Conquering the World on my Honda Activa-Trip to BADRINATH-AULI

I along with my friend  Kaushik started for a ride we were not sure we will be able to complete or not on time. we started after finishing our shifts from the office at the wee hrs of 28th may,2011. the trip started from gurgaon at 4.30 am. We followed the route from from ghaziabad to modinagar and reached meerut at 6.30 am,  we stopped at the Dhaba just after the toll gate of meerut. We had a light breakfast at started again from there and continued our journey.We reached roorkee at 11.30 am and freshened up on the road with a nbottle of cold water and did not stop anywhere and reached haridwar by 12noon and rishikesh by 1pm.

The major journey started once we crossed the shivpuri and we were surrounded by montains. this was my first trip to the mountains and I was not aware of the hardships in store. we kept on moving abd reached Byasi(28kms from rishikesh) at 1.45pm. We then had a quick lunch and continued our journey and crosed devprayag, srinagar and reached rudraprayag at 6.30pm. We were told that traveling after 8pm is not allowed so we took a guest house and stopped there for the night stay.

Next day on the 29th May,2011 we started at 7am in the good weather and reached Karnaprayag and continued to Chamouli and Pipal Koti and reached Pipal Koti at 10.30am, had a breakfast and we headed towards Joshi Math and reached there at 2pm.  I wanted to proceed further to badrinath, but kaushil said we should go to Auli and enjoy the evening there, so turned toward Auli and after climbing to the ht of 10000ft we reached Auli. After reachihn Auli we found the first site of snow capped mountains, and then came the sound of YESSSSSS, THAT”S IT> Finally we had made it.

WHAT A FEELING> WE were highly excited.and I started running towrds the mountains in joy…. #WWWWWAAAAOOOOO.Bye god, That was just a dream come true for me….

We spent the nite there and woke up early morning on the 30th, May 2011 to come down and proceed to badrinath, NOW WE WERE AGAIN FRESHENED and after the looks of the snow capped mountains we were on top of the world..

Then we reached badrinath at 1pm  and spent some time there and took a dip in the tapt kund, I apologized to god as the time was short and we could not wait for the darshans so we left from there to MANA the last Indian village on the INDO-TIBET BORDER.

We spend some time at the place which is the origin of SARASWATI RIVER and then turned back to the destiantion DELHI….




  • Vishwas,
    Delhi to Badrinath on Honda Activa …………..Really appreciable. The post was very well written and pictures too were beautiful. May god bless you with all the resources to fulfill your wish to visit Ladakh.


    • vishwas bajaj says:

      Thanks for the wishes, Sir. I am very excited for the trip to Ladakh.And if weather permits I will be in ladakh on the 14th sept.

  • Pravesh says:

    Very good post Vishwas,

    The beauty of hills keeps on increasing as you move forward and same is clearly evident from photographs.

    Keep it up

  • Sumit Nirmal Kumar says:

    Hi Vishwas,

    You are a kind of person, i like. I went there on my LML scooter way back in 2005 and it was altogether a great exp. I went there later as well by cars and other means but the trip that was on the scooter was just amazing. And that too all alone. . .ADRENLINE RUSH. . .
    planning one on bike later this month for badri and hemkund sahib.
    All alone
    Will write about the exp.
    Like the entire travelouge.
    Keep traveling

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      All the very Best. Enjoy the trip, And go to valley of Flowers also. Its a very lovely place to be in in aug and sept. Valley of flowers is very near to hemkunth sahib

  • Virag Sharma says:

    Can’t believe that Honda Activa reached Auli :-) ….. Planning to go LADAKH on Honda Activa ???

  • Nandan says:

    Mr. Bajaj, You are crazy :-), truly signifying the spirit of Ghumakkari.

    Welcome aboard and I guess Bajaj Scooters/Bikes lost a great customer here :-)

  • Vibha says:

    Truly inspiring Mr. Bajaj. And what a way to make a debut!

    Congratulations and Well Done!

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      Thank you very much vibha, and thank you for the suggestion for making the post better. but I was excited at the first post and my freinds were not able to wait for the post to be published, thats why I was not able to wait. thanks anyways

  • vishwas bajaj says:

    Thank You guys, for your interest shown in the post. I am highly obliged. My next trip is to wagah border on the 14th-15th Aug,2011. And then on sept 10th,2011 I would be going to Ladakh. and that will be another feather in my cap…..Hope for the Best

  • sunil dubey says:

    Absolutely amazing trip……and u have narrated it brilliantly…..after reading it i felt as if i was traveling with you…..great pics too…..may God bless you…..

