpur to Muzzafarpur, Purnea and then onto sikkim as part of The Borderline Drive… I have a couple of questions

    Is the road safe? Can we get good hotels to stay in Muzaffarpur? are they safe?

    One hears such horror stories about travelling in Bihar and there seems to be no good reliable info on this that I have to ask such basic questions!

  • anant

    Hi all,
    I travelled Delhi to madhubani via patna on 2nd oct. (Sunday morning) in my Swift. Entire journey was comfortable and reached safely at my home.(total distance covered 1256 Km from Mayur Vihar Delhi to madhubani). I took NDELHI-AGRA-ETAWAH-KANPUR-ALLAHABAD-VARANSI-MOHANIA-ARA-PATNA–MUZAAFARPUR-DHARBHANGA-MADHUBANI route. Started Early 3Am reached PATNA @ 8 30 PM.Night halt at PATNA. present road condition till mohania (NH2) is superb). After Mohania till patna one way but you can’t say it poor. At few places i had to speed down my car to 20 Km/H :(
    I would like to provide few tip for fellow travellers:
    1. Start early 3Am . Be carefull till Agra while driving. Heavy trafic of truck at that time . Speed 70-80 KM .

    2. Agra -Etawah . spped up. 90-100 KM /Hour. Dont Stop till Etawah (Assuming that you had a good sleep before travelling). It will take approx 4 hours 30 mins from delhi. Take a tea/biscuit there in any road side
    dhaba:-) don’t waste your time in searching good food. Nowhere available in between Agra- etawah:-)

    3. Plan for a good breakfast before Kanpur. hardly take 1 hour 30 minutes from Etawah. Dont’ Enter in KANPUR city. NH is seperate from City (looks like a big flyover). Fill your tank there.

    4. Most important and time saving strech. Kanpur -Allahabad bypass. Dont enter in allahabad city if you dont have plan to stop in Allahabad. Speed up . my speed was 100-120 km/h. raod is superb. Dont stop till the BYPASS is over. Almost no traffic. Take lunch once bypass ended.

    5.Continue till mohania. Tea break there.Superb road till mohania. take left turn (PATNA MOD).

    6. Mohania -patna. Almost single lane. You cant speed more than 80. Be carefull at this strech.

    PS: Road condition between patna and muzzafarpur isvery pathetic. construction work is going there on NH :-(
    hope this is helpful to you guys
    Have a SAFE JOURNEY.

  • Thank you Anant. So finally someone has made it to Patna in a single day.

    If one has to leave by 5 from Delhi then I would think that it would get dark by the time one is around Ara. Do you think it is OK to reach Patna by 10.30 – 11.30 PM or would your rather suggest to leave early (if not 3 then leave at 4 at least) so that one is able to cover the single-road Mohania-Patna in public hours.

    I am asking this because I am guessing that it might be simpler to pass through this area when it gets a little dark so as to find less traffic etc ?

    Also, I heard that there is an alternate route from Patna for Muzzafarpur.

    • anant

      My suggestion:-better pass Mohania-patna strech in Public hours. Traffic is not a big issue and you could easily manage to reach mohania by 6 PM if started early (4 AM) from delhi.

      And agree to your point if someone start at 5 Am then do halt near MOHANIA.

      Guys !!! night halt near Mohania if you are travelling wid your family.
      Have a safe journey.


  • Suraj sinha

    Hi, I am planning to go Patna by road. I will drive SX 4 VDI. Pl suggest when should i start early morning or around 3 AM. i have two children wid me.\

  • karmendra jha

    Hi i would be driving from samastipur to delhi. Can you suggest which route to take and where do I plan my night breaks as I would be travelling with two kids.

  • @ Suraj – I would suggest that you do not start not before 4 or 4.30. If you reach Mohania before 5 then go all the way down else stop somewhere in Mohania/Buxar/etc.

    @ Karmendra – Reach Buxar either via Chhapra or Patna. Find out the road information locally. Post Buxar, it would be Mohania, Varanasi, Allahabad Bypass, Kanpur, Etawah, Agra, Delhi (all of NH2).

    If you start early and if you are able to cross Allahabad Bypass by 3 PM (which is doable) then I would recommend that you drive all the way till Agra. If you are getting delayed, then stay at Fatehpur. You would lose lot of time if you get inside Varanasi or Allahabad. Do tell us what you found after you make the journey.

  • Manish Singh

    Hi All,

    I traveled from Indirapuram to Ranchi on 25th Oct in new i10. I started from Indirapuram at 4:30 AM and reached Ranchi at 11:30 PM. I took Indirapurm – Agra – Etawah – Kanpur – Allahabad ByPass – Varanasi – Barhi – Hazaribagh – Ranchi route. NH2 till Barhi is superb except for some places where patches are there. Barhi to Ranchi road construction is going on.


  • Nischal Kumar

    I started around 11.30pm & was able to reach reach Allhabad around 8.30 am with 2 stoppage for a teab break. But after that it was a huge trafic in Allhabad. I reached Mohania around 2.00pm Finaly i reached Patna around 6.00pm. Total travel time was around 19.00 hours including Tea Break, Break Fast & Lunch

  • Kaka

    Planning to cover Noida-Ramgarh Cantt.(Jharkhand) in Etios during yearend. Reading thru this thread got a fair idea about route till Banaras. Queries: 1) What route to follow from banaras(details please) and distance to ramgarh and appox time to travel. 2) Planning to stay at Banaras Cantt, so how far will it be from NH2 and also directions to return back to hit back NH2 again. Earlier had covered around 525 KM(solo drive 10 hrs) Delhi- Dharmshala many times..

  • @ Kaka – following might help.

    1. Please ask this question on this story –

    Ravi might be able to answer better.

    2. Cantt is not too far in terms of distance. 30 odd minutes if you know the way. I stayed at Raddisson which is in Cantt area. We did lose our way a couple of times. Difficult to give directions since I am not very familiar with the city so best to ask at every turn.

  • parveen kumar

    hey nandan, very good and informative page. i m also planing a delhi-motihari-delhi visit in mid fab. can u guide me about present route gor motihari and road conditiond. yhanks

  • itsmeshreeharsha

    hey nandan, i want to travel from ludhiana to chapra, bihar in march. i want to visit haridwar in the same route. should i follow the bareily route or via new delhi, from haridwar. pls suggest about the shortest route and road condition.

  • @ itsmeshreeharsha – Its a tough one. I would recommend to go via Delhi but that would mean an extra of 175 odd Kms, since from Moradabad you would have to come back to Delhi instead of going to Lucknow via Bareily.

    I would suggest that you do

    Ludhiana – Haridwar – Lucknow – Allahabad – Varanasi – Mohania – Ara – Patna

    Except Bareily – Lucknow (which is OK) and Lucknow-Allahabad (which I would assume would be good, considering that it passes through Gandhi family’s constituency), everything else is excellent.

    Please come back and update on road conditions when you make the trip and all the very best.

  • Narendra Jha

    Hi Nandan,

    A great travelogue I would say, especially on Delhi-Patna road drive as there is hardly any genuine stuff available (at least I could not find). However, I was really looking forward to further details (drive till Darbhanga). Also, may be in 2-3 weeks time I’m planning a trip to Bhagalpur, would need your help on following points – 1. Which route should I take after Patna (till Bhgalpur), 2. Any suggestions (or precautions to take) 3. It has been almost 3 years after your post, do you have any further feedback about the road conditions (has it got better or worse?). I’m looking forward to your reply…, thanx once again for your amazing post…

  • @ Narendra Jha – Thanks for liking the post. It is difficult to find genuine stuff :-) about Indian destinations, roads etc.

    1. I did a road trip last month from Patna to DBG. I took Muzaffarpur on the way down, it is OK till Muzaffarpur. From Muzzaffarpur to Darbhanga, it is a 4 lane expressway toll road so you can do that in less than an hour. On my return journey, I took the other route viz. Samastipur, Vaishali, Mahua and I would recommend this one.

    2. No insights on Bhagalpur.

    3. Please go through comments. The last update is of Oct 2011, just a few months back. Overall the roads have become better with Allahabad bypass, Gandhi Setu repair work, Muzzafarpur – DBG Expressway.

    I look fwd to reading a short snippet of your experience after you have made the trip. All the best.

    • Narendra Jha


  • Hi.
    I am Pl
    aning to go Mayur Vihar,phase-2 (Delhi) to Bhagalpuur by Road in my own car Zen Stello.Pls suggest me which route is best & safe . where i stay in Night. I stsrt my journey early morning on around 6 a,m from delhi

  • @ Shamim – I would recommend Delhi-Patna-Begusarai-bhagalpur. If you can leave at 6 then take a break around Mohania/Ara depending on how you are doing. All the best.

  • Rajeev

    Hi Nandan
    I am planning to go to Patna on 15th March with my wife & 1 Kid, I want to start at 3.00 AM from Delhi Dwarka, Shall i stop at Varansi or continue Drive till Patna, What about Varanasi, Balia, Chhapra, Hajipur Route. whats the condition of this route

    • Anant

      You can plan a similar trip as i did but i strongly suggest you to break your journey at varanasi/ Mohania as you are going with your family.

      DRIVE WELL and have a safe journey.


  • 3.00 might be too early since it is still pretty dark and might be a bad time to be on roads. I would suggest that you are crossing Mohania by 4 then surely go for the home run else break at Mohania/Ara. I have not been on the other road but off late the road network in the state has gone for a brilliant makeover.

    All the best.

    • Tulika

      Dear Nandan,

      This is the first time on Ghummakar and your write up on Delhi-Patna has been very impressive and motivating.

      We are planning to drive from Vasant Vihar -Delhit to Patna on the last sunday of march along with my husband and two small kids. (5 & 1.5)

      We want to take break and preferably near Varanasi- are there hotels/motels near varanasi on the NH 2- we do not want to enter any city.

      What is a suggested safe time we can leave delhi ? looking forward to your help.

      Tulika Sinha

      • Anant

        If you want to stay in a good hotel then you have to enter in varansi city. this will extend your journey by 50 KM approx. There are few small motels on NH-2 in varansi till mohania but i recommend you to stay in a city hotel considering you have small kids. 50 Kms is not a big deal in 1050 km strech.

        keep posting about your journey.

        Have a safe journey


  • Ratnesh

    Hi Nandan/Anant,

    Your inputs herein are exceptionaly well and meet a nice international-level standard, keeping in account all the relevent facts with true sentiments. You both be well-versed and fantastic gentlmen, I must guess. This makes me feel and say India-Shining when I read the entire blog so intesively. Good of you, God Bless you both!

    I, till Now, merely have some odd and less than 20 hours of total driving experience. I’m thriving to advent on this long ride from Delhi-Muzaffarpur in the 2nd week of hot June, with my nuclear family including a year old son by then. Should I really hit it, with all my will but no skill? I value your genuine suggestion, a doable one.

    Thanking you both in anticipation.

    Ratnesh Kumar

    • Anant

      You have 2 more month to polish your driving skill and this is very much doable but I would suggest that keep one more guy during journey. Roads are good till PATNA but why to take any risk? . If you don’t want to share your driving seat then do break your journey frequently.
      I would also point out the road condition from PATNA to Muzzafarpur . Its really pitiable and could create trouble for new drivers.
      So my final suggestion- Do it yourself but with backup.

      DRIVE WELL and have a safe journey.!!!!!


