Best Western, OM Sons Moradabad – Hotel Review

Thats a long name for a hotel, especially the one which is worthy enough to write a review. And if I tell you that its not correct name then I fear that you wont care to read. But thats what the real world is. The correct name is ‘Holiday Regency’ but if you search for a hotel at Moradabad with that name then the only place where you would find this is on internet. No one in physical vicinity would relate with this name. ‘Om Sons’ is the name to go with if you want to find this hotel locally since they are the owners/promoters and ‘Best Western’ is the chain with which it is affiliated (and the reason for writing this review). Since I promised a quick review, lets move ahead and not worry too much about the name.

Chandelier in the lobby

Its a five star property and has all the necessary infrastructure to support it viz. big pool, pool side garden to dine-out, conference rooms, large parking, decent restaurant and so on. There is this real big chandelier in the lobby. I didn’t get the best shot though.

Location – The hotel is located right on NH 24 (on your left if you are coming from Delhi) which connects Delhi with Lucknow and is a popular road for people heading for Nainital. Its at Moradabad and is about 150 odd KM or 3 hours drive from Delhi. If you are coming back from hills and if its getting late then this is a very good option to stay overnight, though an expensive one.


The Lobby and common area around ‘Front Office’ is clean, shining and spacious. As you enter, you would find that there is a good space left in front of the main structure and that gives the facade some breathing space. On each floor, there is a large sit-out area, the aisles are carpeted. Walls, are beige hued and come good on eye, good choice, better then corporate blue/grey or sparkling white.

The long aisle

Rooms are spacious and has all the modern facilities with spring beds, coffee maker, TV, hair-dryer, mini-bar, A/C, internet (paid). I do not remember exactly but I think the toiletries were not very impressive, though very decent. Here are some pics of the rooms.

Room Pic

Room Pic

We did not use the pool but it looked clean and inviting. The staff is polite and cordial but they can definitely do with some more training in handing discount requests at front office. Here’s a pic from the restaurant overlooking the pool. There was no breakfast buffet since they do not have too many guests. Food was decent, not too great either in variety or recipe.

View from the restaurant

So plus-es are high end property, well located between Delhi-Nainital, clean-n-spank. The minus-es is prohibitive tariff with less discounts. The tariff is Rs 5600 for a double and they give 20 % discount, with taxes it still goes beyond 4K which is sort of high for a place in Moradabad. I wrote this review because lot of times, I have found that while coming back from Hills, its get dark and late and a good decent place to stay was hard to find. So incase you want to take a break, ensure that you negotiate hard. In my personal opinion, if you can get a double for 3.2 K odd then its a steal.

For bookings, look at their website at ‘Holiday Regency’.


  • Patrick Jones says:

    We did get late last week but preferred the night drive home to being poorer by 5K plus!

  • Deepak says:

    Hi Again ,
    Which is this camera with amazing clearity
    let me guess…. d300

    coz i have a sony h-9 with two extra lens

    Again Good post .its kind of expensive on the way hotel
    But definately a better option for Lunch/Dinner from the A-1 Plaza

  • Ram Dhall says:

    Considering the fact that Moradabad is a hub for export of handicrafts, brass and silver ware, this property looks like a good option for business travellers. Next time I go there on a visit, I will post my views about the hotel. In any case, for persons heading for Kumaon hills, this could be good breaking point for Lunch, etc.

  • Nandan Jha says:

    Patrick – I totally agree. I avoided this hotel just two days back and preferred to drive back home :) then to shell out 5K.

    Deepak – Its a normal point-n-shoot Nikon Coolpix. thanks. As for food, it could be a good break but probably very expensive since you may not want to really have a elaborate lunch/dinner while you are on the way.

  • Sarva says:

    Loved all the photographs and the chandelier is superb.

  • sinto says:

    very nice hotel for om sons thank you.

  • Kulin says:

    Nice to stay…..worth 5k++ as nowhere a 5 star delux can be that price…..nice architecture….interiors….service… place for business and leisure…thanks somebody made such a thing on the route and peoples..

  • Mohit says:

    Visited last week…Wow !1 its amazing ..never thought of such a place in northern India..beautiful architecture, food and amazing poolside..nice suite rooms..worth for price..thanks !!!whoever thought of it for travellers..

  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii………..
    its ashutosh
    mrs ragnesh aggarwal is my fofaji
    i am learning hotel

  • Lacy Dew says:

    I will prefer to stay in Drive in 24 Hotel which very near to the city with everything necessary for a hotel. For me kind of traveller who is more focused on facilities than to shell extra bucks on hotel interior works.
    it is value for money if you stick to Drive in 24..

  • Nandan says:

    Please tell us more about ‘Drive in 24’ hotel so that fellow travelers get benefit. I often travel to Nainital side and my work is usually finished by 4 PM. If there is some thing good enough at Moradabad then I would prefer that since then I can start very early next day and join office.

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