  • Sahil Sethi says:

    @ Vishwas , I can feel here only that you had a great trip. All the very best for your Leh Trip. After all its a dream destination for most of the ghumakkars.


  • Sanjay Kaushik says:

    Dear Mr.Bajaj,
    It was really a great exprience.
    Approx. how much time u think will b required for Ladakh trip ?
    everything was fine exept not having darshan’s even after reaching Badrinath (1 of the Chaar Dhaams of HIndu’s).
    I suppose u will also agree that it was only by his grace that you have reached back safely home even without any problem. So you must have darshan’s there.
    rest all it is up to you.

  • vishwas bajaj says:

    I understand sir, that going on such a trip and not able to do darshan is not good… but it was same ass going to vaishno devi and not able to complete the darshan… anyways I have plans for that also,… very soon I will be going back once i come back from LaDAKH… i will be going to badrinath and this time I will do the darshan….and as of now I have Ladakh on my mind.. and if everything goes good I will be in ladakh from the sept 14th-18th, the trip is from sept 10th-20th,2011….CHEERS…

  • srijan says:

    As a friend of mine always says “horse power driver mein hota hai, gaari mein nahin”…. :)

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      very well said srijan…its been 4 years.. still ur comment is the best on and keeps me motivated always whenever I drive my Activa even today

  • Stone says:

    Brilliant Stuff buddy!!!
    More power to you and your Activa!!

  • maheh semwal says:

    Great Post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep sharing

  • krishna v prasad says:

    Dear Bajaj,

    You have done a great thing.I saw your pictures and liked it very much.Recently I bought one
    activa.How is the vehicle for steep climbing in mountains?what are the precautions you took
    before leaving for Badrinath?I am planning to go to Chennai from Bangalore or from Bangalore
    to Ooty.What did you do for optional Tyre in case of a puncture?Kindly give your Mobile no.
    I want to talk to you personally.My no. is 09986200569 Krishnaprasad.


    • vishwas bajaj says:

      krishna. u will never get a stepni on the activa.. just to be safe i got stepni attached at the back of the scooter.. and nothing else.. when u have the passion for something.. u go all out to do that.all the best

  • vivek says:

    Dear Vishwas,

    very well written and nice snaps. I could get a feel as if I also completed the tour.
    I am very excited to travel to Ladakh this year via Manali on my Honda Eterno from Delhi. So far I could only find people having travelled on bike and was eager to find if anyone having traveled on Honda Eterno or activa.

    I wish you all the very best..

    best regards

  • Dinesh says:

    Dude ,taking a look at the terrain i guess it was a daring thing to do to opt for an Activa as a conveyance mode.
    Nevertheless i got what i wanted ,am now convinced about the vehicle’s power and can go ahead and buy it without further ado.
    All the best for ur ladakh trip!!!!

  • himangshu says:

    hats off to you sir………………..i am also planning a road trip along the ancient tribes of assam via honda activa

  • Divyanshu says:


    I have recently bought Honda Activa………..

    Need to know if we travel long distance by Honda Activa so how many stops should we take while travelling lets say 200 kms…

    And what should be the Ideal Air Pressure of Activa with Pillion Rider

  • Tathagata Maiti says:

    So many Activa lovers here, huh!
    I too a Activa rider. I go on long rides on my bike.
    We can form a group (in FaceBook, may be) where we can discuss about our bikes (Activa or any other automatic geared vehicle)
    Interested people email me at

    In case, such a group already exists.. kindly send me the link to my email mentioned above.

  • Vimal Nair says:

    great post sir, am so happy you and your activa made that extraordinary journey… planning for a long trip on my activa too soon.

    thanks a lot and bst wishes :)

  • Gaurav says:



  • anoop kumar says:

    Hi Visvash,
    Truly exciting del to badrinath that too on an activa , ur quite brave i must say , i too own an activa & live in uttrakhand i face many issue while down hilling espically at steep slope and high banking roads, how did you manage all those , another thing how did u manage with fuel as fuel capacity of activa is small & esply on uphilling it will drink it up very fast…