      • I just responded as well. :-)

        I was on Patna-Muzzafarpur road in Jan this year. We took a different road (ask around and someone would guide you) and it was pretty ok. Muzaffarpur-Darbhanga is a super swanky highway now, takes less than an hour now.

  • Rajeev Gautam

    Hi All,

    Thanks all for great post specially Nanadan and Ananat.

    I am planning to drive from Indirapuram to Azamgarh in April 2012 in Ritz, bit confused about Delhi-Bareilly-Barabanki-Faizabad over Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Barabanki Faizabad. Please suggest I also heard the news about Taj Expressway to be opened in April.

    I checked few sites(including NHAI official site) about the work completed on NH24 but not sure of the road conditions.
    The Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Faizabad via NH2 road is around 682 KMs where as via NH24 it is 600 KMs. Please suggest whats the current situation on NH24.

    Thanks in advance


  • Thank you Rajeev.

    Yamuna Expressway is opening in April, 2012. I do not know the date. Delhi-Moradabad is all double laned. Moradabad-Bareily-Sitapur is bad. Thereafter road is pretty good.

    82 KM would mean 100 minutes (overall average). My recommendation would be to take Delhi-Agra-Kanpur route if Yamuna Expressway is open, else take Delhi-Morabad-Sitapur route.

    • Rajeev Gautam

      Thanks a lot i am planning in April last week so will watch out for the Expressway

  • Narendra Jha

    Halo People,

    Have just returned after doing Delhi to Bhagalpur trip (one way, left the car there only!). Though there is hardly anything left to be mentioned about Delhi to Patna Road drive, still I would like to share my experience at the cost of repeating many points already mentioned by Nandan & Anant.

    Delhi to Patna Road Drive

    The best time to leave from Delhi is 4 am, anything before that is too early (cosidering you have to drive throughout the day and you should not compromise with your sleep too much) and after that is too late! Drive till agra should be completed by 7-7.30, there is heavy movement of truck but not to an extent to bother you.
    Once you cross agra remaining drive (till Varanasi & Mohania) is going to be by and large pleasant. Distnace and other cautions is already mentioned by Nandan & Anant (like not to get into any city, keep your eyes open when you enter Kanpur, Allahabad & Varanasi so that you don’t enter into the city till you wish to).

    I would suggest people who wish to do this drive to halt either at Allahabad (if you started late from Delhi), Varanasi (if you are traveling with family, as you wont get good hotel in Mohania) or Mohania (for Stags or CHADE as they call in Delhi). Drive to Mohania is further 75 kms from Varanasi (will take 1.5 to 2 hrs after dark as there is a thin devider between roads and oncoming traffic will dazzle your eyes)

    Continue your Drive to Patna (the same day) only when you have absolute time crunch as road is just ok after Mohania (it matters a lot when you have driven on excellent roads for almost 900 kms) and will not let you enjoy the drive. Also I re-emphasize (the point made by others) one should not do this stretch after dark.

    Patna to Bhagalpur

    I was keen to share my experience as no-body has written anything about this drive on this page. There are two routes for Bhagalpur from Patna – 1. Patna-Bakhtiyarpur-Mokama-Munger-Bhagalpur or 2. Patna-Bakhtiyarpur-Mokama-Begusarai-Khagaria-Naugachia-Bhagalpur. I did the mistake to take route no. 2 (through Begusarai & Khagaria on NH – 31) but road condition is pathetic (couldn’t drive even in 3rd gear for kms altogether)

    Hence, my suggestion to people going to Bhagalpur would be to take Munger Route (NH 30 till Bakhtiyarpur, then NH 31 till Mokama & NH-80 afterwards).

    Last point, After Ara, dont forget to ask for Bypass (I entered Patna city and ended up wasting good 1.5-2 hrs), even on Bypass dere are long jams (kms altogether!!, was my worst experience of the whole trip), so its better to cross Patna Bypass as early as possible.
    I think if I write any further, that will bore you, so bye and happy journey to all who wish to do a road-journey to Bihar!

  • Ratnesh

    Hi all ,specially, Nandan/Anant,

    Please reply to my original post, dated March 9, 2012 at 6:28 am. Your opinion will genuinely matter much.

    Ratnesh Kumar

  • @ Ratnesh – By all means you should hit the road. I would suggest some precautions

    1. Start early but not too early. 4 AM looks good to me for Mid-June.
    2. Drive steady but not fast. Never ever rush, for a long drive like this,it is not helpful.
    3. Take a mandatory break every three hours. Avoid taking a break before three hours. So break at 7 for b’fast, break at 10 for tea, break at 1 for lunch, break at 4 for tea and then halt for a night in Varanasi.
    4. Start after having a good relaxed heavy breafast from Varanasi and you should be reaching Muzaffarpur before dark.

    All the best.

  • murali603

    want to know the best road route from jamshedpur to muzafarpur to travel with Truck, less ghat road n less fear about robberies etc

  • Dear Nandan
    I am planing for Delhi to Patna by road in two wheeler bike Passion pro within 2 dys if is possible or not. i am 1 night break to Kanpur or Allahabad. Please suggest me.


  • Dear Ahmed – It is possible. Start early and take a break as it gets dark. I am hoping that if you start early then you should be able to reach outskirts of Allahabad. Try to find something before the bypass and avoid getting inside the city. All the best.

  • Lokesh

    Hello Nandan,
    I have read your blog and got inspired to drive till Saharsa from Delhi next week. I want to go with my new Wagon-r (Company fitted CNG). Please suggest about CNG Stations in between the route

  • rajesh priya

    nandanji namaskar,thori bahut jankari de raha hun jo aapne is post me jaanani chahi hai,1. jo rail cum road overbridge hai,aapko ara ke baad mila tha, wo koilwar naam ke jagah par hai,ye rail cum road bridge kutchh saal pahle tak india ka sabse lamba r/r bridge bridge ka naam freedom fighter abdul bari siddqui ke naam par hai,aur is pul ke neeche se ganga nahi sone nadi bahti hai,jo danapur ke paas ganga me mil jaati hai.2. ara railway crossing ke pahle hi rail overbridge bana hai,aap use paar kar ara shehar me ramna maidan hote hue bypass pakad sakte hain,shehar me speed slow rahega par aap aram se nikal jaayenge.

  • @ Lokesh – Here are some details about CNG pumps.
    1. Agra (
    2. Kanpur (
    3. Allahabad (There is one there)

    I am not sure whether Patna or rest of Bihar has any. All the best.

    @ Rajesh – Thank you very much.

  • uks.ava

    Hi Nandan,

    This is Umesh Singh from Delhi (Dwarka Sector 7 to be precise). I have read and re-read your article and almost all comments by different ghumakkars written in response to your post. Recently I purchased a new Car (Maruti RITZ – ZXI – 1200 cc) and decided to go to my home town (Ara, Bihar) by road. It was a thrilling experience for me as I have never been to highways for such a long journey (around 1000 KMs). I would like to share some experience with you all of my this Journey.

    I started from Delhi at 3:00 am on 8th June. It took around 3 hours to reach Agara fort. It was 6:00 am and I was not feeling tiered due to which I decided to reach Etawah and take breakfast. After a merathon drive on NH2 from Agara fort to Etawah I reached Etawah at 8:00 am (330 KMs done) . I took a 30 minutes break in Etawah and then decided to move forward for Kanpur. The road after Etawah was awesome and you can sprint the car for 120+ KMs if car allows. I reached Kanpur at 10:30 am and felt proud that I covered Delhi to Kanpur Journey in just 7 hrs. I loved NH2 in Kanpur and found it one of the most interesting road to drive on. Without taking any break I decided to drive till Allahabad and put more pressure on the accelerator of the car. I reached Allahabad using the new bypass at 1:00 pm. It was very HOT there due to which I decided to keep on driving and take some rest at Mohania. I reached Varanasi bypass and at 3:00 pm and was feeling hungry. I remembered your advise to halt in Mohania for food and shelter. I crossed Mohania at 4:00 pm and left NH2 for Ara. The road SH30 was really a hell to cross-off. I decided to take some good food on SH30 and then move for Ara. A road side dhaba (named as Fauji Dhaba) was really a good one. I have chicked and rice along with fish there. Then I decided to move for Ara. This road is not good and can never be compared with the single lane road of Delhi. It is such a shame for Bihar Govt. that they can’t make it two lane at least. Anyways I reached Ara at 5:15 pm and I was happy that I reached Delhi to Ara in around 14.15 hrs.

    All of this Journey was inspired by you and other people who have written in this bolg. Once again I would like to thank you for such a nice article :).

    Umesh Singh

  • You made my day Umesh. Your detailed log would further help people to plan this journey well. Yamuna Expressway should open soon (July 17,2012 is the date I heard last, I have been hearing a date for last 6 months so not sure) and then it would further cut down the travel time.

  • Faiz

    Dear Nandan Bhai

    I’m planning on driving from Begusarai to Delhi. What would be the best route to hit NH2?

    Begusarai – Patna – Mohania OR Begusarai – Bihar Sharif – Gaya – Aurangabad – Mohania?

    There is a differential of around 80 km but considering the road conditions and traffic situation I am tempted to take the Gaya route. I plan to set off from Begusarai at 4:00 a.m. should I risk going via Patna?


  • Faiz Bhai – Sorry for the delay. I looked at maps and the route via Gaya is longer by 40 odd KMs. If my understanding is correct then take the Gaya route. If it is indeed 80 KMs then go via Patna. Patna-Mohania connection seems to be good as per recent updates.

    Wish you luck and do update on what you finally end up taking.

    • faiz

      thanks for the reply nandan bhai,

      i am happy to report that i successfully transported a maruti a-star from begusarai to delhi without any major hiccups. :-)

      started at 5 am and joined the NH2 at Dobhi. Went via barbigha-biharsharif-gaya. The barbigha route to bihar sharif is shorter than the bhaktiyarpur route, but much worser. From bihar sharif the roads are mostly decent.

      After dobhi, no need to explain I guess. :-)

      It may sound incredible but I was able to achieve speeds of over 155km/hr on that unassuming little car! It helped that I was driving solo and without any heavy luggage.

      With minimal stops, I reached Etawah by 7 pm and stayed the night at a friend’s place.

      A few words of caution to my fellow travelers. At such high speeds, mileage takes a big hit. So fill up accordingly. Also, most of the bypass roads are really long and don’t have any petrol pumps. So make sure you have enough fuel to make it to the other end before you get onto a bypass. I got stuck midway on the allahabad bypass and had to unnecessarily take an exit into the city just to fill up. Could have saved more than half an hour if I had enough fuel.

      Thank you once again. Your post and the comments gave me the confidence to do this on my own with such a small vehicle. And am so glad I did!

  • rajesh priya

    nandanji namaskar, i have tried to write in hindi with help of google but failed,now i m going to one of my friend who is expert of computer.although ur this article is old,but still relevent to people like me.if u have any idea can u guide me which route i should follow for haridwar from patna.via gorakhpur or via varanasi,as i checked both the route on net ,it’s not mentioned any where that what is the condition of road?

  • @ Rajesh – Thank you for trying the Hindi suggestion.

    As for route, If possible I would take NH2 (Varanasi) and reach Delhi and then do a Delhi-Haridwar. It might take almost same time. If you can not avoid Delhi, then take Varanasi route.

  • ashish

    Hi sir,

    can you just also inform about the petrol stations location, coz those are the most required information.

    will be greatfull to you.

