A short Day trip from Vadodara to Hathnimata Temple & Waterfall


From there, the air is very very clean and it’s all Green around !!,You’ll find yourself in typical village area, which lush green paddy fields , huts, etc. but the road is very Narrow at this point, and one must be care full.

Just a word of caution, drive very slow, as it’s village area and lot of children cross the roads every now and then, And try not to use Horns !!! Let’s do our bit not to disturb the locals.

A small Parking area is available, but, recently have seen a small field being cleared for make shift parking area. the Locals charge 5-10 Rs. for that.

Park your vehicles, and move ahead for a short trek over the flowing waters and that will lead you to the Waterfall !!, It’s a good place for Kids and every one. Sply Kids, they would love to see small Fishes in clear waters.

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