    Anoop Kumar

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      thanks a lot anupI have many more interesting trips on my activa.. I went to dalhousie..jaipur agra.. vaishno devi and the most important and amazing LADAKH.. Activa has given me the average as high as 70kmplIts the best vehicle I feel..I also got something very amazing printed on the activa.. Its BULLET KA BAAP.. and most of my friends who have bullets are jealous of me

  • Arijit says:

    I’m so inspired by this story right now, just what I needed, I needed a break and decided just like that to take my Activa out for a 1150 kms ride, with a healthy resting pitstop exactly midway at a friend’s place but everyoen around me including my friend are like “pagal hai tu”, “Activa is not good enuf for this” etc. etc. We’ve got one life, if this de-stresses me and fills me with some joy at least I’ll bloody do it & people like you provide just that reassurance & determination..THanks Vishwas.

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      thanks a lot arijit…I have many more interesting trips on my activa.. I went to dalhousie..jaipur… agra.. vaishno devi and the most important and amazing LADAKH.. Activa has given me the average as high as 70kmpl…Its the best vehicle I feel..I also got something very amazing printed on the activa.. Its BULLET KA BAAP.. and most of my friends who have bullets are jealous of me

  • Chiranjeeb Gogoi says:

    Kudos to you Mr.Bajaj!I miss my Activa back home.Hav made enough of clandestine trips to Shillong from Guwahati and to other hilly suburbs there.I am planning purchase one here too or aviator.Then lets see if I can follow your footsteps.I was a traveller in a TVS scooty since my highschool days.Keep exploring new places.May God bless you and your activa. :-)

  • Vishal says:

    Well done mr vishwas.i recently bought activa 110,and I am planning a trip to manali(himachal pradesh),I am curious to join ur crew.

  • vipul says:

    I too wana come

  • Rakesh Tripathi says:

    Dear Mr Bajaj,

    I have gone through the article you have shared, was truly great. I am having same kind of travel attitude and love to travel by my Activa only, but unfortunately wouldn’t able to made any trip in Hills. Please guide me if I’ll be heading towards the same trip you have done, ho many days will be require for it.

    Also share some tips of riding in mountains.


    • vishwas bajaj says:

      hi rakesh,

      i would say go fearless.. activa in itself is a hunk.. trip to badrinath required 3 days.. and it was real fun.. just make sure u take breaks regaurly say every 75 to 100 km..

  • Harvinder singh says:

    Hy am make a plan for trip of badrinath on my activa …is it possible koi problem to ni aayegi na

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      hi mr singh

      koi problem nai aayegi.. ab to roads naye bane honge.. after that calamity 2 years back.. go for it.. fun ayega.. just dhyan rakhna activa ko jyada load mat dena.. har 75-100 km pe break le lena.. overspeed mat karna.. in the ountains activa can give a average of 60-70 kmpl.. aaram se.. 40-50kmph ki speed se chalna

  • Harvinder Singh says:

    Hi mr. Bajaj

    17 june ka program fix hua hai hemkunt sahib then badrinath & mana thoda route ka or kuch tips do activa ke baare me
    petrol ki koi dikkat aa sakti hai kya

  • rk dutta says:

    Your trip and travel blog are mind blowing. keep it up. more trip and more travel blog.

  • khalil says:

    Hey mahn …
    Congratulations on your accomplishment….
    I Own an activa and was planning on traveling around 200 kms …. I know you’ve already replied to someone earlier regarding this but I couldn’t understand (I only have a basic knowledge of Hindi … Lol ) … My bike has already covered close to 11400 kms … A friend of mine advised me not to take it …. But I guess the thrill of Riding throws caution to the wind …..
    So what I wanted to know …
    A) duration and interval of the stops you made in between ….
    B) condition of the bike after travel

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      hii Khalil

      thanks for the compliment and sorry for the late reply

      I would like to tell you that I have travelled 53000 kms on my activa and the performance is still still gives the average of 50kmpl in the city like delhi and an average of 65-70kmpl on the highways but it requires a hell lot of patience to drive at a constant speed of 40kmph.. the condition deteriorates after the trips like these but proper servicing at the honda service stations make them perfect partners for long trips.

  • vktiwari says:

    How did you managed low fuel tank problem.
    I think activa has only 4.5 lit option with a milage of around 35-40 in hill and that too with very few petrol pumps. kindly enlighten.

    i also intend to take the route you followed on my activa 2011 model.