    • Ashish – You can find good petrol pumps all through, right on the highway. There is a BP COCO (Company Owned , Company Operated) between Kanpur and Allahabad. It is a big one so you wont miss it. Rest you can find them as you drive along. Best wishes.

  • Vikas Chawla

    Want to travel from Begusarai to New Delhi with family in my Zen Estilo car . Please guide me whether I should touch NH 2 via Gaya or via Patna , which one will be faster to cover seeing the traffic in Patna.

  • Kundan Jha

    Hi Nandan

    Came to Darbhanga from Delhi, on 15th Nov , Via – Yamuna Expressway – NH2-Patna-Hajipur-Jandaha-Samastipur. ( Hajipur Darbhanga is only 2 hours by this route).
    Now planning to go back tomorrow early morning. Should I chose East -west corridor – Lucknow-Kanpur-Agra route? ( I had a bitter experience on this route 2 years ago, as the road was under construction and was going to crowded places). Had anyone traveled on this road recently? Or, i should take Patna-Mohania-NH2 route..?? Please advise.. but a bit quickly please.. as i am going to start @ 5:00 AM. :)

    Awaiting yours

    Kundan Jha

    • I think this is late for you, since I am guessing that you would have started. Recently, I was at Lucknow and inquired (to various folks) about Lucknow-GKP connection and everyone was very appreciative about it. As you would already know that DBG-Muzzarfur connection is done including the Bypass, so I would suggest that you take EW.

      Whichever route you take, please do update us on what you find. For your ‘To’ journey, when did you start and how much time did it take ?

  • Kundan Jha

    Hi Nandan

    Its really too late … I started. @ 6am and have done only. 180 kms and still stuck at Arrah, you know the railway crossing Jam here.
    Mohania is still 120 Kms, and I don’t know how long it takes more.
    BTW, I am planning to to stay @ Allahabad in night. Can you suggest any good hotel close to NH2?

    Thanks and Regards

  • anant Jha

    Dear kundan G,
    Don’t IN in allahabad city. This will cost you another 100 km and few more hours next day. Better try to cross Bypass and then stay somewhere. I had seen many hotels before Bypass while travelling Delhi to Patna. Not sure about quality of these hotels but my guess 1 night stay is okay there.

    Happy Journey and awaiting Chath puja Prasad :-)

  • Kundan Jha

    Thanks Anant Ji. Have brought some prasad for you.. :)

    Phew…. ! I started from Darbhanga @ 6:00AM, and reach Patna @ 8:45, via samastipur-Jandaha-Hajipur. But the worst was waiting for us.. We took a wrong road to Danapur, which took us direct to Bihta.. with mighty speed breakers and path holes.. The Honda City was banged by the stones and breakers. .. We reached Arrah @ 11:00 and again.. there was a massive Jam at the railway crossing.. we had to enjoy that till 1:30PM..
    The kids on board were starving , and i had to take a lunch break there.. Highway Restaurant in Arrah.. the food was good.

    We started @ 2:15 from Arrah, and noticed a sign board indicating Mohania 122 Kms. however, the road was good after Arrah and we managed to reach Mohania @ 60KMPH , reached @ 4:30.

    Refuelled the car, took a quick bite @ NH2, and headed towards Varanasi. It was about 5:30 and I decided not to drive, as I was really tired and my eyes were burning.
    Again, took a wrong turn to Mugalsarai, and got stuck in bumpy roads, and crowded markets. Varanasi was still 20 kms away. Reached Varanasi @7:30, and Stayed in a hotel near Cantt. i covered 320 kms only, in 12 Hours.
    Started from Varanasi @ 5:00, and reached at NH2 within 15 Minutes. The car was cruising at 100 Kmph , and crossed Allahabad Bypass @ 7:45AM. the road between Varanasi and Handia is is in very bad shape and I would suggest to drive in left lane to avoid skidding. The heavy trucks have made their tracks as pits, and you can drive on them, if you are driving a sedan.

    Stopped for a tea break somewhere near Fatehpur, and for a Brunch at Shukla Restaurant – Before Kanpur. Crossed Kanpur @ 11:30.. refuelled, and started again..

    reached Ferozabad @ 3:00 PM, and my wife wanted to buy the famous bangles.. … it took one hour there, and i headed towards Delhi again.. reached expressway within 20-25 minutes.. It was a super smooth drive @ 120Kmph and reached home @8:00 PM… A bit tired.. but enjoyed the Journey.. :)

    Cheers !

  • Kundan Jha

    Dear Nandan Ji

    For my TO journey, It was really good.

    I started @4:15 from My home in Laxmi Nagar, and hopped on the swanky Yamuna Expressway within 20 Minutes. This road is really great, and the car was cruising @ 130-140 Kmph.

    We reached Ferozabad @ 6:30. 220 Kms covered in 2 Hours 15 Minutes only.. It was unbelievable .. ! The kids onboard were not a mood to have breakfast, so I decided to continue driving.

    I crossed Kanpur @ 9:30-9:45. Means some 470 Kms was done in 5 Hours only ! Decided to have breakfast, and It was the same Shukla restaurant.. We had a good rest there for 1 hour, and started again @ 11:30.

    I crossed Allahabad bypass at 1:30 . The road between Handia to Varanasi Bypass is in very bad shape with pathholes and rumbles created by trucks. Also, the NH2 passes through villages and suburbs. You will find many three wheelers and vehicles coming from wrong side at full speed. Be careful..

    It took another 1 and half hour to cover that 80 Km stretch, and that was a real waste of time. We crossed Varanasi bypass @ 3:30, stopped at a roadside tea shop next to the toll plaza, and started again. Reached Mohania @ 4:30, and decided to drive till Patna.

    Refuelled the car @ Mohania, reached Arrah @ 7:30, as this is a single road, and you find many trucks coming with lights on high beam. Also, the local villagers are almost out on the road in the evening.

    Had dinner at Arrah and started to Patna… Now the bad roads started.. long que of Trucks ( you know the sand carriers of Koilwar) . Crossed Koilwar @9:00 PM.. Thanks to the cop who let us pass the bridge first, stopping all the trucks in que. There were more than 100 trucks in the que to cross the bridge.

    The public does everything on roads. Our bad luck.. it was Laxmi Idol immersion day, andn we found many groups dancing on roads and messing the traffic.

    Got stuck for sometime in Bihta and reached Patna @ 9:30. decided not to drive and stayed there in Patna.
    Had a good sleep, and started @ 7:00 AM from Patna. Took the Hajipur-Jandaha-Samastipur-Darbhanga route and and reached Darbhanga @ 10:00 Am. The road is good, and the distance is almost 50 Kms lesser than the traditional Patna -Hajipur-Muzaffarpur-darbhanga Route.

    So it was total 15 Driving hours, excluding the breaks taken in route. Driving was a fun on Yamuna expressway, and Travelling with family is a great fun. ..

    Happy Driving.. ! :)

  • Harry

    Dear nandan & Kundan ji,

    Thanks for your posts….

    I want to go to Samastipur From Lucknow. I keep travelling from Lucknow to Delhi via Yamuna Expressway…
    Could you pls guide me from Lucknow to Samastipur with less of traffic. I will be travelling around Mid jan 2013 with Patrents and Younger brother in My Santro. Which route will be best as per the timing.
    Just from your reviews Is ARAH is avoidable?
    Pls reply

    Many Thanks

  • Dear Harry – From Lucknow, it would be good to take East-West Corridor. Lucknow – Gorakhpur – GopalGanj – Samastipur.

    You do not need to come to Patna/Arah.

    Best Wishes,

  • Bhanu

    Hi guys,

    I am planning a trip from Dlehi to Allahabad during Kumbh time.
    Please suggest me on this and the best route.
    Also let me know whether to travel in night is safe?

  • @ Bhanu – Delhi – Agra (via Yamuna Expressway) and then Etawah-Kanpur-Allahabad (NH2). I do not advice night traveling. If you can leave by 4 AM, then you should be in Allahabad, comfortably by 3 PM. You would still have few hours to experience Kumbh. Good luck.

  • jijo

    Thanks Nandanjee and Anandjee for nice guidance through this blog.
    It helped me lot while making the trip from delhi to Tata(In nov 2012 ) with my family.I covered the distance in 21 hours. It was just an awesome experience.
    Your word has given me lot of courage to travel by road.

    I am planning to travel from delhi to Saharsa in June for small vacation with my family by car(i20).
    Can u suggest me the best route?
    I would like to move without any night halt. I love driving non-stop.


    Is this route is ok..


  • @ Sanjeev – Thank you for your good words.

    I have never been to Sahara so I am sorry, I wont be able to provide any good input here. I am not sure on EW corridor but if you have considered that, then Muzaafarpur-Darbhanga-Saharsa should be an interesting option as well. I have driven from Muzzarfarpur – Kosi River bridge (I guess, from there it is a just a short ride away via Supaul) in Sep, 2012 and the whole stretch is exceptional. With very little traffic and a great tar.

    Muzzarfarpur can now be bypassed if you are coming from Gopal Ganj side. Try looking Delhi-Agra-Kanpur (NH2) – Lucknow and then EW expressway via Barabanki-Gorakhpur-Gopal Ganj-Darbhanga….

    Ir-resective of the route, it would be a very long drive. So please think again about your plans of not halting for the night. Wishes.

  • Kundan Jha

    Hi Nandan Ji,

    How are you?? Once again, I am here… (As this is the best place to get expert advises) ..

    Now, this time (sometime in End of May) I am planning again to go to Darbhanga by road. But, I hate the road and traffic between Mohania – Patna ( 6-8 Hours is a real waste of time).

    Now, Please suggest

    1. Is there another route like NH24 or NH 28?
    2. If I take Kanpur via NH2 , – Lucknow via Unnao, and Gorakhpur via Faizabad?
    3. If I choose Varanasi – Balia- Chhapra- Muzaffarpur- Darbhanga?
    4. If I choose Allahabad-Sultanpur-Ayodhya-Gorakhpur- Darbhanga?

    Or, Should I go via NH2 as usual?


    • Ravi Ranjan

      I am also planning on travelling from delhi to patna on 23rd or 24th of May.
      Please update any details regarding the route information.

  • @ Kundan – You have more updated info about the route since you went recently. Based on limited information which I know, I would suggest NH2 for Dli-DBG and DBG-Muzzaffarupur-GKP-LKO-Kanpur-NH2 for the return journey. I am suggesting the other route on the way back because if you want to break, then you can do it at GKP/Ayodhya/LKO etc. All the best.

  • suman jha

    hi Nandan ji, i am planning to travel from gurgaon to darbhanga by the end of may. i will be riding bajaj avenger 220. i have tried researching the routes through google map and all, but it is quite confusing. plz help me with the most suitable route. and also some hotel on the way where night could be spent. thanx.

  • Sachidanand

    Hi – Your views seem to be a handy guide for travelers :)
    Is there someone who can give a review of roads from Lucknow to Azamgarh? Which route could be best like from Tanda or from Akbarpur?


  • @Suman – Please take Gurgaon-Sohna-Palwal to get on to NH2 and then continue towards Mathura-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur-Allahabad-Mohania. At Mohania, leave NH2 and go towards Ara-Patna. I do not have any recommendation for a hotel. If you are looking for a place to pass the night then keep looking for places after Allahabad-Bypass. If you have more time, then I would suggest that you go to Varanasi, attend Evening Arti and then leave next morning to Darbhanga. Drive safe and warm wishes.

