Bhangarh : India’s most haunted place

It all started with an idea to visit some off-beat destination around Delhi. Google search leads to an image of Bhangarh ruins that claims to be India’s most haunted place. Great! I googled more and it appears to have a potential of a good day trip.

Bhangarh ruins

Around 5 in the morning we started from Ghaziabad. The Jaipur highway is just too good for drive, hit it before dawn and savour the sunrise en-route. We drove around 200 odd kms then turned to Thana-Gazhi.


From here it was a right turn for Ajabgarh that leads to Bhangarh. Second round of pleasant drive will start from NH-8 to Thana-Gazhi, with rugged mountain en-route. From here till Ajabgarh, road was really in a bad shape, although construction was going on so one can hope for good roads in future. After that it was a memorable drive. Landscape was so unique that we enjoyed the drive a lot. One can get the feeling of some haunted place. If you find anybody en-route don’t hesitate to ask the way and also pay close attention to signboards.

Lonely drive

Finally we reached the fort by 2 PM. I inquired the parking staff about any mischievous presence or something but he replied in the negative. I asked about night arrangements but he replied that he can be with us till 12 in the night and then we have to manage on our own, that obviously we can’t.

Some first hand info
Isn’t it amazing

Now we started our introspection to each and every ruin to find something roguish, but didn’t get anything of that sort. Although a negative energy was there in the environment. Probably they shifted somewhere else due to increasing foot-falls.

The place was crowded due to Sunday…although not in pic
A Temple was also there…
I too deserve one image of mine
Something could be there…
We came,see and conquered
A distant view…to keep them away
About to leave now…

After 3 hours we started back from one of Indias most haunted places Bhangarh, through a different route this time i.e Thana Gazhi-Sariska Tiger Reserve-Alwar-Shahpura-Behror-Gurgaon-Delhi. This route was again great for driving.

Drive carefully in Sariska

In the evening we had the famous snacks of Alwar i.e pyaj-kachauri and got packed some Kalakand (called palang-tod by locals). Finally before hitting Delhi we had usual Rajasthani Dinner i.e gatte ki Sabzi, missi roti and dal-bati choorma.

Overall it was a great fun drive and a day well spent.


  • vinaymusafir says:

    Hey Amit. Nice pics and great destination. To know the other part of life one should also visit the ruins.
    A very well written travelogue. keep it up, keep traveling.

  • Mukesh Bhalse says:

    Dear Amit,
    Very interesting narration and nice pictures, the only problem that i could see in both of your posts is the pictures are very small in size which reduces the charm of the story to almost half. You compare any post having big size pics with the post having samll pics and you will see the difference. You can take help from Nandan in this regard.


    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks Mukesh Ji, and you are write about pictures. Actually I have submitted both the writeup with small pictures thinking that it will take less time to upload as it was my first ever attempt on any blog or so. But from now onwards I’ll surely keep this in my mind. Thanks once again for your review.

      • vinaymusafir says:

        Amit, you may upload images upto size of 1024 X 768 pixels. For Ghumakkar, 500 pixels BY 350 pixels look good. If you know use of photoshop then by that make the imges easily uploadable by using option ‘save for web’ on 100% quality. It will make images light without losing quality.

  • Well i have never been to this place but for sure after reading your blog i will plan a trip too. It seems to be quite interesting place.

    • amitk227 says:

      Hi, you will surely enjoy visiting this place. The drive itself is great just complement it with some great music like I did with the songs of Kishore da and Rafi sahab. I hope now the road from ‘Thana Ghazi’ to Bhangarh have improved. en route taste the pakodas in any small shop, in rajasthan they usually put lot of chillies but it only add to taste. Thanks for reviewing.

  • Gas Cleaning says:

    Nice to see the pictures here about the real mountains.

  • Sahil says:

    Amit , Good One . I have been to Bhangarh and really it is an interesting place or let me say a haunted place. Try to post some bigger size pics . It would look really nice then.

    Keep writing more ….Cheers !!!