    • vishwas bajaj says:


      i completely agree with you that the fuel tank capacity is 5 litres only but the average of activa depends on the speed.. at 40kmph it gives the best average of 70kmpl.. trust me its amazing.. petrol never ends.. i carried 2 litres of bottles seperately but the availablity of petrol pumps is also not a problem.. there is always an availability of petrol pumps after short distances.

  • swadesh says:

    Well, this problem of Fuel/Tank will be there. when I moved from Siliguri to Teesta/Gangtok/Darjeeling, etc. on my Duro DZ, it has a tank of about 6 Ltrs. with mileage of 40, it was good for ~200 Kms MAX. What i did, just to be on safer side, kept a small Gallon filled with 2.5 Ltrs of Fuel for Emergency.

  • Karthik says:

    Wonderful bajaj. …. I really loved ur adventurous attitude… also I have one question for you. Recently I purchased Hero duet scooter which is 110 cc…. could you please tell me, can I go for 500 kms trip?

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      hi karthik

      Thank u for the compliment

      Friend I have not seen the performance of duet.. but by the looks it looks a very amazing two wheeler.. and at 110cc its has all the strength to go the distance.. but just sure you take a break in the journey every 70-80km.. and don’t over stress the two wheeler.

      All the best bro..

      enjoy and TC

  • rohit sharma says:

    hello Mr. Bajaj,
    I am also staying in Delhi & I do travel long distance through my activa 3g. I have been to Vrindavan, Mathura & Agra as long distance. But now I want to explore my strength to the extent & for that the best option is to share a trip with u. kindly share your contact details so that I can contact u & plan some trip together. Trust me I am very fun loving person. We will have good time together.
    My contact details :-
    rohit Sharma

  • Vrushali says:

    Hi Vishwas,
    Hats off !! Its awesome u did all these rides on Honda Activa. Really appreciable . Have u done Delhi Ladakh circuit on activa?. If yes please share it. Its on my wishlist to ride ladakh from delhi on activa. Is it possible ? As i am a gal, all i hear is a big No when i say i want to go on activa. Please share issues u faced while riding in himalayas. Thanks..

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      hi vrushali

      pleasure that even today after 6 years of the date of journey..people like u have shown interest in my blog.. i did this journey from delhi to auli on 28th may,2010..exactly 6 years ago.. i did the trip on activa from delhi to ladakh as well from sept 10-sept 19,2010.. it was an amazing trip..u can ping me on for the details..

  • Hiralal ji says:

    Congratulations man ! I like Ghumakkari !! But soe more fotos of places on route , pecaly Baddinath n Mana ,would have given a better idea. Foto graphic journey is more informative than words. But nice to read after so many years. Bless you all.
    …… Acharya Hiralal, mumbai

  • suman paul says:

    hello Mr. Bajaj
    i thought dat r.enfield is d big boss of two wheelers but av pata chala ki activa bhi kisise kam nahi. i have one activa 3g,6 months old. can i go to shillong,cherapunjee,dawki from guwahati by activa?
    mera sab dost mujhe bola ki activa se long journey impossible. plz give me some tips.


  • ramta jogi says:

    Bravo man..!!

    It’s kind of a unique one. Stretches of Badrinath in Activa is similar to Leh in Alto.

    Kudos to stinct.

  • King Harry Rawat says:

    Hi Mr. Bajaj,
    Happy to see your journey. Even i am thinking for long ride with my 2014 model of Activa. Please let me know if you have any future plan i will join you.

    I tried to make couple of plan with my friends along with my Activa but they never agreed for same. They always said scooters are not made for Long Drive.

    I am planning for COrbett with my Activa around 230 KM from Ghaziabad. Need you advice how i drive this.

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      Hi Harry

      Jim corbett is an easy ride.. and 200 odd kms is peanuts.. i did Ladakh on Activa.. so I can confidently say that it will be fun .

  • Sanu says:

    Really good job… I just want to know that can i travel to dargeling from siliguri in access 125

    • vishwas bajaj says:

      hi sanu

      thanks for the compliment and going through my blog after 6 years.. i dont know the road status from siliguri to darjeeling.. however the access 125 has more power that it should go.. and i believe horse power is not in the vehicle.. its in the mind and if you make your mind nothing is impossible.

  • Manoj Kumar says:

    Hi Mr. Bajaj really appreciated… I am also planning Badrinath trip by Activa.. As activa have only 5 liter petrol tank so how you manage it ?

    Did you find petrol pumps till Badrinath ?

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