    @ Sachidanand – I do not know. Faizabad is on EW corridor and few years back when I passed through it was in very good condition. Lucknow-Sultanpur is also a decent connection. Please try searching for a better log at Ghumakkar and you might get more informed responses. Wishes.

  • Dhanjit Giri

    I m planning to travel purnia bihar via ballia.I have some work in Ballia for 2-3 hours.
    We(2) are not professional driver so planned this way to travel .
    18.05.2013 (as early as possible)start from Dwarka (Delhi) to Kanpur and stay there.
    19.05.2013 (as early as possible)start from Kanpur to reach Ballia .(Can stay in balia).
    And then Ballial to Purnia.
    Kindly suggest me best route to travel :
    I have devided whole journey in 3 parts.

    1 delhi to kanpur –>

    A.Delhi-Gr. Noida-Yamuna expressway-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur
    B.Delhi-Gr. Noida-Yamuna expressway-(exit yamuna expressway from JHEWAR)-Alligarh-Etah-Kanauj-Kanpur

    2 Kanpur to Ballia –>


    3 Ballia to Purnia
    E.Ballia-Buxer-Bihia-Ara-Patna-Musahri-Derbhanga-4 Lane-Purnia
    F.Ballia-Brahmpur(Ara-Buxer Road)-arra-patna-hajipur-Purnia
    G.Ballia-Madhubani-Chhapra-Musahri-Derbhanga-4 Lane -Purnia
    H.Ballia-Madhubani-Chhapra-Musahri-Derbhanga-4 Lane -Purnia

    Plz suggest

  • Anant jha

    Dear dhanjit,
    below route will be best according to my exp

    A >C>G

  • dhanjit

    @Anant jha
    Thanks a lot.
    I will follow this.
    Anything else if you can suggest for this trip.

    Dhanjit Giri

  • Ravi Shankar

    Hi Nandan,

    i have just completed my jouyrney from delhi to aurangabad via kanpur-allahabad on 1 st JUNE 2013. The highway is just perfect for a long drive.

  • jijo

    Hi nandan,

    I am planning to visit my native place,SAHARSA, on 21st June2013 with wife and 2 little kids.
    As u have suggested, I will take route DELHI–>LUCKNOW(NIGHT HALT)–>GORAKHPUR–>MUSHARI–>SUPAUL–>SAHARSA.
    I am planning to leave delhi around 12 O clock in aftenoon so that we will reach Lucknow around 8 O clock in night. We will stay there and move our journey next morning.

    Let us see…

    Thanks for your advice. I will follow.


  • Anurag

    Dear Nandan,
    I need to travel from Delhi to Gangtok next week. I have driven several times from Delhi to Lucknow but never been beyond it on road. Now I have three questions:
    a. The best route to reach from Lucknow to Siliguri
    b. Is it safe to travel since I’ll travel with family
    c. I have ample time say 3-4 days to cover the stretch. So could you suggest some night halts…places where I can find decent place to stay the night. Cost, unless prohibitive, is not an issue.
    Thanks a ton,

  • Dear Anurag,

    a. Lucknow – Gorakhpur – Muzaffarpur – Darbhanga – Farbisganj – Siliguri. This is the East-West corridor. In Sep 2012, I have experience of being on from Muzaffarpur – Philparas (the point where Kosi bridge is) and the highway is indeed brilliant. Watch out for people coming on wrong side, village folks crossing road and all that regular regime thing. I am told that one can do Darbhanga- Siliguri in less than 8 hours. If you are staring from Lucknow then you can possibly break at Muzaffarpur (dont know why Google maps says Musahari) or around. I would suggest that you start as early as possible from Lucknow and then continue till daylight breaks.

    b. Yes, it is safe. Avoid driving in dark. It is pure country side. North Bihar is mostly rural and harmless.

    c. Gorakhpur, Forbesganj.

  • Kundan Jha

    I will be starting back for Delhi tomorrow early morning 4 AM from Darbhanga. After the last horrible experience of Patna – Mohania Jams, I have decided to go by NH57 via Gorakhpur- Lucknow- Delhi.

    Which is the best route? Lucknow- Etah- Aligarh- delhi or , Lucknow Kanpur- Delhi??

    Anyone travelled on this route recently ???? Please guide…..

  • Kundan Jha

    But please comment fast, as I have only a few hours left….. Please ….

  • @Kundan – Etah-Aligarh is pretty bad. Lucknow-Kanpur-Delhi is definitely the best tar (now with Yamuna Expressway for the last lap, it is actually now unbeatable). If you have time and are looking for trying an alternate route then you can do Lucknow-Sitapur-Bareilly-Rampur-Delhi (all on NH24). Sitapur-Bareily section is bad, rest of it is pretty good. All the best and I look forward to updates on NH57.

  • Kundan Jha

    Thanks Nandan.

    Normally, how Long it takes from Lucknow- Delhi?

  • Lucknow-Delhi on NH24 would take 8.5-10.5 odd hours.
    Lucknow – Sitapur : 90 KM – 1.5 hours
    Sitapur – Bareily – Rampur : 225 KM odd – 4 – 6 hours
    Rampur – Delhi Border/Ghazipur : 180 KM – 3 hours

    Lucknow-Delhi on NH1 would take
    Lucknow – Kanpur (2 hours) + Kanpur – Noida (7 hours or less)

    Do not come via Aligarh (NH 91), not worth it.

  • Deep


    I am planning to travel from gurgaon to purnia this month.

    Planned routes:

    1. Day 1 :
    option1 : @4.00 am : Gurgaon – Faridabad – Agra – Kanpur- Lucknow-Gorakhpur (NH2 and East – West Expy)
    option2: @ 4.00 am: Gurgaon – Faridabad – Agra – Kanpur- Allahabad
    2. Day 2:
    option 1: @5:00 am: Gorakhpur-Gopalganj-Muzaffarpur-Darbhanga-Forbesgank-Purnia (East – West Expressway)

    I heard or have seen somewhere in travelogue that from Bihar/Up Border to Gopalganj (40 KMS) is really in bad shape. Can anyone help me what is the condition of this road now?

    option 2: #5:00 am : Allahabad – VAranasi-Dobi-Patna-Begusarai – Purnia( NH2 and NH 31)
    is this doable ? or have to take Arrah route? But as per discussion its seems Arrah route has too much traffic. Please advice.

    Or if there is some alternate route, please advice me.


    With Regards

    • lalit

      hey deep may i know ur traveling dates?

      • deep

        Hi lalit
        Its not fixed yet. Most probably last week of oct.


    • Raj

      Bihar/Up Boarder to Gopalganj Road Condition is very Bad And you cant Drive at night or incase of rain so try to to avoid that way
      i did go there last month.
      i am also planning but i will choose another option agra, kanpur, allahabad,varansi, patna.

  • @ Deep – Here is my suggestion
    Day 1 – Delhi – Varanasi (I did it in Aug this year via Yamuna Expressway and it is a comfortable drive. You wont take Yamuna Expressway since it would mean close to driving 80 KMs extra but even via the old highway it is doable)

    Day 2 – I have had the same news of Gopalganj. Muzaffapur onwards EW Expressway is brilliant but I am not sure about GKP-Muzaffapur link. I would suggest, take the more common Patna route (via Arrah, dont know about dobi).

    If you are planning to drive back as well, then take EW (since you would be starting from home and can do a very early start) and break at Lucknow. Wishes.

    • Deep

      Thanks Nandan, for your suggestion.

      Is it possible to cover reach Varanasi in one day if i start @4.00 am from Gurgaon. I have i-10, is it possible with this car. I will also with my wife and 7 years kid.


      • Yes Deep. Just make sure that you begin by 4 and not take more than 3 breaks (2 is better). You may reach in time for the evening arti at Ganges. If you do, then do not miss it even though you may be dead-tired. Also, within Varanasi, rely on local transport (Auto) since parking is a big issue there. all the best.

        • Deep

          Thanks Nandan for your reply.

  • Kundan Jha

    Dear Deep,

    It’s better that you start a bit early, if you are starting from Gurgaon. Like – 3:00 AM or so. You will be able to reach Yamuna expressway within 45-50 Minutes, and will cross this stretch within 2 hours or less. Please dont take breaks until you really need it ( I also travel with my 7 year and 3 year old kids).

    In the morning, you will be able to reach Kanpur by 9:30 or so. Just pass Kapnur, and go about 30 kms. You will find Shukla Hotel, if you want good food. Take an hour’s break and head towards Mohania. It will take you 4 more hours to Mohania, with one or two short breaks. That means about 3:30 PM.

    Mohania- Patna is really very pathetic now a days, you may reach within 3 hours, or it may take you 7-8 hours if there is some Laxmi or Kali puja immersions going on the roads( That can be scary as well, as in my last chhath trip, a loafer hit my bonnet with stick).

    If you reach Patna by 6:30- 7:30, you can take halt there and start in the morning again. and, If you want to Drive more, take Hajipur Route, and go to Muzaffarpur.. the roads are 4laned almost allover.

    But, at the bypass, keep watching for NH57 Sign, and dont take a turn towards zero mile, the road is very bad..

    You may cover Muzaffarpur – Purnia in 3 or 4 hours.


    Last time, I came via gopalganj- Gorakhpur and except a few patholes in Gopalganj, the roads were superb, and free of traffic.. The swanky gorakhpur bypass is operational, and fantastic.

    Take a turn under Kanpur flyover and head towards Unnao-Lucknow. (1:30 Hours).

    Lucknow-Gorakhpur – 3 Hours

    Gorakhpur – Gopalganj – 2 Hours

    Gopalganj Muzaffarpur – 2 Hours.

    Means- You will reach Muzaffarpur in 12 hours or 13 hours maximum.. and you can try driving till Purnia too…

    Happy Motoring…


    • Deep

      Thanks Kundan Ji.

      Option 1: Gurgaon – Patna: Its nearly 1100 Km. I am not sure I will be able to cover such distance in one day. As i do not prefer driving after 7.00 PM. If i start at 3:00 am from Gurgaon and according to you if i reach at Mohania by 3.30 or 4.00 PM then I can proceed to patna else I would prefer to stay in varanasi 80 Km before Mohania.

      Next Day I have to cover from Varanasi to Purnia 600 KM.

      Option 2: If I opt option 2 then I would like to night halt at Kushinagar or Gorakhpur, that will be 800- 900 KM.

      On day 2 need to cover 500 – 550 Km.

      Still in dilemma which route should I opt.


      • Ratnesh

        Hi Deep,

        Im amazingly cheerful and suggest we travel together, if it makes spence to you and you feel happy with the saying ek se do bale. Please read my comments below for more info and lets interact if it interests you.

        In short, we are three including my kid travelling on 30th oct on the same route upto Hazipur. Initially my plan was to start from delhi @1700 hours but Kundan ji has reasoned it to be changed and now Ill too start early morning @0300 hours.

        So lets zero down if u wanna enjoy the ride together. Ill be riding my Santro.



        • Ratnesh

          Typo: Hajipur (my exact place is midway Hajipur and Muzaffarpur highway).

          • Ratnesh

            @Kundan Ji,

            No hijack intended, so please continue your reply while we await Deep’s response on the idea of joining our journey.

            Cheers :)


  • Ratnesh

    Hi All/Nandan ji,

    I’ve been spending minutes of my weeks on ghummakar following posts and reading incredible reviews. It always boosted my spirits.