  • Ram Dhall says:

    Nice write up. Thanks for introducing us to Bhangarh.

    I believe that hundreds of people visit the Feroze Shah Kotla on Thurdsays to offer prayers to appease the spirits. In a mystic land like ours, anything is possible.

  • vinaymusafir says:

    Amit, you may upload images upto size of 1024 X 768 pixels. For Ghumakkar, 500 pixels BY 350 pixels look good. If you know use of photoshop then by that make the imges easily uploadable by using option save for web on 100% quality. It will make images light without losing quality.

    • amitk227 says:

      Hi vinay, most of the image i clicked on 7.2 mp so it comes to around 3664*2062 size. if I directly save it using save for the web option it remains unchanged. So as per your suggestion i am resizing it for 1024*768 format. And saving it using save for the web. Hope it will work.

    • Nandan says:

      640 X 480 in the new layout. More space for shots.

  • aurojit says:

    Hi Amit,
    a great write up, with the snaps/ captions – it gives a riveting effect.
    Thanks for letting us know about this ‘haunted’ place.
    Planning to visit Alwar shortly, will try to cover this place.

    • amitk227 says:

      Thanks Aurojit. It is actually a nice place and a good day drive destination. Even I saw in google the ASI Board stating that before sunrise and after sunset you can’t stay here. Although the board was not on the site. You can also try Talbraksha. I am planning to visit there soon.
      Check this link it seems to have a potential of good trip.

  • Nandan says:

    Quite a conversation :-)

    640 X 480 is what you can display. If you upload a bigger pic, you have an option to choose 640 x 480. Let me know if you run into issues. I believe you are already in touch with Vibha.

    You reached Bhangarh at 2 PM which makes me think that it would be real long day if we want to make it a single day drive. How long would it take from Ghaziabad if one can start at 5 AM ? I have read couple of more stories at Ghumakkar on Bhangarh/Ajabgarh and would want to visit it.

    @ Auro – Let us know what you find there ? :-)

  • amitk227 says:

    Now I have re-sized all the images to 1024*576 format. And saving it using save for the web option in Photoshop. Hope it will work.
    Actually the road condition was really bad after Jaipur Highway, specially from Thana Ghazi till Ajabgarh. Besides I just got my car in January 10, so you know atleast for one or two month we used to drive carefully. Otherwise covering 270-280 km should ideally take 5 hour or so. Besides it was my first trip in my new car so I was like driving and stopping and making happy to most of the Dhabawalas :-)

    You can also try Talbraksha, a nearby place. I am planning to visit there soon.
    Check this link it seems to have a potential of good trip.

  • Sunil says:

    Hi Amit,

    Could you revisit this place and stay there between 12 pm to 6 am.

    I would like to know what happens there at this such particular time.

    U are from news channel, So I think it’s easy for you to arrange all equipement
    for this.


    • Amit Kumar says:

      Hi Sunil thanks a lot for going through the post. Though it is an exciting idea to spend a night at Bhangarh ruins but I have to take special permission for this, which may be arranged off-course on the name of shooting or something, but I also need company for this. May be we can together plan someday to have a overnight party at Bhangarh!

  • Sunil says:

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for information.

    Could you tell me how could we go there? or any arrangement regarding visit?

    So it will help me to prepare for this visit.

    Also, I need your opinion about what you think for this place.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Hi sunil sorry for the late reply.
      Bhangarh is easily accessible through NH8. While driving through NH8 you need to look for a left turn for Sariska Tiger Reserve. Then drive till Thana Ghazi, its a pleasant drive with low Aravali hills en-route. From Thana Ghazi straight road will lead to Sariska and right turn (almost like u turn) will go to Bhangarh via Ajaibgarh. This is around 40-50 km drive and road is not in a good shape. I visited this area again in December 2011, and till date road was in bad shape.
      If you want to stay then you have to come to Alwar so plan in a way so that you can return in same day. If you start around 6 from Delhi you can return easily same day.
      Final verdict is, that this place is a great off beat destination that will offer a pleasant drive to rural areas of Rajasthan, an unique place to explore and amazing landscape. Since it is believed to be a haunted place so you might want to be unlucky in terms of sightseeing :-)
      Do let me know if you want any other help/suggestion.