    I’m commenting here after a lot has happened, ghummakar wise, being short and crisp, (1) three friends and office colleagues on their first long drive Delhi-Varanasi-Delhi, excellent experience of night breezing on Nh2 (left office @9), 13th June 13, reached varanasi @11 am. Return journey toughened us all as 72 hours of no-sleep-haul of our dearest caused him heart attack on Allahabad bypass near Handia. All is well now though. :) (2) 2nd journey: Delhi-Simla-Tara Devi-Delhi :- Excellent ride experience for the lone driver, let me face it, with less than couple of thousands of driving exp then. Yes, I did it and am alive commenting it here. there are so much of it so it may take a couple of logs to narrate the journeys. I may write about that later.

    For the relevance : @Nandan ji and rest of all
    Now that I carry around 10k km of driving experience in delhi/NCR and the above two stretches, I planned another drive, the longest yet. And request for guidelines/suggestion/quick tips on security and other aspects please.

    Delhi-YEW-kanpur-varanasi-Mohania-array-patna-Hajipur | Santro CNG (enroute filling @Mayur Vihar, Agra &Kanpur) rest on octane 93 gasoline | DOJ: 30 Oct | targeted timings : @5pm engine starts, @6am Mohania, @Noon Hajipur | Me, my lady and kid 2 yr | Have been doing night shifts so being up whole night is fine, truly | Return journey will commence around about 12 Nov | Lone driver |

    Things I want to care about on this onward journey:
    – security at night ? Remember I travelled this June to &fro varanasi, in night but this time it’s family.
    – lone drive?
    – timings? Is it tight?
    – Any festive season’s side effect? Diwali wasooli while going and chhat rush while returning?
    – feel free to suggest and help any way please.

    • Ratnesh

      My plan is to leave Mohania for Patna during wee hours as to avoid any traffic.

  • Ratnesh

    @Kunadan Ji,

    Adding to my comment above.

    U seem to have received experience of ur time on Mohania-Patna route. Is Mohania-Ballia-Chapra-Hajipur an alternative for me? Any other inputs in my series of Qs above and this one please.

    Aur haan….I like that.. “Happy Motoring” tag. Seems part of ur sign :)

  • Kundan Jha

    Dear Ratnesh Ji,
    In my views, please dont start in evening.. Driving speed becomes slow by 30% in night drives.. and this NH2 route is not worth driving in nights, amidst reckless truckers and tractors.. Also, you wont be able to find even a bottle of water on this route in nights.. specially when you are driving with a Kid..

    Better you start at 3:00 AM from Delhi, and reach Hajipur by 7:30 or 8:00 PM Max… night drive is not advisible.. I have drove about 4-5 times on this route.. and I feel driving in day is much better.

    there is a road from Varanasi-Balia-Chhapra-Hajipur.. Better not take it.. being a single road at most places.. NH28 is still a better choice after Kanpur…


    • Ratnesh

      Thanks Kundan Ji,

      Taking the two valuable points in account, “30% slowness during night” and “3:00AM – 8:00 PM(17 hours) of total journey”, I’m now shifting my gears to adapt to day-travel. Great help indeed.

      The only concern is that I’ll be bound to pass Mohania-Patna stretch in the evenning time then. So how do we see traffic during on this route?


  • Ratnesh

    Hi Deep,

    I’m amazingly cheerful and suggest we travel together, if it makes spence to you and you feel happy with the saying “ek se do bale”. Please read my comments below for more info and let’s interact if it interests you.

    In short, we are three including my kid travelling on 30th oct on the same route upto Hazipur. Initially my plan was to start from delhi @1700 hours but Kundan ji has reasoned it to be changed and now I’ll too start early morning @0300 hours.

    So let’s zero down if u wanna enjoy the ride together. I’ll be riding my Santro.


  • Dhanjit giri

    After long planning I could not started early.
    Considered @anant jha s suggestion A >C>G almost followed same route but changed after benaras
    A.Delhi-Gr. Noida-Yamuna expressway-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur

    1 Mayur vihar phase 1 to Purnia on 19 may covered in 3 day but its possible in 2 days
    A.Delhi-Gr. Noida-Yamuna expressway-Agra-Etawah-Kanpur
    started late from mayur vihar 920 am
    crossed aagra toll @1240 km was 320
    Reached etwa 1330

    Reached kanpur sharp 1600 @HAL building
    total toll tax Rs 560 approx travel time 7 hours including 2 short break of total 25-30 mints
    I stayed in Kanpur
    Next day .Kanpur-Fatehpur-Allahabad-Benaras

    Started kanpur HAL guest houce ramadevi chok at 545
    Taken fuel at malwa petrol pump (No credit card)
    No boddy was their for air , We tried and vacated 5 psi
    Taken tea biscuit at sai hotel and air
    Started 715 again
    And banaras-> chandauli->mohania-> ramgarh->chausa->buxer->phephna (10 km before ballia)->
    but one can continue
    banaras-> chandauli->mohania->dinara-jagdishpur-arrah-
    we had some work in phephna

    2 hours stay and started from phephna 6 pm and reached patna 11 pm very tough stretch, faced 1 hour jam in koilwar bridge
    3rd day There are 2 better rote
    rute 1
    patna->barh->mokama->begusarai->khagaria->naugachia->purnia is shortest rute 310 km approx
    rute 2 patna->hajipure->mujaffarpure->derbhanga->simrahibazar->pipra->tribeniganj->puraini bazaar ->raniganj->sarsi ->purnia 370 km
    we have taken this rute
    Gandhi setu was unforgettable slow traffic as bridge repaire work was going 230 hours to reach hajipure
    taken 30 mints rest after crossing hajipure1 hour rest before darbhanga total 8 hours journey including rest of 2 hours

    display board is everywhere
    if you search in google pratapganj will shown and simrahi bajar is just before that
    take right turn to national road way no 106 ig

    Plz dont take barh->mokama->lakhisarai-> jamalpure->bhagalpure
    and dont go beyond simarahibazar to wards forbisganj. There mey be huge jam

    feel free to contact [email protected]

    • Deep

      Hi Dhanjit

      Sure, I will definetly inform you and Ratnesh whenever i will travel to bihar by car. It will be nice being together.


  • Brij

    I would be driving from Delhi to Patna shortly. I would lke to know the present condition of Mohania – Arrah – Patna road and roughly how much time it may take? Is going via Gaya a better though longer option?

  • Kundan Jha

    Hi Brij,

    Mohania-Arrah-Patna , road condition till Arrah Suburbs are okay (not too good). Then it comes the horrible pathholes and scary heavy vehicles coming with high beam and high speed..

    Avoid driving in late night, as the roads after Koilwar are not in good condition. Bihta, Maner and other small places have some 3 feet deep pits.. and driving a sedan is like going into battlefield.

    If you start @ 2:30-3:00 AM, you can reach Mohania by 2:30 PM, and Patna by 7:00 PM. But all depends on the traffic in Arrah.


  • Brij

    Hi Kundan

    Thank you for the quick response. This is most useful.



  • snehil mishra

    Hi – Brilliant work Nandan. I am planning to leave Patna by 5pm. I don’t mind driving at night. A few questions
    a) Is the Patna – Arrah – Mohania safe after dark ?
    b) I don’t think GT road should be a trouble at night. ? yes or no. Will take care of the fellows in the wrong direction.
    c) do i need to enter Allahabad ? Is there a land mark or a sign post to watch out for, I don’t want to waste any valuable time as I am almost on a deadline to reach.
    d) If at all I need a break – is it okay to use one of those khatiyaz at the line hotels ?
    e) would u in anyway advise against night driving. I am comfortable and have done 3000kms. Patna – Pune before.
    f) anything important to look out for other than those wrong side fellas.

    thanks a ton. I am leaving tomorrow evening. Mum has already made a gloomy face.

    waiting for a reply.

    thanks a lot,

  • @ Snehil – I do not advise night driving so see if that is an option for you. Here is my take on your questions

    a) Yes, it should be safe-enough. You would have sun-light for about 2 hours and by the time it is night-night, you would be out on NH2 at Mohania so I wont be worried much here.
    b) No trouble.
    c) No, you do not need to. It is pretty evident. There are large boards showing the way to Delhi, you wont miss it.
    d) Choose the one where you see women/family of the line-hotel guy and are next to Tolls. There are tens of Tolls point and most of the toll points have this small tea kiosk and may be a small office and all that. It is safer.
    e) Yes, I would advise against night driving. Road-safety (not in terms of security but road/traffic kinds) norms are very poor (missing sign ages, un suspecting big speed-breakers, diversions, drunken driving etc) in this part of India so it is not worth it if you can start by 4AM early.
    f) Keep the car locked, don’t have tempting (phones, cash) stuff on dashboard for all to see, stay away from road-rage, keep water and munchies, attend to sleeping-signs from body and have fun.


  • snehil

    @Nandan: Thanks a ton Nandan. I took your advise and did not travel night but as luck would have it, I ended up doing a lot of it. Left Patna at 7am. This is where it all went wrong. No issues with the road or stuff but I was limited to 65-70 even when I could have easily done 100. ( Its a brand new car, was advised not to speed up too soon). Reached Kanpur by 5 30. I had to take a call, stay back or cont… I continued. Traffic, Jams, Diversions and top it up with Fog. It took me around 7 – 8 hrs to reach the Yamuna express way from kanpur. It should not have taken more than 5. The fog was Preety dense and I trailing a VIP light wala Car. Hit the express way around 12 30. Home by 3. It was smooth then, but I get the pic why did u advise night driving. The traffic and roads are very unpredictable. Anyways, All well that ends well. Thanks for the advise and keep up the good work.

  • Sanjay

    Dear Nandan, Your inputs would indeed be of great value to any first time road traveller on Delhi – Kanpur – Allahabad – Varanasi – Arah – Patna route. I am to take this route in a few days from now. Is there any alternate route between Mohania and Patna that would , even if longer, be better for road travel. Will be grateful for an early input. Sanjay

  • Hello Sanjay -Thanks. I am not aware of any alternate route. Via Gaya would get just too long (another 100 KMs) and I do not know how good is Gaya-Patna. Good luck and please update here on what you find.

  • Ratnesh

    It was my second ride to my birth-place in last 4 months. Traveled to-and-fro delhi-Vaishali in Nov 13 & Mar 14.

    Traveled twice on 4 different routes and I fought to keep hope in reaching my destination each time and now fighting to think if I ever ride back home, at least in near future. I resist by can’t stop myself saying that I belong to a pathetically & poorly developed region with a very bad road-infrastructure.

    Roads and Routes:
    NH2, the so known G T Road, has lost its charm only to regain it in a year or two. Almost countless diversions added up with bridge construction, due to 4 to 6 lanes conversion, ate up time, fuel & power by 30% or more; story remains same on all the four routes I took as the part Delhi-Varanasi is common in all.

    In Nov 13:
    Delhi to Vaishali (Muzaffarpur): YEW> Firozabad> Etawah> Kanpur> Allahabad By-pass> Varanasi> Mohania> Arah> Patna> Vaishali;
    NH2 (Varanasi to Mohania) – time taken: 4PM to 6 PM | Great deal of people on the road during this period of the day. Road condition: poorer than rest of NH2 stretch.
    Mohania> Arah> Patna: NH 30 – 6 PM to 10:30PM | 4 hours and 30 minutes | Road condition is pathetic throughout. My car cried and so did everyone inside it. Some 2-3 feet sudden potholes. All the four wheels went in air at times. Scares and scars still remain in mind.
    Special Note: Crossing Gandhi Setu is nightmare ( spent 9 hours crossing this bridge, very unruly). My suggestion> Avoidable in all conditions until we hear otherwise; Patients dying on it because ambulances can’t cross, Grooms miss own marriage. And so on…O god.You made a simple mistake in name, made me belong to this place called Bihar instead of Birmingham…Just kidding…but seriously I never felt this bad.

    Vaishali To Maithon(Asansol) To Delhi>
    Part1: Vaishali > Patna > Fatuha > Bakhtiyarpur> Bihar Sharif> Barhi> Maithon
    Vaishli to Patna: NH 77 – road condition is good, newly built four lanes | NH30 & NH31- Patna to Barhi – Road condition is poor again 8 hours is so long for couple of hundreds | Hit NH2 on Barhi to reach Maithon – road condition is excellent & least populated. If I miss to say Allahabad ByPass, this is the best stretch of G T Road (have never gone after Asansol).
    Part2: Maithon> Barhi> Aurangabad> Mohania> Varanasi> Kanpur> Agra> EWY> Delhi
    All on G T Road | I feel so happy to say again that Maithon to Aurangabad is best part of NH2. | Aurangabad to Mohania – just good | Mohania to Varanasi – Okay;

    Routes taken in March14
    Delhi to Vashali: NH2 upto Varanasi> Saidpur> Ghazipur> Buxa> Ballia> Chapra> Vaishali;
    Started at 4 AM from Varanasi to reach Vaishali at 4 PM | Total Distance – 219 km & total time – 12 hours | NH 29 & NH19 | Road condition is poor to pathetic with exception of “Ballia to Chapra, 80 KM” stretch, this part is really good though two-lane, without divider; NH gets converted to ‘A gali Road’ while passing through all the small townships en-route, of course no ByPass. e.g.: It took us 100 minutes to cross 4 kms (Chapra).

    Vaishali to Delhi: Sariya> Sahebganj> Barauli> Gopalganj> Fazilnagar> Kushinagar> Gorakhpur> Luknow> Kanpur> Etawah> Agra> delhi;
    Vaishali to Sahebganj to Barauli: State Highway in excellent condition, two-lane without divider. Barauli to Gopalganj to Fazilnagar: NH28 – Two odd stretches, totaling to 40 KMs which is just before and after Gopalganj are Pathetic and that’s all. NH 28, thereafter, from Fazilnagar to Kushinagar to Gorakhpur to Lucknow gets excellent mark for road conditions among all the routes. Lucknow to Kanpur – Good | If I forget that 40 KMs stretch, mentioned above, It’s the best route so far en-route Delhi-Muzaffarpur/Vashali or to procced to Motihari or Darbangha!!

    Cheers while my family and I restore energy to ride again!!

    • Deep

      Thanks for sharing, Ratnesh ji :)

  • rakeshp

    Dear Nandan Ji,
    As requested one of our Friends –

    Your inputs would indeed be of great value to any first time road traveller like me who want to do Trip by road from Delhi to Patna or Varanasi

    1.Delhi -Varanasi Route- YEW> Firozabad> Etawah> Kanpur> Fatehpur> Allahabad By-pass> Varanasi> or

    2.Delhi-Patna Route- YEW> Firozabad> Etawah> Kanpur> Fatehpur> Allahabad By-pass> Varanasi> Mohania> Arah> Patna>

    Mainly we new Traveller Need –
    a.Timing to start from Delhi > @4:15 AM

    b.Good Filling Station and Restaurant In between .
    Like one our friend suggested … Stopped for a tea break somewhere near Fatehpur, and Just pass Kanpur and go about 30 kms. Brunch/lunch@ Shukla Restaurant. Take an hours break and head towards Allahabad . Not forget refuelled before Allahabad bypass ( as i come to know the from one of post that we will not get any petrol pump over Allahabad bypass , and start again… towards Varanasi .

    c. Night Halt @ Varanasi ( suggest hotel some where near Banaras cant so that we traveller can get car parking facility )

    d. Timing to start from Varanasi @ 6 AM ( after light break fast )..
    Varanasi> Saidpur> Ghazipur> Ballia> Chapra>….
    Arrah Patna

    e.suggestion for Family who travelling along with their Family and kids

    Rakesh Pandey

    • Atul Kumar

      Hello Rakesh Ji,
      Nandan Ji would be the perfect person to tell you about the journey advice from Delhi. I do Allahabad to Patna trips on my Bike almost every 2 to 3 months. You should take the Arrah-Patna Route after Varanasi. If you take the Ballia -Chapra route, you shall be stuck at the Gandhi Setu Bridge in huge traffic jams.
      Also, like I said in my previous comment, When you are coming through Arrah. You will cross Koilwar Bridge. After some time you will reach a cross-road (chauraha) where, if you are going to Patna, its better to go straight than turning towards Danapur. Though if you turn left, you will have a beautiful scenic road. If you go straight ahead, you will save your journey to Patna by almost 10-15 kms and its a good paved state highway with some patches(15-20 metre patches) of ungrvelled roads.

      • rakeshp

        Thanks Atul Ji , for your Guidance .
        I will Take care in future the same

        Rakesh Pandey

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  • Kundan Jha

    Hi all,

    Have anyone drove recently on East west corridor- Gopalganj , gorakhpur- delhi? How is the 40 Km stretch in Gopalganj which was broken? I will start tomorrow morning from Darbhanga, driving a sedan so worried about Gopalganj pathholes .. Or should I take Patna – Mohania- varanasi route?


    • Hi Kundan Ji,

      Drove this drive in the 1st week of April 14, the condition prevails as it is but I found it bearable than other routes. I used hatchback. Look for detailed comments that I put earlier in this thread, or get in touch in case needed. Although I had seen some initiatives like stones and bricks on the side-lanes but that wasn’t signalling enough the start of construction. No atleast in months to come.


  • Atul Kumar

    Hello Nandan Ji, The iron and steel bridge you are talking about is River Sone. You cross river Ganga at Mohania itself. Once again you are near River Ganga (just 100 metres away) at the point where you turn off Danapur into Patna.
    Even if you dont turn right and keep straight head, you will reach Patna to cross Gandhi Setu at a much shorter route.
    Coming to the point of NH 30 a few minutes drive after the steel bridge, now Bihar government has developed a new state highway which is in superb condition and one can avoid the whole going to Danapur route by almost 20 kilometres.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Atul Kumar.

  • pravin

    We are planning to drive from Delhi to sitamarhi on Saturday.we are staying in lucknow on Saturday and are sure abt routes till lucknow or Gorakhpur but not sure abt remaining routes.I will be travelling with my wife and one pet as well and only I can drive. Have not been to bihar from last 5 yrs.I am planning to take route Gorakhpur_kushinagar_gopalganj_barauli_madhuban_sitamarhi. It will be great help if anyone can let me know the road conditions or can suggest some other routes if pissibke .looking for quick help from someone who knows and travelled recently to these places.thanks in advance.

  • Kundan Jha

    Hi All,

    Came to Darbhanga on 26th OCT, and used – YEW-Kanpur-Lucknow- Gorakhpur- Gopalgunj- Muzaffarfur- Darbhanga.

    This was the best trip to Darbhanga ever. I started at 3:30 from My east Delhi Residence and reached Darbhanga at 9:30 ( with 5- 6 breaks, almost one hour break before Muaffarpur too).

    The patholes of the 50 Km Stretch of Gopalgunj is repaired and converted to 4 lanes highway ( although about 15 Kms is single double way road, but ok ).

    The Innova was running very smooth after Gopalgunj too, and it took one and a half hour to reach Muzaffarpur).

    I am going back tomorrow morning at 3:30 AM again, and shall use the same route. Hope I reach Delhi by 9-10 PM tomorrow.

    Happy Driving…..


    Hi All,

    I traveled upto Bhagalpur (Pirpainti) from Delhi. Followed YEW-NH-2 upto Mohania and Nh-30 upto Patna. We reached Mohania at around 7PM and decided to move ahead upto Patna. As rightly advised by Nandan night drive is not advisable. We could manage upto Arah and stayed there overnight. We were informrd by a loacal friend about security issues on Mohania Ara Road. First day journey started from Kalkaji at around 0430 in the morning. Terminated first day at 1030 hours. Road condition is really bad on NH-30. Next day it was again a battle at Kiilwar bridge. Huge traffic jam!!! Started second day at 0830 Hrs and could clear Patna only at 1300 Hrs. I was advised to follow NH-31 for Bhagalpur via Barauni and that was the biggest mistake. From Begusarai to Khagaria 45 km stretch we could manage in 3 and half hours due to pot holes. Reached Bhagalpur at 2300 Hrs. Decided to move to Pirpainti another 50 km stretch on NH80. This shows why Shahnawaz Husain was defeated. Any way reached home at 0030 Hrs.

    Return journey plannded via Deoghar. Followed Deoghar Pirpainti Road. Offered Puja at Deoghar and started at 0930 hrs from there. Roads were smooth. The difference between Bihar and Jharkhand is evident. Managed to reach Banaras at 2100 Hrs. Next day started at 0930 Hrs reached Delhi at 2200 Hrs.

  • Kundan Jha

    Hi Abhishek

    The joy of journey till Mohania is later screwed by Mohania-Patna Stretch. But, if you drive next time, try YEW-Kanpur-Lucknow-Gopalgunj- Muzaffarpur- Bhagalpur (Via Saharsa).
    I reached Muzaffarpur in 16 Hours last month, and drove to Darbhanga in next one hour. For Bhagalpur, we suggest NH28 Via- Zero Mile Barauni- Mokamah- Barahiya-Munger- Sultanganj-Bhagalpur. Its another 6 hours from Muzaffarpur- Bhagalpur. I have drove from Darbhanga – BHagalpur couple of times, and the roads are quite impressive on this route…


    • Rakesh Kumar Singh

      Times have changed since the post of Mr. Nandan Jha. I took road journey in my XUV5OO on 29th Nov from Delhi to Arrah. Started at 0432 hours from Preet Vihar, East Delhi via YEH-NH2-NH-30. Reached my hotel at Arrah-Aditya Inn at 1830 hrs. Total distance 969 km covered in 14 hours with total stoppage time of 1.15 hours.

      Taj Expressway completed at 6.10 am, total distance 197 km in 1.38 hrs. Connected to NH2, excellent road condition right upto Auriya. Since it was morning, we could avoid the traffic at Firozabad and Shikohabad. Crossed Tundla at 6.29 am, Shikohabad at 7.11 am, etawah bypass at 7.45 am. Had first stop at Surya Hotel, Auriya after completing 380 km at 9 am. Had 45 minute stop and also had our diesel tank filled up. Surya Hotel was the only decent stop with good toilets and reasonable food.

      The Road condition on NH2 is generally excellent except from Etawah till Kanpur, there are various diversions due to bridge constructions. Took the elevated Kanpur bypass approx. 24 kms and in no time crossed Kanpur. No traffic on the Kanpur bypass. After Kanpur, reached Allahabd bypass, an excellent road of 84 kms except for bumps at every culvert. Hence, though we can go at much higher speeds but better to go at 110-120km/hr to smoothen the bumps. Had Tea break at the end of Allahabad bypass at 13.05 hrs after 653 km (Total travelling time 7.33 hrs including stoppage at Auriya)

      Continuing on NH2, reached Varanasi and took Varanasi bypass. Crossed bridge over Ganges at 15.16 hrs and entered Bihar at 15.50 hrs. Mohania Toll at 1600 hrs after 841 km. After Mohania, took left turn for NH30 going to Arrah and Patna. Surprisingly, no sign board for Mohania Arrah road which is 126 km, 2 lane without any divider. Though 75% of the road is excellent condition but there are huge pot holes in some patches. Some stretches are real bad. we took 2.5 hrs to complete this road and reached our hotel in Arrah-Aditya Inn at 18.30 hrs.