  • sanjeev says:

    Nice pics

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Thanks a lot Sanjeev :-)

      • Dr.Sanjeev George says:

        No probs Amit.
        Which is the nearest airport/railway station to Bhangarh?
        How does one come from Bangalore to visit that place?

        • Amit Kumar says:

          Hi Dr. Sanjeev,

          The nearest airport to Bhangarh is Jaipur i.e. around 120 km and Delhi i.e. around 250 km. Nearest Railway station is Alwar i.e around 70-80 km from Bhangarh. If you are coming from Bangalore then make at-least 3 days plan excluding the journey between Delhi and Bangalore.

          If you start your journey on Thrusday evening and you reach Delhi by Friday morning then I would suggest you to hire a cab till Alwar. Its a very cool drive of around 4 hour from Delhi. Alwar is place where many budget options are available to stay. But my suggestion would be to go for “Siliserh Lake Palace”. Its a very serene place. Nestled among forest and lake, an ideal place to rejuvenate. Booking can be done through
          Explore palaces and market in and around Alwar, like Bala Quila, Mooti Doongri, Rani Moosi ki Chatri, Jaisamand lake etc.
          Also book a forest safari for “Sariska Tiger Reserve”. Book your ticket online through
          Right now there are 5 tigers (2 male and 3 female). Take morning and evening safari, choose Zone 1 and Zone 4, and you will cover most of the forest.
          Then go for Bhangarh excursion. It will alone take a day time. You can also cover “Neelkanth Mahadev Temple” in Tehla village same day.

          Have a happy and safe journey and do let me know if can help you with any other information.


  • sanjeev george says:

    Did anyone even see something suggestive of a GHOST there in Bhangarh?

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Hi Sanjeev,

      I have never heard about it that anybody have seen something of that sort. I guess nobody wants to be lucky :-)
      I think we like to buy this idea that this place is haunted. The location of Bhangarh somehow reinforce its mystery. And for ghumakkars its another reason to do our favorite thing i.e. “Ghumakkari”.


  • sanjeev george says:

    Did anyone see something suggestive of a GHOST there in Bhangarh?

  • Rhitwika Chakraborty says:

    hey amit, gr8 pics ‘n’ nyc travalogue. umm. I think evryone should visit those scoopy ruins to discover about the negative energy. overall it’s a gr8 travelogue,keep travelling

  • Rahul Tiwari says:

    Hey Amit.. lovely photography and good collection of information towards the negative energies..
    but is it possible in this time period this things exist.. what are your views in regards to Bhaangarh.
    It can be that some of the people from the village itself does not want to spoil the place so this ruins are spread.. ?
    As i heard about Nargarh Fort in Jaipur also but haven’t found any such things there..!!
    Have you heard any such cases happened there and we can collect the proofs.. and if yes then we can explore this place on an international level.. which can famous the place and save many lives from getting attracted to negative energies who are nit aware of this..!!

    By the way thanks alot for the information, it is quite helpful to all who visit Bhaangarh

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for going through the post.

      Regarding your queries, I believe that few things are beyond our imagination or control. I am not promoting here any kind of rumors or my personal belief, but it is well known fact that “seeing is believing”. As far as the question of existence occurs yes these things do exist.
      There are some connection of all of us with our past that make impact on our future. Have you heard about “past life regression” and Dr. Newton. One of my close friend attained his workshop He is a Jat guy, 6 ft tall and no visible fear in his life. Also doing well in all aspect of his life. But he has some fear or dis-comfort level with few things that was rooted in his past life. He experienced those facts through one of these workshops.