      Total toll expenses of Rs 1040.

      Before I started this journey, I was having doubts but after completing the journey and excellent road conditions, it was really worth it.

      We started our journey back on 1st Dec. We visited our village at Kanra near Dhobaha bazaar. My sister was visiting our village after 35 years. In my lifetime of 50 years, this was my 7th visit. We started our journey back from village at 1200 hours, crossed Arrah at 1300 hours and on to Arrah Mohania Road. Since it was day time, it was much easier to negotiate the stretches of bad road and potholes. However, got into traffic jam for one hour at Nayak Tola crossing where a bridge construction work is going on. Got a Jam after Kanpur also for about 40 minutes. We travelled all night sharing the wheel between myself and my driver and reached home at 0510 hours in the morning of 2nd Dec. Though night driving is generally not advised but I found it to be more smooth as very less traffic.

      A word about the hotel in Arrah. Few years back when I visited Arrah, there were only two hotels, Park View and Regal, not really worth to write about them. However, this time I was pleasantly surprised to check into Hotel Aditya Inn. Newly built hotel, had all the luxuries, clean and very good food. We took two rooms, a suite for myself at 2500 + tax and another deluxe room at 1800 + tax. Generally services at the hotel is also very good except that the local people there will take some more time to become really professional. I have been travelling on business trips all over India and have stayed at various hotels. Considering Arrah, this hotel is really top quality. I could not get extension of my stay on 1st Dec as the hotel was fully booked. Pawan Singh, local film actor and singer of Bihar was getting married in this hotel.

  • Amit Jha

    Hi Everyone,

    I have to travel from Madhubani to Delhi in next couple of days. Can someone guide me which route is best nowadays. I will be travelling by my Swift car, so please suggest some junctions where i can get some rest and get my car refueled.

  • Kundan Jha

    Dear Amit,

    Use Madubani, Sakri-MFP , NH57, Gopalganj – Gorakhpur- Lucknow- Kanpur-Agra- Yamuna Expressway – Delhi.

    It will take about 19 hours with 4-5 Short breaks.

  • Amit Jha

    Thank you KundanJi, appreciate your response on this !!

    I am sure you must have considered road conditions on your suggestion but just to be sure, double checking if I will have to face the roads en route which are not smooth ? Also, route you suggested will be shorter than that of Patna – Mohania – lucknow – Delhi route ?

    • Hello Amit,

      If you take Patna-Mohania-Delhi route, Lucknow doesn’t comes enroute. At Mohanaia, you arrive at NH2 which goes to Delhi via Varanasi, Allahabad, Kanpur, Agra (at Agra, you have a choice whether to take the Yamuna Express Highway to Noida or continue on NH2 to reach Delhi via Mathura-Faridabad). What Kundan has suggested is the best route in terms of road conditions and time taken to reach your destination.

  • Amit Jha

    Thank you Yayawar and Kundan for your valuable suggestions…It really helped me a lot to accomplish my journey.

    So here is a brief summary of my journey : Took the same route as suggested by Kundan and it took almost 18 hrs ( steering time) to reach Delhi from Madhubani. I however stayed in Lucknow overnight as I was not in massive rush to reach destination. Roads on this this route are pretty impressive with two exceptions of Gopalganj ( almost 20 kms ) and Kanpur ( 15 Kms – Highhway under construction). I donot know if this has been shared earlier on past posts or not but just thought of sharing the total toll given by me was 1325/- INR which includes the 320/- of Yamuna expressway Toll.

    Once again, I thank you everyone for your time you spent answering my queries.
    Merci et Bon Voyage !!

    Amit Jha

  • raman

    hi everyone,
    I want to travel to Bhagalpur from Delhi with hatchback Ritz VDi in coming week with my wife & one 1.5 year aged child. Can anyone suggest me the safe route for the same and also suggest me if it is comfortable to travel so much distance with this vehicle.

    raman sharma


      Hi Raman
      As rightly advised by Kundan Jha above follow YEW-Kanpur-Lucknow-Gopalgunj- Muzaffarpur- Bhagalpur . From Barauni do not take NH-31 towards Naugachhia Take NH-80. The road between Begusarai and Naugachhia is worst, managed 45 Kms in 3 hours and I was praying for my vehicle Hyundai X-cent. Your car is fine and safe for the journey. Take care for emergent weather conditions especially fog. If you can afford co- driver or if wife can drive it will be a little easy for you to relax.


      Hi Raman

      As rightly advised by Kundan Jha above follow YEW-Kanpur-Lucknow-Gopalgunj- Muzaffarpur- Bhagalpur . From Barauni do not take NH-31 towards Naugachhia Take NH-80. The road between Begusarai and Naugachhia is worst, managed 45 Kms in 3 hours and I was praying for my vehicle Hyundai X-cent. Your car is fine and safe for the journey. Take care for emergent weather conditions especially fog. If you can afford co- driver or if wife can drive it will be a little easy for you to relax.

      Regards Abhishek

  • Sanjeev Kumar Jha

    Hi Everyone,

    Last year I had traveled from Delhi to Madbubani by Swift VDI. I followed Delhi-Agra (Yamuna ExpWay)-Kanpur-Lucknow-Gorakhpur-Gopalganj-NH57-Muzaffarpur-Sakri-Madhubani) route. Excellent road condition except Gopalganj (roads are not good at all and its very risky for sedan or hatchback users).

  • Sanjeev Kumar Jha

    Hi Everyone,

    I am planning to drive all the way from Delhi to Madbubani once again. But worried about Gopalganj road for my Swift VDI. If anyone has any update on Gopalganj road please do let me know. Waiting desperately for update on this. If there is any alternative good route (does not matter even if it is long) please do let me know. I really want to avoid Gopalganj road. Thanks.

  • Amod kumar jha

    Dear All,

    I am planning to visit my native place birpur at Nepal boarder in Bihar from Delhi, can Some one help with road condition also I have sedan,Maruti ciaz(petrol), I will be along with my wife and brother, I wanted to understand on couple of things like road condition,safety and total time.

    Would be of great help incase someone can help..

    Looking forward to hear from all good travellers, travelling in may this year.

  • Kundan Jha

    Amod ji,

    Start at 3:00 am in morning and you will be able to cross Yamuna Expressway by 5:45. Via Etawah head to Kanpur. You will reach Kanpur by 9:30 AM. While crossing the 23 kilometer flyover on Kanpur NH2, keep watching your left for a turn to Lucknow. It’s another one hour to Lucknow. Take the bypass before Amousi airport, and head towards Faizabad. Take a break for lunch and refreshment before Faizabad, and your next stop should be Gorakhpur bypass. Head to nh28 for Gopalganj- Muzaffarpur- Darbhanga.

    Total drive is 16-18 hours with 2 tea breaks and 2 meal breaks. Don’t stop your car ever before 3 hours drive, else you will be losing time. I have travelled more than 6 times by road and this route is the fastest now after the road is repaired in Gopalganj.

    Share your experience once you are back.

    Happy Driving

    Kundan Jha

    • Ratnesh Kumar

      Hi Kundan Ji, I’m so excited about it and wouldn’t stop asking you again.

      When you say “the road around Gopalganj is repaired” do you mean both those 20 km long stretches are replaced by a smooth road with same good tar? Leaving NH28 super! Please confirm. Seems I must have missed previous updates

  • Amod kumar Jha

    Kundan Ji,

    Thank you for your help however just had a small query, is it safe to drive and also is it good to take a sedan with family along.

    Also want to thank you for quick reply and unlike many travellers being helpful to me as well.

    Great to see such people who share their amazing experience and knowledge!!

    Thank you

  • Kundan Jha

    Amod Ji,

    Its very much safe to drive with family, and you will see many Delhi cars going to Bihar, even small hatchbacks.

    There are a few things to remember for driving when you are on highways of UP.

    1. Avoid educating people, wh are coming on wrong side or racing. after YEW, till Etawah, you will find many tractors and three wheelers coming from wrong side, or taking sudden turns. avoid commenting and educating them.

    2. if you stay in east Delhi or South Delhi, just start at 3:00 AM, so you will cross Entire UP by 3:00PM.

    3. Dont stop your car at deserted places for loo or rest. Always look for a decent place to stop, specially when you are in UP. Bihar however is safer than UP.

    4. Keep a rope of towing cable in your car, incase the car gets stuck somewhere. Normally it never happens now, but thats for safer side.

    5. If you have kids on boards, keep foodstuff on board with water. Also, have two three carton movies in your iPAD to keep them busy.

    6. dont race and dont overspeed after YEW. Even on YEW, dont go beyond 120KmpH. Max advisible speed on NH2 and 28 is 100KmpH if you are driving sedan.

    7. Mind the speed breakers between Ferozabad to Kanpir, specially on diversions. they are dangerous enough for seda

    Happy driving.

  • Amod Kumar Jha

    Wow Kundan Ji, simply amazing advises!

    Thank you for all your help!

    Will definitely look forward to share my experience once back!

    Thank you for your help again!


  • Sujeet

    Hi All,

    I am planning East Delhi to Saharsa by Esteem VXI petrol with my wife and 3 years old son.
    Please advice me best route and leaving time.

    I drove max 700 KMs from Delhi to Vaishow Devi in 13 hours and Delhi to Manali in 16 hours with many breaks.

    Is it safe to drive Esteem for 1200 KMs in 20 hours with breaks?


  • Ankitjha007

    Hie to all the intellects,
    I am a new comer on ghumakkar. I am having Wagon R 2013 LXI model retrofitted CNG performing well on roads. Drove it on highways on many occasions. Have done few long drives. The first one was to Amritsar last year in march, then to Dehradun, the next three trips were to Agra and Mathura followed by Jaipur in Dec last lear.
    I am planning to do Delhi-Bhagalpur in my car with family includes mummy, papa and elder sister.
    So, i want to know the feasibility of doing the trip in such a small car. Is is a practical thing. Also, please suggest the best possible route and a night halt. I can drive for long hours without fatigue as a proof i did delhi-amritsar-wagah border- delhi in just a day. Started at 3:50 AM and was back to home in East delhi by 9:30 AM the very next day.

  • @ Sujeet – East Delhi – Mayur Vihar Link Road – Noida – Yamuna Express Way – Kanpur – Lucknow – Gorakhpur – Muzaffarpur – Saharsa

    A lot of people have done long hauls in Esteem so you are good there. I would suggest that you keep your plan flexible and stay at some place (Gorakhpur) if you feel like (fatigue etc). I never recommend a night drive in this part of India. Please do update here after your return on the overall status of roads.

    @ Ankit – Yes, it is feasible. WagonR is a warhorse. Pls take Delhi-Yamuna Exp Way – Kanpur – Lucknow – GKP – MZP – 0 Mile (thats the most popular road sign in whole of North Bihar :-)) – Bhagalpur. Please refer Kundan Jha’s comment above, it has more details.