      There are many program on national geographic and discovery channel regarding haunted experiences of people world-wide. Like London is considered to have many castles where people feel some strange things. There is a ship in US that was used in world war and now it is believed that it is haunted and yet occupied by its crew. There is a program broadcasted regarding this. I too have few experiences which was not easy to believe. What I considered it, is some kind of energy, because energy is something which never destroyed, it just transform from one form to another. That is why I carefully choose the word energy, indeed it was negative. Read the latest book of Paulo Coelho i.e. The Aleph. May be it was my Aleph at that place. Once you read the book you will get to know what I am trying to say.

      I guess it is too long now :-) so I am leaving it for next time. I too have interest in metaphysics and paranormal activities, may we will talk more about that in future.

      Thanks once again for appreciating the post and let me know if you want any further information related to visiting Bhangarh.


  • Amit Kumar says:

    @Dr.Sanjeev George

    Hello Dr.

    Not exactly near to Bhangarh, But there are many options in Alwar as well in Alwar sariska stretch. One of the best is Siliserh lake palace. It is some 75 km away and it will take 3 hours from there to Bhangarh. Others are too at minimum this much distance.

    • sanjeev says:

      So it is possible to spend an entire day there at Bhangarh and return to the hotel safely by night time?

  • pooja says:

    hey very nice pics i really like that but have u feel something unnatural and haunted there plz rply.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Hi pooja,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Ya I did felt some negative energy in few part of the ruins. Sometimes you feel better in one room than another even in your own house…. that is precisely your own space, your own room, it happens all the time, specially in old buildings and monuments.
      By haunted if you mean some kind of noise or something like “ghoonghru ki jhankar” type then the answer is no….may be for that I have to stay there in night, but it is not allowed as per rules.


  • Gitanjali says:

    I read your experiences and found it exhilirating. in fact for the last one year i have been reading many things about this place. i made numerous plans to see this place but in vain. we all are planning to see this place in the night. any suggestions.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Hi Gitanjali sorry for late reply. If you are still planning to visit this place then there is a piece of good news that the road condition is now considerably improved in this area. I am not sure about night, that whether you will be allowed or not but keep one thing in mind that you won’t find anything nearby after evening. Even a small problem in the car could be a big issue.

  • UTTAM SAHA says:


  • suman says:

    it’s not too interesting!!! just boring

  • ram joshi says:

    try staying overnight or even try returnin from there after sunset, then u wont even think of returnin there…………… (i experienced the second one, believe me when a man tries to ask u for a lift twice at an interval of 3 km, it sure aint a pleasant thing)

  • piyali says:

    bhangarh is the most beautiful & historical place i like it
    in actual there is no ghosts
    because i spent a lot of time with my friends
    so ,dont be afraid

  • Ashish says:


    I recently visited bhangarh at night…i spent whole night there and its strange i saw nothing…this is my second visit….
    you can see pics on my fb profile…

  • Lets visit this place in night ……..

    What say MR Amit ????

  • Sami says:

    Hello Mr. Amit…i really appreciate your Post..i feel so excitement while i read this post.. P{lease let us know How do i reach there i am from gujarat!!! i min bhangarh situated in alwar ?

    and think how was your experience..i min to say do u felt any supernatural power around you..?

    if yes then share it with us….In some pic. of ur post..really make us feel kind of Negative power is der..

    lovely Post Mr..i really enjoyed..Thanks for sharing.

    • Amit Kumar says:

      Hi Sami,
      Thanks for your comment and I glad you liked the post.
      Bhangarh is near to Alwar, some 50 km, which is easily connected from Delhi as well Jaipur, two major city around. There are few areas of this fort which is pretty dark and smelling with negative power, where you actually don’t want to go. It could be because of its abundance or some other reasons that I don’t know, but I personally believe that there are some energy level which is beyond our imagination and we should not interfere with them.
      Thanks once again.

  • Sami says:

    Hello Amit..Thanks For Revert..Dear…
    I want to know Amit those areas you talking about is in your Pic?
    i would like to share that we all friends also planing to visit this mysterious place in if you can give any tips that we should keep in mind..just let us know which is perfect time in morning,noon or eve to visit this fort…i hope you won’t say night :-)..May i have your fb id i really like to add u as my friend..Sami

    Thanks again For your Post…

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