    Try to go as far as Gorakhpur for the night halt. After Gorakhpur, the next best place to stay would be Muzaffarpur. Its the Litchi/Mango season so have fun. Please do update here after your return on the overall status of roads.

    • Ankitjha007

      Thank you so much, i will surely update the whole iternary with the road condition. So that it would be helpful.

  • Ankitjha007

    If anyone can suggest affordable stay for one night at Benaras enroute Delhi to Bhagalpur. Thanks in advance.

  • shailesh Singh

    Hi Nandan ji,

    I found you to be more knowledgeable for this YEW-(NH-2)ETAWAH-KANPUR-LKO-GKP-GOPALGANJ route. Can u share how much the total toll amount u paid in this route by car??

  • YEW rates are here – Its INR 320 for cars. For the rest of the journey, I do not have updated details.

    Kundan has been traveling often and I am hoping that he sees this comment and helps us on this.

  • Suresh Chowhan

    Hi Nandan,

    The post of route review from Delhi to Patna is quite useful.

    I am planning to visit my home town in Chhapra by car. Can you please suggest the shortest route?

    Also, is it safe to drive single for this long route? I am little confuse. Please suggest.


  • Kundan Jha

    Hi Shailesh Ji,

    Its total 1050 upto Muzaffarpur. I am driving again tomorrow from Delhi-YEW-Darbhanga.


  • Some one plz help to going delhi to patna route by going my sports bike kTM duke so plzz someone give experience by going to ride bike will safe ride to go delhi to patna

  • Md Khalid

    Dear All Fellow Traveller,

    Myself Khalid and planing to travel Muzaffarpur from Delhi. Planing to take the route YEW-KANPUR-LUCKNOW-GORAKHPUR-GOPALGANJ- Muzaffarpur by my Hyundai i10 by having all the feed backs from different fellow travellers one more information I would like to have, best fuel filling points and refreshment points on the way. I am planning to visit the place with my family.

    Please suggest.


  • Rishish

    HI all my fellow travelers..!!
    Iam driving my Accent from lucknow to siliguri.. pls guide which route to take NH2(from kanpur) or NH28 via gorakhpur.. heard the road is not good of NH28.. pls update..thanks.. regards

  • achal

    Namaskar to all.
    I am planning to move from Jalandhar to Bhagalpur in my hatchback. I am planning on three days travel. Can anyone suggest a good plan.

  • vick

    Hey friends..

    New to this site.. but i have taken lot of reviews from this site, while making my short trips in and around delhi.

    Biggest road trip – Noida to Amritsar (7 hrs) in ford figo petrol. I really donot like sharing the driving.

    Planning a bigger trip this time from Noida to bhagalpur (250 kms frm patna towards east) in a month. I am almost aware of the road conditions till kanpur. After that i need your help.

    Which route to follow..

    Banaras -> Arrah -> Patna -> Bhagalpur,

    Banaras -> Gaya -> Nawada -> Bhagalpur

    Lucknow -> Gorakhur -> Gopalgunj -> Muzaffarur -> Bhagalpur.

    Lucknow -> Siwan -> Chapra -> Barauni -> Bhagalpur.

    Absolutely no idea about the road conditions in these sectors.

    All the inputs are more than welcome..


  • Rohit


    I am going on a road trip from Delhi to Hajipur in first week of December on my Honda Jazz car. Going through the previous comments, I am a bit confused which route to take after Kanpur. The options that I see are:
    1. Should I continue on NH2 after Kanpur till Mohania and then take Arra – Patna – Hajipur Route? If so, which place should I consider for night halt.
    2. After Kanpur, should I take Lucknow – Gorakhpur – Gopalganj – Hajipur route? If so, which place should I consider for night halt. I have read a few comments about bad roads near Gopalganj, are they repaired or still in bad shape?

    I will start my journey early morning at around 6:00 from delhi, taking the YEW – Agra – Kanpur. There will be a single driver for entire journey.

    Nandan Ji, please suggest best possible route for my trip. Either any of the two or any alternate route. Also, provide the pros n cons of taking these routes.

  • Dear Rohit – My suggestion would be to go via Kanpur-Allahabad-Mohana route. If you can start by 6 then you should be hitting Varanasi in time for the evening Ganga Arti. Varanasi would be a great place to be since it is festive season and a pleasant weather. all the best.

  • Rohit

    Thanks Nandan for your prompt reply.

    If I take NH2 all the way to Mohania, do you have any latest update on Road condition between Mohania and Patna.

    I also see an alternate route from Varanasi to Hajipur via Chandauli – Ghazipur – Balia – Chhapra. Any information on this route to my second leg of journey?

  • No Rohit, nothing more than what is there in previous comments. I would still recommend there regular Ara route over Balia (though I really do not have any information on Balia route). May be because of Elections, roads would have got some makeover.

    After you return, please update here on current conditions here.

  • R K Manoj

    Dear All,
    Can you please tell me the Road between Palwal to Tappal is ok to drive as previously construction work were going on,Also Is there good hotel on GT ROAD near Allahad and Varansi.
    Thank You
    R K Manoj

  • ramesh

    Nandan g i want to Shift Delhi to Varanasi. By mini truck have you any idea to the total cost of it. and it is good and safe for me ?

    • Dear Ramesh – No, I do not have any idea on this.

  • jeet1983

    Hi All,

    I am planning to go Lucknow from Delhi next week. Last time when i drove there were many diversions between Etawa and Kanpur, is it still the case or over bridges are functional now??

    Do any one suggest other route via Moradabad, Bareilly??

  • Rajbardhan Singh

    HI , I am planning to travel Begusarai from Noida by Sedan.. Can anyone please suggest me Best and Perfect traffic free way to reach. I must have to cover this in one day . Please suggest.

  • 1200 KM in one day on this stretch looks unreal to me.

    There are two ways, one via Delhi-Agra-Allahabad- Varanasi-Sasaram-Son and then you leave the Kolkata road and go towards Bihar Shareif. The other one is the East-West Corridor (Delhi-Agra-Kanpur-Lucknow-Gorakhpur-Muzaffarpur-Samastipur-Begusarai). Please take some time and read all the above comments to get a better sense of the route. All the best.

  • Before I embarked on my trip to Varanasi from Patna in my maiden Duster AWD , this truely wonderful resource helped me but latest information was missing. So, here I update for my Ghumakkar fellas.

    I followed Patna-Arah-Mohania-Mughalsarai Route. The road upto Arah is so good that any car can do 100kmph cruise . Being Unknown I asked for best route to Varanasi,all the laymen on road told us to go via Mohania.But heaven cannot have anything more terrible than any road to a motorist ! Something 75 kms of Arah and Mohania stretch is filled with the hollow wells, waiting to devour your wheels. A complete nightmare. While returning, we sailed upto Sasaram toll plaza and shelled out 95 bucks only to realise that after 500 metres we had to depart the NH 2;however, one with local knowledge of roads can avoid toll plaza. This road is in very good shape and took us back to Arah -Patna road. Ghumakkars willing to do this path can easily take this route. Happy Journey !!!

  • Thank you Mr. Arya.

    I drove last week to Darbhanga, here’s a quick report. Used East-West on the way up and then used NH2 on the way down.

    Delhi – Kanpur – Lucknow – Gorakhpur – Muzaffarpur – Darbhanga
    The only big pain point is when you exit NH2 towards Lucknow. I do not think you can avoid it. Rest of it is very very good. The other little hassle is when you get into Bihar, the roads for next 30 odd Kilometers is good-to-ok.

    Day 1 – Started from Indirapuram at 4.30 and reached GKP before 4. 800 Odd Kilometers
    Day 2 – Started from GKP at 9.30, a brief stopover at Kushinagar, reached DBG by 4 PM. 400 odd Kilometres.

    Darbhanga – Muzaffarpur – Patna – Varanasi – Kanpur – Delhi

    Day 1 – Darbhanga – Varanasi. So here is a cheat sheet. AVOID Mohania.

    Do not take Mohania Exit. Instead go all the way to Sasaram, then exit to Bikramganj, then to Arrah and Patna. All super roads and no Toll. 500 Odd kilometer, too me about 8 hours. Door to door.

    Day 2 – Varanasi – Delhi : The usually drive. I was lucky as it took me under 12 hours for a distance of 800 Kms. Door to door, two food stops + 1 fuel stop.

    Hope this is useful.

  • Prem Singh

    I am planning to go via Mohania to Arah between 8.30 pm by Inova car because hours in need, kindly informed me whether it is safe to drive from that road during those hours means at night.

  • Dear Prem – Mohania – Arah is completely broken, please see some of the recent comments. I would suggest that you go via Sasaram. All the best.

  • sanjeet

    Very good initiative Mr. Nandan & Kundan!!

    Planning Delhi -> Saharsa -> Delhi with family next weekend. Any latest update on road conditions ??


    Hello All,

    I’ve to visit my hometown Muzaffarpur (BIHAR)

    this vacation and I am planning to make it a long ride on my KTMRC 390 bike.

    I need help deciding the route and road conditions.

    i’ll be leaving on 4th july 2016 morning and want to reach destination by 5 th july night. is it feasible, considering this would be my first such a long ride.

    Thanks in advance for all inputs:):-k


    Dear Nandan Jha ji,

    I am planning to drive (alone) from Delhi/Gurgaon to Madhubani/Darbhanga via Patna Airport (have to pick parents) in coming weekend. I am in early 30 and have driven more than 60,000 kms on my 150CC pulsar bike in Delhi/NCR. However I have never driven my car more than 100 kms in a day and have zero exp of long drive. The only exp I have in driving on highway is driving around 10 kms on NH8 few times in a month. Although I drive Toyota Eitos (Sedan), I have hardly found opportunities (due to peak hours) to drive above 80 kmh on Delhi-Gurgaon Highway.So, Can you kindly advise how should I plan my this long drive ? Can much distance can I cover in a day ? Also, kindly advise travel itinerary.

  • Ranjan

    I am starting tomorrow morning.. and no body has replied.. :(

  • Dear Ranjan – Apologies for responding late. I would also fwd you this comment on your email, hoping that you get it.

    First, its a Kanwar season. Though this road doesn’t see a lot of Kanwars (unlike Delhi – Meerut – Haridwar), you would find them on Allahabad – Varanasi section.

    1.Start early (probably too late a advice now). Plan for a break at Allahabad. Even if you realise that you might reach Varanasi, better to stop at Allahabad. The city is not too far frohm the highway.

    2. Start as early as you can from Allahabad, get back on NH1, get past Mohania, take a left from Sasaram. Its a little longer route but when I drove last in March this year, Mohana-Ara was all broken and was being re-laid. Ara – Patna and then thereafter.

    Some tips
    1. If you are comfortable going at 120, let the car go. Remember that the safest speed is when you are driving at/about same speed as other cars. If you are overtaking too many cars, go slow. If too many cars are overtaking you, speed up.

    2. Take frequent short stops. Take a 2 minute break every 2 hours. It could be just stepping out and stretching your body or having a bio-break at a fuel station.

    And finally enjoy the ride. :-) Wishing you all the best.

  • Ravindra Kumar

    this is my sincere advise to all who intending to take mohania ara is nothing less than a suicide.All along the road i.e. almost 110 km is full of waist deep gaddhas.i recently travelled on the road alongwith my family in Dec 2016 in my Honda Amaze.Pls take some alternate route or go by train/air

  • gaurav singh

    Thank You. The Journey well explained and inspiring for me as maybe next time I might drive to patna from delhi. :)